Don’t Worry – Everything is Not Under Control

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What a farce. Telling everyone “everything is under control” is perhaps the most dulling and disempowering phrase ever uttered.

My fascination with language just keeps expanding. I love looking at expressions, words, colloquialisms, so-called “sayings” and the like with fresh awakened eyes. I can’t help it. The supposed, accepted and unconscious meanings of these imposed “expressions” are what direct our minds and turn our attention.

So much of what we’ve been handed down is contorted, manipulated and eventually nestled in the collective mindset to twist our hearts away from simple truth.

How many times has this expression been used to bring seeming comfort to someone; “Don’t worry, everything’s under control.” Really? What control? Who’s controlling what? And why?

So often this is used to imply some powerful force is behind everything directing what’s going on. Remind you of anything? Yes – religion, hierarchy, and social, political and economic so-called “controllers”. How debilitating can you get when it comes right down to it, playing on people’s insecurity and lack of conscious awareness?

“It’s under control” is comforting to people? It’s the picture of personal disempowerment!

External Control? Or Creative Freedom!

Sure, there is a wonderful creative Source we are all intrinsically part of, but it’s not “controlling” anything in a living, expanding Universe with beings of all sorts with free will and self determination in an alive multidimensional environment. If anything, this Creative impetus is tearing down control systems that attempt to foist themselves on its process, put there either by conscious intent or the manifestation of hardening mindsets in the social fabric.

Earth processes attest to this, as well as our spectacular expanding and ever changing Universe. Nature itself is alive with new sprouts of life in the animal, plant and mineral worlds, never mind other realms of existence.

Look at earthquakes and volcanoes, or the sun and astral influences. As much as some try to analyze or predict major events that affect earth that still brings no control, only a measure of preparedness on rare occasion. And that type of insecurity is good for us. It’s humbling and keeps us in check.

This process is what the awakening is all about!

While some earth changes may be exacerbated by human activity, the big stuff is way out of our control. Thankfully. That’s what makes life life, and also why the insane would-be captivators of humanity and its planet work so feverishly in their mad pursuits to try to control natural processes. Control is their yardstick and without it they have no temporal security or power, which to them equates some weird form of normalcy or equilibrium.

How upside down can you get.

Be it geoengineering our climate, genetically modifying the natural progression of life forms, or attempting to install artificial intelligence to run their soulless programs, these maniacs are desperate for control in every shape and form. Why? They cannot meld or harmonize with what’s natural since their psychopathic, demonic intentions have nothing to gain, all while the rest of us thrive on being part of the fantastic empowering natural processes of Creation Itself.

Therein lies the rub. Quite apparently we’re in a world of conflicts of interest. That’s our current playing field, if you will. Or won’t. It’s just the way it is.


Let Go Into Conscious Anarchy

I like the anarchy approach. Anarchy is an example of another twisted word. It’s doesn’t mean putting a society into deliberate chaotic destruction, it means living without hierarchical control mechanisms. Something most groomed humans are scared spitless of thanks to generations of social programming.

You mean to tell me if we didn’t have so-called “government” that everything would fall apart? Baloney. People are resourceful and essentially responsible, at least their inner nature is, that hasn’t been perverted by all of this programming to the contrary. That very dependence on external control systems is what the hierarchy is literally banking on which is why the repeated memes of fear of scarcity or personal security.

There’s plenty for everybody. All we need to do is work together locally and share with other communities in a range of sizes and distances. Real commerce in loving cooperation, not the regulated systems that have been foisted upon us. We’ve been weaned from personal responsibility into a system of statist dependence, like someone who’s stopped using their muscles and is dependent on some mass produced contraption for their mobility when there’s nothing wrong with them at all.

They just need to exercise their innate capabilities.

Just because people have become spiritually atrophied in large numbers doesn’t mean that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Exactly like waking up, it’s time to arise and use the magnificent body of capabilities we’ve all been given, and let go of these false crutches and systems of hierarchy and walk into life and live!


That false assurance that everything’s under control by external forces as if we individually have virtually none has got to go. Being comforting in times of stress and turmoil is one thing, but propping people up with some external dependence reinforcement is fundamentally wrong.

It’s time to be conscious – in our words, our thoughts and our actions.

It’s really not that difficult. The main thing you’ll confront is ignorant, unenlightened opposition from those who’ve grown deeply accustomed to this dependency programming, as if it’s some form of respect for the “great ones” who rule them.

It’s very deep and will take time to overcome for most. But remaining in that conscious space, no matter what ridicule or obstacles assail you, is the very solution we each are longing for.

It begins with each of us. Standing our ground and then moving forward in conscious, loving action.

Do it. Bravely. The time for humanity to arise is now.

Much love, be well, and fully empowered,


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  • Antonietta Francini

    ” Standing our ground and then moving forward in conscious, loving actions.”

    That is all what we need!

    Thanks Zen!

  • When I think of control there is the macro and micro levels
    I believe from a macro perspective, God is in control
    He has a general framework and we have some ability to tinker on the edges
    From a micro perspective I try to learn what God’s will is for me before acting or even speaking
    Not only does this process add objectivity to my biased way of thinking
    It also trains me to think long term
    If I take this action how may it play out over the next 2 years
    Am I creating a sustainable life and community or am I merely living for today?
    Don Levit

  • Good to see someone explain the real meaning of the word ‘anarchy’.

    When the people realise they hold the real power, when the people change and place more belief in each other than in the state, then everything changes and the people become masters of their own destinies.

    This will take a mental evolution, it will happen, it is happening, we no longer need ‘leaders’, they are not leaders at all but ‘takers’.

    Now see how many people disagree with me because they haven’t evolved their thinking yet, because that is the only difference between myself and them, a small but vital evolutionary step in belief.

  • I AM THAT I AM blessed Divine Spiritually ascending intentional mastery of Self, consciousness/super-consciousness, within supreme oneness of ALL, easily/effortlessly, infinitely/eternally, NOW.

    And ever-increasing gratitude, blessings,and praises to you, Zen, Waking Times and ALL involved.

  • Floridahank

    Not only on this site, but on numerous other sites dealing with human thinking, worldly analysis, and any other sort of meaningful topic, there is a lack of getting at a great, deep study of the Holy Bible. I’ve gone though so many views of trying to find self-understanding and 2 years ago have made a monumental change of myself. Through much research, study, listening to a variety of scholars, I have accepted that the God of the Universe is in total charge of everything and if you get to the point where you accept God as being in control of oneself, everything starts making sense and you can understand the future as outlined in the Holy Bible — there are outstanding experts who have spent their adult lives uncovering great information about life, death and afterlife. I’m amazed how much we can learn if we study the right things.

  • Dimitri Ledkovsky

    Advice given by a Roy Masters via a video posted on this blog encompasses a lot. It is simply – when confronted by any provocation or externally imposed stress “go into [meditative] STILLNESS”. That’s all.

    • Dimitri,
      I agree with that! Our purest state of being is when we re-align with our spirit, spirit being the essence of who we really are.
      However, our spirit is dependant upon our material body and ego to survive and learn from this incarnation experience.

      In this illusional holographic matrix our ego and mind pull us far enough away from our true self that we suffer the usual impacts of the physical 3D life of worry, stress, fatigue and illness.

      As you said, when we pause and take ourselves back to spirit, to stillness, to our true selves through whatever meditational method works, we bring ourselves closer to who we truly are and can ‘reset’ our physical selves.

      I do this whenever I begin to feel stress, whether driving or a challenging work situation, anything like that. It is akin to stopping and smelling the roses or coffee, pausing, resetting and moving on afresh!

  • Justin

    The Universal Force or “God” is in control. We have free will to a degree within our human existence. We can control our actions and attitudes which determines our fates.

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