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Free Weed – A ‘Joint’ Venture?

WIKI-Joint1Soren Dreier, Guest
Waking Times

I have a special category for the use of Cannabis either for recreational use or medicinal use against several ailments. The reason is that it is a miraculous plant and it should be free to use without fearing the punishment of the Matrix.

But, and there’s always a but, since the coin also regarding cannabis has two sides to it.

It should never have been forbidden and the sordid background of why it was forbidden is very much tied into the great depression of the 1930′s and Mafia booze money during the prohibition of alcohol.

The but is: Why Now?

In my optics it is not that ‘the pressure’ from the people has become unbearable to the powers that be, which could somewhere maybe, push the political system to alter its perspective.

I doubt that the bureaucrat politicians suddenly have seen the light in allowing people the weapon of choice. In these times: They just don’t do that because it would mean there’s a crack in the wall that surrounds whichever mountain they rule their mortals from.

Why the sudden flow of nectar down Mount Olympus?

Its a guaranteed mechanic that once the US opens up, which I don’t mind, it will go around the world in 80 days. So EU next, which I also don’t mind. So yes, 2014 will be the year of free weed on a global scale.

I have a hunch: It’s the fascist state now behind an interesting smokescreen.

‘Let them, I’m digging Pink Floyd on a mellow high and I’m too buzzy to answer the knock on the door – groovy, very groovy’.


There are many ways for the good use of cannabis. Either for the side effects of chemotherapy and such or to get a very chill out  ‘vacation’ from the cold of the Matrix.

I very much support that, 100 percent.

The key to good use is to know how to administer it.

The good use, I would define as: Know why you are using it.

If you don’t know why you are using it, maybe contemplate that question and set your limits according to your use of it and that’s really what I think they are promoting: The misuse of it.

Everything seems to have a catch.

Hollywood has been promoting it heavily, by the power of suggestion, and when Hollywood promotes a drug or a new war it’s usually due to an agreement between the bureaucratic system and them. Hollywood promotes the ‘Stoner’ and not the ‘User’. It’s the opposite when they promote Alcohol, interesting: They don’t promote the Alcoholic – they promote the drinker.

The trick is not that hard to see through: There’s a joy to a glass of wine or two a day. There’s disaster in a bottle or two a day.

If you get up in the morning and crave alcohol, I don’t think you’re in a good place with yourself.

If you get up in the morning and crave the joint, I think you need to consider your craving unless you have a physical condition.

The last thing is this world I would advocate is puritanism so don’t get me wrong.

But I think the design is pretty much that the system knows that there will be conscious and Self aware users who can administer the recreational benefits of free weed and they sure know that the vast majority can’t.

Why do they go up against the powerful alcohol lobby?

Why do they go up against the pharmaceutical industry?

There’s a design in that:

Follow the money, the cultivation, production, distribution, sales and taxes and we could have the heavily taxed fascist government stoner high.

Right now it is small ventures – give it a year or two and it is big regulated industry and don’t you dare grow your own – the penalty for that will be out of proportion.

Tricky stuff. Puff puff……

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  • Gman51

    You can bet pot will be legalized everywhere after this trial period is over and they have learned how to make the most bucks off of it. I expect pot will be taxed heavily. Nothing is done for the people but rather how can we use the people for our benefit. Ask not what the government can do for you…….ask what is the government doing to you.
    Perhaps the government finally realizes the money being made from pot by illegals so why not the government make that huge amount of money instead. Oh and also weed is another way to mellow out the people. A two for one deal for the government.

  • pot smoker

    Yes something smells fishy here too me!! They wouldn’t just legalise it for our own good, not a chance in hell(here)! There is an agenda 100% There is a dirty scheming reason behind it and only time will tell what its going to be.

  • “War on Drugs” , what a joke. It seems to me, that if they would legalize cannabis. They could cut the deficit by a large percentage. Within a very short time. Look at all the money, wasted so far, in trying to control it. Multiply the cost of manpower, lawyer costs, and people placed in jail. Over this plant. Enough said….

  • Very perceptive article. I’ve been reading a lot lately about how addictive and dangerous tobacco is. They’re talking about limiting the amount of nicotine allowed in a cigarette, or even outlawing real tobacco cigarettes and only allowing e-cigarettes. Now that marijuana is becoming acceptable and legal, will tobacco became the new illegal drug? Gotta keep those private prisons in the US filled somehow! (I don’t live in the US.) I’ve never been a smoker myself, but it seems to me that lowering the amount of nicotine will just make people smoke more to get their fix. This is the opposite effect of marijuana allegedly becoming stronger so people don’t need to smoke as much to reach the desired mental state. In the 1960s, pot inspired groups like the Beatles and Pink Floyd to create incredible music, and Carl Sagan to create the original Cosmos. From what I’ve seen, pot today seems to get people more stoned than high – more like the effects of alcohol that numb you to unpleasant things in the environment. Perfect for a fascist takeover.

    • bonnielou

      As I said last year, “In the 1960s, pot inspired groups like the Beatles and Pink
      Floyd to create incredible music, and Carl Sagan to create the original Cosmos.
      From what I’ve seen, pot today seems to get people more stoned than high –“ I think the reason for this is that in the 60s people in the US were smoking weed
      from Mexico and South America, which was mostly Sativa, the variety that
      produces a “cerebral” high, that stimulates your mind and senses and inspires
      creativity. The problem with Sativa is that it grows ten feet tall or more and is hard to hide where it is illegal. When growers started growing homegrown in California, it was much easier to grow Indica, which is a short compact plant that flowers sooner and produces a greater quantity of smokable bud. Indica produces more of a stoned body and “couch lock”, is sedating and helps you sleep, if that’s what you need. It’s more likely to numb you to unpleasant things than stimulate you to change things. I think most pot available commercially today is hybrids that are mostly Indica. Maybe that’s why TPTB are willing to legalize it now. If you are lucky enough to live where you are allowed to grow a few plants for personal use, you might try growing a couple of giant Sativa plants and get back that “60s” feel.

  • dimitri

    Exactly my sentiment.

    Soon you’ll see a Wall Street IPO for a company that will set up and administer “Pot Shops”, that will be the go to company on all the ins and outs of “legal” pot. Then they will hire lobbyists to render anything outside of their MO a felony. And on it goes with the power elites grabbing control lest some upstarts get too uppity on them.

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