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Understanding and Dismantling the Global Control System

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Looking at the global situation from the perspective of fear is counterproductive. We need to look at it from a perspective of concern, and see the opportunity that lies in having the knowledge of the global situation. There are opportunities in all these problems. Many people, when they discover the global situation and discover the truth about the world we live in, they move straight into fear. This does not help alleviate the situation. It’s one thing to be aware of it, but it’s another thing to be working actively to rectify this problem – the problem of government corruption, the problem of corporatism, the problem of commerce being superimposed over the human experience to the point where money and economics is viewed as being more important than people and more important than life. Unfortunately this is the situation we currently face.

Many people in our society have grown quite accepting of this; they believe that if they don’t pay their bills then they should be removed from their houses and cast out onto the street. These bills are all contrived, and the way they are contrived is by superimposing a system of interest-based commerce over the minds of the people. Our money system itself is created by a private bank which charges the government interest on the use of their money, which immediately places everybody who uses money into a state of unofficially manufactured debt. This is a simplistic way of looking at it, and it is actually much worse than that. The banks manufacture the paper that we use as money. Money is in fact created when people take out loans. Because the paper that we use is privately printed, privately owned and privately run, there is a debt attached to using that paper. This has the effect of placing everybody within our society into a state of perpetual self-generating debt, which lasts their entire life and sometimes beyond; thereby passing that debt onto their children. All of this debt is contrived and manufactured, and is completely unnecessary.

Because the worth or value of people in our society is very much based on their economic or social standing (according to the parameters of this society), we tend to readily discard people below us on the social ladder – because we deem them to be of less worth or value than people who have substantial financial interests in the world. This is a programmed, fictional reality – people are quite literally trained to think this way. This is one of the main objectives of the modern education system. The education system has become more and more business-oriented as generations have gone by, and this makes it possible for sections of society to be discarded, one rung at a time, while the people above them on the social ladder never really believe that it could happen to them. However the entire system is designed to slowly move up the social ladder until it has discarded everybody except those who issue the currency. This will effectively create a two-tiered society whereby we will have a ruling elite and a working class.

There are many people who are quite well-off in the world at the moment who believe that they will be safe from this system, but ultimately they won’t. Eventually it will get that high on the social ladder, that everybody who does not control the money supply will be under the control of those who do.

We the people, should we choose to step into our power, can prevent all of this from happening; because it’s all happening due to fictional rules that public trustees have written on paper. It is important for people to bear in mind the uncomfortable truth that if we do not choose to step into our power then the situation just described will occur, because it is the only possible outcome of this money system. This is why this money system has been put in place, to create the two-tiered society separated only by those who perceive they have power between the ‘elite’ and the working class. These people with perceived power will be the police and government officials who sit in the middle. These people will be given small tokens of power to make them feel as though they have authority over people, which of course will serve to give them the confidence they need to oppress the working class.

If you take everybody’s power away from them, reduce people to the point where they are quite literally abject slaves without their knowledge and you start giving small tokens of power to people within the group, then their egos will always take over & they’ll start throwing their weight around. If you watch which people throw their weight around the heaviest, you find the sociopaths within the crowd. Those are the ones that the ‘elite’ elevate to positions of authority, because they know that they have no empathy, and that they are quite happy to harvest energy from the population around them.

By taking people’s inherent power and value from them, you effectively disconnect them from the true energy source of the universe, and the most ready source of energy for these people then becomes the people around them – and that’s where they harvest their energy. This is why people who are so disconnected make the best ‘leaders’ for this system.

The plan is to create a two-tiered society whereby the only separation between the two will be the controlling hand which controls the debt-slaves, all of whom are controlled and do the bidding of those who issue the paper. This process is going to be achieved and is in fact well under way. It is occurring all due to the parameters of a UN directive known as Agenda 21. When looking at Agenda 21, many people understand that it is a depopulation programme; it is a programme designed to corral humankind into manageable portions which will be achieved by placing them within controlled sections of population (concentrated areas), and to ‘return the Earth to nature’ (or at least that’s how it is presented to the world). However, they are not quite sure how it is going to be carried out. The reality is that Agenda 21 is being implemented right now, in a very subtle manner, using means which most people would consider to be completely unrelated, and yet which are all connected.

To see these connections, it is extremely important for people to realize that the money system – money itself – is the glue that is used to hold this control mechanism together. Money connects everything together and is the catalyst for the whole thing. When you look at the system of commerce that has been superimposed over our societies, and how it slowly moves up the rungs of the social ladder, where people are discarded according to their economic worth, you begin to see how the depopulation plan is coming into effect. When looking at concentrated pockets of civilization and ‘returning the Earth to nature’, one might ask, “How is this to be achieved?” Since many people live in rural areas. Well what happens if you destroy the ground-water in rural areas? People who do live in rural areas, who run farms, simply cannot stay there anymore. It simply doesn’t become viable to ship water in all the time. Not to mention the fact that the water that is coming out of the ground is now toxic. Enter coal seam gas mining, or fracking.

We don’t actually need gas as an energy source; there are other means of energy we could have. The Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla was going to give the whole world free energy back at the turn of the last century, and his financers wouldn’t allow him to do it because they realized they were not able to meter his energy device, and so therefore there was no economic gain in doing so. Many of the problems we face as a society, and many of the most pollutive industries on the planet, exist solely to meet our energy needs. Indeed it is the demand for energy which perpetuates these industries, and it is these industries which keep many people working. The demand for energy is one of the things that makes the modern world go round, and if people were to obtain access to free energy then it would most certainly free them from debt-slavery.

We don’t need to be harvesting coal seam gas in order to meet our energy needs – there are far better ways of doing things. So, what is the real purpose of coal seam gas? The only guaranteed outcome from having a gas well somewhere is that it is going to pollute the ground water below the gas well. This can be seen happening everywhere where gas wells have been. Methane is coming up in streams, tap-water has been catching fire and wells are being polluted. This obviously is the real purpose of coal seam gas mining. This is effectively driving people out of the rural areas, away from their traditional farm lands, and forcing them into concentrated pockets of civilization. This will be ongoing; if you watch this over the next few years you’re going to see more and more people moving from their farms, being forced to as it is too toxic to live there anymore. This is how these sections of population are being cleared and forced to move into the cities. It isn’t about returning the rural areas to nature; it is about making those areas available for sustainable resource practices.

Sustainable resource practices are about sustaining the industry for as long as possible – doing whatever you can to make sure you can keep exploiting the area. That is what sustainable development is all about. It is just wrapped up in a package and painted green so that people will think it is ecologically friendly, when it is exactly the opposite.

There are new laws being introduced in the UK which will effectively outlaw homelessness. People are made homeless due to the economic model; homelessness and the discarding of the population is a natural by-product of this corrupt economic system. Couple this with coal seam gas mining and the pollution of the water, and the introduction of GM crops which effectively cause sterility in those who consume them over successive generations. Tests carried out on animals clearly result in sterility by the third generation in all animals that have been tested consuming GM food. All this is Agenda 21 in motion – depopulation.

It is easy to force people into consuming GM foods simply by placing them in positions of poverty, and providing unlabelled GM food at low prices in supermarkets. The low-priced ‘value’ brands are likely GM, and all are designed to de-populate what is perceived to be the lower-classes of society – those who are not economically viable. This system does everything it can to ensure that people remain in a state which is not economically viable. Another way this is done is through a process of total criminalization. The concept of total criminalization is something which is very attractive to governments because if you make everybody a criminal, suddenly everyone becomes uniform in the eyes of the law.

The way they do this is by gradually introducing more and more laws, so that eventually almost everything becomes a crime. This includes all the things you would normally do as a normal, functioning human being. They then attach fines to these breaches of so-called law, again placing economic stress on people. This again leads to homelessness, which eventually leads to prison terms, and of course those in prison are being fed GM foods. So here we see how the introduction of legislation is again contributing towards the UN depopulation programme.

There is something very important to understand about legislation, when looking at why there is so much crime in the world today. The reason there is so much crime is because the government is introducing more and more legislation thereby making almost everything a crime. The more legislation that is enacted, the more crime is created. That is the main purpose of legislation – it isn’t to keep people safe, it is to create crime and thereby create the mechanism by which the wealth of the people may be extracted from them via fines and jail terms.

All of these things are ongoing; they are happening right now. While all of these little, subtle things are happening in society, designed to place people in a state of manufactured financial stress, people aren’t noticing it because they are distracted waiting for a big cataclysm such as a financial crash or the outbreak of World War III. And so people are not paying attention to what is happening all around them right now, and they’re not seeing how it all connects together.

The ‘divide and conquer’ strategy has worked very effectively on our society, and that is the main reason these problems still exist and, no matter what we do, things just keep going along in the same direction. This is because we are attempting to use the parameters of the system to deal with the system, when really we have the potential and the power to step above the system and rain the whole thing in – and hold our public trustees accountable for their actions. We have the power to do this, but it will only be achieved by a united community. That type of unity will only ever be achieved by people who are willing to respect one another.

The solution is as simple as people changing their perspective and their attitude, not only towards the people around them, but also towards themselves. The lack of respect for other people always has its basis in one’s lack of respect for themselves. This is a programmed reality which people are forced to endure simply by operating in the parameters of the system. This is a very clever system and it is designed to completely mess-up the human psyche, and you’ve got to give it 10 points for effectiveness.

However, that being said, the tide is about to turn – things are about to change. It will however require the participation of the people in order for it to happen. I genuinely believe that’s what this time in history is about, and things are indeed about to change. More and more people are beginning to question this reality and question this system. Something people can do, when looking at this whole system – social, economic or government, is to ask themselves if their life is one of comfort and abundance; and if it isn’t, to ask themselves why. Why are you forced to run so hard on the treadmill? Why are you forced to be enslaved to an economic model which is interest-based and designed to place you in scarcity? Why is our system like this? Why are there laws making it illegal to feed homeless people? Why is it that when a supermarket throws food out at the end of the day, they put it in a locked bin and won’t simply give it to poor people? Why are they attempting to bring in laws which may outlaw homelessness? Why do we have a system which was created by mankind to serve mankind’s needs, and yet mankind has become the most expendable thing within its parameters?

When you ask yourself these questions it becomes clear that what has happened to our societies is that we have had a slavery system gradually superimposed over our reality. Thus in the modern world today, virtually everybody is forced to live in a state of perpetual or self-generating debt as soon as they are old enough to work. What we have here is ‘people farming’; we have human trafficking by debt-slavery, whereby every person within this society has been turned into a commodity. Turned into a mechanism by which the criminal, ruling banksters at the top of the food-chain are able to harvest your wealth.

Real wealth is not measured in terms of possessions; it cannot be judged in terms of financial security. Real wealth is your life; your health. What makes you wealthy is if you are a happy, healthy person living in a good environment. The banksters harvest your time, your health and your life – they harvest you.

It is extremely important for people to see the reality of this, and it is very much necessary for people to understand that this is a system that is wholly supported and perpetuated by governments. The reason that governments are able to get away with it is because the people have forgotten what their place in the social hierarchy is. People have forgotten that governments are public servants – public trustees; we actually sit above them in the food-chain. They are in fact our employees. Through the imposition of the government-controlled education system, this knowledge has been gradually educated out of the masses. Meanwhile the bills and laws have been raised and raised, and people have been taught to run faster and faster on the treadmill, so that now they’re running flat-out and they don’t even realize that their running. This means of course that they never really have time to look around them and notice what is going on, and how this system is run.

When you start to see how the system is run, it becomes obvious that we’re being scammed by the very people we employ to manage our infrastructure for us and to keep us safe. These are the very people who we appoint to positions of trust to manage our society in an honest, caring and decent manner. Our public servants are not doing that; they are all in breach of trust, and they are using the power we give them to steal the wealth of all of our nations. It is about time we paid attention to this fact. If we were to pay attention to it, from the perspective of a respectful and therefore empowered community, we could change this situation in a day. There is a real need for us to do this.

When looking at the world today, one must ask the questions: How far are we prepared to go? How much are we prepared to take? Are we prepared to allow our planet to be destroyed and the lives of the people around us to be ruined simply because some people wrote some words down on a piece of paper, and dared to call it law? Is that what it takes to control us? Is that all it takes to decimate the human species – simply writing something down on a piece of paper? Is that all it takes to remove the will of the people, and to force them to comply with their own destruction? Are we so confused as to what reality is that we really believe this fictional paper-based world is real?

People are waking up in vast numbers all around the world, and are beginning to question the fiction. The more a government attempts to lock society down, the more people wake up to the control mechanism. So ultimately the government, and the control system itself, is bringing about its own demise. The system is ramping up the control grid so much now and in such a hurried manner. The people who are doing it are stumbling; they’re making mistakes and making their presence known. More and more people are becoming empowered with the knowledge of who and what they are – and that is truly a beautiful thing. The key word in this control system is ‘fiction’. We can step above the entire thing once we remember who and what we are and choose to stand in our power.

Nobody controls the vessel that you inhabit. The only mind that controls your flesh is yourself. Anybody who claims otherwise is running a slavery system. Once you become aware of it you start to see the way out of the slavery system. It has to be done with respect and in a peaceful manner. Once you understand how the system works, and when you truly understand and respect yourself, then you really don’t see any need to conduct yourself otherwise anyway. Because if you do, really all you’re doing is playing right into their hands. There is a far better way of doing things. The way to conduct yourself in any of these situations is from a perspective of empowerment and respect. It all comes down to the individual, and always has.

There are a lot of movements, currently being waged in the world, against many of the problems that we face. But all too often these organizations are still attempting to use the legal system to find a way of making a stand against the actions of our corrupt governments. By doing this what they are failing to see is that the modern legal system was not constructed to afford people remedy, but rather to tie people up in red tape and to protect the system. The legal system was designed by the system in order to protect itself. So we are never going to find a remedy for our current situation by using the parameters that are given to us by the system. What we need to do is remember or place in the social hierarchy, step above it, and hold our public trustees in breach of trust. This could be done through something like a People’s Mandate. If you could get enough people together in your country to mandate your will to the government and instruct them to carry out that will, then if they wish to maintain the facade of being a democratic and fair system they will have no choice but to comply with the will of the people. Failure to abide by a People’s Mandate, properly delivered to our elected trustees, would mean that the government has abdicated its right to govern – and would be required to step down. Again, this could only happen if people choose to respect each other.

Ultimately, when you look at this situation, the solution to all of the problems we face always comes down to the people themselves. The power to change the world is in the hands of each individual. The key to your own salvation is in your heart, and the key to changing this world is in applying your heart, energy and respect to the people around you and to the world at large. If we do this, we can change things. The question is: What is it going to take for that to happen? Participation is all it would take. There is nobody on the Earth who really has any more power than anybody else. The only power that people perceive they have is the power they are granted from others who choose to give their own power away. Once one becomes aware of the situation, and aware of the fact that these choices do exist, things can be viewed very differently. From the very moment that you wake up to the machinations of this control system, you are given the conscious choice whether to participate in this system or not. Refuse to comply with any piece of legislation which interferes with your moral compass. Ultimately there is only one law on this planet: Do No Harm. Any legislation that contravenes that law is no law, and is entitled to no obedience.

Source: [January 2014]

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  • Bobby Clem

    It’s encouraging to see so many positive responses and great ideas, sometimes i am dismayed by the sheer numbers of those who are so deeply entrenched in their idealism and beliefs or i should say, that were given to them, and it is as if these people have accepted the illusion and the truth buried so deeply into their hearts and minds and pummeled back should it ever decide to surface, we should continue to challenge those beliefs, plant the seeds, but not directly as it needs to grow from ones own heart and mind, the programming must be cancelled inwardly rather than reprograming from the outside .which bypasses the defensive mechanisms that protect this fragile idealism. But of couse this is what we have been doing through the social media, so keep sharing the articles memes quotes , insights and lessons, they are working.

  • johan hendrick

    you have neatly joined many dots..but the thing is people have been told not to care..the media has blocked their ears by blinding their eyes with endless titty-elations..guilt trips and how to do their job better [thus all the cop shows]..that ontop of the training they get..on how to deflect issues up the chain..or rather to the police\legal imprisonment or into the computer system..

    fact is its too late to do anything..even the public servants have already got their time bombs inside them ticking away till the computer issues its orders..its timed to the then we wont need you so you get this MANDATED shot..we will need you for two more years so you get this shot..etc

    [and with the standardised teaching thing we know who knows what..and thanks be to thr computer we know precisely who read what bits for how long and who their network of peers is and how long they got..we know the kids will never become parents..they know unless we get it together we are that will not be allowed to happen

    if you see a homeless one..bring them home..get them off the streets..son we all become bums..but by sharing costs..we canm do like the poor have allways done..share the little..share it in large groups..but essentially playing the game..till the miserable system breaks itself down.

    the only thing that will save us is not to play their game..the way they want you too..keep paying the bills..but others stop paying their bills..put all your money..into keeping clean houses..clean factories they cant touch because their playing the game

    docors knowing the mandates give the injections to who ever their told..but its placaebo..done for the record not for the adgenda..the thing is we feed them ideas with our don’t talk..act..think laterally..stop feding the beast its own cash..kep secrets..stop talking on phones near phones on computers or near computers..communicate by pictures or sand imagry or mud maps

    have single words mean whole words..that only you we barely talk but in our own secret code..there is much we can do..but the big one is to know nothing without other..we have [or rather in]..the greatest slowest crash ever..and people are at their best in get the triage ready..

    we are told of old that if we do nothing two thirds will die..they planned 6/7 ths to die so worse case senario we somehow got it together enough [on our own] carry out the starve the beast..who tried over reach..and even by its own measure failed hugely..imagine if 6/7 ths survived..that will screw up the game in itself

  • Elizabeth Cook

    I hope this heartfelt article inspires many to action. There are indeed many ways to bring an end to humankind’s affliction, from subtle to bold, and we should be doing all of them! I’d like to share contributionism, a movement which people can start locally. It gets right to the heart of the matter. If money has become such a limitation, then remove it. Contribute just a few hours per week to providing first food, then energy, and then everything else to everyone in the community, FOR FREE. Give your local government a vote of “no confidence” when the people are doing a better job of meeting everyone’s needs than they are. News will quickly spread to surrounding communities when they see the level of abundance. Truly a remarkable read, I encourage everyone to get the book “Ubuntu Contributionism, A Blueprint for Human Prosperity,” by Michael Tellinger.

  • Angel

    I have enjoyed Max’s broadcasts on Surviving the Matrix on The People’s Voice and the podcasts on his website The Crowhouse. He does explain things very well. I like the idea of a People’s Mandate as it so clearly puts the politicians back in their place as our servants. However, the left/right paradigm is very strong here in the UK, as is support for the royals and contempt for migrants and the poor. There are some very brave souls speaking out clearly at every opportunity but so many are on a very tough treadmill just surviving from day to day with no time to look around and connect the dots. Just getting home exhausted in the evening, chilling out in front of the tv and dragging yourself to bed and up in the morning for the merry-go-round to start again.
    Turning off the tv and learning to meditate are ways of disconnecting to the matrix as well as linking in our communities to support each other is a good beginning as well as Max’s suggestions of community gardens.

  • Mike

    Perhaps a better effort at attributing this piece to it’s real author (Max Igan) would serve Julian better than being remembered as a mere plagiarist.

    • Done, and apologies for this. Julian is not a plagiarist, the editor of this website takes responsibility for this error.


      • Kevin Hanson

        Could you also update the “About the author” section?

  • Grant

    If only we had the strength to come together and work with the people that really want to make a difference like scienctist working on improving solar energy or if we could get some fresh new faces with hearts of compassion and a good head on their shoulders. The world has the potential to be a very beautiful place but it wouldn’t happen overnight.

    Stuff like green villages, more effective solar farms, real science that makes a difference with scientist that keep open minds and want to turn our planet into a green more beautiful place.

    I would also like to see the many utopia projects I’ve seen in various arrival get off the ground, other ideas like mass water filtration to keep body of waters clean and solar powered giant air purifiers to clean the air to a degree thee trees still need food, making our ecosystem stronger and more vibraint. There’s also a huge problem with modern farming with the use of pesticides and harmful treatment to the animal creating fear enfussed food at grocery markets, GMO labelling also.

    Maybe a focus on clear green technology with insentives with prizes for inavative projects.

    Maybe a change for the forestry companies with switching to synthetic paper. A switch from gas cars to electric, I read an article about a fleet of electric busses that get changed up wirelessly OK n there stops what a great idea.

    I just want to see more possitive things happen in the world and they need to start happening soon on a mass scale before its too late…

  • Chylene Ramsey

    If you know anything about the Hermetic Principles, you know that there is THE ALL;and it is THE LAW; Hermes T. (I can’t spell his last name) was the basis of all the esoteric wisdom of the succeeding ages; yet, they all have missed the point. There have been 4 cycles of civilizations of mankind, apparently. All four have come and gone, and we don’t know why, if they were destroyed, or destroyed themselves. I daresay they destroyed themselves, and we are destroying ourselves still for a very simple reason: very few give God credit for knowing what He is doing. Few can humble themselves to truly accept the will of THE All. This is man’s last age. The Bible says so. But man is too arrogant to accept that. These “Wise Men” scoff at the Bible, and why? God cannot reach out to his finest creation at the last age, just as it says in his word? God said don’t suffer a witch to live, and don’t use these mediums and soceres; peopledon’t listen, and he had a reason: Look what they have done to the people who use them. They are turned into the inhuman monsters who think THEY are gods, and have lied and distorted history so much, we no longer know what is truth and what is not. I just found out the U.S. has NEVER been independent from England; we are controlled the same as Canada and Great Britian by the City of London and so are our finances and laws.And, the other day I learned, the blacks weren’t ever freed; the 14th amendment not only transferred THEIR ownership to the Federal government, it made US chattels as well. First thing is to learn the truth: Second thing, to declare our independence from this evil once and for all. D.C. isn’t even a part of the U.S. The Federal Reserve isn’t a part of the government, but is a foreign corporation. How about that? Think about it.

  • Kunjabihari Adhikari

    Greetings from Vrindaban Julian. Absolutely brilliant article; mind blowing! I noticed that you ‘lived in a Vaisnav monastery’; perhaps the Manor or some other temple in the UK. If you ever come to India, please look me up. Would really like to meet you.

  • Knowing that our unity is their worst nightmare, the psychotic banksters demonized democracy with clever propaganda, until most good people now equate it to communism or worse, even though a child could easily conclude that 51% rule would be infinitely better than the .0001% rule in place now. And, they deified competition making the competitive paradigm a global pass time, dividing and conquering us.

    I do believe, as they do, that they’re descendants of the ancient Annunaki with advanced knowledge and intelligence. How else could they have devised such a perfectly convoluted global system of covert slavery thousands of years ago?

    My answer to any of their agents is “I, the living beneficiary of the trust and Secured Party Creditor, appoint myself to be executor and you, as a public servant, to be trustee and now order you to dispose of this matter in the manner most beneficial to me and not to bother me with such fictitious irritations in the future.”

  • dimitri

    “Something like a People’s Mandate” is pretty vague and thus pretty lame. But the rest is very good (Thanks!) dot connecting and summarizing what it takes David Icke thousands of pages to lay out and ‘prove’.

    Surveys show that more and more people, but hardly a majority, have come to think that 9/11 was an “inside job”. Yet, if handed the text of this article, I believe that most of them would find it unacceptable. Accepting it would require sacrificing too many of their most closely held (manipulated) realities. It’s the sort of disconnect that occurs when the NYC firemen testify they heard ‘pop, pop, pop’ explosion at multiple levels of The Towers, but then are totally unable to follow through with “who, why, what, where, and qui bono?”

  • zx83b

    An excellent overview of our current situation Julian, I would only add in plainer terms that the concept of hierarchy amongst people is one of the foulest lies we have had drummed into us.

    The craving of hierarchy is the hallmark of the sociopath and the psychopath. Its the framework which they impose on us in order to dominate and as you say harvest us.

    The world changes around you in an eye blink the moment you realize, TRULY realize that there is no one in this world above you, and there is no one in this word below you.

    We are unique and yet the same.

    Try walking around for a while with that understanding, and observe how it changes your attitude and dealings with other beings.

    You will find that you easily shrug off anyone trying to impose their will and authority over you, whilst finding compassion and respect for those people suffering under this current system, such as the homeless, the lost, the dispossessed.

    One of the mindsets I am looking forwards the seeing dissolved amongst people in general is the concept of the ‘corporation’ as an entity of evil doing and blame.

    ‘shell oil polluted this land’ or ‘goldmansachs robbed you’.

    No they did not, shell oil/goldmansachs are just names on a piece of paper.

    The controlling shareholders are the PEOPLE who direct the operations of a company through their appointed, expendable lackey, the CEO, who is merely a fuse designed to blow and be replaced to appease and deflect the public’s anger.

    (And oh, how the mainstream media would have you believe the buck stops at the CEO! whist interestingly chanting the mantra at us over and over ‘the shareholders must be served!’)

    These hidden share-holders, the Rothchilds, the Windsors and the rest are faces we need to publicly put to any corporate wrongdoing.

    These people created these corporations as a facade to hide behind and avoid responsibility for their plans and actions.

    Think of fracking, the ‘corporations’ who are doing it, trying to destroy our water.

    Who are the faces, the majority shareholders skulking in the shadows trying to do this?.

    Time for those who are hidden to be exposed.

  • John Cook

    Thank you, very well said, you cover all the essentials except the primary source and driver of the evil. Being a supporter of the Palastinian cause you must be aware of the fundamental evil of the Chosenn Ones and their goal of world domination but it is too dangerous to mention it I understand.

  • Zabelisa

    You sound way too much like Max Igan LOL

    • John Cook

      That’s simply a result of both of them understanding the same reality and explaining it clearly and with compassion.

    • nick

      Thats because it is Max Igan lol… transcribed straight from his video “whats the problem?”

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