A Colossal Dilemma Within Science & Religion

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“The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.”  ~ T.H. White

Let me assure you – I do believe in God. I believe in the Divine, with a big ‘D.’  I believe in a vastness, which has created this Universe and others, which our human minds can hardly digest. What I don’t believe in anymore is science, or religion.

Religion is nothing more than a human construct to try to explain the unexplainable. In the process it becomes political. Oh. So. Political.

Our religions institutions are now (and have been) used by the crumbling powers-that-be to divide us. We separate ourselves not just as fundamentalists, but also as ‘believers’ in dogma of every flavor.

Then – there’s science. Truly a ‘religion’ in its protectionist fervor, and hell-bent on upholding the discordant, outdated, simply false projections that are supported by institutionalized information parsing. It is upheld with tactics no less pernicious than organized religious institutions.

“Questioning is the most important aspect of science, and that is a direct threat to authority, and ironically scientists and the science institutions have become authorities and churches. They have become our priests of the modern era. Whatever the priest with the biology hat says must be true about life. Whatever the priest with the physics hat says must be taught as facts. . . Science is no longer serving the purpose of discovering truth. It has become the main method of control. Governments have always kept people in line by collaborating with certain institutions. It used to be organized religion, where there basically was no difference between state and religion. Now, there is no difference between science and state. Why? Because of where the funding comes from.”

This ‘scientific’ paradigm is not meant to heal humanity, it is meant to keep it sick. It is meant to keep us as consumers – of drugs, of petro-guzzling cars, of toxic products that none of us needs. An old survey from the EPA estimates that 7.6 billion tons of industrial wastes from 60,000 businesses are generated. Most of these wastes are in the form of waste waters (97%), but they fill our air, our soil, and everything from shampoo to crayons.

“Every year, nearly $100 billion is invested in biomedical research in the US, all of it aimed at teasing apart the invisible bits of the body. We assume that these new details will finally reveal the causes of illness, pinning our maladies on small molecules and errant snippets of DNA. Once we find the cause, of course, we can begin working on a cure.”

And then, as if this wasn’t convoluted enough, Darwin pitted religion against science with his theory of biological evolution outlined in The Origin of Species. We are still contaminated with Darwinism and its accepted authority today, even though chemists have failed to explain the origin of the genetic code, have made several erroneous assumptions about the nature of junk DNA, and humans enjoy many behavioral and cognitive traits which have no evolutionary advantage for mere survival: music, art, religion, and the ability to ponder the nature of the universe.

Darwinian, Newtonian science has kept us locked in one room, and religious wars have kept us locked in another. Yet we try to see the expanse of a mountain vitsa from the time-out chair we’ve been sent to by these patriarchal institutions.

To summarize, we have religions fighting other religions, science fighting new ideas, and religion and science fighting one another. What a mess!

Humanity’s True History

I won’t begin to tell you I’ve pieced together our entire human history in its entirety. There are individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to studying just one particular facet of who we are. Though I have the interest, it would be an insurmountable task to unveil all our secrets completely. What I have been able to do, is see a history of deceit, which without disclosing, will keep humanity emboldened in its separatists, polarized angst forever. We are living in a prime moment to overturn this history of lies. As each mind wakes up to its own true identity, and recovers its truest origins, we will be freed.

We will no longer be easily oppressed through banking fraud, delusory social constructs, false flag events, political fallaciousness which leads to war, and the utter environmental obliteration of our beautiful planet. We will no longer be hoodwinked into eating GMOs, getting vaccinated against our will so that these dissolving powers-that-be can steal our DNA, and try to control us, or clone us, and we will no longer be made into a slave race to bow to evil masters.

“Belief is both prize & battlefield, within the mind & in the mind’s mirror, the world. If we believe humanity is a ladder of tribes, a colosseum of confrontation, exploitation & bestiality, such a humanity is surely brought into being, & history’s Horroxes, Boerhaaves & Gooses shall prevail. You & I, the moneyed, the privileged, the fortunate, shall not fare so badly in this world, provided our luck holds. What of it if our consciences itch? Why undermine the dominance of our race, our gunship, our heritage & our legacy? Why fight the “natural” (oh, weaselly word!) order of things? Why? Because of this:—one fine day, a purely predatory world shall consume itself….If we believe that humanity may transcend tooth & claw, if we believe divers races & creeds can share this world as peaceably as the orphans share their candlenut tree, if we believe leaders must be just, violences muzzled, power accountable & the riches of the Earth & its Oceans shared equitably, such a world will come to pass. ~ David Mitchel’s Cloud Atlas (p. 508)”

Our divinity is our biggest secret. It’s been kept from us so that the fascists, psychopathic, and soul-less can run the planet.

Religions as well as science have told us that human entities are only a few thousand years, to at most, a hundred thousand years old. In the Bible’s Book of Genesis, we are told man was created from the ‘dust of the earth’ just 6000 years ago. This age is determined by counting the generations of biblical figures recorded throughout the Bible, starting with Adam in the Garden of Eden. This has now been exposed as its own conspiracy.

Dr. Michael Cremo suggests that humans are linked with an ‘extremely old’ history. We are millions of years old – and human origins go back, possibly, to the beginning of this Universe (as well as others.) The Earth is also not our only home in the Universe. In Cremo’s book, Forbidden Archeology, he summarizes some of the lies we’ve been told. We aren’t just a lineage of warring tribes as the bible suggests, or an evolution of apes. Man’s history is much more mysterious.

Did you know, for example, that footprints were found in Texas, that were dated to the same age as dinosaurs? Richard Dawkins, of Oxford, has this to say, “. . .[concerning the] alleged human bones in the Carboniferous coal deposits. If authenticated as human, these bones would blow the theory of evolution out of the water.” (Free Inquiry, V.21, No.4, 10/11/2001)

Or, that 70-ton blocks were somehow transported to the Peruvian Mountains, with the closest source of the rock’s red granite being five miles away, at the apex of another mountain? There are dozens of other megaliths in human history that have been dated much further back than any ape-man could have built them, and with architectural prowess that would require advanced knowledge and extremely sophisticated technology to build.

These include:

The Baalbek Acropolis – Across the Leontes Mountains from Beirut, Lebanon it is dated thousands of years before the Romans, and archeologists can’t explain the skill with which the monolithic, 800-ton, stones are carved.

Rockwall, Texas – Just ten miles outside of Dallas, Rockwall is possibly home to a prehistoric, buried city. A 1907 New York Times article entitled, Digging for Buried City, reported that Mr. J.E. Hess was excavating around the wall in hopes of locating a buried city. He reported that the wall is made up of regularly sized and shaped native sandstone slabs- and that the wall was buried to a depth of about three feet, and that it was known to be approximately 40 feet high. It is suggested that within these walls was a temple. Inside the temple were, according to an article in the St. Louis Republic, many statues of idols, all curiously marked as well as the bones of large animals (many of them petrified) including reptiles. It was speculated that human and animal sacrifices took place at the temple.

ICA Stones of Peru – These stones are immaculately carved with remarkable scenes of medical transplants, people riding dinosaurs, telescopes, and views of the planet Earth as it appeared 13,000,000 years ago (that’s right, 13 MILLION years ago, pre-stone age). The stones depict advanced medical wisdom, including how to conduct surgery.

The Egyptian Sphinx – John Anthony West and Graham Hancock, allege that the Sphinx was sculpted by non-Egyptians ca. 10,500 B.C. They say there is good reason for this, and it doesn’t have anything to do with the historical Egyptians. They explain that the Sphinx has been covered in sand for most of its long history. If it wasn’t continually being cleared by modern workers, it would be re-buried up to its neck in sand in less than fifty years. The shifting sand has to be fought back on almost a day-to-day basis. So, if it has been under the sand for most of its existence, why is it so weathered?

Shoe Print in Pershing County, Nevada – A shoe print was found in Triassic limestone, strata indicative of 400 million years, in which the fossilized evidence clearly revealed finely wrought double-stitching in the seams of a shoe.

Dr. Stanley Rhine’s Find – Another human-like footprint was discovered in strata indicative of 40 million years old. A few months before, a similar find was made in Kenton, Oklahoma, and at a similar time time, a discovery of a footprint in stone was revealed in north-central Wisconsin.

Ancient maps – accurate maps have been uncovered which correctly depict the continent of Antarctica (before it was covered with ice) well before Europeans ever found it, suggesting that a technologically advanced culture must have lived on this planet in times well before historians are apt to admit.

An 140,000 Year Old Human Skull Was Found in Tanzania – This skull called the Iwo Eleru skeleton is the oldest known so far from the entire West African region.

Was Earth Seeded by Aliens?

There are dozens of archeological finds, mysterious sites, both above and below water, and questions left unanswered. The prominent scientist, Richard Dawkins, suggests that we were seeded by extra-terrestrials from other Universes. He leaves no space for divine design, however. Prof Chandra Wickramasinghe, an astrobiologist from Cardiff University suggests that there is ‘overwhelming evidence’ that life on earth was ‘seeded’ from outside earth more than 3,800 million years ago. In an article published in the International Journal of Astrobiology, he argues that all life on earth, is indeed alien. He says that there is a cyclical transfer of life process from planet to planet, and scientists have confirmed that ‘alien’ DNA is mixed with human DNA.

If nothing else, these findings prove that the origins of man are much more antiquated than we ever would have imagined, and the trivial wars of this planet and this era, are but a fly’s eye in the ointment. The religious teachings that compel us to ‘obey’ some patriarchal, bearded man in the sky are simply blasphemous. If nothing else, we can look to the fractal, holographic nature of divine geometry to see that there is some organizing pattern, which couldn’t have just started 6000 years ago, nor 100,0000, nor even a million years ago.

“At the very earliest appearance of human civilization we observe the presence and importance of geometry.  It is clearly evident that geometry was comprehended and utilized by the ancient Master Builders, who, laboring at the dawn of civilization some four and one half millennia ago, bestowed upon the world such masterworks as the megalithic structures of ancient Europe, the Pyramids and temples of Pharaonic Egypt and the stepped Ziggurats of Sumeria.”

In the very least, we also know, through studying these divine structures of antiquity, that we are part of a template. We can no longer relegate our wisdom to mainstream science and their findings, nor the teachings of misleading religious doctrine. We are much more than these playground games. We are as old as time. It is in the embracing of these new mysteries with an open mind that we will finally know the human creation story, rightly.}

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao Tzu, Paramahansa Yogananda, Rob Brezny, Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and *See the Big Picture*. Her blog is Yoga for the New World . Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing The Body And Mind Through The Art Of Yoga.

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  • Jim choate

    Just like religion or science you have to take this article with a grain of salt. I loved it at first and then it went down a rabbit hole around the now debunked rockwall wall and the inca burial eggs. I live in rockwall and follow that very close. The author should have stuck to his original message and stopped short of convincing us of possible theories 2 of which I know for fact are BS.

  • James

    It’s okay to admit we don’t know.

  • Fiona

    I have to question a lot of this, as I followed through one of the links and you’re actually wrong about the Spinx, you have provided a link to an article that completely opposes what you said. It’s not 12500 years old, the original perception that the water damage was by ancient rain is false, it was the river Nile.

    I did find this an interesting read though, and will look through the other sources provided 😀

  • Steven

    We’re all fucking doomed! No we’re not! Yes we are!

    • Anonymous


  • Sully

    You, Christina Sarich, are the second one to figure it out.
    (me being the first)
    Really the first part is pretty much an exact representation of the way I’ve always see things.
    Humans limit themselves with Dogma, and Politics. Main stream science and religion are all products of humans who have agendas. These agendas are based on fear or because their need to have power over other humans.

  • Bilbo Bhagava Baggins


    “I won’t begin to tell you I’ve pieced together our entire human history in its entirety. There are individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to studying just one particular facet of who we are. Though I have the interest, it would be an insurmountable task to unveil all our secrets completely. What I have been able to do, is see a history of deceit, which without disclosing, will keep humanity emboldened in its separatists, polarized angst forever.”

    You are preaching to the choir, sister. But it is far from an insurmountable task, and not everyone is a slave to “specialty.” Or “one particular facet of who we are.” What do you wish to know?

    “Our divinity is our biggest secret. It’s been kept from us so that the fascists, psychopathic, and soul-less can run the planet.”

    Correct. But Indra was a man that became a god, the chief deity in fact, with a little help from his friend, VishNu. Oannes. “bsu.” “WezerBu.” “Phitsa.” All the same fish-crown wearing king that taught mankind culture.

    Vishymitra. Anyone can see who wears that crown these days…they live near Rome, at Shiva’s Vatika. That’s why they stole an “obelisk” and placed it next to their temple. That is Shiva’s Lingum.

    Find “bsu” in the record books Christina, and you will find INDRA in HISTORY. Not “myth”: HISTORY. Thousands have studied him…with eyes that were tightly shut by dogma and “going along with the deception.”

    VishNu is there…and Arjuna. And Shiva. And Kunti and SaTYAvati. Santanu. Vyasa. Sanjaya. Dushara. Rama. Lakshmana.

    They are all there…for those with eyes to see….do you have ears to hear? How BIG was this “world-wide culture” you suspect existed…world-wide? There ya go.

    All of them related royalty labeling themselves “Gods”…whether or not they were…..well….did everyone see that 10,000 year old cave drawing article from India yesterday? The one with alien-looking creatures, one wearing a spacesuit and holding Shiva’s Trident in his hand? indiadivinedotorg

    Go look….

    Is VishNu holding a Martian conch shell (documented as existant on Mars in NASA images) in one hand, and a bottle of “seeds” in the other? Statue is at Brooklyn museum, search for image online…

    Isn’t he the one labeled “Creator of the Universes?”…

    “bsu” is listed under “Family” of a king. Yes, “bsu”…. hidden in last sentence of an article at least 10-15 paragraphs in length…the only family member with no hyperlink to click on…and name not capitalized. But they do state his symbol is three fish….

    Like I said: “you are preaching to the choir….” I know this deceit well.

    And, I have unwound alot of it. Indeed, there once was a world-wide culture. A “Vedic Hindu”-like culture. For instance: The Real “Arjuna” has a Shiva’s Lingum drawn on his tomb wall…dated @ 2900 BC.

    I know who their gods and kings were, I know their names. I can show you a photo of the remains of “YWH.” Anybody “could,” if they only had “eyes to see.”

  • It is I only

    “Respected” Scientist.
    Give you one example from down under. A drop out at university of real subject, diversify in to paleontology, where anything can be postulated without giving any real proof. The this “respected” scientist become a “leading’ authority in “GLOBAL WARMING” Got a part time job with the Aus govt. at K$250 a year on top of his other position at Uni.
    Prediction. There will be no RAIN in Aus until 2020.Australian Capital Cities will run out of water. Build water desalination plants at the cost of Billions to the taxpayer & mothball them. Soon after he said this, Queensland got flooded.
    Well there’s lots of those “respected scientific consensus theories” from this “respected” scientist.Which will take lots of time to describe here.BTW. Winner of the Australian of the Year. { I would say Idiot of the Year)

  • We the Sheeple

    Both religion and science are extensions of the egoic mind. It is part of the human condition to be curious about our environment and our origins or “reasons” for being, yes, but to definitively claim as truth that which is beyond our limited comprehension is essentially blasphemy to who we truly are.

    We exist on four levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual) and since each of us is an independent expression (yet part of a much larger whole) of that which is ultimately unknowable, each of us will possess different physical attributes (right down to DNA), each of us will have different feelings based upon different beliefs about the environments and life experiences we are exposed to, and each of us will have different spiritual experiences. THERE IS NO SET STANDARD OR “WAY” to anything in the human experience – just foundational principles that are mere conditions to the manifestations we claim as reality.

    The experiences each of us has is just for us (and there is nothing selfish about it). To that, we only seek to exert our beliefs onto and over others because of the egoic need to control – which is based out of fear and the further need to be right. These attributes and so much more are conditions of the ego that we identify with as who we are and ultimately believe that this is “the way it is.” This is nothing more than a self-delusion that keeps virtually all of humanity at odds with each other and perpetuates human suffering that has grown in intensity over the last six millennia.

    Such delusions are fodder for those in power who exploit them to their further delusional benefit at the expense of far more than human life.

  • Old Timer

    A scientist who doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ doesn’t know science. And a person who knows Jesus Christ doesn’t believe in religion. Repent, Get Saved, Get Raptured. Jesus Christ is waiting and watching.

  • Name

    Evolution is a damnable lie. Every succesive generation brings with it around 200 deleterious (bad) mutations which the parents did not have. Sure we have “micro-evolution” – that’s what causes the bad mutations but never do we get
    new information in DNA which then would be organisms evolving. BUT WE DONT!

    Radiometric dating is fraught with errors and compliucations and uncertanties.
    I wouldn’t bet on the fact that humans are older than 10,000 years. So called geological processes can and do happen with surprising rapidity as Mt ST Helens has shown. And the multiverse is pure speculation designed to wipe out the uncomfortable fact that our universe is fine-tuned for life. The big bang is looking like dung these days too. Lots of proplems with the astrophysics such as the quasars being so nearby and the anomalous redshifts.

  • Lou

    If I enjoy an article such as this one, I just enjoy it. It is not my place to an autopsy on it. I have eyes with which to see, ears with which to hear and I have a mind with which to accept or reject. Good article, I liked it!

  • Daniel Tremblay

    Extra [Supplimental]
    In the ‘RELIGOUS’ explination of creation. 7-DAYS. =7 earth rotations. From a ‘GOD’ of NO-beginnig & NO-end. The relivace of 7 earth rotations, is EGO-CENTRIC of human perspectives. Earth and ALL the univere solely for the benifit of MAN?
    What IS the purpose of ‘LIFE!’ then? Purely the realization of GOD! Why else have cosiencness, awareness.

    • Yes, hit the nail right on the head here Daniel:

      “What IS the purpose of ‘LIFE!’ then? Purely the realization of GOD! Why else have [consciousness], awareness.”

      Einstein also said: “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”

      Both, science and religion are complementary to the other and complete each other in our evolutionary progress to “Unity” or God consciousness, i.e. the awareness of the totality of the Universe itself within ourselves. As Jesus said, “I and my Father are One.” It is also the space and place where “miracles” are created and manifest themselves in the third dimension of materiality—which then appear “miraculous.” See what Jesus meant now?

      Our higher consciousness is derived from our higher nature, and ALL Religions give us both the moral restraints and spiritual path of how to get on that path that will take us there where our true Self abides—where we feel totally at home within ourselves through the experience of pure and utter bliss.

      The author of the article erroneously equates “organized” Religion in a blanket manner to include all the great Religions and wisdom traditions of Mankind over thousands of years (as it includes the Vedas of ancient India) — when, in actual fact she is simply speaking of the Vatican which is a man-made institutionalized construct supposedly there to “guide” the unthinking masses or the sheep(le) to their whatever.

      In short, there is the PERFECT balance and complement of Science and Religion through the work on this site:


      –Getting us most importantly where we need to be: THE UNITY OF THE HUMAN RACE:

      “The Destiny of Man is to unite, not to divide. If you keep on dividing you end up as a collection of monkeys throwing nuts at each other out of separate trees.” ~ T.H. White

      The Spiritual UN Gentle Path book that you see at the above site brings us to that perfect way where all of us, TOGETHER, can experience utter bliss on this Planet—which is our true existence and state of Reality.

      Our actual purpose on this Planet is to merge and penetrate 3D reality with and through our Unity consciousness (through the trek of compassion and morality)…..and then, OH WHAT A WORLD! (Conscience is the lode star of the Universe that get us back on track with it.)

      Questions on the content of the book can be taken here at this site:


      See right column under image of book.

      This is our second attempt to publish this info in response to the above article at Wakingtimes — which we hope is not in the business of censoring information, which would then make the Wakingtimes site less than genuine!

  • Daniel Tremblay

    ‘Excelant Article!’
    Although I’m nondenominational ‘CHRISTIAN!’ That being/meaning I have never subscribed to 100% to either Biblical contemporary doctrins/dogmma’s. Nor embraced science as a know-ALL explination. Especially Darwinism. Time for ‘ONE,’ doesn’t exist. That is a human, contrivace of syncronizations. This long is THIS LONG. Not a ‘FOOT, METRE, NANO, INCH or micron light-year is a distance. Or Miles,acre/hector, nautical, Fathom, Knots. all ticks on a story bourd or piece of papers edge. This long IS this-long!
    Obvious there was history &[His-Story] Before the Bible. It’s evident! The Bible is this ERA of modern man’s HISTORY. 500 years of building structures tell’s us we were smaller. [evolution]we are evolving/devolving]] Then the nephelim MUCH Bigger!
    You have too have an open mind! And surmize your OWNED Thoughts.
    ‘GOOD READ!’ Have felt this, since I[eye] was a child. Theories, YES! An Absolute 100% explination? NO!… & KNOW-NO!
    P.S., apologise about the spellings. butt if can’t follow My drift. 2-Fn bad.

  • I’m with you 99.9% on what you say but to elaborate a little further, there are trillions of universes within the infinite white light, big black blobs, if one travels far enough they all turn into black stars in a white expanse, then eventually they all disappear and there is only white light.
    There are many other planets in each universe capable of supporting life and in this universe alone there are millions. This whole multiverse is like a larval stage for the growth and development of multi dimensional beings (Gods) if you like, during times of confusion such as the present Age of Confusion we are suppressed and the birth of new (Gods) is prevented by alien (souls) who inhabit the bodies that are vehicles for (Gods) to develope and wreak havock. But the Age of Confusion is almost over now, after roughly 8000 years. There has been a regime change in (Heaven) and now we have a female (God) as the ruler of (Heaven) one of her names is Hera. The aliens who have for thousands of years now inhabited bodies meant for the development of new(Gods) have now been denied any further reincarnations on any planet in this universe and will have to inhabit bodies in other universes from now on. So there is hope although things seem hopeless, hope is born out of lack of hope. Just as yin and yang give birth to each other. We are now entering another (Golden Age) and many new (Gods will be born in the new cycle.
    Mankind is 100s of millions years old as proved by carbon dating of certain artifacts like an ancient bell, dated to around 300,000000 years old and an ancient hammer, dated to around 500,000000 years old. Mankind was once much larger than we are today, roughly 60ft taller many, many years ago due to the Earth priming faster and not being fully condensed and also being on a different axis, the weather back then was always summer, there were no seasons. And as for CO2 emissions, and methane emissions, well how much more would there have been back then with huge humans and dinosaurs, each most likely suffering from flatulence of one kind or another, especially the herbivors, lol… Anyway, thankyou for your post, very interesting.

  • Aude Sapere

    It gave me a literal pain in the head to read what you wrote about Darwin and evolution. You are pontificating about something of which you know nothing. The fact that living things evolve and change was known long before Darwin. What Darwin spent his life doing was trying to understand how it came about. During his young years as naturalist on the Beagle, he observed that on a group of islands birds were slightly different on each island, and had differently shaped beaks adapted to the specific food available on each island. He observed that many more offspring are born or hatched than could possibly survive, and realized that those that happened to be best adapted to the environment in which they found themselves, would be the most likely to survive. This is Natural Selection, the process by which evolution happens.

    Darwin is no more responsible for Social Darwinism than Jesus is for Christianity.

    • Mutation and natural selection cannot account for the complexity and variety of life, nor can it account for genetic information in the cell seeing as specified information originates in a thinking mind. Finches genetic information
      allows for varieties of beak size, colour but it doesn’t allow for finches to mutate, retard into anything other than a finch. Darwin’s idea that bears evolve through genetic errors into whales and Dawkins idea that whales mutated back into bears is beyond belief and is totally lacking in any actual evidence other than the ‘ just so’ stories trotted out, Darwin’s better living through retardation tells us nothing of any substance about the world.

      • Miggy

        Well said. I will add that all species have a weaker sex. Some female, some male. If Darwin was correct the weaker sex would always die off making the species extremely difficult and then impossible to endure.

        Life is way too complex to explain away as some chance. Nature is too interconnected and fragile. It takes a lot more faith to believe in no God than the God.

        Life is always dying. People and animals get weaker as they age, not stronger. Very difficult or impossible to evolve in this environment.

        There is a God. John 3:16.

    • You say ‘Darwin is no more responsible for Social Darwinism than Jesus for Christianity’. I’m not a Christian and I would argue that Christianity has done a lot of good as well as not so good throughout the world. Hospitals, universities and the music, art, philosophy and culture of Europe owe a lot to Christianity. What good has Darwinism, Social or otherwise actually contributed to society other than to engender ideologies based on the superior and primitive idea of race and survival of the fittest?

      • name

        The genetics field promises to poison the whole planet – at least the lower orders who cannot affor organic legacy produce.

      • Miggy

        I agree and I am a Christian. Look at the food pantries in your area that are extremely important these days. Invariably they are run by a Christian Church or a Christian Mission.

        “John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever shall believe on Him shall not perish but have everlasting life.”

        Hard to imagine the popularity of The Bible without supernatural intervention. Easily the most read Book ever with countless upon countless lives changed for the better. No king or government has snuffed The Bible out.

        Yes, there are those who use “Religion” for gain and violence as humans are fallen and have a free will and you can focus on this human condition problem if you want. But do not use this fact as a crutch against God.

        A relationship with God is not sitting in a church pew on Sunday and forgetting everything during the week. Many saved Christians never visit a Church. Christianity is living the words of Jesus in your everyday life decisions. Difficult to do yet the right thing to do.

        • Sarah

          So, the only way to live the way Jesus “told us to” is to believe in something that cannot be proven? Of course the Bible holds truths and a moral compass for the way one should live and carry oneself. The problem with Christians is that they have this delusional self-affirmation that their way is the only meaningful and true way to love others and to get through life. What they CONSTANTLY forget to take into account is that good, decent, loving people do not have to be found dropping bible verses that we have all seen recycled time and time again. Believe it or not there are individuals in existence that are capable of making positive changes forward and loving others simply because that is WHO THEY ARE. This toxic belief that Jesus told us how to live our lives down to a T and there is no other way is ludicrous. How narrow minded and arrogant can we all be; honestly? I cannot wait for the day that humanity as a whole wises up to its mistake and its self-centered view of the universe as a whole. Everything we see or seem is so far beyond our recognition and understanding. Why is it so hard to realize that we don’t know a damn thing about where we are, where we come from, or where we are going? I find comfort in the unknown and confidence in knowing that I will never know in this lifetime. Why can’t we encourage one another to explore other possibilities? Especially the ones that make no sense and seem far fetched.

          • Anonymous

            The problem is people who judge others for believing! I cant help but notice that just because certain people find it so hard to have faith, they feel the need to try to knock down someone who does!! Go figure!!

  • nummi

    Most of modern science is based on delusions and lies… Sure, it works, but only to an extent.

    Religion… It is pervaded with delusions. It has seemingly positive effects on some people because it has some truth to it.

    Truths attached to delusions and lies – applies to both science and religion.

    • Anonymous

      Science is a process of ”systematic doubt”to verify hypothesis and conclusions and has succeeded in moving humanity forward. It is tainted by human political agendas and other human imperfections. The author confuses things and should not stop believing in science (or religion for that matter).

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