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What You Don’t Know about the Federal Reserve System

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Documentary Film – What is the federal reserve system? How did it come into existence? Is it part of the federal government? How does it create money?

Much of the public is kept in the dark about these important matters. In this feature-length documentary film, The Corbett Report explores these important questions and pulls back the curtain on the US Federal Reserve Bank.

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  • MZ (if in the unlikely event you are not a bankster shill) you are seriously ignorant about the FED reserve. And the US economy forgot about the 1933 bankruptcy did you and the Trillions in debt, the increasing jobless homeless the state of the FED reserves economy ?. Stop spreading propaganda , it is not your national bank. It is privately owned by the bankster cabal.
    The FED reserve are just fraudsters helping to run a money scam. That includes people being born unknowingly into debt slavery and kept ignorant about the money system.Told the same lies that you are telling them.

  • MZ

    It is our National Bank. It’s basically the Bank of the United States. It provides Fiat money which has no inherent value but it is federally guaranteed to legally be used to pay debts.

    The federal reserve is SUPPOSED to make sure that smaller private banks are stable with regulations on interest rates and on minimum reserves of cash to loans ratio in order to prevent over-investment.

    The Fed is supposed to regulate the economy by either encouraging investment and striking a balance between low inflation rates and low unemployment.

    The Fed does run a profit, but that is a good thing because it means taxpayer dollars are not required to keep the world’s most important bank functioning. Its profits are probably only a few billion a year, which isn’t much compared to the trillions of dollars it circulates to keep the economy going.

    If we didn’t have a federal reserve, or used a gold standard still, our economy would not grow very fast and America couldn’t be the world economic leader.

    • Arwen

      MZ… Wow, did you even watch this, or do any research at all?

      The “Fed” is NOT the Bank of the United States. It is not part of the government… it’s privately owned. Why are you sounding like a cabal textbook? Are you a paid shill? I hope you are, because no one could research the “Fed” and be this ignorant.

      What you wrote is just regurgitated disinfo. Please do some actual research. A good place to start is the Zeitgeist film or the one called Thrive, or the book Jekyll Island: The Truth Behind the Federal Reserve.

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