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4 Things the ‘Powers-That-Be’ Don’t Want You to Know About Anarchy

WIKI-Anarchist-FlagGary ‘Z’ McGee, Staff Writer
Waking Times

“None are more enslaved than those who believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

There are few subjects as controversial and taboo as the concept of anarchy. It mostly leaves a bad taste in people’s mouth due in no small part to years of psychological conditioning, backwards reasoning, and smoke & mirror political propaganda. But, as Voltaire ingeniously suggested, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” By explaining what anarchy truly is, we indirectly end up criticizing the powers-that-be, revealing the emperor is not only naked, but insecure and weak at the prospect of free men and women. Here then are four things the powers-that-be don’t want you to know about anarchy. 

#1. Anarchy  Chaos

“Anarchy doesn’t mean out of control; it means out of their control.” – Jim Dodge

Anarchy does not equal chaos. Anarchy has been the natural order of human beings since time immemorial. There’s a reason why tribal and nature-based societies have survived the trials and tribulations of millions of years of evolution, because they governed themselves in a healthy way: through natural anarchy. It’s actually hierarchal and state-run society’s that equal chaos. It all comes down to a matter of power.

Here’s how: hierarchal and state-run societies have centralized institutions with the monopoly on the use of violence. This large concentration of power attracts a particular type of leader: politicians who crave power. And since “power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely” then such power almost always leads to war. Such wars naturally lead to more power, and so the vicious cycle continues, while keeping the powers-that-be continuously in power.

This is not to say that anarchic societies don’t have hierarchy, they just have considerably less hierarchy. But even anarchic societies with hierarchies are less likely to monopolize power, because they are engineered in such a way that groups never get to the point of concentrated centers of power. They are engineered so that brutes, or even groups of brutes, cannot rise to power. The checks and balances inherent within the anarchic system, along with the polarizing effect of self-governance, maintains a healthy equilibrium within a society.

When it comes down to it, anarchists are peaceful people who just want to govern themselves. Anarchism does not imply nihilism. Anarchism implies only adherence to, and respect for, the natural order of things: a healthy respect for the unpredictability and improbability of the cosmos, the interconnectedness of nature and the immense diversity of the biosphere, and the holistic inclusion of mankind as a social being with great powers that, thereby, requires an even greater amount of responsibility. To say that anarchy only ever leads to chaos is not only ignorance of the natural world, but ignorance of the nature of the human condition itself.

#2. Anarchy = Freedom

“You don’t become completely free by just avoiding being a slave; you also need to avoid becoming a master.” -Naseem Nicholas Taleb

Simply put, anarchy prefers dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery. It prefers uncomfortable truth over comfortable lies. It prefers the pain of knowledge over the bliss of ignorance. As was written in the Bhagavadgita:

“Better to live on beggar’s bread
with those who love alive.
Than taste their blood in rich feasts spread
and guiltily survive.”

A common argument against anarchy is that there is no governance. But a society without a government isn’t necessarily a society without governance. Really, there is no such thing as a society without governance. A society with no sense of order is oxymoronic; it isn’t a “society” at all. A society (a group of people who agree to live among each other) that allows its people to govern themselves is an anarchic society. A group of people allowed to govern themselves is a free society (anarchy). A group of people who are not allowed to govern themselves is an unfree society (tyranny). The question is what type of order is preferable: liberty or tyranny. Most reasonable people will choose liberty. And liberty is, by nature, anarchic. As H.L. Mencken wrote, “I believe that any man who takes the liberty of another into his keeping is bound to become a tyrant, and that any man who yields up his liberty, in however slight the measure, is bound to become a slave.”

#3. Anarchy  Slavery

“If I want the slave to become conscious of his servitude, it is both in order not to be a tyrant myself and in order that new possibilities might be opened to the liberated slave and through him to all men. To want existence, to want to disclose the world, and to want men to be free are one and the same will.” -Simone De Beauvoir

The Confederacy of Dunces is always ballyhooing, “But, but, but don’t we need leaders” implying that an anarchic system of governance would be leaderless. But what these dunces fail to realize is that they are confusing domination with leadership, in the first place. Raised, as these dunces are, under the tyranny of the state, they cannot see that they are subordinate it. They are under the false notion that the state is a benign institution which satisfies their need for leadership. When, actually, the state is nothing more than a malignant institution of coercive authority that is satisfying its own need for power. This is domination, not leadership. The fact that these dunces vote is just smoke and mirrors, the illusion of freedom, but is not actually freedom itself. It’s important to note that anarchists do not reject all authority, only that which is unhealthy or unjust. They don’t have a problem with rules, but with rulers. Like Simone De Beauvoir wrote, “A freedom that is interested only in denying freedom must be denied.”

If human beings are the most intelligent animal on the planet then why do we need to pay other people to think for us while we slave away for them? No other animal is stupid enough to do this, probably because no other animal is stupid enough to invent such a thing as money. That aside, the current economic slavery perpetuated by the state is unprecedented in the history of mankind. We live in an authoritarian society that most of us are not even aware of because we’ve been conditioned to accept it. We are daily being preached to buy propagandized advertisements on the one side and polarizing bipartisan politics on the other: conform, buy this, be afraid of “the other,” you must be approved of by others, be less than you are. It turns out that the best slaves are the ones that don’t even know they’re slaves. As Naseem Nicholas Taleb wrote, “Those who do not think that employment is systematic slavery are either blind or employed.”

#4. Anarchy = Harmony

“Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works.” –Carl Sagan

If, as Nietzsche wrote, “The Übermensch is the meaning of the earth… I beseech you, my brothers, remain faithful to the earth, and do not believe those who speak to you of otherworldly hopes” then it stands to reason that since anarchy is the way the earth governs itself, then it’s also the way that mankind ought to govern itself. This is the power of Nietzsche’s Übermensch: responsibility to the earth and to the natural order of things. And so it should also be the duty of the anarchist to subsume such power. The only thing preventing the anarchist from his/her responsibility to the earth is the smoke and mirrors of the state.

The state perpetuates the psyche-cosmos split. It aggrandizes mankind over nature itself. It dissociates us from the natural order of things so that it can maintain its power over us. One of the ways the state does this is by claiming that human nature is inherently corrupt and therefore must be governed. But human nature is not fixed. It changes according to its environment. The idea that humans are naturally evil and greedy creatures by default is a complete farce. If we live in an environment that perpetuates militarization, violence, greed and power, then we will behave in militarized, violent, greedy and power-mongering ways. If we live in an environment of compassion, empathy, love and prestige, then we will behave in compassionate, empathic, loving, prestigious ways. It really is that simple. This has been proven time and time again by nature-based cultures the world over.

The difficult part is seeing through the mess of it all. To be truly free is both very easy and very difficult. But if we can keep our moral compass focused on the principles of liberty, peace, love, and the ethics of reciprocity, then it will point the way, True North, toward a truly free society. It will reveal a society that preserves the moral Golden Mean and the middle-way, as opposed to the immoral, suffocating greed of state politics. It will uncover a society that exemplifies the Golden Ratio of nature, as opposed to the state’s expropriation of nature and nature-based cultures. It will bring to light a society that realizes that by hanging the “greater villain,” in the first place, neither man nor woman would ever have to steal the goose from off the common.

“They hang the man and flog the woman
who steals the goose from off the common,
but leave the greater villain loose
who steals the common from under the goose.”

About the Author

Gary ‘Z’ McGee, a former Navy Intelligence Specialist turned philosopher, is the author of Birthday Suit of God and The Looking Glass Man. His works are inspired by the great philosophers of the ages and his wide awake view of the modern world.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • amirhasho
  • Nick

    Laws are just for people that don’t know how to follow the law.


    The article fails to mention that most ‘Anarchist’ groups are thoroughly infiltrated and controlled by Statist-Corporate and Zionist agents who enforce an orthodoxy of ‘politically correct’ values within the ‘Anarchist’ movement. Nearly all ‘alternative’ movements, including the ‘Anarchist’ movement, have been co-opted by the State to function as ‘controlled opposition’. Anyone who truly values their independence will refrain from joining any groups, movements, or organizations. The true Anarchist does not belong to an Anarchist group (or any other group), does not belong to a collective, and does not submit to a ‘consensus’.

    • Anonymous

      The reason “anarchist” groups are infiltrated is that they are not truly free, not truly anarchist, and therefore are suppressed by those who fear them.

  • mijj

    .. another interesting religion for the would-be anarchist is the deadly serious Church of the Subgenius:

    (save your soul ..)

  • mijj

    anyone interested in Anarchy might be interested in the self-mocking* religion of Discordianism :

    * any religion that takes itself seriously, shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  • mijj


    anarchy is the source of original thought and creativity.

    Eg. where does language come from? The very source and ordering of language emerged from the communication between creative, thinking, social individuals. Language didn’t emerge from an authoritarian elite group of language experts. But, now we have the clue: once something useful emerges from the anarchy of creative society, then it is commandeered. And from then on a “authority” crushes all further anarchic creativity for the sake of the pleasure of being in control (Eg. Grammar Nazis).

    All those familiar bedrocks of society sprang from the creativity of anarchy, later to be debased by being taken over by hierarchical authority and used as a weapon of control – ie. money and mathematics.

    PS. .. i’m not too keen on the denegration of the word “chaos”. Unfortunately, such is the indoctrination, that all words associated with disorder have negative associations. In my mind “chaos” is a rich source of possibility from which creativity emerges. Eg. rich fertile soil is what i associate with “chaos”. Ie. we don’t wish to become “chaos”, but chaos is something to be treasured for it’s creativity.

    PPS. .. why do police concern themselves with Law and Order? .. isn’t the Law good enough? .. by concerning themselves with Order, they’re admitting that they’re acting according to authoritarian powers which are not in the interests of the people (for, who decides what is “order”?)

  • lee

    Brilliant. I have been an Anarchist for years. Lets get away from their control, via their corporate lae.

  • aletheia

    Nice article; thnx.

    @Mark Davis: “Money is a tool, like fire, guns and hammers. Tools can be used for good or evil and it is up to the individual as to which use they are put to.”

    Me: Yes, but with caveats – most individuals are totally powerless = have no influence (aside from over-borrowing), and money as currently implemented (especially 15Aug’71+) = very bad, very big rip-off.

    @Wendy: “Remove the election process and add Selection, a Lottery.”

    Me: Yes, but with citizen-initiated referendums, plus recall if selected unsuitable.

    @kender: “But no rule, no law at all?”

    Me: Laws yes, but without corruption – only just law may earn respect.

    So-called ‘representative’ democracy does not work (for us, we the people); we can see the results = almost all bad; representatives are all too vulnerable to corruption, and even if any don’t go corrupt, many claim ‘they will decide,’ instead of determining the (fully & fairly informed!) wish of the majority, having regard for minorities.

    @David McElroy: “… the only necessary law, the “Golden Rule” …”

    Me: Close; one must add “Do no harm” (to counter any for whom harm fits “Do unto others …” (i.e. self-harmers, say) – but *totally* without religion; there are multiples (including the ’empty set’), and the only way to avoid favouring any is to side-line all – easily, as personal, not general = not communal.

    But you needn’t take my word for it; here some refs:

    Ellen Brown, August 31st, 2011

    Ellen Brown, August 4th, 2010

    3. … And Then There Were None
    By Eric Frank Russell
    Published June 1951 in Astounding Science Fiction magazine

    4. If anyone can handle swiss-german:
    Mani Matter – Dynamit

  • Imagine:

    NO payroll taxes;
    NO real estate or property taxes;
    NO taxation for any aspect of government, unless you agree to support it by voting for it yourself;
    Being free to live your life as you see fit without laws, rules, or regulations dictating what you may, or may not eat, drink, smoke —or otherwise— as long as you’re not harming another person’s life, liberty, or property in the process;
    NO undeclared wars, or foreign entanglements, massive military spending, or military draft;
    NO jobs being shipped outside the country;
    Interest free loans for students;
    Interest free loans for your primary dwelling;
    NO egregious regulations dictating what you can, or can’t grow and how much on your own property;
    NO privately owned banks;
    NO corporations, public or private;

    The list is almost endless, when it comes to your personal freedom. Are you ready to help make it all happen?

  • David McElroy

    Excellent detailed description of principled anarchy. I would dearly love living in such a stateless state, as a Christian libertarian who lives in love under the only necessary law, the “Golden Rule” Jesus has stated. Would you be my neighbor?

  • kender

    Anarchy sounds good in conversation, everybody gets to do what they want, no harm to anyone else, blah, blah……the one glaring omission, that because of its absence is that much more obvious is HUMAN NATURE. Anarchists either don’t really know what it is, or don’t understand how it works…or don’t care. Regardless, if the concept of anarchy does not take into account the fickle, capricious aspect of human nature, then it WILL descend into chaos. Why has it not been tried? Those places that SAY they now have an “anarchic society” are about as pleasant to live in as was East Germany…….why is that? To use the lame rational of “well, the big bad state won’t let us even try”……then the state wins by default. Meaning anarchy doesn’t have much going for it….why do people CHOOSE to live under an oppressive regime? Why don’t they flee and invent some anarchic utopia somewhere? Those communities that have limited success for a time, why only a short time? I am NOT saying I agree with the state….I despise it. But no rule, no law at all? Think about it! In an anarchic community, who is going to police those who steal your food? What to do with someone who murders? How is anarchy any better than a nation with harsh laws? At least with harsh laws, someone will be punished for stealing. Yes, its unfortunate that sometimes the wrong person is in jail. Yes, its horrible that torture happens. But in anarchy, to whom does one go for recompense? And to say, in an anarchy, no one will “need” to steal or kill…..well, I would say you aren’t playing with a full deck, and you dont know human nature.

    • Anonymous

      Before the agricultural revolution, human beings lived in hunter-gatherer groups that were characterized by what anthropologists call Fierce Egalitarianism. They not only shared things, they demanded that things be shared: meat, shelter, and protection… this was simply the best way to mitigate risk in a survival context.

      Fierce egalitarianism and primal politics (tribal anarchy) worked exceptionally well for the human race for 95% of our existence on this planet. Indeed, it’s one of the only reasons why we’ve survived as long as we have. There’s no denying this.

      If we can Combine fierce egalitarian primal politics with sustainable modern technologies then we have a recipe for a progressive healthy anarchy. As Louis G. Herman wrote, “When individuals try to balance self-interest with a consideration of the bigger picture, they discover, as Socrates did, that deep self-interest actually includes concern for the good of the whole.”

    • Anonymous

      Awesome realization of the truth of Human Nature

  • Wendy

    Anarchy would be a big step in trust. People need to have high ethics, high moral turpitude, and much more.
    Look at our system, elections always end up going to the highest bidder. To many people are focused on the money and not the goal. Greed and power is very seductive.
    The US Constitution is good, it does need a correction.
    1. Remove the election process and add Selection, a Lottery. A lottery will put in randomness, that we need to protect ourselves from ourselves. A Lottery, Selection day, will allow us all to be on the same team. Political Parties are echos of high school team spirit, very immature emotions placed on something of which we have no control. Political parties are made to divide and conquer. It is amazing at how many democrats and republicans are die hard blind believers. A Lottery will put in the randomness needed for us all to be on the same side, and for all of us to be individuals. It is much easier to watch one hat filled with names, than it is to watch a million voting machines.

    • mijj

      i agree.

      We have all been thorougly indoctrinated and have our minds and will crushed into pathalogical shapes. We’re the mental equivalent of factory farmed chickens living in tiny constrictive cages surviving on a diet of sludge to be disposed of when we’re no longer useful. Being freed into the wild won’t be easy. It’s something we have to work at. We have to get long atrophied mental muscles working again. We have to develop morality where we just allowed greed to be constrained by laws. .. and so on. Yeh .. most of us will perfer to be caged.

  • Mark Davis

    The invention of money is simply the recognition of the most marketable and useful commodity to function as a medium of exchange. The four primary characteristics of money are: (1) durability, (2) divisibility, (3) transportability, and (4) noncounterfeitability. Although a number of items or assets have served as money, those that best match these four characteristics are the ones that best function as money, the ones that best operate as a medium of exchange. Without a medium of exchange we could not have a complex division of labor and thus most jobs would not exist. Thus we would live in a barter economy and we’d all be living at a subsistence level. Money is a tool, like fire, guns and hammers. Tools can be used for good or evil and it is up to the individual as to which use they are put to.

  • Rabbitnexus

    It is good to see anarchy being better explained. I’ve called myself an Anarcho-Socialist for many years because I believe people are good enough to make it work.

  • You should also add , goyim politicians are so corrupt that they will sell out their family , friends , and the people of their nation for thirty peices of silver or for funding of their next election !

  • imp

    To have a society above the level of hunter-gatherer, you need to draw property lines. There has to be a map of property lines, and only one map, not competing maps. The map has to be kept in a land office, which requires upkeep and maintenance by the community. Changing the map has to be done through a consistent process accepted by the community at large. There has to be a universally recognized arbitration agency, not competing agencies, to resolve disputes.

    Even a society of pacifist libertarian angels would still need a central agency to resolve property disputes. So we’re stuck with government, the issue is how to keep it in control.

    • “The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws.”


    • Mark Davis

      Once you set up a monopoly on the use of violence (Ring of Power)its game over, you have established tyranny. This model of organization is self-defeating. There is no reason that competing agencies can’t agree on facts such as established claims and the importance of observing property rights. Once you have a monopoly agency to “protect” property rights, that agency will force submission to its power and it becomes the defacto owner of all property.

    • zek

      “above the level of hunter-gatherer,” you say. With infinitesimally small knowledge of hunter-gatherers, you’re not in a position to judge what is ‘above’ or ‘beneath’. You’d need an equal and extensive knowledge of their and your ways of living to make that judgement, and if you had that, you’d see what a silly notion it is anyway.

  • edwinalowes

    The one thing that i remember the most clearly over the past 40 years of my school days at Brandeis University in 1970’s are my student adviser’s words that when he was growing up that his grand parents and parents used the term “‘goyishe kup,’” meaning that the “Non-Jews are Stupid”
    Later in life I learned that the exact translation of “GOYISHE KUP” means that the “Cattle are STUPID”..
    I remember him recalling what his father told him when he was growing up in Eastern Europe. One of them being that when his father was in high school he and a group of friends would skip school early on Fridays and go over to his friend’s father’s butcher shop. That they would buy at cost any cows , that had not been butchered by the end of the day on Friday before the start of Shabat . They would take the cow home and wash it and then the boys would procede to “beat the udders of the cows so that they would swell up and turn pink” so as to sell them to the “GOYISHE KUP” as milk producing cows.
    The part that I remember him asking me if the East Europeans are so “naive, so gullible and so stupid” to buy an old “non milk producing cows” from a bunch of young Jewish Boys.
    So re-thinking of it now I agree with the Jewish saying that the “GOYISHE KUP” are indeed” Stupid” as they believe that a Bunch of Arab Moslem Kids who were not able to Fly a Cessna Airplane took it upon themselves to FLY a Jumbo 747 and outwitted the US Militaryand Civilian authorities. The “Jewish Lightning Insurance Scam” of the 1960’s is still alive and well has been put to good use by Larry Silverstein in putting 15 million down and comming out with 7 billion dollars for buidings that no one wanted to buy because it would have cost a billion dollars to remove the asbestos from. Then on top of that the people in America actually believe that they actually decide who is elected President or for that that actual VOTE is really counted and makes a difference in deciding who represents them in the White House and congress.,,,

    Oy Veh, I agree that the American Non-Jews are indeed “GOYISHE KUP” or “STUPID CATTLE”!

    • Anonymous

      You can also that the leadership of the goyim are so corrupt that they will sell out their family , friends , and their nation for thirty peices of silver or the next election ! That is what D.C. Goyim politicians have done to their nation !

    • Marty

      I see you’re point. But maybe gullible people are better than you think. Deceitful people have made the world a dangerous place, not the gullible people. The gullible people suffer as victims. Imagine a world filled with deceitful people. I suspect that dishonesty for selfish motivation depresses the mind and is the cause of deep cynicism. Deceitful people train their minds to believe that only consumption and the accumulation of objects is of worth. Is this not how a cow conceptualizes?

    • heretic

      You are talking about Goyim politicians. Don’t you think that Jewish politicians are doing exactly the same? Besides of it there are Jewish tobacco companies out there, and Jews are poisoning themselves with cigarettes as much as Goyim. Second-hand smoking hurts Jews as much as Goyim, but Jews still are accepting it as much or even more as Goyim. Jews are destroying the nature as much or even more as Goyim, not realizing that they are part of the nature, as Goyim are.
      I do not see any evidence that Jews are somehow different or smarter than Goyim. They are power and control addicted just for their own benefits at least as much as Goyim, they are breathing as Goyim do, they are eating as Goyim do, and they are fucking as Goyim do, and they are even disabling the most special part, the creator has given to us (circumcision),what is unbelievable stupid and cruel.
      Anyway the biblical ideology, and especially the so called “Old Testament” (or call it Tora) gave the basis of the destruction against the nature and in this way the destruction of everybody. The natural religions of the so called “Goyim” did not give the foundation to poison the air, the rivers, the soil and the oceans. Who did these insane things, and who did inforce it, just think about it!
      But what did you and your Christian accomplices do with the Native Americans and with the Aborigines, who have lived in harmony with nature and did not poison everything? You and especially your Catholic and Protestant accomplices have committed mass-murder in the most thinkable brutal way against them. This was the most ugly and destructive holocaust in the history of mankind! Shame on you! Are you and the Christian Churches paying any compensation for it? Did you (and the Catholics and Protestants) give the stolen land back to the Native Americans and the Aborigines? No, nothing. Breathtaking arrogance and ignorance is not enlightenment by the way, even if you think it is!
      I am sorry that I have questioned some stupid Egos who are insanely thinking they are some kind of super human; but in the reality they are just “special” in committing mass-murder and destroying the planet earth…
      Do I get burned alive now for being a heretic? 

  • André Lemelin

    As French singer Léo Ferré said: “Le désordre, c’est l’ordre, moins le pouvoir” – Disorder is order, minus power.

  • dimitri

    Good stuff! So concise, and such excellent citations.
    Beware I would also say of those who would define liberty in terms of a condition that a state is best equipped to protect. I have in mind here the academic Libertarians whose endless white tower discussions rarely release their grip on the State they depend on. They are for the most part “talkers” rather than “doers”.

  • Nothing will EVER change for Human benefit, until We begin to relentlessly define the true will of the mind of Mankind regarding everything for all to know. This is the singular collective act that can save Us. When We’ve done it, paradise (OUR TRUE WILL) will automatically begin to manifest, because observation is manifestation. For the first time, Humanity will observe its true will and finally know what We all want. And, until We’ve done it, everything will continue to worsen for Us.

  • traci

    thanks for sharing that with us. humans have chosen slavery for a millenia. america was given the constitution so that the common people could have an opportunity to grow up, take responsibility and develop respect for themselves and others. you can not be free without taking responsibility. there are two kinds of people in this world,those who are in harmony with nature, and those who hate nature for the freedom and beauty and abundance she provides to all without judgment or favoritism. i wish there were more humans who could open their hearts and choose what is real, let go of their egos and the false nature of the matrix and choose to live as you spoke of above. namaste

    • amir

      Hi Tracing, I absolutely relate to your comment above!
      We are at the crossroads of life, what’s imperative is to remain positive even though we are aware of the madness around us.
      We need solutions to sort out this mess, focusing on remedies to heal ourselves and those close to us and all her beautiful sentient beings!! Namaste

    • Anonymous


    • My born right to live on my land

      The Bill of rights is excellent, especially the first amendment. But the founding fathers forgot the most essential thing to mention: Everybody has to get at least one hectare of land to build up a house there and a permaculture based garden, to grow his own fruits and vegetables, and of course it has to be tax free. In this way people would have the possibility to make their living on their own land, and they would not need to work as slaves in some shitty corporations, just to earn enough money to pay the rent and for food that has not even 1% the quality of the food in the garden.
      To be free means being able to live in the wilderness or on your own land without paying taxes for this and as a born right. If someone wants to work for a company or create one, than this would be his own choice and totally fine, but if you have to do this because you have no other choice, than you are a slave.

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