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Why GeoEngineering Is Not the Solution to Climate Change

Waking Times

Video – Alan Robock, Ph.D. in Meteorology from MIT and Professor at Rutgers University, explains why geoengineering might not be the right solution to climate change and global warming.

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  • Bad-Clown
    • Hawkeye

      Clever and witty, but the pacing drags along at turtle speed, with a long ‘dead-air’ black screen midway, and much of the shaded/outlined text is nearly illegible. Sharpen it up and reload…

  • rakomancha

    You fellas are on point and it’s inspiring to see the understanding shining in your words.

    To add to this discussion, let’s not forget the incredible documentation and extensive technical explanations of the HOW of geoengineering provided by WeatherWar101:

    and for example how those recent Midwest Tornadoes were fabricated:

    Here’s a map of the NEXRAD system strewn across the US for the purpose of fine-control of weather patterns:

    For those who still believe in the contrail rationalization:

    The meteorologists are all so attached to the illusion of their positions that they’ll mislead the public to save their salaries and to avoid admitting that they are wrong. I’m sure that plenty of them are also psychopathic narcissists that see the rest of us as mere cattle, means to an end. At least there was one, Scott Stevens, who couldn’t take the bullshit anymore. Here’s his channel:

    We as a people need to put all of them to task. Enough with this sitting idly by while they look us all right in the eye and falsify truth from the safety of their suits.

    Never stop prying. Never stop asking why.


    • Anonymous

      BRAVO. Thank You

  • smooth transitions

    Your comments are correct SuperLuminal Man, The Air Force coined the term, “chemtrails”.
    We are witnessing true demons now active as our so-called leaders of banking/government, military, science, and academics. Like all psychopaths, and their secondary psychopathic system of control, they habitually lie as a matter of course. All the side effects of aerosol geoengineering, which Dr.Robot says we as yet do not have the technology for, are being recorded in our observable weather patterns. These people have no idea of the hell that awaits them, or perhaps they do, thus the reason for the Hadron Collider, in their desperate attempt to escape this dimension.

  • SuperLuminal Man

    Robock is criminally misleading and utterly disingenuous when he claims ” … there is no technology today to do it … ” —BULL-shit. – There are patents relative to this “non-existent” dating back to the *1960s* …

    *Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering* (SAG) is a fully operational weather modification/ climate engineering operation that is currently underway and being deployed all over the planet 24/7/365 —many types of airborne vehicles (the most commonly seen being jetliners) and many countries, governments, corporations, universities, foundations, think tanks, etc are heavily engaged in making this happen.

    One of the most best and credible sites to begin research into the massive assault on Earth’s Biosphere by this technology is

    Google: Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, Solar Radiation Management (SRM)

    *PS: “chemtrail” is not a proper scientific term and is now all too commonly associated with the weaponized phrase “conspiracy theory” and is therefore prone to being more readily discredited …

  • smooth transitions

    This is the climatologist who recently leaked into the domain of the mainstream media, that he had gotten a “mysterious phone call” from the CIA, inquiring whether “foreign countries could be triggering floods and droughts. People are beginning to notice chemtrails, so now we are to believe its Russian planes delivering those chemtrails.
    Did you notice how many times he said, “we don’t have the technology to do that”
    Professor Robock, through his apologetic discourse, actually revealed the causal effects of geoengineering aka chemtrails, which we are all a witness, if we are awake/awakening.
    Chemtrails are a litmus test, anyone who sees them, and continues to deny them, is of robotic consciousness or a demon.

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