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The Evolving Feminine in the Matrix

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Sometimes we don’t really know how the collective human experience has affected our lives until something hits a mark, and we respond emotionally. The angry don’t know they’re angry, the stressed don’t know they’re stressed, the fearful don’t know they’re fearful, the resentful don’t know they’re resentful. It can be deep inside… stuff we don’t look at and try to resolve because we experience it as normal or necessary.

These emotions or states of mind can become so embedded that if we find ourselves in a safe, non-assaultive, peaceful, loving environment, we get uneasy… like we’re losing our edge. All of a sudden there’s no storm and the sea is calm… and we wonder what to do. “Isn’t there something lurking under the surface that I need to be aware of… something I need to tense up against?”

I see it all the time… people reaching out for another dose of stress or fear or anger in order to be energized by it. Those doses are easy to get: watch a police video, check and see how many bombs were dropped today, or just think about something somebody did… and there it is, you’re back to normal again, doing what you’re obliged to do in this violent world; staying on top of things, sword drawn.

A few days ago I watched a video that apparently was filmed in India. We all know the tide of outrage against rape in India, and this video was a part of that movement, encouraging the protection of women. It shows a young woman walking alone, two young men approach with ill intent, other men, passing by, see the intent and step in to encircle the woman.

I doubt if the video was intended to provoke an emotional reaction, as it seemed more like a teaching and inspiring message. And yet I started to cry upon seeing it, and at that moment I didn’t know why. Why did that affect me so deeply? Sadness? Happiness? It was just a simple public service video. But still, the sight of men taking hands and encircling the woman brought me to tears.

I sat back and looked into my feelings. The tears had come from some kind of deep need. After time and thought, I identified it as a need for recognition, or acknowledgement, of the incredible treasure that nature gave the woman. Here’s what the circle of men said to me: “Destruction of this beauty is not allowed anymore.”

I need the love of that circle of men… and when I saw it displayed, when I realized change is coming, it brought forth such gratitude.

This beauty: We know that the beauty of womanhood is having a hard time of it nowadays, and I don’t think it began recently. It’s old harm, coming to a head and splitting off into at least two mindsets: 1) the women who embrace the experience we’ve been through, realizing that the tyranny of patriarchy has pressed us into evolution, and 2) the women who have become adversaries of men, nurturing resentment and seeking power and control.

This masculine/feminine conversation is certainly not new to any of us. I’ve written about how the embrace, the mingling of heart energies, can take a woman past the lifelong fear, past the tension, and into to an incredibly soft, vulnerable, unguarded, responsive, trusting place. To me, this is the feminine core. It took many years for me to reach this place, and that is why I talk about it often, as if it mattered. I believe it does matter so much… it could be the key to our future ‘heaven on earth’.

We are looking at an evolving man as well as an evolving woman. On the same day I watched the video against rape, I read an article and listened to a video from two different men about the damages of porn: insightful, aware, courageous commentaries on the destructive force of this billion dollar industry – destructive to women, and men, and intimacy.

We are rejecting the poison of this current matrix, and that is so heartening. We all know the ‘world as it is’ will end, but there are different ways of ending a thing. Can we turn it around before it ends with the rape of everything that is beautiful and vulnerable? With any number of potential outcomes available, why not direct our energy toward the greatest world our hearts can conceive.

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Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from

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  • Jim

    “We are looking at an evolving man as well as an evolving woman.”

    There is something that is reaching to us. I think it was hijacked and steered in the public mind like a few other advancements which could be helping us more now if not for the top-ten-best-seller-expert’s help.

    Instead of “Behold the Goddess” – we got, “Deal with my inner bit**.” (to be honest, men had a good handle on that already imo)

    From my bubble, using the term Goddess or divine feminine is a real buzz killer out there causing grand amusement in both men and women folk. New Age marketers have repackaged the old male gawd and if they elevate woman at all, it seems to be in some supportive role as helper to male or overboard motherly, “I know what’s best for you,” – rarely presented as equal.

    Wish I could quote somebody famous or important to help back up my comments, but I can’t, am just a man who has been amazed a few times, asking out loud, “How can I feel so much love inside when I’ve never experienced it out there before?”

    Ponder the metaphor, She wants Her husband back.

  • Meter

    It’s strange to me why the author sees any of this as gender-based. All the statements made about women in this article can equally be made about human beings in general. So why turn it into a gender issue, when it is a simple human rights issue?

    “Destruction of this beauty is not allowed anymore.”

    Great. How about if that is applied to ALL human beings? All beings, in fact, all of life. Isn’t the real significance of the circle of hands that people stood up for someone’s well-being? They cared.

    Personally, I find little value in labeling compassion and yin, etc., as ‘feminine’. It is just as easily a masculine quality, because in fact it has nothing to do with duality-based gender roles.

    And as Daniel Tremblay brought out, women are complicit in many forms of violence and oppression, including inciting males to do their violent bidding. Females can be very deceptive, very manipulative, and void of true compassion and love, and often are in their choices.

    In fact, violence is a human problem, and compassion is a human quality to be encouraged. Divisive gender-based thinking is not healing, it is used to divide and conquer humanity.

  • chip

    The emotional response at cue of the program should be seen for the calculated response it probably is. Places of tone and scale and frequency are long studied for the ability to affect our thoughts emotions and even our feelings/intuition I get a tad annoyed at how eage they are to kontrol me. Audio visual sense smell taste experience gushers on demand is the work of NLP lab techs who number in the millions implementing the subjection of man to the fascist ALLSTAT. God is not emotional. Think unmoving. It seems gratifying but be a little cautious.

  • P R O F O U N D, Please do write a PT.2~

  • June

    While it pleases me greatly to hear of men who actually “get it” my comment is not about the evolving feminine. What really touched me is the comment “I sat back and looked into my feelings. The tears had come from some kind of deep need.” It confirmed my feelings and tears while listening to a recent Facebook video of Peter, Paul and Mary’s 25 anniversary film and them singing “Where Have All The Flowers Gone?” I heard that song on that same TV program in 1984, but it didn’t have the impact on me that it did yesterday. My heart felt broken over the uselessness and devastation inflicted on humanity by those few leaders who want war and incite us to believe it will bring peace.

    • Rob Parker

      …ya know, I’ve also come to feel this way about the femininity nexus to the divine, and have come to believe in the feminine nature of the universe/multiverse IE.- life giving creative energy, loving, nurturing.

      • Daniel Tremblay

        Umm… what nurturing from the feminine? As my mother/sisters, wife, grand-mothers, most relationships, abortions, infanticide, discipline, BDSM, Adam & eve. Women is about dominations. NOT Nurturers. Funny/peculiar how my Xed-wife, used to spew that same Bull-shit. She raised two Declared Satanists on her own. After private Christian Schooling/church while married. Why do you think the world is what it IS! = MOM’s! Nice rationalization by YOU! Ever heard of ‘THE QUEEN OF MEAN!’

        • Rob Parker

          …I mean this without cynicism, I’m very sorry to hear of the unabated misery/suffering in your life, but pleased that you’re on this forum looking for relevance. If you have a science predicated interest then the lecture below on the Holofractal graphic nature of the universe by physicist Nassim Haramein is a good and relevant place to look:


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