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Oil Industry Spending Big To Win Unfettered Fracking Rights In The Golden State

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There’s a lot of money at stake for oil companies that want to frack California’s Monterey Shale, so it’s no wonder Big Oil is spending big to forestall any new environmental regulations from biting into profits.

Here’s a particularly striking case in point: Just a week before the California State Senate voted on a bill that would impose new regulations on fracking activities, the Western States Petroleum Association (which represents the likes of Exxon, Chevron, BP, Occidental, Valero, Phillips 66, etc.) treated a dozen lawmakers to a lavish $13,000, 5-course meal at The Kitchen, one of Sacramento’s fanciest restaurants.

Two weeks later, the bill was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown, but by then lobbyists had managed to weaken the bill to the point that many environmentalists had withdrawn their support.

“Before they passed [the bill], lawmakers accepted new amendments from the oil and gas industry – amendments that undermine the original intent… changing it into a bill we simply can’t support,” said the California League of Conservation Voters.

That $13,000 dinner is a drop in the bucket, of course.

So far in 2013, the oil and gas industry has already spent over $11.5 million on lobbying efforts in California, and it’s not just fracking regulations that are in Big Oil’s crosshairs.

California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) is also particularly vexing to fossil fuel profiteers, especially companies like Valero and Phillips 66 that are hoping to receive more tar sands crude from Canada at their refineries in the Golden State.

According to NRDC’s Brant Olson, “For their investment, the [oil and gas] industry has succeeded in placing a range of bills onto the floor of the State Legislature to either weaken or repeal the LCFS.”

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  • Concerning fracking. My research has turned up some DISGUSTING FACTS. If you locate the fracking jobs and compare them to the Madrid fault line you will find that most of them are directly over the Line. I am just now researching the California fault but I would bet that I will find the same thing. Please check it out!! They are intentionally causing an earthquake. This is probably one reason why the bunkers are ready and waiting for the gov. and the elite. The other is maybe Financial collapse, or meteor, False flags! They are doing anything and everything to declare Martial Law. Why isn’t someone arrested? It would so easy to follow the money and bust them all! It is beyond belief that all of the Lying, murdering, thieving, sadistic trash is getting away with it. Our United States is GONE and that was obamas PLAN FROM THE BEGINNING!!! Why doesn’t any of the Media, even Fox MENTION THAT? THEY ALL KNOW IT!! It is so Damn CLEAR!! Where is everybody, BRAIN DEAD?

    • Angel

      The only way to defeat this is for everybody to come together and shout it from the rooftops. There is a big move against fracking so publishing your research and sharing it as much as possible is the only way forward. It means attending local meetings and sticking your head up above the barricade but believing it is worth it.

      People do have a huge amount to contend with – just feeding your family and keeping a roof over heads let alone holding down a job that doesn’t pay the mortgage. Be patient as we are supporting you!

      Challenge the representatives who have sold you out at every opportunity.

      Good luck.

      • beezlbubba

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