This is How the Matrix Invades Your Body, Mind and Soul


Sigmund Fraud, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Stress is a genuine pandemic, a full spectrum attack on the nervous and immune systems that greatly contributes to the unhealthiness and unease in our world. Few would disagree that modern life is far more stressful than it should be, and when you consider its main sources, it appears to be a built in feature of contemporary society that targets us, the masses, in order to create disharmony, debilitation, agitation, apathy and dependency.

It comes at us from every angle in the matrix, and at its root is our enslavement to an economic system that guarantees eternal collective debt to a cartel of private bankers and money masters. To support this phony economy we are groomed to be good consumers and diligent workers, bred to value economic growth and material prosperity above and beyond human interests and common sense. For this we take on work we dislike and commit ourselves to being busy all the time in order to ‘make ends meet,’ all the while the fiat currencies we toil for are further debased and true prosperity stretches further out of reach.

Modern life is often and aptly called the rat race, and at every turn we are bombarded with lifestyle marketing that suggests to us what we are supposed to be, what we are supposed to wear, what we are supposed to drive, what kind of friends we should have, and even whom we should look down on and hate. Invading our bodies with toxic crap sold to us as food, invading our minds with constant propaganda and fear-programming from corporate behemoths and war-mongers, it is difficult to escape the message that life is a fearful struggle that warrants our constant vigilance and diligence. We must always fight or flight.

Attacking first the nervous system, stress causes us to lose sleep and to lose our ability to recognize that we need rest, then to forget that we also need silence and quietude. In this state our physical and emotional immune systems then give in and we fall victim to disease, unease and depression. We begin to doubt ourselves and our inherent power as human beings to rise above adversity, and we hunker down in a daily struggle, giving up on the things we really want in life, forever doomed to spin on the hamster wheel of the matrix.

Triggered and re-triggered by the talking heads that now appear on televisions in every public space, by insane militant cops who stalk us in police cars with darkly tinted windows, and by a government that creates global threats in order to frighten us into accepting their protection racquet, stress is the most effective way of keeping us on the sidelines and out of the game.

So, we turn to anti-depressants and alcohol, to distraction and entertainment, and then those few hours of life we get outside of work each work are spent in an increasing frenzy of over-stimulation and consumption in order to make ourselves believe that this kind of life is worth living. Yet the deeper our commitment to this technological prison becomes, the further disconnected from spirit and soul we become. Then the spiritual immune system also gives way and we are easily corrupted morally and ethically, and evermore beholden to the matrix for survival.

“If you don’t know each day that you are violating your own soul in order to fit into the matrix’ demands, that will make you so sick, that will give you a depression.”Soren Dreier

Stress is the ultimate weapon to destabilize ordinary people and drive them into disharmony and dependency, and the architects of the matrix have use this to keep us agitated and irritated so that we will turn to them for remedies and forget to question meaning of it all.

We are spiritual beings, carried about in waking life by dense, heavy bodies that are merely collections of humming atoms that resonate with our environment. We are walking miracles, made up of more space than matter. The human body is designed to repel and recover from sickness, disease, injury and even insult, and the immune system protects and repairs not just the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well. When kept in a constant state of stress we are kept in poor health, chronic dis-ease and most critically, from the profound discovery that we are spiritual beings of infinite potential.

For en excellent in-depth look at the nature of stress in our world and how it affects our spiritual awakening and our spiritual growth, tune in to this interview of blogger Soren Dreier conducted by Ida Lawrence.

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Sigmund Fraud is a survivor of modern psychiatry and a dedicated mental activist. He is a staff writer for where he indulges in the possibility of a massive shift towards a more psychologically aware future for humankind. Follow Sigmund on Facebook here.

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  • anuci

    I have been a member of a couple of spiritual/eco communities in my own search for a more natural harmonious spiritual existence. I left them both for the same reason; macrocosm/microcosm. MONEY, SEX, POWER, the three great controllers of society. None of these three things are wrong, except when they consciously or unconsciously prioritise and control our thoughts and actions.
    I am still looking for a community of spiritual seekers of the truth, who have progressed beyond any belief system, and simply are exploring being a soul in a human body on earth. People who have money but it doesn’t mean anything, who use power only over themselves, or for the greater good, and who enjoy sex just for what it is; a wonderful exploration of physical intimacy and sensation. Sounds idealistic, I know, but this is the next spiritual step for humanity and has to be started somewhere.
    Money, sex, power. When we look at the materialistic world around us it is controlled by these three things. We have to wrestle our consciousnesses free of their control to take ourselves and the planet back.

  • Tor

    There’s a NatGeo documentary, “Stress: Portrait of a Killer”- I think it’s on Netflix. Everyone should watch it, they talk about a traumatized troop of chimps that had a really abusive culture, and all the low-ranking chimps were so stressed they ended up looking just like modern Americans, fat and bald, with arteriosclerosis. Then a plague wiped out the abusive leaders, and the tribe re-invented itself with a non-abusive, nurturing culture. Inspiring and relevant…

    My bottom line is that the system is irretrievably broken, and we need to live very differently. There’s no magic bullet, but the best bet I see is putting together small, resilient, self-sustaining communities, and prototyping a basically sane way to live, because we need one. Check out my blog for more; I’m working on building a community.

  • Sara

    But if people did not work everyday, watch TV, etc then what would they do with their time? Our modern world with the 40 hour work week, 5-6 hours of TV watching a day, smart phones, twitter, facebook and the like has created for many a purpose in life. If you take all that away and strip everyone down to providing for your basic needs only, then what is the point in living?

    I just don’t get the point in being here on this planet. What is the point? Love just seems like too convenient of an answer.

    To say this has been driving me crazy for the past few months is an understatement. I have read many theories and opinions, but I still don’t see the point.

    My business is slowly going under so soon I won’t have to try and live without because I will be without and yet I don’t even know if I care about that either.

    When we are too busy living our lives trying to survive it is hard to even know how to live the way your soul is supposed to live on this earth.

    Maybe there is no right answer. Maybe I am just an idiot who does not get it and never will.


    I just don’t know anymore.

    • Tor

      That’s beautiful. Thank you for your honesty, and for your willingness to not know, and not pretend that you do.

      Love is always the answer, but sometimes that one word is not enough to make it clear.

      Are you part of a loving, non-abusive, committed group of people, a functional tribe rooted in loving relationship to each other and your shared place?

      Most of us aren’t, and I would suggest that a big part of the meaning of life is to be of service to others, to something larger than ourselves. I would also suggest the shocking idea that perhaps the meaning and purpose of life is life itself.

      Maybe your sense of meaninglessness, purposelessness (that is all too common, by the way) is completely accurate and normal. Maybe your life is in fact meaningless, as so many lives are. It’s probably not your fault, at least not completely; you’re just stuck in a failed system.

      Our modern world is at odds with our basic biology. Ask yourself what your body really wants and needs, and structure your life accordingly. My body wants clean air, good food, good clothing and shelter, and also human touch, hugs and cuddles and good sex.

      My suggestion is to remember that we’re primates, and live accordingly. My suggestion is to prioritize health and life and the living earth, and to create community around that. I’m into eco-villages, as the best model I know for how to live.

      Native people don’t ask and wonder much about the meaning of life; their lives and cultures are full of meaning. We Westerners will apparently have to create our own, and I’ll suggest healthy and sustainable cultural systems as a useful way forward. I’m working on building one; check out my blog for more.

    • Mike

      No you’re not an idiot. you just haven’t thought about it yet. Do you really think that the point of being born is to work for a company doing something you don’t like to do? Wouldn’t it be great to do whatever you wanted to do? Most people would find something useful. You could watch documentaries. read books, go for a walk, help your neighbor build a house, talk with those in your community or plant a garden. Play music, paint pictures, What would you like to do? That seems to be the real question that you’ve never considered.

  • We the Sheeple

    Stress is remedied by choice. One must be aware of the stressors themselves and then re-program the mind in ways that all but remove the emotional charges of generational and societal conditioning.

    The problem for most of us is that we lack the ability to reference anything but the programs we operate upon that are the conditions for our stress. And all the grasping we try in vain (consuming certain foods, avoiding certain people and situations, trying various metaphysical concepts, etc.) to eliminate stress are ineffective because they are all conflicting with pre-existing mind conditioning.

    In essence, we quite literally need to be out of our minds to heal.

  • Johan Hendrick

    I just refreshed the browser and the video to which I referred isn’t ‘here’ and that to many might seem strange..but not for me see spirit says to me..ignore what they so do as we tell before the video disappeared I went to you my guide’s said go to history and get the video link [so unless that’s removed you ‘should find it here

    anyhow the usual thing when ‘shhhh it’ happens is it will majicly re-appear just to make me look silly..but heck im ok being the fool

    anyhow the fool hasn’t finished yet because at the base of the frame sit these words [im not even going to look..i trust all my lifes guides

    anyhow here is what the words say..its all ready typed for once I need simply repeat the words word 4 word

    “”Then Paul. a farmer..Tou can see him.front and left in the picture on his hand against the floor. the other gripping the mast of the raft..”…my mind says don’t even bother looking..they watchers are fukkkkkk king wit you..but heck laugh at the fool who even thinks writing these fantom words on the bar where plain words arnt supposed to least never were…usually now the whole thread disappears

  • Johan Hendrick

    his is where the stress ends [with truth] the vidio begins and says stress is a physical thing but fails to mention why..[and that is a spiritual thing]..

    see that all falsity/lies delusions illusions etc stay here or go to the astral zone or hell..but in the higher place of the light no darkness can dwell…in that place there is no dust/no dirt no body functions no rotting of fruit [so no booze] get the idea..adam could have taken one bite from the apple and the second bite today would taste exactly the same as the night eve took it from the tree [

    the place of truth love grace and mankinds best at their peak [of imagining]..because that created the reality..but

    our best is but a poor copy no matter how great the art we currently see..[as an example i was shown the 3 d of the blue poles seen the master at the control panel..

    but enough back to the vision on the vidio here[as I use up my months web access credits

    • Johan Hendrick

      its a shame this is not a audio file [I shouldn’t draw your eye to it/but usually im the only one seeing it so I will explain why I cant focus on the words..[the guy in the photo is standing on a cake in a dish..a perfect dish..under a great lump of cake [weird or what but look..can you see it?..if not don’t bother reading on…its not your the other wurds would only sound sillier..

      anyhow just so its said..the other lump on the right can you see the rat>..right at the crest..a seicate tail reaching down..covering near all the top of the rh ‘peak’?..the one the guy [fortunately..isn’t standing on

      anyhow under the rat/like its covering the eyes sits a budda [the fat one who loves cake..[his nose is just see-able under the rats tail and fills up the rest of the ‘lump’

      under the under the budda face is a light blob that is the budda’s hand..sitting under what at best looks like an iguana..sitting on his knee..

      anyhow I had to stop watching the video because more visions were distracting me from hearing his words ..that’s usually a sign..i take my info in in words+visions the words bring..ok now it even sounds weird to me*

  • Mark

    I found this extremely informative and helpful.



  • There are as many good shifts happening as there are negative ones. People will learn to care for themselves when they are sick of being in pain. I have never seen any human being do otherwise, no matter how much loving advice you offer. I have stopped feeding the ‘monster that was’ (my personal stories that linked me to enslavement) and now always choose where I wish to focus the very powerful energies of my thoughts and emotions. Stop investing in old stories; the future is NOW. If you dwell on this stuff the past will be NOW for you. Here is a great TED talk by just one of the many who are changing the structure of this reality. It’s happening alot more than you think.

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