The Quest to Free Up Free Energy

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Flickr-energy-danxoneilBrad Olsen, In5D Guest
Waking Times

If these new energy technologies were to be set free worldwide, the change would be profound. It would affect everybody. It would be applicable everywhere. These technologies are absolutely the most important thing that has happened in the history of the world.” ~Dr. Brian O’Leary (Ph.D. in Astronomy, UC-Berkeley), NASA Astronaut, adjunct lecturer at Princeton, Cal. Tech., Cornell, expert on breakthrough energy technologies.

Everyone seems to be caught up in a battle or struggle for energy. We eat energy bars to keep apace. People can feel low or high energy, or sense bad or good energy in others. Our energy costs, especially for transportation, continue to weigh heavily on most American budgets. Our conflicts with the people of the Middle East are mostly over energy – our desire to acquire theirs. And as we shall see now, our quest to introduce free energy is one of the major challenges for the future of this world.

The elite controllers referred to throughout the book Future Esoteric have a history of obstructing anything that threatens their own power structure, including revolutionary new energy technologies. Those with financial interests in the current global petrochemical industry are literally suppressing the very information and solutions we need to restore our planet to health.

The current model of burning oil, coal and gas for our energy needs is woefully outdated. Even nuclear energy is not a sustainable or a dependable clean energy source for our future. In choosing an energy path, and it is a choice, we must consider all the living people, animals, plants and general health of the planet, all of which are affected. Burning oil and coal for energy are smokestack relics of the top hat mentality of the 19th century. Today the hydrocarbon and nuclear lobbies represent a multi-trillion dollar per year industry.


Human beings, in the way we pollute without regard to other living organisms, have become a planetary parasite – tainting nearly every ecosystem on Earth with our destructive and wasteful ways. There must be a better choice! We’ve put a man on the moon, developed the microchip, and we can communicate and travel globally. Consider the concept of an “over-unity device” where you put a little energy in to get the engine started and then it produces a greater output.  Few people are aware that since the 19th century, over-unity devices have been introduced with much fanfare, then quickly disappeared. But why? Is the 19th century invention of an internal combustion engine which runs on gasoline really the best we can do for personal transportation? Or can the manufacture and marketing of an over-unity device be the downfall of the largest corporations on the planet? It must be remembered that burning hydrocarbons equals making lots of money. And making big money means influence and control.

free-energy1aScientists as far back as Nikola Tesla in the early 1900s have been developing alternative ways to access electricity without combustion. Tesla’s breakthrough inventions and patents (those not destroyed or suppressed) have changed the face of energy technologies in the 20th century. Yet his name and work have been absent in science textbooks – and the reason will become clear, as the reader absorbs the facts and checks reliable Internet sources. Tesla discovered the AC current that is used all over the world today. He also developed the ability to transmit electrical energy through the air like radio waves, where the power could be received by the end user with an antenna. He built the Wardenclyffe Tower to demonstrate this capability to the world, and famously stated: “All peoples everywhere should have free energy sources. … Electric power is everywhere present in unlimited quantities and can drive the world’s machinery without the need for coal, oil or gas.”

Nikola Tesla was not motivated by the desire for status or wealth. He wanted to give the world free energy. But right before his wireless energy broadcast demonstration, banker J. P. Morgan ceased further funding and the project was terminated. Morgan owned the copper mines and was making a fortune from the copper wire used to conduct electricity. Tesla’s invention would have made those copper wires obsolete. It would also have upset the business model of Morgan’s rich friends in the petroleum industry. If we are to implement free energy in the tradition of Nikola Tesla, then we need to replicate not only his science, but his humanity.


There is clearly a technology block that continues to choke the planet in order to control all its inhabitants. Big Oil and special interests permeating all branches of government and many of its agencies are certainly to blame. Since 1951, the U.S. government has restricted the release of nearly 5,000 energy technology patents that have the potential of ending many of today’s greatest crises. For example, in 1955, a car that runs only on nonpolluting hydrogen was shown to the world by completing 110 laps at the Indianapolis 500 Race Track. The plans were bought by Gulf-Western Oil and never seen nor heard about again.

While the nonpolluting aspects of hydrogen are encouraging, the question remains how to create the energy to generate the energy. A number of inventions (some actually patented) have made great strides toward solving this problem. However, it would appear there are powerful individuals in a compartmentalized area of the U.S. government, together with Big Oil itself, which retain and control all of the patents and breakthrough free energy technology; but they continue to suppress this vital information intentionally (and intimidate those who wish to share it) because it is still seen as a threat to their empire. Remember the saying: “What is good for General Motors is good for America, and what is good for America is good for General Motors?” (It is quite possible that various powerful individuals believe this maxim.) Various governmental agencies also see free energy technologies as a threat, or rather, key individuals within these organizations. Conscious or not, the underlying threat and motivation for suppression appears to be fear of loss of professional identity, status, livelihood (for those dependent on academic support) and, yes, greed and control for those at the top of the pyramid. After all, free energy is exactly what it is, free, which does not turn a profit, make a meter tick, or generate any tax revenue.

The U.S. Patent Office has quietly seized around 5,000 alternative energy inventions over the decades, defending this action in the name of “national security.” Inventors such as John Hutchison, Adam Trombly, Thomas Bearden, and John Bedini each have invented similar new energy technologies which have the potential to free us of oil dependency and open up access for everyone to a universally abundant energy source. But the startling fact is that their labs have been raided and their devices destroyed. Claiming national security issues, the U.S. Patent office has confiscated thousands of alternative energy devices during the application process for patents. If the free energy inventors persist, one of the warnings commonly given is  “Cease and desist your operations … We’re terminating your project due to the threats it poses to the international monetary system.”

If “free energy” were just a hoax, why would the government take such harsh measures to confiscate plans and equipment? If an inventor cannot be bought, the U.S. government’s response to any hint of success from free energy inventors has been to raid their labs with an armed FBI or SWAT team, confiscate their equipment, intimidate the inventor and issue a gag order. They do this because the stakes are very high and the government enjoys huge revenues from taxing the generation of power. As Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project points out, “This information coming out would completely change geo-political power more than anything in human history.”

Free energy inventor Adam Trombly maintains that one of the top reasons why the UFO phenomenon is suppressed is because people would clamor to know what drives these crafts and it would force disclosure of “free energy.” If we could eliminate the very powerful special interest blocks on free energy, Trombly states, “we would have universal abundance.” Such is one of the biggest roadblocks in humanity’s march towards a utopian Golden Age.

© 2014, excerpted in part from “Future Esoteric: The Unseen Realms” by Brad Olsen, who is the author of nine books, including “Future Esoteric,” which was released early last year, and “Modern Esoteric: Beyond Our Senses” which will be released in March, 2014. Read about all of his books at

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  1. Keep on pounding the information out there and this whole corrupted insult to humanity will crumble into history.

    Elon Musk of Tesla Motors is one novel patent away from demolishing the internal combustion engine and the tyranny of the status quo.
    Read the entire blog below to see the new future of energy, not only for automobiles, but for the home and powering a new global grid.



  2. Mike says:

    Tesla was a genius with several awesome inventions, but he was weak in math. Can you broadcast electricity through the air from a tower? Absolutely! Is it economical for 99.9999% of it to be transmitted into space? Uh….no.

    • MediaMike says:

      The power came from “space” to begin with. It is the power inherent between the nucleus and orbit paths of atoms, that is almost everything everywhere. In grabbing a bit of that energy and converting it to a usable form for “radio transmission and receiving” there is no waste.

    • Klaus Frinkel says:

      I think that you are mixing up Edison and Tesla by saying that he was weak in math. Edison at first liked the way that Tesla could explain technical things to him without resorting to complex math because it is well known that he was weak in math. However, to invent such things as 3 phase power and explain it to other technical people he would need to have a very strong background in such things as Calculus, Trigonometry etc. Here is a link to an article about Tesla that talks about his strong background in math and engineering.

  3. Fred Milton Olsen says:

    The time for energy revolution is NOW. You can buy solar photovoltaic cells for 75 cents a watt. Why that isn’t a huge game changer is beyond me. Why isn’t anyone noticing this and doing the math? I’m building my retirement home on a small fixed income and I’m going off the grid becuase IT’S CHEAPER !!!!

    Do the math. Don’t let the utilities own the sun and wind, their model is already economically failing.

    • Scottar says:

      So how exactly does that work? What do you do when the sun goes down. Cost of lead cell batteries and upkeep? What area are you going to do it in?. PV solar just doesn’t work for everybody.

  4. David McElroy says:

    The greedy, arrogant, power-mad oligarchs are constantly fearful of losing money and power, and would rather kill us than allow us to have free energy… or free anything! Free energy has been demonstrated on numerous occasions for more than a century. We must seize free energy, and make it ourselves! Of course. government uses frequency scanners to detect free energy devices operating, and then triangulate upon the signal to raid the hapless inventor or builder. The devices, and their schematics and building plans must be made public! Tesla, way back when, ran a heavy Pierce-Arrow automobile for hours at 90 mph with a 90 hp electric motor powered by a free-energy generator “no bigger than a breadbox”! Can you imagine why Big Oil hates the very concept?

  5. MILES says:


  6. steve smith says:

    my grandad has not long filed his patent for a megnetic generator. check out Chava Energy and the device is called mag-gen. only time will tell as it is down to the investors now.

  7. Mike S says:

    Tesla’s idea to use the earth and ionosphere as a waveguide to transmit power wirelessly was a very bad idea. Besides being very inefficient and requiring unbelievable amounts of power to make it work over long distances, it would irradiate everything in its path.

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