Free Energy Live In Action – The Quantum Energy Generator in Morocco

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Watching this video was quite an experience. It’s perhaps because I’ve been following this topic for so many years now and amidst all the doubt and negativity from mainstream science, amazing scientists have put together devices that time and time again show that our current understandings of science and physics can use some updating.

To begin, I want to define what I mean when I say ‘free energy.’ I refer to it as getting more energy out than you put in and/or not requiring input and having energy be produced perpetually. To answer the question, yes this device will need part replacement, bearing, belts etc. at some point in its lifespan. Minimal costs involved there.

For a moment, forget about suppression of these technologies and simply focus on the fact that they are here, working and will eventually hit the mainstream for people to build and purchase themselves.

If you haven’t heard of the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) then this is going to be a nice surprise for you. This device is based off of Tesla’s work where he built a resonance generator that required 1KW input to produce 10KW output. This device works in the same way and was built after his patents were released into the public domain. Years of testing and adjusting was done to make the device possible and available for others to build. This new device will require 1KW of input power to get the core resonance up and then after it is producing 10KW it can be unplugged and an inverter is attached so no input power will be required.

Yes, this means what it is saying, after a short period of input power, NO INPUT will be needed to supply 10KW of power. As stated by HopeGirl who released the plans open source to the public “The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.” Beautiful words as this world doesn’t need to be built off of money, greed, patents, ownership and power. These are archaic egoic concepts that we can evolve out of quite effortlessly.

Have a look at the moving video below as this community in Morocco built the working device in only 3 days. This video is of them turning on the device for the first time. You are seeing just the beginning of this device as more tweaks will be made in the coming days to increase the output power.

“Message to the World: “If we can get a QEG up and running in Morocco, we can do it anywhere!”
— Tomas Qubeck – New Earth Heartbeat
This device has also been built in Taiwan and more teams are building them in other areas of the world. 

Here are the open source plans for the device.

Joe Martino writes for Collective-Evolution where this first appeared

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  • K.Maheendran Nair

    I have gone through the videos and blog posted regarding the QEG. It really works and the proponents have made available the drawings and specification of each and every parts used for constructing the QEG. I have difference of opinion only in the case of frequency of the AC produced since the domestic supply requires 50/60 cycles per second (Hertz) for most of the equipments to work. Since everybody have the freedom to experiment the principles of QEG assigning outright improbability is not fair and proper.

  • I didn’t see anything. I saw that power cab be regenerated by a motor generator. For me to see something you have to unplug the device and keep the lights burning for at least 5 minutes. !/2 hour fast motion with a clock showing and running would be better.

  • doog

    sory for poor english :
    in esence QEG is shifting the faze thus reducing magnetick frikcion betwin motor and generator pased thrue any conductor one may use Jon Bedini figured a nice way of making a over unity the trick in all these devices is to move more elektrons with the same potential difference if one can do that output would be grater then input and to do that one must have capacitie since this thingiebob ofers grate amount of electrons in a confind area all moved at the same time as the changing potential diference there is some fun stuff from Don Smith i thinck some solid stat generators (over unity as whell) so i think it is posible to make such device but rotating parts may not be needed

  • tyy

    It would be nice to bypass science and tedious engineering and make new innovations just by believing. Unfortunately wishfull thinking is rarely a substitute for reality.

  • Al

    I can’t believe I am seeing this – 5 (60 watt ??) bulbs – driven by a generator that is driving by a motor that is connected to a power outlet. We will be impressed when the builder takes the power from bulbs to drive the motor and fully disconnects from the grid.

    A more pleasant, less noisy demo would be to cut out the motor, the generator and the variac and with the same power light 6 bulbs.

    Don’t get me wrong – I really hope this can work but this one is more of the same. grrrrr

  • Bobby

    I was always a poor student in science and I’ll have to consider whether this does or doesn’t violate Clausius’ second law of thermodynamics!!

  • Skeptic

    I watched a few of these new QE Generator videos, and read the latest blogs from hopegirl, and a couple of other free energy wiki sites. In all my reading and watching, I didn’t see any demos with actual specs. Nothing showing voltage, amperage, or any other form of a positive current flow.

    Turning on light bulbs using a 1 horse power electric motor, well that’s nothing magic, especially when the motor is drawing current from the grid. If you could unplug the motor, and have it power itself from the resonance of the coil, well that would be something awesome. However he didn’t do that in the video. There was no “closing of the loop” to make a self powered system.

    No one ever once mentions any real specific data such as voltage, ohms, amps, or watts. This lack of true electric data shows these people may have no real breakthrough at all.

    I would love to see this work as much as anyone, but why is it all these QE generator success stories lack a complete schematic and data set? If you have it working why be so incomplete in your presentation?

    I understand the basic hypothesis here quite well. Get a giant copper coil, get it to resonate using a motor powered by the grid. If you can get it vibrating at 50 or 60 hertz those are the world standards for household alternating current. The resonating copper coil then generates its own electricity, as that’s what a vibrating copper coil does. From there pull off a line to power the motor, which keeps the coil resonating, and allows you disconnect from the initial grid source. The electricity coming off the resonating coil is supposed to be roughly 10-fold more than the electricity needed to power the motor which creates the resonance.

    All sounds magical and perfect. A self perpetuating closed loop energy system. I just haven’t seen it actually done in any of the videos.

  • “Did some reverse speech on the video:

    “I’m a gassin wheel, foul all

    I’m a kidney guy

    minus you

    Total cash radiation

    I sold you beautifully

    Dawdled all

    Praise for mouse cake, I’ll take one.”

  • Tom

    This is profoundly stupid….something for the simple minded, who’ve run away from the world, hiding out in….Morocco? Nothing here unless you show it us….shame on Waking Times

    • Shame on us. Are you wagging your index finger at us, too? LOL!


      • mike

        yes. shame on you. Anyone who took high school physics and retained the info that this supposed “free energy” violates the laws of physics. Particularly, it violates the Law of Conservation of Energy. You are stupid for posting this, but even more stupid for defending it afterwards

  • [ Smiles ] I wouldn’t mind having one of those quantum generators.

  • This proves nothing but how easily those howling yowps are unduly impressed by a “generator” that obviously is not self-powered.

    There is nothing “Tesla” about it. The Tesla Mechanical Oscillator ( TMO ) patent being used to lend propagandic authority to the QED plans has nothing whatsoever to do with the QED design.

    The TMO is a steam- or air-driven reciprocating piston with air springs at each end, and optionally mounted with generator coils.

    The QED is a motor-driven rotating design.

    You are being duped, played, used, conned, tricked, &c…

    Want real “free energy”? Google “Palmer Craig bismuth”…

    • We’re still skeptical as well and hoping that by posting about it we can get to the bottom of it. Thanks for your comment and we’ll check into Palmer Craig.


      • Bravo… an intelligent response… For definitive info re: Palmer Craig see


        Thin films of bismuth sandwiched with flat Cu coils ( which could be printed nowadays to save the tedium of winding ) and connected in series produced electrical power sufficient to replace radio batteries of the day ( ca. 1930, when radio batteries were huge ) with a device only as large as a pack of cigarettes.

        It was a new phenomenon based on the Hall Effect in thin films at geomagnetic field strength — not to be confused with any of the modern applications, which use more powerful fields.

        This is something entirely different. Craig did this as his master’s thesis — therefore it was approved by a panel of professors — and he also patented it in several forms, and got some publicity — General Electric allegedly was negotiating with him. Then it “disappeared”… Suppressed ? Who knows… One thing is for sure — it is impossible that it was a fraud.

        A review of modern bismuth film R&D shows that there is no related work in the scientific world today ( that is being published anyhow ). This technology is dormant and really ought to be replicated. Bismuth is plentiful, inexpensive, and easy to work with. It is not high tech.

  • x

    Motors run on electricity. They do not generate it. Generators generate electricity.

    • Right. And the notion of free energy implies that perhaps somewhere lies the possibility of a device that powers a motor while generating electricity.



    • Entropy

      Um, did you just say that? Motors do not generate electricity? Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

  • Defiant

    I see an electric motor powering light bulbs…I fail to see the magic here. You could remove the yellow thing…which I assume is the magic machine…and the lights would STILL light while the motor is generating electricity. That’s what motors DO.

  • Dave F.

    I truly WANT to believe but all I saw is a guy using an electric motor to spin a generator and light some bulbs. If this is the best evidence they have, then………………

  • Jesse T

    That video does not show anything of note. Detailed science info here:

    Looks like the QEG is just another fraud.

    • So far, most of the input we’re getting on this is that it is another fraud. We, of course, would love to see an actual working generator based on Tesla’s science, which is why we are inviting this conversation.

      If it’s a hoax, it’s a hoax, and we’ll be happy to call the kettle black once we know more.

      Thanks for your comment.


      • mike

        you’re stupid for even posting it in the first place. If you don’t know anything about physics, then why are you posting about free energy? Look up the Law of Conservation of energy. It’s one of the oldest laws of physics. I’m pretty sure Tesla himself would have agreed. All this mumbo jumbo about him discovering free energy came to be because of nutjobs like yourself.

  • Kayla

    Let us all hope this is a reality. Naysayers please nay say elsewhere!
    Blessings to all.

    • Thomas Turk

      Have all forgotten Tesla, free electriciy, sent wireless, 1922, Garrett hydrogen powered vehiclce 1935. Staionary electrical generator etc…

    • naysayer

      What you are really saying here is that the truth should not be spoken if “nay” represents the truth. Defending a fake invention is just as bad as suppressing a real one, and I believe there are plenty of both, but nobody will finance the real ones up to the point where they represent a reliable commercial product.

    • donald mcpherson

      That comment says it all. Is naysaying the same as disagreeing? The entire premise of QEG is based on naysaying.

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