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Mind Control: It’s All Around You!

Mind ControlAdrian Salbuchi, New Dawn
Waking Times

“Man’s task is to become conscious of the contents that press upward from the Unconscious. Masses are always breeding grounds of psychic epidemics.” Carl G. Jung

Mind Control. It’s easier than you think! Anybody can do it. Don’t believe me? You don’t think everybody has the power to control hundreds, thousands, even millions of other people’s minds? Then watch this little experiment we’re about to make: I shall now control your mind!

Yes; wherever in the world you are reading this, I hereby order you to think of the Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening being struck by lightning. OK? Thinking about that image? Right… Now try to stop thinking about the Eiffel Tower on a rainy evening being struck by lightning. You can’t? Try harder! Still can’t? Ha! I’ll tell you why: because I am controlling your mind!

You see? It’s that easy to implant ideas and images into other people’s brains! Now, imagine that I did this “little experiment” on global TV to an audience of say, 1 or 2 billion people. And imagine too that instead of my innocent “Eiffel Tower” image, I “ordered” you to watch and think about something far more powerful… like the World Trade Centre imploding, or Osama bin Laden firing his machine-gun at an unseen “target” (Western babies, perhaps?), or Prince William’s wedding as he is groomed to become “the Once and Future King”?

Harnessing Collective Psychic Energy

What are the effects and the perils of making hundreds of millions – even billions – of people see and hear exactly the same thing at exactly the same time all over the world, repeated time and again and again? What, if any, is the aggregated effect on the collective psyche, on physical brains and even on the physical world of all that psychic energy? Can the collective psyche unwittingly precipitate physical events?

Thanks to global TV, radio, and internet, these collective effects are unprecedented in history. We are treading unexplored territory; we just don’t know whether or not such effects exist; whether we might be opening a veritable Pandora’s Box by tapping into deep recesses of the Collective Psyche.

Even more: is it possible this aggregated effect generated by untold hundreds of millions of human brains could be consciously tapped by unseen controllers to generate certain effects, phenomenon or circumstances that fit their agendas? Could such a subtle effect even be used to materialise ideas and events and thus used to influence worldly matters?

Clearly, these are leading-edge questions for which we have no answers today, however, if ever there was a time to start investigating such possibilities, now is definitely the time, irrespective of whether you think this may or may not be possible.

If it should someday be discovered these phenomenon do exist, and the Global Power Elite think tanks – Tavistock Institute allied with the CIA, MI6 and others – harness such unconscious collective psychic energies for their own ends and purposes using masses of human beings everywhere (at least everywhere there’s a TV screen) to psychically materialise their objectives, then we had better investigate this sooner rather than later.

What an irony if they were to use our own minds against ourselves to enslave us to their objectives and needs! In other words, can the Collective Psyche be harnessed to (mis)lead Man onto paths of social, political, cultural, economic and intellectual destruction? A lot of this is happening today, as any student of PsyOps and PsyWar well knows.

Levels of Communication

The upper echelons of power often interact and communicate through a totally different system of symbolic language that, when properly understood, lends credence to Illuminati Tradition and the impact of Freemasonic Orders. Don’t be fooled: they are not just playing around with signs, symbols, “words of power” and dates. They know only too well the intrinsic power of Kabbalistic numbers, for example, and use them in many of their “tricks of the trade.”

At times, they function as signposts and markers for their Strategic Planning and False Flag operations knowing that the majority of people’s untrained eyes will miss them altogether or, worse still, will just consider them innocent whims; a play of no importance. They function as did the spies of old who would send instructions to their covert agents in a foreign land by publishing some small ad in the classified section of a local newspaper: right out in the open; innocent and innocuous and yet… so important!


With hindsight, we now realise the numerous tell-tale signs from Hollywood that 9/11 was being planned and that, somehow, it had to be “communicated” to “friends in the know.” There we have it in plain sight: in theCity of New York versus The Simpsons episode (aired 21-Sept-1997) America’s favourite family decides to visit the World Trade Centre after Bart and Lisa show a brochure saying “9/11”; later a hobo on the subway gives his address as “Jesus c/o The Pentagon.” Or, the 1997 movie The Matrix: when Neo (Keanu Reeves) is arrested, his passport’s expiry date is… 11 September 2001. Or the Deputy NSA Director’s (John Voigt) birth date in Enemy of the State (1998) is shown as… 11 September 1940. Or the launch episode of the series The Lone Gunman (FoxTV, March 2001). The plot? Insiders plan to ram a jetliner into the WTC and blame it on “terrorists…” There’s even a strange, out of context scene in The Devil’s Advocate (1997), showing an ultra high-speed day-night video of the WTC Towers with the gothic-style Woolworth Building in the forefront… Warnings?


Clearly, behind the most innocent looking things there are signs to be read. To understand what is happening today is analogous to driving on a highway from one town to another, you need to understand and properly interpret a whole host of signs, warnings and notices telling you where to exit, when to step on the gas and, when to brake. We would all do well to understand such “signs” and have the proper “maps” or – better still – our PsyOps “GPS” to find our way.

The Media is the Message

The human psyche has very deep archaic recesses where powerful dormant forces await to be awakened. The Collective Unconscious about which Swiss psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung spoke, is a powerful source of archaic, collectively inherited, psychic tendencies embedded in man and rooted into the very fabric of the Cosmos – Jung called them “Archetypes” – that, when channelled in specific directions may unleash the “psychic epidemics” he warned us about.

Towards the end of his long life, Jung feared that the uncontrolled unleashing of just such epidemics would represent the greatest danger facing mankind as the millennium drew to a close. Only three years before his death in 1961, he warned that “an archetype was stirring in a way that was characteristic for ‘the end of an era’,” and of the upheavals and great changes we can expect. In fact, on 30 May 1961 – just eight days before he died – Jung dictated to his daughter his last visions: “I see enormous stretches devastated, enormous stretches of the Earth. But thank God, not the whole planet.” And Jung made a drawing, with a caption under it that said, “The last 50 years of humanity.” That points exactly to our time…

When he spoke of “the end of an era” he was referring to psychic processes that play out very long-term – over thousands of years – thought to be “synchronistic” (i.e., a-causally linked) to the relative position of Earth, Sun and Stars. As the constellations of the Zodiac are “visited” by the Sun through a long-term process known in astronomy as the “precession of the equinoxes,” certain collective archetypes seem to “awaken” and remain active for thousands of years, whilst others until then active, fall dormant.

The Global Power Elites know this only too well and make good use of it, which might explain why Jung’s psychology is much less publicly talked about than the Elite’s favourite son, Sigmund Freud. Freud thought of the “subconscious” as basically a trash can of repressed personal traumas; Jung thought of the Unconscious as superior to the conscious mind and held that it was governed by inherited psychic tendencies. Freud thought his “laws” of psychology were universally valid; Jung believed every race or ethnic group had blatantly obvious psychological differences – as different as the physical appearance of the Caucasian, Semitic, Chinese and Negro peoples.1

Clearly, it’s high time we too wake up to the (not so) hidden signs being used to unleash “psychic tsunamis” on us, taking advantage of these unconscious energies, perhaps to even create self-fulfilling prophecies.

Was this understood by that elusive character known to students of Gnosticism as “Fulcanelli” (an Adept? A Brotherhood?) who, after writing his beautiful treatises on occult alchemical symbolism in temples and buildings of France and Spain – The Mystery of the Cathedrals (1926) and Dwellings of the Philosophers (1930) – disappeared after World War II, only to unexpectedly reappear in 1999 with what is believed to be his long-promised third opus: Finis Gloria Mundi?

In this last work, Fulcanelli describes how the Global Power Elite are manipulating their own Satanic occult agenda parodying Gnosticism’s Opus Magnus, which is Thoth/Hermes’ Emerald Tablet, perverting it from a profound esoteric Gnostic Treatise into an exoteric Power grabbing manual.

As many know, the Emerald Tablet is a very short text which opens saying, “It is true, without a lie, certain and most true: That which is below is as that which is above, and that which is above is as that which is below, to perform the miracles of the One Thing. And as all things were from the One, by means of the mediation of the One, thus all things were born from the One, by means of adaptation.”

Fulcanelli’s explanation of today’s materialistic prophecy-come-true parody is based on subsequent parts of the Emerald Tablet sequentially “acted out” by the Elite.

“Its father is the Sun” (this is why the Elite built the A-Bomb: to show the world in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945 that they had harnessed the power of the Sun); “Its mother is the Moon” (then, in July 1969 they “harnessed” the Moon with the Apollo Moon Landing); “The Wind carried it in its belly” (“wind” being a metaphor for both the Global Media which flows everywhere and HAARP Climate Control); “Its nurse is the Earth” (Fulcanelli points to the criminal meddling with DNA in the vegetable and animal kingdoms, and the Human Genome Project).

Here, again, we find dates being used symbolically. When “harnessing” Sun and Moon, the Global Power Elite’s first nuclear test at Alamogordo New Mexico took place on 16 July 1945, whilst Apollo 11’s “Moon landing” journey lifted off from the Kennedy Space Centre on 16 July 1969.

This is more than just playing with symbols, dates and words. Instilling a long-term far-reaching, all-inclusive global strategy and action plan with deep roots dating back untold millennia to the Egyptian God Thoth may have more subtle and profound consequences than we can fathom.

For years now, the Elite have been drilling into our collective psyche that we are facing the impending “end of the world.” Together with their staunch servants and operatives in Hollywood, the major TV producers, Fox, Disney, DreamWorks, Universal, MGM, Paramount, they have prepared our collective psyche to “be ready to accept the end of the world.”

This all seems to serve three goals: (a) make us all feel increasingly helpless (I mean what can you do if an asteroid is about to hit Earth?), (b) instil a powerful “something big is-a-coming” expectation of sudden change; (c) remind us that there is always “an enemy” out there – a really big, nasty one bent on our destruction. So, we need to have a really big, powerful – even if harsh – protector to shield us from impending calamities.

It’s today’s version of programmed Feudalism: you want food, shelter, protection? Then you’d better obediently and loyally serve your Feudal Lords, even if it means surrendering your sons and daughters, otherwise, you’re really in for a hard time! Today: the Elite is the Feudal Overlord whom we either obediently and diligently serve for which we are fed, housed and “protected”, or else… well, you know: it’s the basic “you’re either with us or against us” Baby Bush Syndrome.

Big, nasty, scary enemies are Rule No. 1 to ensure domination over large masses of people. Yesterday it was Hitler, the Japs, the Red Menace… Today it’s Global Terrorism, Muslim Fundamentalists and Osama’s throngs…

As “The Report from Iron Mountain” explained back in the sixties, an enemy need not be real in order to be useful to the Elite; an enemy need only be perceived as real by the majority of people. Credibility, not reality, is what counts. Once people believe an enemy “exists,” the rest is a piece of cake. People will then willingly march and yell and ship their sons and daughters off to Vietnam, Europe, Japan, Iraq, Korea, Panama, Libya – anywhere – to “fight the enemy”; to “defend our country.”

It’s all a Question of Time

Why this is coming to a head just now is intimately related to our concept of Time. Time is of the essence; everything we do is based on Time. You’re meeting somebody? Achieving that always comes in two dimensions: Space (e.g., my house coordinates) and Time (e.g., Monday, 16 July 2012, 8:30AM). This, however, is the materialistic, secular, “Western” use of time: Chronos.

Time is etched into our collective psyche in other more subtle ways. Again, we turn to Carl Jung who spoke of Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious as being beyond Space and Time, and governed by cosmic forces difficult to perceive because their manifestation spans many generations.

In his formidable book Aion: Researches into the Phenomenology of the Self, Jung analyses the activation of the Archetypes relating to one of the twelve 2,160 year-long (average) “Platonic Months” or “Ages”: our now ending Age of Pisces. Under Pisces, Christianity was the governing “tonic note” or leitmotiv so to speak, that gave life to the Christian ICHTYS fish symbolism, balanced by its feminine (and astronomical) counterpart, Virgo: the Virgin Mary. Today, as we enter the Age of Aquarius, a new Archetype is dawning and the old Archetype – Pisces – will fall “asleep” and be “sacrificed.”

We have many examples of this every 2,200 years or so (the average period of each Platonic month). When Pisces dawned around two millennia ago, the previous “month” – Aries the Ram – had to be “sacrificed” (Angus Dei qui tolis pecata mundi); the Lamb of God who takes the sins of the world was duly sacrificed on the Cross. 2,200 years before that, when Aries dawned we saw Jason and his Argonauts follow the Aries Archetype all the way to the Colchides on their Quest for the Golden Fleece; just as millennia later Parsifal, Lohengrin and Titurel would embark on the Quest for the Holy Grail. Then, it was the Taurus Bull’s turn to be sacrificed, as the Age of Taurus (so important to ancient Egypt and Crete) fell dormant and was “sacrificed” – Iberian bull fights and Mithras’s bull-slaying being psychic vestiges that reached our own time, and so on.

Here, modern languages again play us a bad card because today we only have one word for the concept of “time,” whilst in Classical times there were three very distinct ones: Chronos referred to so-called physical “chronological” time used to record and coordinate worldly affairs; Kairos was used to represent significant moments in time, i.e., what today we would call “milestones;” whilst Aion – a venerable god to the Romans – was used to describe very long periods of time that no human could ever experience first-hand; from there comes our word Eon.

Today, we are so shortsighted that we forgot the importance of understanding long periods of time – Eons. They mark the psychic chords and tonic notes from which we cannot stray too far because, like it or not, the “signs of the times” will always impose themselves on us.

The Elite’s Achilles’ Heel: They Need You to be a Willing Accomplice

They need you to be passive; they need to buy your acceptance to do what they want you to do; they need you to “sell your soul” to them. Literally! They need you to “sign” a virtual “contract” in which you say, “yes; I will obey your Feudal Elite Overlords if you will allow me to live and enjoy ‘rights’.”

Now this Truth is as old as Mankind. In his play Faust, German playwright Johann von Goethe shows us a knowledge-thirsty over-intellectualised professor – Faust – “signing a blood contract” with Mephistopheles – the devil himself – in exchange for the minor glories of worldly fame and shine. Now, have you ever asked yourself why should the devil need anybody to “sign a contract” with him? Easy: the powers of Darkness, the forces of Evil, need you to serve them of your own Free Will.

It seems there’s a cosmic rule that even Old Man Devil himself cannot override, which says that his victims must serve him of their own free will. That’s the Elite’s Achilles Heel that we must exploit to the utmost.

Three examples – a tragedy, a comedy and a drama – from the Hollywood Global PsyWar power house of films spell this out; that you must freely serve them, in plain language:

A Tragedy – The Devil’s Advocate (1997) where young, up-and-coming lawyer Kevin Lomax (Keanu Reeves) joins a New York law firm only to finally discover that his bizarre boss John Milton (Al Pacino) is the Devil himself. Reeves’ wife Mary Anne realises that long before he does, but collapses mentally and physically into suicide. In one key scene, Pacino tells Reeves, “Go back to your wife for a couple of weeks… she’s sick, she needs you, take a break from the case you’re working on.” Reeves thinks for a few seconds and says“No, I’ll carry on with our case!” Whereupon Pacino/Devil shrugs his shoulders and says, “OK, do as you like.” At the end when Pacino unmasks himself as the Devil, he reminds Reeves that he was given a choice but he chose the company over his wife… of his own free will!

A Comedy – Bruce Almighty (2003) where Jim Carrey plays a goofy loser complaining to “god” once too often, whereupon “god” (Morgan Freeman) shows up in a most unpresuming garb and gives Jim “almighty powers” to teach him just how difficult it is running the Universe. Carrey can then do anything he wants but “god” tells him, “One thing, though: you can’t mess around with free will.” So, when Jim wants to get his estranged girlfriend to love him, she just turns around and walks away. Again: Free Will!

v-for-vendettaA Drama – V for Vendetta(2006) where Hugo Weaving plays a powerful mysterious freedom fighter known only as “V” who, inspired by Eve (Natalie Portman), uses PsyWar tactics to fight a future Orwellian totalitarian society in the UK. In a splendid scene, “V” interferes with all TV signals and broadcasts a message to the People, saying,

“… Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who would listen, the enunciation of the Truth. And the Truth is, there is something terribly wrong with this country, isn’t there? Cruelty and injustice, intolerance and oppression, and where once you had the freedom to object, to think and speak as you saw fit, you now have censors and systems of surveillance coercing your conformity and soliciting your submission. How did this happen? Who’s to blame? Well certainly there are those who are more responsible than others, and they will be held accountable, but again, truth be told, if you’re looking for the guilty, you need only look into a mirror. I know why you did it. I know you were afraid! Who wouldn’t be? War, terror, disease… There were myriad problems that conspired to corrupt your reason and rob you of your common sense. Fear got the best of you, and in your panic, you turned to the now High Chancellor Adam Suttler.2 He promised you order, he promised you peace, and all he demanded in return was your silent, obedient, consent.” Your Free Will…

Not surprisingly, in all three of these films, the key that opens the door to liberation is Woman: Mary Anne’s death in Devil’s Advocate, Jennifer Aniston’s temporary rejection of Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, and Eve’s strength and love in V for Vendetta. Significantly, Goethe ends Faust with these words: Das Ewig-Weibliche zieht uns hinan – “The eternal feminine draws us upwards.”

The “Mystery Factor”

We opened this article talking about how collective psychic energy can be harnessed for matters pertaining to this world. I’d now like to close with a more speculative view of how subtle forces of Darkness may also be harnessing collective psychic energies to achieve their “ends beyond this world.”

Those who have read the Tibetan Bardo Tho-dol – better known in the West as the Tibetan Book of the Dead know that when we depart this world, a subtle part of us – mind, the psychic personality residue – remains “for a while.” It is suddenly left, however, without a physical brain and the senses to support it.

There are indications that psychic “residue” may continue to guide Soul onto the next Incarnation as we still experience in the Beyond through the mental body – the Ka of the Egyptians – however it has no control over the physical world as we had when our live brains controlled our feet, mouth, hands interacting with the world; i.e., to “do this” and “do that.” When we die, we no longer have those physical organs, however in our soul’s journey Beyond, the Ka still continues to project ideas and concepts, and here lies a terrible danger.

When we are incarnate, mental projections are kept at bay because our trustworthy senses immediately kick in with their logic to filter out or buffer and separate what can from what cannot be. So, even if my mind imagines a pink elephant floating past my window, I will not actually “see” nor experience that because my eyes-brain-senses kick-in to say “that’s impossible!”

Another simple experiment: imagine that on a sunny day in a bar full of people I told you, “think about being all alone in a cemetery with crypts opening and walking dead coming at you.” You’d just laugh me off because there is no way you can even project such a preposterous image. Now, imagine I say exactly the same words whilst we are both alone, at midnight on a moonless night inside a real cemetery. Your eyes cannot see but your mind’s eye certainly conjures up all sorts of horrific images! Worse still, your ears are pricked… “What was that rushing sound?” “Did I hear a sinister whisper?” “What was that shadow I thought I caught with the corner of my eye?” By now, many people would start going into full panic mode. Why? Because when it’s dark and silent, our senses offer little protection against mental projections of the most horrible images. That’s when you REGRET having seen such and such a terror movie whose images now come back to haunt you. That’s when you start having doubts about what may really be out there in the shadows of the night… which are a symbol of the deepest recesses of your own psyche.

Well, my friends, when we die it gets even worse than that! For we no longer have eyes and ears and a brain to sort out and organise what we “see and hear”; it would seem that whatever we project in the Beyond, becomes REAL, at least psychologically real.

Now I believe some of the folks running Hollywood know this. And the fact that they have overloaded our brains with the most horrific images and atavistic fears may serve the purpose of sending us all – literally – to “Hell”!

Because in the Beyond, if in life you were scared of hornets, you will project “real” hornets; if you were scared of the “waking dead”, you will project the “waking dead”; and if the movie Aliens really made you jump from your seat, well… get ready… many will actually run into it (by the way, Aliens was the result of an investigation into Man’s deepest atavistic fears by Hollywood PsyOps experts).

By the same token, if we cherished and believe in Christ and the Blessed virgin, They will greet us when we die. Same if you believe in Allah… And departed mom, dad and your long-lost dog will be projected too. Actually, initial projections are from the “heart” and they are always beautiful and warm, but as the After-death “Intermediate State” (Bar-do) progresses, projections from the mind begin… That’s when the soul can run into trouble… Spanish painter Francisco Goya alludes to this in his 1799 print “The dreams of Reason produce monsters.”

So, maybe the Global Power Elite are aiming at controlling us here and in the Hereafter.

Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s part of a Satanic ritual whereby they must feed their ghoulish “gods” or demiurge, rather: Beelzebub, Satan, YHWH, Baphomet and other such bloodthirsty – and soulthirsty – cosmic ghouls. The essence of Blood on “this side” of Reality has its counterpart in psychic energy in the Beyond.

I know we are delving into much theory but this may also help to explain many of the things that happen around us without any of us ever realising it. This may also help understand why the antidote to such madness may spontaneously spring in sensitive and good people naturally aligned with the Forces of Light – Sun, God – who “perceive” this drama, as “messages from the Eternal Feminine”: i.e., the many Visions of the Virgin Mary throughout the last two centuries.


The “rules of the game” are there for all to see. Don’t deliver up your mind and soul. Don’t be a passive collaborator, because doing nothing is exactly what the Global Power Elite wants from you: passive collaboration.

Biblical tradition says Lucifer shouted his rebellion to high Heaven yelling “Non Serviam” – “I will not serve.” In an uncanny twist of Fate, it is now our duty to turn the table on the Evil One and shout back to him: “Non Serviam” – I will not serve!

That’s called Personal Sovereignty, which is the very first step towards collective sovereignty for entire nations and continents.


1. The collective psychic forces we are born with form part of our DNA. Just as we get the colour of our eyes and hair from our parents and the way our veins cross in our hands and feet from grandparents, so too we inherit psychic conformations and tendencies: how we feel, think, react; what is harmony to us and what is not. Why certain music is agreeable and others not; whether we will emphasise Rhythm (as the peoples of Africa do) or Melody (as Orientals do), or Harmony as Caucasians do (or did): Melody manifests inside time, Rhythm marks out time; Harmony is beyond time.

2. A fictitious future Orwellian dictator in the UK.

About the Author

ADRIAN SALBUCHI is a political analyst, author, speaker and radio talk-show host in Argentina. He has published several books on geopolitics and economics in Spanish, and recently published his first eBook in English: The Coming World Government: Tragedy & Hope? which can be ordered through his web site, or details can be requested by E-mail to Salbuchi is 58 years of age, married, with four adult children, and works as strategic consultant for domestic and international companies. He is also founder of the Second Republic Project in Argentina, which is expanding internationally (visit:

The above article appeared in New Dawn No. 131 (March-April 2012).

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15 Comments on "Mind Control: It’s All Around You!"

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  1. Demitra M. N. says:

    Thank you, Adrian Salbuchi, this was nothing short of a stupendous read! While long, it kept my attention right through to the very end. And what an end… no one’s ever pointed out the obvious in quite this way before. Indeed, “I will not serve!”

  2. Meter says:

    What a load of nonsense, filled with distortions, half-truths, and outright lies.

    We’re capitalizing “Elite” now, are we? Perhaps you should take a more honest look at yourself.

  3. Meter says:

    As an aside, it’s beyond disappointing to see Freud bashed so much in allegedly open-minded, antiestablishment articles. Such bashing is just mainstream cultural programming. If your work is freedom, then Freud is a tremendous ally. Don’t let these distorted article writers rob you. Get a copy of Freud’s “A General Introduction to Psychoanalysis” and READ IT. You can understand it, he’s very readable.

    Freud was a brilliant rebel who delved into and unlocked tremendous depths of the psyche. He is in no way, shape, or form an ally of the “Elite”, as this article states. They definitely make use of his work, just as they make use of psychic research, ET knowledge, and many other things that are publicly ridiculed for the masses. People who undergo psychoanalysis (or similar processes) are set free in ways that the system would never want, and Freud’s work has been censored and distorted, to put it mildly. Like psychic research and other areas, his work would upend the conventional popular and scientific worldviews, and set man free.

    Freud was a man, with his own limitations and prejudices, particularly reflected in his earlier works. In his later life, his writings reflect much of what is seen in his student, Jung. Did you know that later in life Freud wrote that if he had his life to live again, he would devote it to psychic research rather than psychoanalysis? That’s because nothing less than infinity is found within the human psyche.

    My spiritual path began by my delving deep into my own psyche. What I found was remarkable, unspoken by modern people, and Freud was one of the few who I found spoke the language of the unconscious, a language I have grown to know very, very well, as did Freud, Jung, and many others. Eventually I moved on to yet deeper mysteries, but I can say that modern people have much yet to remember, even so-called spiritual people, who remain very ignorant of even basic truths. The Freud bashing is one symptom of this denial.

    Don’t be fooled.

    While articles like this appear to be ‘for the good’ on the surface, they are very distorted and are themselves a subtle form of mind control. I hope Waking Times will be more discerning in what they choose to publish. It’s interesting how the more mainstream the source, the greater the distortion found.

    “Freud thought of the “subconscious” as basically a trash can of repressed personal traumas”

    What a complete load of rubbish. Have you ever read a word of Freud yourself, yet alone a complete volume in context?

  4. Gravity says:

    So you start the article off telling us how easy it is to implant mind controlling images into people

    And then describe to us in detail how we’ll be doomed to hell if our life has been such that we have any fears or frightening thoughts

    real subtle

    the fact that this website has almost nothing to offer except cliched and ineffectual pseudo-spiritual ego stroking (“we should all love one another”), trivial and circular speculation over the most obvious faults of our socioeconomic system, and complete silence about relevant current events (ferguson, maybe?) is really starting to grate on me, and I think you’ve put the final nail in the coffin.

    It’s a really nice and conveniently placed outlet for people’s frustration with the excesses of the dominant system, but that seems to be about as far as it’s meant to go.

    Thanks for the distraction, but I think it’s time we part.

  5. bat medicine says:

    This was a very interesting article, Adrian Salbuchi. It is becoming more clear to us, how holly wood, uses film to cleverly reveal their planned future for us. Is this a game of cat and mouse, ego-driven pleasure in ruling the people? Or is it a clever method for obtaining our consent? (We warned you ahead of time) and you responded with your emotional response of agreement through the emotion of pleasure.
    Right now the cabal is attempting human preparation of transhumanism through films.
    Hollywood is a main channel for deliberate mind control. That is why I am very suspicious of any films I watch.
    My understanding of the Tibetan Book of the Dead, is that we all initially have the opportunity to enter into paradise. However, we must be willing to totally leave any attachments behind. If not willing, soon our attachments appear as the fear-based illusions appearing real. If we are not willing, or unable, to let go, because we kept our minds closed and focused on false paradigms in physical life,
    then we can find our spirits becoming increasingly dense, and ultimately forming a new body, once again entering the world of energy systems. The Tibetan Book of the Dead, instructs that no matter what visions one encounters, after death, to realize those visions as one’s own mind, or self-created concepts. If one can take responsibility for accepting or creating those concepts, then one can remain free.
    and enter paradise.
    Thanks for reminding us to beware of propaganda in films, and for taking personal responsibility for not agreeing to give our power away to those who would do us harm. It is articles such as this, that helps to free humanity. Thanks!

  6. Victor Gagnon says:

    A most amazing article and one of the best I have read on this sight. Extremely well done! Thank you Adrian!
    One that hits the nail on the head in most of the comments you make and I say most.
    You may want to consider that those who have the main control of us (the populous of the planet earth) do not even live on this planet but do have many people in the right place to keep us controlled here on earth. Far fetched, a little science fiction or just another dogma spun by them? We have all been taught that the we will die from the day we were born. Think how often you are reminded of death in one life time. Does that not fit with what you know. My father, my mother, my grandparents, and sometime my children die and above all the video games, news items, movies etc show you death on a regular basis. Why is showing us death so important? Would this not be dogma for some to live in fear of death and not really know who we really are. All I am saying is that the mind we have is ours and we have free will to chose and live in a mind concept that we do not die. Anyone, tell me what you have to loose to live in this mind set “I do not die” I would suggest that there is not a day that goes by with “you are going to die some day” All fear is rooted in death.Now some might say that it is a truth we all die, just open your eyes and those that say that they will die must then consider that they are manifesting their death and consider that many of our diseases, for many, are created with that mind set we die, all of us. Lets ask a question does anyone and I mean any one alive today that can be for sure, with absolute sureness that every human being born since we shook upright that we die.
    In my opinion its clear that it is about creating dogma ( belief systems of the deepest nature) for everyone to be on the same page and consider Adrian you also controlled (opinion not truth) by the comments in your article as you also appear to believe in some of those dogmas. Which one’s are those, well you say when we die and you comment about the devil, and hell. One may want to have to consider that we do have a choice to live or die in this body but most don’t know that and there is proof of that out there. That might just be the lack of knowledge. Contemplate this question if you like, “how do you know you die and that there is a devil and hell etc. Are these not deep seeded fears for all of us. These are the deepest dogmas we look over but they still fit in with the rest of article very well.
    So to believe what you believe you must be indoctrinated as we all have been and then you decided what your believe system will be. The powers outside this world created, devils, hell, religions and separation etc and much more to keep us controlled. Possibly we should always look beyond what we know and never be satisfied with what we know. We should not stop asking question just because it appears to us that its obvious. So “Why do we die” would be question but who can answer that question?
    I am not saying all of the above is true, but I can tell you some of it is true for me because I have experienced it and so the experience is my truth.
    Just another person’s opinion
    Love yourself into life
    Such a great article

  7. dimitri says:

    One should wonder what collective subconscious pools the current daily diet of images purported to represent human BEHEADINGS “they” are trying to bathe us in.

  8. [ Smiles ] I agree that mind control is everywhere; which is why we must all be conscientious about the thoughts that we entertain.

    Fabulous post!

  9. James says:

    Thanks for the great article.

    Here is some more interesting info to help exit the matrix!


  10. Nick says:

    “Here stands the New Man, his mind and body stolen from him, soul reduced to the impulses of the animal he thinks he is. His conception of reality is a dance of electronic images fired into his forebrain, a gossamer construction of his masters, designed so that he will not under any circumstances perceive the actual. His happiness is delivered to him through a tube or an electronic connection. His God lurks behind an electronic curtain; when the curtain is pulled away we find the CIA sorcerer, the media manipulator, the cyberneticist, the weaver of the Dreamscape.” – Jim Keith, ‘Mind Control’

  11. Avi says:

    Beyond mind control … physical control !
    (Great text you wrote here anyway !! Thanks)



    Understanding minds

    “Daily interactions require bargaining, be it for food, money or even making plans. These situations inevitably lead to a conflict of interest as both parties seek to maximize their gains. To deal with them, we need to understand the other person’s intentions, beliefs and desires and then use that to inform our bargaining strategy.

    Theory of mind, or ToM, is the intuitive understanding of one’s own and other people’s minds.
    By understanding that other people can have thoughts different from our own, it enables us to infer what they are thinking. And because people act on their intentions and desires, we can use this to predict their behavior.

    This skill underpins almost every social interaction.

    Notably it is thought to be one of the key abilities that is absent in autism.

    This cognitive skill (ToM) allows children to keep in mind goals and information. The skill would be crucial for remembering the rules of the game and keeping track of the other person’s behaviors.”

    Do autistic children have a “theory of mind” ?

    “We use a new model of metarepresentational development to predict a cognitive deficit which could explain a crucial component of the social impairment in childhood autism. One of the manifestations of a basic metarepresentational capacity is a ‘theory of mind’.

    We have reason to believe that autistic children lack such a ‘theory’. If this were so, then they would be unable to impute beliefs to others and to predict their behavior.

    This hypothesis was tested using Wimmer and Perner’s puppet play paradigm. Normal children and those with Down’s syndrome were used as controls for a group of autistic children. Even though the mental age of the autistic children was higher than that of the controls, they alone failed to impute beliefs to others.

    Thus the dysfunction we have postulated and demonstrated is independent of mental retardation and specific to autism.”

    Now, what is important to know is that, those skills appear at a very young age,
    from two years old, and that they are completed by age seven.



    Autism is the tip of the iceberg, the illness that reveals the crisis, but nowadays, most of the world is polluted with heavy metals and the immense majority of human bodies are contaminated with them.

    What we see as a result of autism, as a lack of a ToM, is present in everyone but, due to a better corporal resistance, the effect is not apparent. But it IS there. We are all deprived with a Theory of Mind at different levels.

    And this is the best goal for the ‘PTB’ to reach about mankind. Peoples around the world are driven to accept the fakery of an apparently natural world by being drugged. Not only is there a general war through mind control but the ‘PTB’ actually deprive us of the faculty to understand the cheat, physically by inoculating us at birth, and even before that in the womb, and after that thorough our whole life, permanently, definitely.

    The fatal combination of mineral and organic poisons, vaccines, preservatives, additives, smokes … are everywhere in the air, the water, the food, the medicines to create an unescapable death net.

    In summary, by disrupting the ability of understanding one another, by destroying the faculty to grasp the difference, the ‘PTB’ are literally turning us all into zombies, into machines, into things even lower than sheep.

    Oh !! All of those poisons have a reason to be, are hidden behind good deeds, are even supposed to keep you healthy. No crime sir. Go on quietly, nothing to see, nothing to be concerned with, everything is for our own good.

    Vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails’ weather modification, additives, nanomaterials, chemicals … are all under control, scientifically researched, tested, perfectly safe to the environment, indispensable to your wellbeing.

    If we don’t fight, we older ones who have not been subjected to such an intense attack from our birth, it is not our children who will be able to do so because, since around 50 years, say, since the Nazis have been apparently defeated but who have actually gone into a hidden mode by being saved inside the American technology, every passing generation is becoming dumber. (America: 1/68 autistic children, South Korea: 1/38 !).

    We must not only fight against the general spraying of humanity with poisons but we must organize a general detox of every being on earth before it is too late … NOT JOKING AT ALL !!!!!

    Thanks God, there are already some experience about that, some programs, some tools and the majority of it is by eating organic food, natural vitamins … Read Mercola, GreenMedInfo, OrganicOlivia and many others. These people who have invested their skills and time into detoxification are our only hope to save mankind from the parasites who want to rule the world by stealth, and who have so far succeeded.

  12. johan says:

    Dear “Zen”/Spirit, for you. Whether you see fit adding it to the comment or not, it is up to your conscience/”moderation”. It is meant for all but anonymously, Reality being of The Timing whereas Time is merely of Relativity.

    Since there is no, as in zero, way that the mesmerised could witness the realm of its hypnotiser, the following is provideded to afford those who are interested the means to witnessing their reality [The Divine being The Witness to His Empowerment’s, Love The Almighty’s, unconditional moderation of The Play of Divinity to ensure Its Final/Justified Conclusion – as those who are conscious and aware of Humanity’s Inhumanity having zero solution from Humanity are able to attest], when that moment arrives, which is namely that:

    ALL humans are dual natured with their duality of nature being that of their very Thought, Thought being the struggle for supremacy between Past-Experiences, or Gross-Femininity, and Futuristic-Projections, or Gross-Masculinity, stirring within every human’s relative/unreal “aura”/psyche.

    No human was ever born with Thought, all being conceived without Thought, that of being “Balanced”/Neutralised/”de-Karma-ised”/Singularly-Natured/6th{Spiritually}-Sensed, and so forth. In this state of Thoughtlessness, the infant human is like Animals & Vegetation [A&V] in that he has mostly the means of accumulating memories [of The Past] and will only be able to deploy his right brain-lobe [due to the brain lobes crossing-over]/”left-psyche”/”Subconscious” and is therefore “instinctual”, oka Under The Guidance of Nature.

    [At this juncture, it is benevolent to realise that Human Intelligence is merely the development of the left brain-lobe or “the right aura”, oka The Supraconscious – that of futuristically projecting – a gift given soley to The Dust that have had evolved to The Human State due to The Play of Divinity being The Return Journey of Dust To The Source. This because from humans will The Divine be then realisable via the development and sustenance of Conscience, Conscience being the consciousness and thence awareness that self is neither Animal or Vegetation, the materialised/relativised human being either Underly-Conscienced/Indifferent, which is the latency/latterday-saint of being Overly-Conscienced/Sympathy, Relativism being the state when Realism is absent much like Darkeness is the state when Light is absent. As such, Human Intelligence is merely being “Futuristically-Minded” and has little direct connection to real-intelligence, Intelligence, who only exists within The Present, The Present being the state when The Past vs Future is absent.

    A Simplicity which Eludes The-Materialised/Thinkers-101 is that “Meditation”, Praying”, “Sleeping”, “Yoga” and so forth is merely to be within The Present and therefore has zero connection to Thinking/”Pasting-Futurising” with the joke being that you cannot “Goto The Present” as in “Visiting some Holy Place/The Toilet” other than being Of The Present, Reality being when What You Do is Who You [Really] Are, the ancient description for The Divine being, “When There is NO Other”. It is when humans are able to reliquish their selfishness for their selflessness that Humanity’s Inhumanity will be neutralised and then be dissipated. Perish that Thought because “I’m Alright Jack” is the MO of Humanity. As such, you cannot mentalise/conceptualise Conscience, Love and so forth other than to posture and be hypocritical via This, That & The Other. The Divine realised this reality for She was the One who formulated and devised The Periodic Table and then gifted humans the mean and desire to “destroy” Nature via the realisation of Thought, Thought being what “SunTzu” advised when he was supposed to have observed, “Keep Your Enemy Closest”, Thought being symbolised by “The 2 Horns of The Devil”.]

  13. Load of crap. More BS and painting the illuminati as the bad guy, from a guy that isn’t illuminated (so how would you know jack about the illuminati? You can’t and you don’t). Throw mud on an easy target to make yourself look clean, while offering nothing useful. No expose. No secrets revealed. No whistleblowing. Stop hogging the tinfoil and take your meds!

  14. Sherry says:

    I really liked this part and accept it one hundred percent a true:

    So, maybe the Global Power Elite are aiming at controlling us here and in the Hereafter.

    Why? I don’t really know. Maybe it’s part of a Satanic ritual whereby they must feed their ghoulish “gods” or demiurge, rather: Beelzebub, Satan, YHWH, Baphomet and other such bloodthirsty – and soulthirsty – cosmic ghouls. The essence of Blood on “this side” of Reality has its counterpart in psychic energy in the Beyond.

    and I ask that everyone who took the time to comment here please go to youtube and visit yellowrosefortexas chanel and watch The lie NASA told and then the other three the destruction of the papal key, ED is dead and then The tree of life.

    This is for real folks and if you want to stay in a reincarnation circle and never get out then just pass the Lie NASA told and forget the real truth just passed you by. I say that in sadness to I might add. ach of us has a duty to free ourselves from this slavery we call the economy funny how both words end with the same sound. SSSSSnnaaakessss think about snakes and the movie Stargate to cach on beyound….knock knock its the subsconscience knock are you available?

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