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Government Report Offers More Evidence Cannabis is a Wonder Drug for Cancer and Good Health

WIKI - Cannabis BudAlex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
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As the world’s most beloved herb, Cannabis, continues to be liberated from the persecution of the government and the pharmaceutical-industrial complex, research continues to validate the many health benefits of Cannabis. This time, The National Cancer Institute, a government-funded organization has released a report indicating that cannabis and cannabinoids are indeed powerful agents of good health and wonderful supplements in the fight against cancer.

The report begins with an important summary of the history of Cannabis:

Cannabis use for medicinal purposes dates back at least 3,000 years.[15] It was introduced into Western medicine in the 1840s by W.B. O’Shaughnessy, a surgeon who learned of its medicinal properties while working in India for the British East Indies Company. Its use was promoted for reported analgesicsedativeanti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, and anticonvulsant effects.

In 1937, the U.S. Treasury Department introduced the Marihuana Tax Act. This Act imposed a levy of $1 per ounce for medicinal use of Cannabis and $100 per ounce for recreational use. Physicians in the United States were the principal opponents of the Act. The American Medical Association (AMA) opposed the Act because physicians were required to pay a special tax for prescribing Cannabis, use special order forms to procure it, and keep special records concerning its professional use. In addition, the AMA believed that objective evidence that Cannabis was harmful was lacking and that passage of the Act would impede further research into its medicinal worth.[6] In 1942, Cannabis was removed from the U.S. Pharmacopoeia because of persistent concerns about its potential to cause harm.[2,3]

In 1951, Congress passed the Boggs Act, which for the first time, included Cannabis with narcoticdrugs. In 1970, with the passage of the Controlled Substances Act, marijuana was classified as a Schedule I drug. Drugs in this category are distinguished as having no accepted medicinal use. Other Schedule I substances include heroin, LSD, mescaline, methaqualone, and gamma-hydroxybutyrate.

Despite its designation as having no medicinal use, Cannabis was distributed to patients by the U.S. government on a case-by-case basis under the Compassionate Use Investigational New Drug program established in 1978. Distribution of Cannabis through this program was discontinued in 1992.[14] Although federal law prohibits the use of Cannabis, the table below lists the localities that permit its use for certain medical conditions.

The main psychoactive constituent of Cannabis was identified as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). In 1986, synthetic delta-9-THC in sesame oil was licensed and approved for the treatment of chemotherapy-associated nausea and vomiting under the generic name dronabinolClinical trials determined that dronabinol was as effective as or better than other antiemetic agents available at the time.[7] Dronabinol was also studied for its ability to stimulate weight gain in patients with AIDS in the late 1980s. Thus, the indications were expanded to include treatment of anorexia associated with human immunodeficiency virus infection in 1992. Clinical trial results showed no statistically significant weight gain, although patients reported an improvement in appetite.[8,9]

Within the past 20 years, the neurobiology of cannabinoids has been analyzed.[1013] The first cannabinoid receptor, CB1, was identified in the brain in 1988. A second cannabinoid receptor, CB2, was identified in 1993. The highest concentration of CB2 receptors is located on B lymphocytes and natural killer cells, suggesting a possible role in immunityEndogenous cannabinoids (endocannabinoids) have been identified and appear to have a role in pain modulation, control of movement, feeding behavior, and memory.[11]

The effective chemical agents in cannabis that is being isolated for research are then described in this report:

Cannabinoids are a group of 21-carbon–containing terpenophenolic compounds produced uniquely by Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica species.[1,2] These plant-derived compounds may be referred to as phytocannabinoids. Although delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the primary psychoactive ingredient, other known compounds with biologic activity are cannabinol, cannabidiol (CBD), cannabichromene, cannabigerol, tetrahydrocannabivarin, and delta-8-THC. CBD, in particular, is thought to have significant analgesic and anti-inflammatory activity without the psychoactive effect (high) of delta-9-THC.”

The report then goes on to outline several key potential benefits of cannabis that should be noted in the race for a cure for cancer, and also in the debate to further legalize cannabis in the United States.

Cannabis protects against cancer:

One study in mice and rats suggested that cannabinoids may have a protective effect against the development of certain types of tumors.” They continue; “Cannabinoids may cause antitumor effects by various mechanisms, including induction of cell death, inhibition of cell growth, and inhibition of tumor angiogenesis invasion and metastasis. One review summarizes the molecular mechanisms of action of cannabinoids as antitumor agents. Cannabinoids appear to kill tumor cells but do not affect their nontransformed counterparts and may even protect them from cell death.”

Cannabis targets and kills lung cancer and breast cancer cells:

“An in vitro study of the effect of CBD on programmed cell death in breast cancer cell lines found that CBD induced programmed cell death, independent of the CB1, CB2, or vanilloid receptors. CBD inhibited the survival of both estrogen receptor–positive and estrogen receptor–negative breast cancer cell lines, inducing apoptosis in a concentration-dependent manner while having little effect on nontumorigenic, mammary cells.”

Cannabis has anti-inflammatory effects and may be beneficial for the treatment of colon cancer:

“In addition, both plant-derived and endogenous cannabinoids have been studied for anti-inflammatory effects. A mouse study demonstrated that endogenous cannabinoid system signaling is likely to provide intrinsic protection against colonic inflammation.[23] As a result, a hypothesis that phytocannabinoids and endocannabinoids may be useful in the risk reduction and treatment of colorectal cancer has been developed.[2427]”

Cannabinoids may assist in the uptake of other cancer drugs, increasing their effectiveness:

“CBD may also enhance uptake of cytotoxic drugs into malignant cells. Activation of the transient receptor potential vanilloid type 2 (TRPV2) has been shown to inhibit proliferation of human glioblastoma multiforme cells and overcome resistance to the chemotherapy agent carmustine.[28] In an in vitro model, CBD increased TRPV2 activation and increased uptake of cytotoxic drugs, leading to apoptosis of glioma cells without affecting normal human astrocytes. This suggests that coadministration of CBD with cytotoxic agents may increase drug uptake and potentiate cell death in human glioma cells.”

Cannabis stimulates appetite:

“Many animal studies have previously demonstrated that delta-9-THC and other cannabinoids have a stimulatory effect on appetite and increase food intake. It is believed that the endogenous cannabinoid system may serve as a regulator of feeding behavior. The endogenous cannabinoid anandamide potently enhances appetite in mice.[29] Moreover, CB1 receptors in the hypothalamus may be involved in the motivational or reward aspects of eating.[30]”

Cannabis is an effective analgesic and pain medication:

“Cannabinoids may also contribute to pain modulation through an anti-inflammatory mechanism; a CB2 effect with cannabinoids acting on mast cell receptors to attenuate the release of inflammatory agents, such as histamine and serotonin, and on keratinocytes to enhance the release of analgesic opioids has been described.[3436] One study reported that the efficacy of synthetic CB1- and CB2-receptor agonists were comparable with the efficacy of morphine in a murine model of tumor pain.[37]”

After presenting this important information the report then goes on to discuss the pharmacology of cannabis, a summary of clinical research on cannabis, and even the negative effects of it’s consumption, which do include a risk of cancer, although this is rather inconclusive.

As the report states, “cannabis has been used for medicinal purposes for thousands of years,” and only recently has it been targeted for prohibition. At a time when cancer is now the leading cause of death of children and cancer rates are climbing for everyone, those without safe access to medical cannabis absolutely deserve the right to add this to their medicine cabinet if they so choose.

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Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and an avid student of Yoga and life.



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  • claygooding

    In 1937 the congress enacted the Marijuana Tax Stamp act,the AMA protested because a senator from IL had lied on the floor of congress when he reported that the AMA had reported no medical uses for marijuana but since the MTA allowed for medical production of hemp it would not remove cannabis from the doctors use. In 1942 the newly formed FDA pulled 150 patent medicines off the shelves because they had cannabis in them and no pharmaceutical company would pay the fees to have cannabis approved as a medicine.
    The government has always known marijuana is a medicine,,why do you think they have it in schedule 1 when it is non-toxic and no more habit forming than coffee,,it is so they can control what studies are done on marijuana.

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Since when have we started to accept government propaganda as the unvarnished truth? And since when is cannabis the world’s most beloved herb? Hey, mon! What you got in that pipe there?? Get real and get cautious when the hype starts running thick.

  • cldyswft

    Every human is dual natured and this duality is expressed as having both a Goal-Scoring/Aggressive/Masculine and a Goal-Keeping/Depressive/Feminine psyche. That of Egotism and SuperEgotism/Being-Conditional.

    If true, which ever journey one then takes will result in a regression should one not balances both aspects. Ask any sports club maanger about balancing the act and you’ll find yourself listening to his woes for hours – that of taking 1 step forwards but 2 steps backward [1SF2SB]. Just the juicy plum for The Repetitive/Addictive Tentacle of The Bookie, Quackery & Handler [Q&H], whose mantra is Repeat Prescription. Afterall, theirs is the realm of Cure whilst Prevention looks on with incredulity.

    “Cancer” is a “psycho-somatic” affliction. In Spiritual parlance, that then is a Femininistic [but not a feminine] Predilection [whereas Idiopathy is a Masculine affliction]. Cancers are actually “entities/busybodies” that came from The Collective Subconscious, oka Divinity’s Left Side. In Reality-speak, that then is being possessed by a spirit and let no airy-fairy Righting This, That & The Other complain to “The UN” about being singled out for exceptionalism. They are not because it is happening every moment of every hour of every day to almost every one. [For career “Breast Cancerers”, the moment of affliction is one’s insecurity of losing one’s partner – the straw which break the camel’s back being a big shock. Afterall, the breast-area is actually The Sternum and when a person is frightened to the point of heavy heartbeating, that is actually The Sternum beating The Calling To Arms to The Anti-bodies and not so much the heart beating. “Investigative Journos” will do well by peeping into breast cancer victims’ honesty about the insecurity of their relationships – and then re-claim The Explosive Prize from The Joker.]

    There is no cure for cancer because when its source is unknown and unseen, prevention is not possible – unless one is dead lucky in the gambling. And don’t Q&H knows and loves it. Afterall, it is not every day that you get worship bundled with the tribute. Stop the addiction and the affliction will stop. But how when the addiction cannot be correlated to the affliction? Perhaps realising that every human is dual natured will offer a realistic view like when Fairness is on the table, why do humans always take Trust? Venturing further, should energy be truly free, you think that humans will become more responsible/human or less. Yes, it’ll make you think, which is not the evolutionary/correct approach because Thought/Thinking is the source of Humanity’s Inhumanity and not its antithesis.

    The material human body is “shadowed” spiritually by what is called The Tree of Life in The Bible [or The Virat in Sanskrit]. This is every human’s real/selfless self. We all have it with perhaps The Pope, The Dalai Lama and other Ding-Dongs having wasted/frozened theirs yonks ago. The wholeness of every human then is like a battery with one caveat, it lacks the means of recharging. The rationale behind this seemingly destructive principle is that without being able to realise/tangibilise how one is truly/really infrastructured, we will merely be taking 1SF2SB. As such, in order to realise Reality, we have to become real and not merely know all about it. Afterall, Truth is for becoming and not for knowing, superficially-tangibilising/religiosity, pricing and then owning. Without absolutely realising how one is truly constructed, every forward step we take will result in regressing 2 steps – that of being discharged. A deadly consequence when we are unable to recharge. As such, taking “medicines”/antidotes and so forth is merely what Q&H is doing. Blindly gambling and using the innate dosing capacity of The Body as the guide. As all good gamblers know, under perfect conditions, gambling will realise neither gain nor loss but under imperfect/humanly conditions, a loss is guaranteeed. All bets at odds of 7 billion-to-1 accepted.

    This is why there is no such thing as A Cure, especially when Prevention exists. The Don’t Do It vs the Don’t Get Caught, the Number 1 Drug Pimp being Q&H. Especially for those at the early stages, Cancer Regression is very simply effected. Without facilitating Greed-Fear as in This & That Care, and no surgical procedures, therapies which actually debilitates The Body’s ability counter the damage and especially no gouging to augment Greed-Fear. As to why Divinity is seemingly so callous, etc, why would you offer an addict the means to prolonging the additction? Surely cancer sufferers are not the same as drug addicts, some might counter. Ask those addicted to nicotine then whose damage is aimed squarely at the source, Progeny, before progressing upwards. When Humanity is addicted to Thought, oka Frivolity & Nonsense, how and where will the Curing be coming from? From realising what makes a human really tick AND THEN choosing whether to continue on with the partying or not. Not being of ritualism and similar mumbo-jumbos, Bliss/Supreme-Contentment is automatically gifted when Love Flows – the reason opiate receptors exist. Reality does not come from being chosen, Reality is the result of having real sight and then opting for Evolution/Purity/Reality otherwise everything, including the baby, will have to go. One reason why The Tag-Along of Malevolence always use Children as the wedge for their malevolence.

    As such, everything begins and ends with Self, there being no such thing as The Other, the real self being one’s Virat, Who is singularly natured, spiritual, infinite and recharges/truly-normalises the material body [which also include both the emotional and the “mental”/intellectual selves]. Who says so? Your selfless self if only one could realise Him/Truth, through Her/Love. Realise too that should Thought be the real culprit, thinking about the solution is the same as never having started. An era will arrive when this Reality will be known to and realised by those who desire to become pure whilst those who merely desire purity will keep missing the target as they help Malevolence realises His aim, there being many who are taking their birth to Catch The Train to Reality. One reason why Population Control is on Malevolence’s agenda.

    • Anonymous

      WTF! Who you talking to? Is your head up into the clouds or way up your arse? Man, cut open a tumor and you’ll find all the poisons in your body your immune system couldn’t handle so it walled it up. The source of the poisons is everywhere, so do what you can to reduce and eliminate out of your life or suffer the Illuminati Luciferian die-off with medically-assisted asset liquidation – your money, wealth, energies, health, and your free will. Remember, 95% of Oncologists wouldn’t take your prescribed treatment for themselves, hypocritical or evil depends on your level of awareness.

  • whiteyward

    The effort to remove the polution capitalism has caused to foods and the environment is being fought by the same org. that fights legal pot. The life style change required to make a dent in our health is greater than any magic substance.

  • Tex

    For anyone who is interested, here is an excellent free guide to growing your own cannabis for medicinal and other uses…

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