Curbing Close Encounters: The Smear Campaign Against Extraterrestrials

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Hollywood churns out movie after movie about hostile alien invasions. Meanwhile human actions continue to threaten peace on earth. Yet real-life reports suggest ETs are peaceful, spiritual and concerned about humanity’s destructive ways and want to help us. Here we examine if a smear campaign is being orchestrated to block us from receiving their help.

For over a century, works of fiction and entertainment have depicted extraterrestrials (ETs) as hostile, sinister, and violent. Repeated in books, radio broadcasts, television, and film, these depictions have crystallized into a powerful archetype — one that is deeply ingrained in popular culture.

Since the majority of people have had no actual experience with extraterrestrials, these negative depictions have shaped public perceptions of ETs in many ways. Extraterrestrials are most often presented either as something to be feared or as something comically absurd and to be ridiculed. Those who take ETs seriously are generally subject to ridicule themselves.

Where do these negative ideas about ETs come from, and whose interests do they serve? Obviously, earth has never actually been invaded by extraterrestrials, so why do so many works of fiction portray ETs in this way, as if it’s a given fact that they would be hostile? Why is it so little known that many real-life encounters and experiences have shown the opposite — that extraterrestrials are peaceful and spiritually-minded beings?

Few people are aware of the evidence and many compelling reports of encounters with life from other planets. This evidence presents a very different story. If we look at the experiences of those who claim to have had actual contact with ETs, we get a picture of them as benevolent and wise, not cruel and savage. Their actions appear altruistic, and their goal appears to be to save us from our own violent tendencies, rather than conquer and harm us.

Is it possible that those who depict ETs as evil are not merely exploiting them for entertainment but also deliberately cultivating fear and hostility in the subconscious of millions of people?

This article seeks to answer that question. First, we’ll explore the negative depiction of extraterrestrials in popular culture, where these began, and how they’ve been developed over decades. We’ll then contrast these negative depictions with evidence that supports the existence of extraterrestrials and suggests that they are very different from the violent, hostile depictions made famous by Hollywood. Finally, we’ll look at the implications of the negative portrayals of extraterrestrials and examine whose agenda is served by depicting them in this way.

The Origins of Invasion

The intrigue of outer space and the possibility of life on other planets has fascinated humans for hundreds of years. As far back as 1726, we can find tales of extraterrestrial worlds in Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels. In the 1800s, several books were written about the planet Mars and its inhabitants.

But the most notable work of fiction involving extraterrestrials is no doubt the first story written depicting an alien invasion that gained a sustained popularity: H. G. Well’s War of the Worlds, published in 1898. War of the Worlds was published at a time where invasion literature was already popular, but was the first in that genre to introduce an invasion of extraterrestrial origin.

The story depicts an invasion by a savage alien race with complete disregard for human life and the reactions of those facing it. Told with vivid realism, the story presents a convincing picture of how society, government, the military, and individuals might act in such a hostile scenario.

H.G. Well’s War of the Worlds was so convincing that when actor Orson Welles did a live reading of the novel during the broadcast of Mercury Theatre on the Air, (an American radio show which regularly did dramatic live radio broadcasts) for their Halloween edition, it was reported to have caused mass panic all over America.

The broadcast tried to make the story as realistic as possible, reading the book as if the news bulletin of an alien invasion was actually happening, complete with the relevant background noises. People tuning in to the broadcast midway could have thought the broadcast to be true, given that there were no commercial breaks during the broadcast. The next day, the major newspapers across the USA were filled with headlines speaking of a panic stricken country.

While there is much evidence to suggest that the reported mass panic did not actually occur, it was solidified into history as fact two years later by the research of Hadley Cantril. Cantril, a Princeton University psychologist funded by the powerful Rockefeller foundation, published a study of the event titled, The Invasion from Mars: A Study in the Psychology of Panic. According to Professor W. Joseph Campbell in his book, Getting it wrong: Ten of the Greatest Misreported Stories in American Journalism, Cantril’s study became a landmark in mass communication research and has been called the “first study of panic and abnormal behavior linked to specific media content.” This study helped propelled research funded by the Rockefeller foundation in areas of public opinion and mass communication ultimately for the purpose of public persuasion.

The Hollywood Smear Campaign in Full Swing

Even a brief look at the output of the Hollywood entertainment industry reveals countless examples of this “invasion” scenario and various negative depictions of extraterrestrials. With only 6 major corporations owning and distributing virtually all media content today, a small number of individuals have enormous control over the ideas that are presented to the masses. The content that is presented to the public concerning extraterrestrials takes humanity’s instinctive fear of the unknown and uses it as entertainment, creating a false reality in which ETs are the new “monster underneath the bed” or mortal enemy we need to protect ourselves from. The number of movies portraying extraterrestrials as evil, hostile creatures vastly outweighs the movies presenting aliens in a more positive light.

Movie after movie contains the notions that extraterrestrials are either needlessly violent, unintelligent, controlling, sexual predators, or monster-like, ghoulish creatures, who are out to destroy or take over the planet earth. Humans are often portrayed not only as the victim to these “intruders” but as heroes as they slay extraterrestrials in a patriotic way.

An early example of a film establishing a negative image of alien invasion

Independence Day, the highest grossing film of 1996, is a perfect example of this pattern. Having a similar theme to War of the Worlds, Independence Day takes place mainly in the USA, with everyday, hardworking citizens waking up to the view of an ominous alien mothership arriving and deploying large “destroyer” ships all over major cities. Panic ensues and the city streets are quickly jammed with cars and people trying to flee with all of their belongings in complete chaos. As with many Hollywood films, Independence Day does an excellent job playing on the emotions of the viewer by showing the intimate relationships and family connections being destroyed in one way or another by the aliens who are invading.

It is impossible to not feel empathy for the US president who loses his wife or for the kids of the alcoholic crop duster who sacrifices his life kamikaze-style to save planet earth, and it’s expected and logical for the viewer to feel a kind of hatred towards the extraterrestrials who are responsible. The movie is filled with commonly known ET terms and phrases meant to be comic relief but are associated with violence (Lines like, “That’s what I call a close encounter” after a star wars-style fighter plane battle or “Welcome to Earth” after violently punching an ET). There are also “inspiring” and patriotic pre-battle speeches to evoke the feelings of unity and perseverance amongst the humans and enjoyment at the seemingly deserved destruction of the ETs.

It also contains an ironic scene where the people who are positive towards ETs have gathered together on a rooftop to celebrate their coming, only to be destroyed mercilessly by the ETs directly. These are just some of the examples from this film that may seem small or subtle but serve a larger purpose in reinforcing the archetype of extraterrestrial life forms as malevolent, treacherous beings.

Unfortunately, a significant majority of movies and television programs featuring ETs contain this same formulaic depiction of violent and hostile extraterrestrials. To really understand how drastically the difference is between movies portraying otherworldly beings and visitors in a positive light and those that portray them in a negative way I went through the wikipedia list of films and television programs that featured extraterrestrials and categorized them based on how they portrayed extraterrestrials.


Out of over 300 movies I found only 37 that depicted extraterrestrials in a positive way. What is interesting in all of this data is the fact that while there have never been any invasions or violent attacks on humans by extraterrestrials, there are numerous real-life examples of humans invading, attacking, murdering and torturing other human beings.

Is our perception of extraterrestrial intentions in part a projection of how we see ourselves as a species?

Extraterrestrials as Peaceful and Spiritually-minded Beings

While extraterrestrials are depicted by Hollywood as violent and hostile or unintelligent parasites, the testimony of those who have had contact with them and the possible evidence of their contact with us suggests otherwise. This evidence creates an impression of extraterrestrial intentions that are far more peaceful than hostile.

Here are just a few of the fascinating examples of unexplained phenomena with possible extraterrestrial origin or stories that involve alleged ET contact.

Crop Circles

Long regarded as hoaxes, these mysterious imprints appear overnight in farmer’s fields, most often around ancient or megalithic sacred sites like Stonehenge, and contain sacred geometry, esoteric or mystical symbols, and even direct messages in binary code.

The name “crop circles” does not actually convey the full extent or intricacy of these formations, which still continue to stump scientists and farmers to this day. While most scientists have shrugged these events off as man-made pranks conjured up by rope and pieces of wood, there is substantial evidence to suggest otherwise.

Research by biophysicist W.C. Levengood conducted on samples taken from plants within and outside of crop circles concluded that the plant structure that was flattened inside the crop circle changed in such a radical way that no hoaxer would be able to replicate it, given that the change took place on a molecular and cellular level.

Other scientific researchers have demonstrated how unlikely if not impossible it is for these formations to be man made. Dr. Eltjo H. Haselhoff has conducted extensive research into the topic of crop circles and states,

“Obviously, there are people trying to imitate the real thing, but the suggestion that all of these crop formations are made by men with simple flattening tools is by far insufficient to explain the well-documented observations, like unambiguous and consistent biophysical anomalies in the flattened plants, inside the circles, all of which have been published in peer-reviewed scientific literature.”

Dr. Haselhoff says the scientific evidence discovered at the sites of crop circles fits in with the eye-witness accounts of “balls of light” being seen during and at times after in the areas the crop circles were formed. He concluded that “this effect perfectly matched the radiation pattern of an electromagnetic point source at a height of four meters and ten centimeters above that field. Unbelievable as it may seem to the layman, this is solid physical evidence that these eyewitnesses speak the truth!”

Looking further, encoded in the crop circles are indications that whoever is behind them has a deep interest and wisdom regarding ancient spiritual symbols and sacred geometry. These symbols convey a wide range of meanings commonly associated with mysticism and the process of enlightenment (vesica picis, pentagram, flower of life, trinity, celtic knots, spirals, tree of life and so on).

Using esoteric symbolism to convey messages and teachings is not uncommon. Mystics in ancient times often used symbolism to convey hidden spiritual messages that they could not communicate publicly due to fear of persecution. Due to the perception of extraterrestrials as something to be feared and hated, is it conceivable that extraterrestrials could use crop circles as a relatively safe way of communicating their presence and intentions to the public?


Crop Circle in the form of a Triskelion – an ancient symbol found as far back as 3200 BC

Even more interestingly, several crop circles contain actual direct messages written in the form of binary code. In August of 2001, two crop circles appeared next to the Chilbolton Radio Telescope in Hampshire within 6 days of each other. The first, a mysterious face made in a dot-matrix style followed by a long rectangular formation was quickly recognized as a response to the 1974 digitally-encoded transmission planned by astronomers at Cornell University and sent from the radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico.The original transmission included details of our planet, population, and even our DNA makeup. The apparent crop circle response included much of the same information as the original transmission along with subtle changes in the binary code that seems to provide information about whoever returned the message, including a difference in their appearance and DNA makeup. More on this here.

A year later, in Hampshire, England, next to a group of radio masts, a crop circle formation appeared with what looked like what’s known as a “grey” alien, alongside a circle which included this binary code message:










These two direct messages hold much mystery and intrigue, giving messages of knowledge, peace and hope — definitely a different picture from what the entertainment industry and media outlets would have the public believe.

Messages and Warnings

Another intriguing message of peace came in the form of a Southern television news broadcast on Saturday, November 26, 1977 in the UK.  Midway through the news broadcast, a mysterious voice overrode the television show, (leaving the video playing but intercepting the audio). The speaker introduced himself as an extraterrestrial named “Vrillon” of the “Ashtar Galactic Command”.

Taken at face value, this introduction sounds like something straight out of Star Trek. However, careful study of the audio reveals a powerful message of peace and also a warning of grave danger to come if we do not change our ways as a species.

While the Independent Broadcast Authority was quick to dismiss the incident as a hoax, there was never any real evidence presented to validate this. The IBA did express it would take a certain level of technical knowledge to achieve this interruption, and Southern Television confirmed that it was a hoaxer who interrupted their transmitter. However, to this day, the speaker remains unknown leaving the possibility of extraterrestrial origin open.

Here are just some of the quotes that point to extraterrestrials being peaceful, spiritually minded and concerned about the overall state humanity is in:

“All your weapons of evil must be removed. The time for conflict is now past and the race of which you are a part may proceed to the higher stages of its evolution if you show yourselves worthy to do this. You have but a short time to learn to live together in peace and goodwill…

Small groups all over the planet are learning this, and exist to pass on the light of the dawning New Age to you all. You are free to accept or reject their teachings, but only those who learn to live in peace will pass to the higher realms of spiritual evolution…

…We are deeply concerned about you and your path towards the light and will do all we can to help you. Have no fear, seek only to know yourselves, and live in harmony with the ways of your planet Earth…”

If this transmission was authentic, it is quite possible the “weapons of evil” he spoke about referred to the use of nuclear weapons here on earth, as there are many credible witnesses who have reported UFO’s being seen disarming nuclear weapons (more on this below).

It is of course hard to say whether this was authentic or not but this message seems consistent with the description of extraterrestrial intentions found in other firsthand accounts from numerous credible witnesses.

The Friendship Case

Perhaps one of the most intriguing and thorough cases of contact and experiences with extraterrestrials is what is known as “The Friendship Case.” Taking place from the 1950′s until the 1990′s, a group of men in Italy began a relationship with what they claimed to be extraterrestrials from various solar systems who joined together on Earth to help humanity. Over the years the men had first-hand contact with the extraterrestrials and were able to communicate with them in person as well as through radio and television transmissions that were sent directly to the group, teleportation, and telepathy. The group was also able to take audio and video recordings as well as photographs of the extraterrestrial ships.

Working from secret bases all around the world the “W56″ or “friends” as the witnesses called them, worked particularly towards protecting this planet from the nuclear weapons being built and used and trying to keep the weapons from “getting out of hand.” One witness who has remained anonymous came forth and wrote a letter in support of the story and had this to say about the W56′s intentions:

“The aim of the Friends’ presence is not to study us (they know us quite well, better than we do ourselves!), but to help us. In fact, the Friends are unhappy about the very high level of hate, violence and injustice on the Earth, and about the anti-humanistic trend of our science and technology. Being able to see our thoughts and feelings, the Friends see what we hide behind our masks, words and smiles…”

He also goes on to mention how “The Friends refer to themselves not as belonging to the world of the Spirit, but as those who ‘come just after the world of the Spirit.’ They also say they are the ‘forerunners of the world of the Spirit.’ In other words, they place themselves as intermediaries between us and the world of the Spirit.” Read his full letter here.

Other witnesses also told of the great emphasis the W56 put on friendship, love, and peace, and that the witnesses could feel a great sense of love emanating from the beings when they were around them in person. The thought of them being violent in any way was considered an impossibility. The witnesses also noted the friends incredible knowledge of advanced technology that would drastically change how we view our social and economic structures. More importantly, they also possessed wisdom about the nature of the universe, higher consciousness, and the potential that every individual has. Watch the documentary on this case here.

This case has over a hundred witnesses who were involved in varying degrees with these extraterrestrials and potentially countless others who have not yet come forward. The implications of this are incredible to consider, since it flies in the face of everything the public has been exposed to by the media regarding extraterrestrial intentions and ways of being.

Dr. Steven Greer and The Disclosure Project

Since 1993, Dr. Steven Greer has been working on the Disclosure Project which has brought forward over 400 witness testimonies from high ranking government, military, and corporate officials who have personally witnessed a variety of extraterrestrial phenomena or have access to knowledge of them that has been withheld from public view. He has put together these witness testimonies in a documentary which you can view here.

Many of these testimonies are firsthand accounts of apparently extraterrestrial ships neutralizing or disarming nuclear missiles and test centers. One of these incidences was even caught on video tape. Professor Robert Jacobs personally viewed the video in which, after a missile test launch, an extraterrestrial craft approaches the missile and disarms the war head, causing it to fall off into space. The video was then confiscated and Prof. Jacobs was told not to speak of the incident again.

Col. Ross Dedrickson, another witness in the Disclosure Project, confirmed this account as well as providing information on an event in the 1960s where nuclear missiles were sent by the US government to be exploded on the moon to test for data and reaction, and extraterrestrial craft were seen disabling those missiles so that no explosion could occur. Col. Dedrickson commented that it appeared that extraterrestrials found any explosions in space to be unacceptable.

On the morning of March 16, 1967, Col. Dwynne Arneson of the U.S. Air Force saw a message come through his communications center at Malstrom Air Force Base in Montana, which expressed that a metallic UFO was seen hovering near a missile silo and shortly after all the missiles went from being in a standby mode to being completely dead and could not be launched.

Captain Robert Salas confirmed Col. Arneson’s account and gave further details. On that morning Captain Salas received a call from his flight security control guard who reported he saw strange lights flying around the launch control facility. He described the lights as noiseless and making strange maneuvers. About half an hour later the security guard called back and according to Salas sounded very shook up, reporting that a glowing red object was hovering right outside the front gate. He had all his men with weapons drawn and he was looking for instructions. Salas went to his commander to tell him of the situation and then he noticed the missiles started shutting down, one by one in rapid succession. The missiles went into what was considered a ‘no go’ condition meaning they could no longer be launched. Even after a thorough investigation, the cause of the shutdown could not be explained.

Captain Salas also relayed that on that same morning, 50-60 miles away at another facility, the same phenomena occurred and 10 missiles were shut down.

Dr. Steven Greer comments that from these witness testimonies it is clear that extraterrestrials are extremely concerned with our use of nuclear weapons, and the implications of having these weapons used on the planet or in space, and it seems possible they have been disarming these weapons in order to protect the people of this planet and the rest of the cosmos as well.

A common theme throughout these witness testimonies is the coverup and secrecy surrounding extraterrestrial life visiting our planet. Several witnesses have reported there have been extraterrestrial crafts and technology that has been captured (some even shot down) and reverse engineered. According to witnesses that have come forward to Dr. Greer, the technology that was found and developed from these craft is one the most highly guarded secrets. Others report there have been bodies, both dead and alive, associated with these craft. But a high level of security has kept this information from the public and many witnesses report having been pressured, bullied and even threatened to keep it secret.

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was the sixth man on the moon on the Apollo 14 spaceship, also gave a testimony for Dr. Greer’s Disclosure Project and within his testimony made this comment:

“There is disinformation. The question of has it been kept secret or how could it be kept secret – it hasn’t been kept secret! It’s been there all along. But it has been the subject of disinformation in order to deflect attention and to create confusion so that the truth doesn’t come out. Disinformation is simply another method of stonewalling and that’s been used consistently for the last 50 years or so. Weather balloons over Roswell, I suppose, to a crashed craft of some sort. That’s disinformation, we’ve seen that for 50 years and its the best way to hide something.”

In Dr. Greer’s book, Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge, he says:

“It is critical to understand that an enormous and sophisticated disinformation campaign exists around the whole extraterrestrial question- at least 90 percent of the information and images portrayed to the public are selected to evoke fear – followed by hatred of all things alien. Movies, TV shows, and books about the subject prove this point: if one is to believe that rubbish you would think that every other person in America is being snatched from their homes at midnight and being tortured! It simply isn’t true. But fear and horror sells, and the usual suspects benefit from a terrified, misinformed populace.”

Dr. Steven Greer continues to try and expose this secrecy and coverup, along with presenting information regarding the extraterrestrial technology that, in his view, could vastly change the way our world works.

The Implications

What are the implications of portraying extraterrestrials in a negative light? Are people using aliens as a convenient “bogeyman” for enjoyment or profit, or is there an intentional effort to “smear” extraterrestrials? Most importantly, why would someone want to promote negative perceptions of ETs?

Looking at the evidence from countless witness testimonies, the notion that ETs are hostile is simply not held by anyone with real experience, it is only held and promoted by the great web of vested interests, propelled with ease by Hollywood films and television.

Furthermore, many of these witnesses express the concept of ETs having a spiritual wisdom or a higher consciousness, promoting ways of achieving peace and harmony, of which could be shared with the world and bring about an entirely different way of living.

However, by this repetitive conditioning to view extraterrestrials as violent, aggressive and hostile, it is much less likely that we will ever be open to the spiritual wisdom that these beings potentially may have to offer. If our concept of extraterrestrials is informed only by negative portrayals, people would logically be less likely to seek out contact with extraterrestrials and should a contact experience occur, they would be more likely to respond with fear and antagonism. In fact, this very fear has been reported to be a serious obstacle to ET contact from those who have had firsthand experience with UFO’s.  For example, Dr. Steven Greer explains his experience with this in an encounter described in Hidden Truth: Forbidden Knowledge.

Although presented under the guise of entertainment, negative portrayals of ETs via mass media have a very real power to prevent contact between humanity and extraterrestrial civilization and in the process can effectively deny humanity access to profound technology and spiritual wisdom that could transform life as we know it.

About the Author

Vida has always felt there is more to life than what is considered public knowledge. She is dedicated to helping re-establish spirituality in the world by uncovering and exposing the hidden agendas that are suffocating it. Additionally, she is poring over ancient texts with the other researchers at to discover and explore ancient practices, with the hope of bringing back their relevance to those interested in spirituality today.

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  • Ingolf

    LOOK PEOPLE – The Urantia Book.

    It explains EVERYTHING!

    You do not have to guess.

    Just. Read. It.

    THEN decide.

  • Orbital Observer

    jck says: “Conversely there are races visiting earth at present seeking
    resource acquisition.”

    We have been monitoring the Zionoids ever since they first arrived on your planet 5,000 years ago. We watched them with horror as they put an end to the blossoming civilizations that we had so carefully nurtured in
    Mesopotamia and Egypt. Now they are ruthlessly pursuing their agenda of
    world domination to the detriment of the environment and the human
    population. The Zionoids have overreached themselves and we will stop them before they exterminate our little human friends, strip all the resources from the Earth, and reduce it to cinders — as they have done to many other worlds.

  • C.Wright.Thru.

    Based on observing how wannabe leaders/authorities have consistently mistreated, misrepresented,and miseducated countless citizens throughout time based on selfish/self serving agendas;
    it is safe to use intuition and discernment in seeing that everything they have ever told us or continue to tell us about so-called “ETs” is misrepresenting and miseducating also.

  • jck

    True enough their are alien races that have and are interacting with us on earth. This has taken place for great periods of time. One must comprehend that those who exist throughout the vast cosmos but especially within our sector of the universe constittute beings which do infact represent our best interests as an evolving race. Conversely there are races visiting earth at present seeking resource acquisition. What exists outside the earthplane is the macro of what exists herein. We tend to view these interactions as being either benevolent in nature or devils in disguise. Neither is true, what is occuring on earth can be understood by reading books 1,2,3, from “the allies of humanity” and “life in the universe” by marshall vian summers. This topic is easily the most obfuscted and compartmentalized of any that exists today. Thanks for the great article which I found accurate moreover but lacking the depth of understanding which we need to comprehend just how challenging this interaction is for humanity at present. Truly, the very freedoms that have been so hard won are in the balance. Blessings and love

  • Zachariah Anunaki

    Thank you for your defense of Extraterrestrials and the heritage of Extraterrestrial philanthropy on the Earth planet. Since the human genome was manufactured in vivo in the Alpha Centauri System three hundred million years ago, all human accomplishments on the Earth planet are actually, by extension, the achievements of the Extraterrestrials from the Anunaki worlds.

    Here at the Martian Embassy in Las Vegas, Nevada, we channel the Anunaki transmissions daily via the psychic ethernet to keep up with what’s being discussed in other parts of the Galaxy. When you visit Las Vegas, be sure to stop in here at the Martian Embassy, and we will serve you some of our delectable blood wine made from expired but nutritionally viable red blood cell packets that we obtain from the Red Cross. WE can also scan you aura to determine any flaws, and we will replace your aura with one of our Synaura holograms at a discount rate for new members.

    – Zachariah Anunaki, Martian Embassador to the Earth, the UN, and the Illuminati

    • The above post has been a commercial advertisement.

      • Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming….

  • Ken

    Some researchers claim that the number of alien species known to have had contact with this planet runs into a few dozen, and they’re not all beings of sweetness and light. I’m thinking in particular of the reptilians, who, by all accounts (and there are quite a number of accounts, which can easily be checked out) are a pretty mean bunch.

    There are plenty of people who have had extensive, and mostly (though not exclusively) rather traumatic dealings with this species of ET. Three of these people, whose work I have examined with great interest, are James Bartley, Dr. Karla Turner and Simon Parkes. The late Dr. Turner had no belief or interest in UFOs or aliens, until her own life, and those of several family members, were disrupted by repeated visits from these beings. Her belief system was so profoundly shaken by these experiences that she left her university teaching post, in order to research the subject, and give public talks.

    There are YouTube videos of talks given by the three people mentioned above, which can easily be found by anyone who wishes to pursue this subject further. In addition, Dr. Turner wrote three books about her experiences, which can be accessed free online. The titles are:

    Masquerade of Angels
    Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda
    Into the Fringe

    What we are witnessing at the moment, I think, is the final showdown between the forces of the light and those of the dark, and this battle is taking place on other dimensions, as well as our own, on planet Earth.

    On the subject of crop circles, there is a video available of UFOs actually in the process of creating one. This can be found at:

    • sunny733

      I agree that there is a battle, a battle which is always ongoing: always was ongoing; however, it’s coming to a head.

      One must choose sides. Being neutral will not work.


  • As with anything that requires “faith” (i.e. we believe it without absolute proof), we all have to decide for ourselves what fits into our personal/spiritual/ religious belief system. Personally, I try to be as open-minded as possible because there are those who are POSITIVE that what I believe is just a bunch of hooey! So, who am I to dismiss THEIR faith/belief in things we cannot see/prove? (Within reason, of course. i.e. The earth isn’t flat and it’s more than 5000 years old.)

    Is my channeling dead people any more or less rational than visitations by aliens? It seems the more I find out about the nature of the universe (and we humans have such limited knowledge of it!) the more “irrational” and “illogical” things seem possible, and in fact, have solid scientific explanations. For example, recent discoveries in physics point to multiple universes.

    I’ve often wondered if those people whom society labels as “nut jobs” are perhaps actually receiving some kind of “truth” that seems so implausible as to make them appear crazy to the rest of us, who can’t see it? What if those voices that schizophrenics hear are REAL? What if those people are just natural “radio” receivers? Who’s to prove otherwise? It’s not as if accepted science/truth hasn’t been proven wrong before! 😀

  • Victor Gagnon

    Great article and its time to keep these conversation going so that we at least can be given another side of the story and foster at trust to allow those who have had some communication with Aliens to come forward. I am far from being an Alien/UFO buff but love to hear these stories. Allow us to hear all stories and then we can choose. I believe there is really more positive than negative but we are fed the negative. Fear is control and I believe that is the intention.

  • Christine

    Carol Rosin on Werner Von Braun’s telling her about the American “Enemy’s List” to Sustain War Mode and Pentagon Budgets:
    o Soviet Union
    o Terorrists
    o Asteroids
    o Extraterrestrials

    Carol: “He repeated this continuously. He would say that starting where I entered the industry with the supposed Russian threat, but never actually existed ­the Russians were made to be the enemy. Then there would be terrorists, Third World country threats. Yhere would be an asteroid threat. They might even say to us to try to influence the public into believing that there are many reasons for why we should put weapons in space. There might be a reason to protect our assets in space.

    But, the REAL one that he was always holding off on and would say again with tears filling his eyes every time he said this to me repeatedly was that the last card they are holding is the ‘ALIEN CARD,’ the extraterrestrial card and NONE OF THEM ARE HOSTILE. In any way he could say those words, the intonation was always on, ‘None of them are hostile. It’s ALL A LIE.’ So, in other words, all the enemies that have been presented to us along the way ­ it’s a lie with always the intention of seizing the high ground to keep the truth from us.”

  • AnalogDan

    Thank you for the article, it’s an interesting approach to a very, very confusing topic. However, from your very first paragraph, I found that I wanted to weigh in here in the comment section.

    On the contrary, not all real-life reports suggest ETs are peaceful. This is not the case at all actually. Many people from around the world report abduction scenarios where they have undergone painful procedures, including genetic harvesting. They have the marks and bruises to suggest that it happened. Sure, it’s hard to verify their validity given that highly bazaar nature of this interference, but once you consider the vast, global situation you will find the numbers too statistically significant to be ignored. Please consider, in your next article, a fair and balanced approach by including the pain and difficulty many people have had in these experiences. Consider the work of Dr. Karla Turner, and her contemporaries, Evie Lorgen and James Bartley, who shed a lot more light on this phenomenon from a psychological, trauma-based perspective.

    Next problem: “obviously, earth has never been invaded by extraterrestrials.” This is quite a statement and suggests that your article has not considered the work of Sitchin and the Sumerian tablets or any of the recovered Gnostic codices that suggest that in fact there was an off-world presence that interacted with humanity way back when. In fact there are references to this presence in the bible even, to the Nephalim. Consider the book of Enoch, consider many indigenous cultures around the world- the Dogon spoke of the Nummo as their gods, they even had cave paintings of the celestial mechanics of the binary star system of Sirius which is obviously not of this world. Many native american tribes believe they are from the star system Pleiades, specifically, from the star Alcyon. This would suggest extraterrestrial roots. Consider at length the work of the late Lloyd Pie and his intervention theory and a host of other evidence that would debate your claim here in this article.

    I would also concede that the universe is a vast place and more than likely has many, many races of beings that, given their spiritual evolution, would be benevolent indeed. I am not saying this is not the way that it is, for this is a massive topic. However, those races that are benevolent understand the notion of intervention and the karmic implications of universal law. They wouldn’t be able to intervene with us without truly disturbing their own perspective, so we would tend to see far less of this, but this does not mean that only negative aliens, for lack of a better term, exist.

    If I may continue, the problem here is the nomenclature- Extraterrestrial. The scientific reductionism that limits humanity’s universe to sensory perception is in massive jeopardy. There are many worlds, many dimensions, in this very moment as you are reading this. Anyone who’s ever had a shamanic experience understands the potential for this. From my studies and what I have found, this is where the alien force lives, behind the scenes. The Gnostic texts described the ‘Archon’ as an extradimenisonal parasite. This is mirrored in Paul Levy’s work on the Wetiko, as well as Casteneda’s shamanic understanding, and a host of other cultures. This acts as a parasite in the minds of many. With ‘as above so below,’ please consider this carefully- look no further than the pathologies of our culture and society. Look no further than the raping of our mother planet to find the dimensional mind parasite that is the alien. You want to know why “human actions continue to threaten peace on earth?” It’s psychopathy. The problem here is, we don’t understand the mind yet in this world. Psychology has been relegated to the prescriptive solutions that only seek to further the agenda of soul intrusion. It’s getting weird y’all, but here’s the truth bomb- these entities feed off of humanity because they have fallen so far they need us. Just as we need to eat to survive, so do they, and they eat our psychic energy by causing trauma and fragmentation. Then you may truly understand why Hollywood propagated the fear element into their movies about ETs- they seek a vibrational quality of fear to which they can feed. This is truth people, whether you can accept it or not. We are all caught here, and fluffy articles that give us half-truths will not solve the issue that we have no recollection of why we are here and what we are doing. Our histories have been altered and our world is b-lining for an Orwellian future based on the synthetic wet dream of the extradimensional entities that have been working for centuries, perhaps much longer, to control us, quarantine us, and feed off of us. There exists a worldly component of this control structure when you study the ponerology of Satanism and the deeply-entrenched elitism that it has always appealed to. Fritz Springmier discusses this at length- there are rituals happening all around you, siphoning your energy, and yet we mostly remain unaware. This control structure is steeped in bloodlines that are directly connecting to these extradimensional entities through ritual who then harvest our divine energy through television, through sacred geometry in all of our cities, through religion; it’s clearly not a human being that is organizing all of this; their methodology is the dialectic (divide and conquer) and they have done a damn good job of controlling us… until now.

    because the truth is, we all infinite beings. We are abiding by universal law and living the good life, seeking to free us from our enslavement. and make no mistake people, as we throw around dollar bills with illuminati symbolism we are slaves, and our truth is withheld from us. But we are infinite, divine, connected to source and to this amazing planet, our mother, and we need to balance and connect with our spirit and simply say, ‘you cannot have my energy. I stand up for myself and all of humanity and I will expose you.’ The real truth is, they need us, but we do not need them. Once we find out they are there feeding off of us, it’s really game over and it opens up an entire multiverse of multidimensional awareness that folks like Nassim Herrimein are studying in depth, and this could even potentially include an increase in positive ET experiences. All of this is right around the corner and Waking Times has the ability to really speak the truth in this time of need. So what’s it gonna be?

    • Well, Hell. I was going to say that! Great comment.

    • sunny733

      A BIG “DITTO~!”

  • Bob

    This article beigins with the premise that ET’s are benevolent, wise and spiritual. This is just as incorrect and dangerous as implying that ET’s are evil, ignorant and demonic. Are there only one group of ET’s out there? Are all of them wise and benevolent? How about within each group of ET’s? That is like saying that all humans are wise and benevolent. Or that all Americans are good. Or that all Muslims are terrorists. There is diversity within every group and within every people and every race…even within every being. Blanket generaliztions are no more approprite for ET’s than they are for humans.

    • Douglas Gray

      By the time ET’s have advanced to the point where they cooperate and have galactic travel, they have all pretty much passed through the stage of earth based mankind, where we have regular genocide, murders, rapes gendercide to the tune of 200 million girls missing, etc.

      Compared to our primitive brutality, the unsettling aspects of some ET experiences can be compared to taking a cat to the vet. While the experience can be painful, bewildering and unsettling to the cat, the vet is trying its best not to inflict unnecessary pain, or evoke fear.

      There is no point in worrying about being harmed by ET’s when we ourselves treat one another the way we do.

  • Anonymous

    .gov shills with constant real time download monitoring skills disguised as religious nuts have a good crack
    at getting a first reply…I think .gov hates this positive alien relationships with uncontrolled citizens potential,
    and with a spiritual bent to it….the .gov just smolders in the butt hurt.

  • dimitri

    Glad you brought up the subject of crop circles. They are by far one of the most underrated, unique, subtle and “un-earthly” phenomena on the face of the planet. Because of their mysteriousness and people’s ignorance and behaviorally induced fears they are shunted aside, a classic of the human ostrich reaction syndrome.

  • Lin

    Why do the religious nuts always get there first. Demons my arse

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for shedding light on this; very important.

  • Comrade Freedom

    Beware, for “aliens” are but demons and servants of the devil, so watch out and keep them away. But if ye thinks otherwise, enjoy the deception.

    • Defiant


      • Zachariah Anunaki

        Jesus Christ was an Extraterrestrial ‘Demon’ from the Alpha Centauri System who came to the Earth to teach people how to raise the dead back to life using the Anunaki mind-projection and regeneration techniques.

        • Anonymous

          And to preach love and to treat each other as they wish to be treated….
          right, a demon. NOT~~!

          Are you and Comrade Freedom for real? I haven’t even heard people thinking like this for centuries.
          Or even talking like it (ye~?).

        • hp

          So how many people did Jesus teach this to and how many did those people then teach what they learned to more and more and more and after 2,000 years where are they today? Even one.

          Everyone who either knows how or knows someone who knows how to raise the dead, raise your hand.. Class dismissed.

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