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The Lazarus Paradox

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One of our finest challenges is to experience life consciously, with ears open to the truth, eyes open to what is, mind open to ask why, and heart open to love. And here’s the big one: if it’s in your heart, ask permission to serve the highest good.

I can also include in this the principle of non-infringement. Since everyone is in life to learn through experience, you don’t infringe on other people’s lives… you practice allowing and detachment. So let’s talk about how serving the highest good fits in with allowing and detachment.

A lot of people have trouble with this, and I do too. It seems to present a paradox.

I remember a friend saying, “I cannot believe that so many children chose to be born into such terrible circumstances in order to experience those circumstances… I just don’t buy it. Seems like a lame excuse for not caring.” She has been volunteering in her spare time for years… she cooks and serves at a food kitchen for the homeless, with no thought about karma or detachment… just doing what’s in her heart to do, and I love her for it.

So let’s get into this a little deeper by talking about one person’s life experience, so that we can get a feel for the empirical knowledge of experience.

Here’s a story of a man born into Bronx/Brooklyn poverty, life in the ghetto, family conflict, drugs and violence… and he was one of those whose spirit didn’t get swallowed up. He survived the onslaught into his teens, and got a boost from the music of the time… the Temptations, Curtis Mayfield, Bob Marley and many others who sang about life as it is, and rising above it.

He went into the martial arts at age 15 and he became a Muslim at age 18, letting the disciplines and practices lift him up. In his late twenties he escaped to California, incorporated some new age thought into his spirituality and kept learning and teaching the arts.

He built martial arts schools in three different cities, experienced some success, gained respect as a master of the arts, and he lived happily… not within system’s idea of normalcy, not free of financial stress, but with many enjoyments. This was his life… he served, and offered knowledge, insight and self-empowerment to people.

Then he began to succumb to an inherited disease. He lost his physical power, and he waited for death to release  him.

One of his favorite songs… I think it was a reggae artist… spoke at a high level: we have to experience it all before we can reach Zion, was the message of the lyrics. It was a song that recognized the pure knowledge gained from life… a concept that liberates people from victim mentality.

This man couldn’t have made it if he hadn’t been helped. The artists who wrote and sang such beautiful, conscious music helped him. The teachers of Islam who were an example of clean-cut, non-violent, drug free… helped him. All of his martial arts teachers helped him and his students helped him.

So what does this say? If we are inclined to evolve, we will welcome into our lives the light and grace and empathy of others and we will offer it back out to even more ‘others’. I am saying this with oneness in mind… we are each other, we need each other, and we nourish each other in the thirst for knowledge. We are one, after all. Even more so when we give ourselves to the highest good.

Now let’s glimpse the subject from another angle. My own life began with an infusion of Bible stories, and I remember a very poignant one that may relate. It was a parable of the rich man and Lazarus, offered by Jesus. It’s quite interesting.

The story gives us an image of a man who had the position of beggar, dwelling in torment at the gate of the rich man. We are not told who Lazarus was – angel, holy man, lazy bum, mentally ill – no clue. He existed, and he was seen but not cared for and not helped. The rich man lived in luxury, lacking nothing.

Eventually Lazarus departed from life, and the angels carried him to Abraham’s side.

Soon after, the rich man departed from life as well, and found himself in torment. He saw, in the distance, Lazarus at the side of Abraham, and he called out for just a drop of water to ease his torment. Abraham informed him that there was a great chasm in place, and no way to cross over from there to here or here to there.

So the rich man begged… please send Lazarus to inform my family so that they will not make the same mistake. Abraham replied that the rich man’s family had failed to listen to all of the messengers who were sent to tell them, so sending someone ‘back from the dead’ wouldn’t persuade them. Case closed: if you can’t get to mercy in life, then you’re looking at a great chasm.

I’m not intending to preach or pass along a concept that we are destined for hellfire if we don’t tend to the suffering of others. How should I know… karma is very complex from what I hear. And I’m not saying that suffering creates good souls who are elevated to heaven. Nope… poverty sucks… no up-side.

Suffering… mental or physical, can seriously break you down or it can make you empathetic when you heal, or get some insight into the why of it and let it go. Life does offer pure knowledge of the workings of the human spirit. But it’s not something we think about or attempt to codify… seems to me more like it’s information that becomes imbedded in our energy pattern.

The many small decisions to overcome are in there, the times we listened to someone and understood their true need, the times we disciplined ourselves to do better, the times we faced our fears for the sake of our evolution. These pearls become our light… the feeling of us that brightens and spreads.

When you look at it, it seems that every encounter that triggered the martial artist’s evolution was a meeting-up of his seeking spirit with the light of someone else.

So now let’s get to the chasm. Our light is what we offer, and we offer it just by being. We are all bridges to one another!

When we can really see, and feel, from inside another person’s struggle, that’s empathy. When we perceive and offer what they truly need with no opinion or thought of whether they are ‘deserving’ of it, that’s mercy.

But when our thoughts are for ourselves alone, and our egoistic desires are the only desires that we care to respond to, then we set the stage for collapsing in upon ourselves. We have withdrawn the bridge. There is now a great chasm.

Non-infringement, allowing and detachment do not translate into ‘not caring’. Caring is natural for the connected human. The rich man refused to see that Lazarus and he were one and the same life force. Jesus gave a good lesson there.

Non-infringement means not attempting to control another person’s life in order to make them to do ‘what’s best’. ‘What’s best’ in the hands of a controller is usually what’s best for the controller. Allowing is the same kind of concept – there’s respect built into it, and trust in the divinity of the ‘other’.

Detachment is really a way of dealing with our ego’s opinion: “There should be no poverty and suffering in the earth… I see the suffering, therefore I suffer.” Maybe there shouldn’t be any suffering, but there is. The only way to deal with it is to detach from our belief that there should be no suffering, and wisely build the bridge between the hearts.

Remember that instruction… do unto others as you would have them do unto you? That was a good ‘empirical experience’ life map, wasn’t it. Fits well if you’re looking for a purpose.

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Ida Lawrence is an author, blogger, copywriter and editor based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has contributed to and edited two books on racial justice and human rights, and numerous articles on human rights, self-empowerment and related subjects. Her latest book is entitled The Warrior’s Way to Heaven on Earth. Ida has also published a companion book of blog favorites from

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  • farang

    Lazarus…I found a statue of him last year. At the King Tut exhibit. Just as I suspected before I spotted it, it was faintly covered in blue paint.

    You see “Lazarus” which Yeshuah “raised from the dead” is L’Azurus, The Blue One. Osiris. The blue star Sirius.

    Yeshuah, as an Initiate in the Osiris Cult, had as his final task before reaching “Crestus” status as a Magi (Magi=magician, turning water to wine, endless bread loaves, raising the dead, etc.[which Rome banned because of the multitude of these street magicians, btw]) of “Raising Azurus/Auser/Osiris from the dead.

    In other words, became the NEW Resurrected God. Thousnads of years, same cult, same resurrectd “gods.” Astrological in nature, Sirius disappearing each winter, and reappearing each Spring.

    Abram (Not “Abraham, that came later) was a Braman. ABraman. A Priest of Vedic myth. His name? HAMM. Ham the rabi. Hammarabi. Someone back in the mist of ages misread, from left to right, instead of right to left, his real name.

    Hammarabi’s son? Samsu-Iluna. Sampson. Samsu=Shamash, the Sun god of Babylon. Iluna= moon god Luna. Sun(Sol) and Moon(Luna. Solomon.

    Not “the Great” Solomon though, because his mortal foe was Zimri-Lim. Zimri-Assyrian Sun god, Lim-Lun(a). ANOTHER SUn&Moon god+ Solomon.

    I can list DOZENS of them during this epoch.

    Give up the “Zion” nonsense: that is Sah-On, sacret mount in EGYPTIAN.

    No “First Temple” in Urusalayim, no “Second Temple either. None. No “City of david” that is Ishtar Devatta= I Star of Deva(tta.

    VEDIC. Josephus the Roman Jewish historian stated it quite clearly: “We are called “Jews” in Rome, and Kallani in INDIA.”

    VEDIC. “Easter” is Istar. ONLY HER TEMPLE is found in “Jerusalem” (“Peace of Horus”), dedicated to The Queen Of heaven.

    Geez, do “Judeo-Christians” ENJOY worshiping a complete MYTH? Based on ASTROLOGICAL Precession?


  • Jesus and Mohammed are two examples of delusional nonsense.
    The christian religion is designed to make its adherents into cowards liars thieves and murderers. The Islamic religion is an excuse for violent murder as a way of life. This is explicitly described in the Koran which is an instruction manual for violent psychosis.
    The ONE TRUE RELIGION found in all cultures throughout all history is called LUCK. When I give physical value to another person or provide service to another person I EARN luck as a divine reward IN THIS LIFE and not in a fantasy afterlife. Luck is a form of happiness and REAL physical reward. I am not grateful for my luck because I EARNED it. I am selfish as a pretext for helping others. Selfless self sacrifice is a denial of the divine law of reciprocity. Reciprocity can bring both rewards or punishments. Such is the nature of the universe. Teaching children selflessness deprives them of the ability to cultivate luck through service to others. This is a REAL spiritual experience based upon REAL devotion to REAL people. It is not a fantasy of fear and terror used to control and exploit others. I feel Islam is a more moral superstition than Christianity because Moslems do not believe their god will forgive them for their actions as christians do. Morality is the basis of civilization. Superstition/ religion is a means of enslaving and destroying civilization. It is a delusion which defines pretended devotion to pretended beings as a human responsibility and therefore confuses the victim by equating such delusional devotion to real devotion to real people. There are not real consequences or responsibilities in pretended relationships.

  • Annie

    “So now let’s get to the chasm. Our light is what we offer, and we offer it just by being. We are all bridges to one another!”……………. That’s mumbo jumbo claptrap to ease away your responsibilities! You sound like those people who say they are Christians because “they believe”. Just be and you will be good to go no matter what your “be-ing” is. No my friend, it is quite clear to me and many other sentient beings who have a conscience that something is required of you and Jesus said it all. people should stop being self centred and selfish. It’s only by helping others that you will in any meaningful way help yourself. Why do you think the government pushes TV and internet for everyone? Because they know most people will get addicted to the crap broadcast on it and become selfish little shits worried about tomorrow while the politicians and the elite – who don’t bother watching the idiot box take you for everything you’ve got.
    Stop be-ing and wake up the sheeple.

  • …as a man thinketh in his heart…

    Where’s the PARTY – Tex Cobb

  • freedom007

    Namaste! You explained to me a possible solution for a riddle that kept puzzling me for years during my contemplations… God bless you.

    • micheal

      The true paradox doesn’t exist, but in our minds. As in the rest of the Universe this isn’t the case.

      We see something in pain, we rush to “save it”. Then we release it into the wild and a hawk comes down and says, thank you for saving me dinner.

      The poor are there because when we take from this world, we are given from the other.

      The children and all the poor represent our destruction of life here that was taken too soon. The balance is off, and now we have population explosion.

      Where do all the souls come from?

      Each life of anything you see here in the reality is actually a representation of something from the duality. There’s two of you, and your connected via the third eye.

      But the whole thing is, there is suffering because we cause it by taking more then we need.

      The death of a life form here too soon, a baby is born here too soon. There are no resources because they’ve been taken.

      Karma? Well if that’s what you call it then yeah.

      The backwards talking people who say the good as the title but are the negative in reality, are the ones who are manipulating us.

      They have no intention of stopping until this is our hell.

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