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Have you ever seen some energy out of the corner of your eye and when you looked, nothing was there?  More and more people are talking about seeing shadow people and are wondering who they are and what their purpose is.

Shadow people are commonly reported as being seen through peripheral vision and while you may feel something was there, the shadow person is either gone or quickly moving away from you by the time you turn your head.

In an interview with Art Bell on Coast to Coast AM, Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, referred to as “Thunder Strikes” in this particular interview, stated that shadow people are parallel dimensional beings who were first recorded by indigenous people in 1153 BC.

Thunder mentioned how there was an awakening between 1980 through 2000 and beginning in 2001, there began “The Quickening” in which events and time seems to be speeding up.  As this is occurring, shadow people are becoming visible as frequencies raise.

Thunder stated the shadow people, who he calls, “inorganic beings” live in a parallel dimension and feed off of our emotional discharge of energy along with chaos.  In essence, shadow people are energy vampires.

Many report seeing shadow people wearing a cloak or a shroud. Some may appear to be dressed in

robe-like apparel.  Although they have been reported in many shapes and sizes, many people describe them as small, human-like figures with red eyes.

According to wiki, several physiological and psychological conditions can account for reported experiences of shadow people. These include sleep paralysis, illusions, or hallucinations brought on by physiological or psychological circumstances, drug use or side effects of medication, and the interaction of external agents on the human body. Another reason that could be behind the illusion is sleep deprivation, which may lead to hallucinations.

One of the most difficult parts about shadow people is feeling like you have no one to talk to about your experience without other people think you’re crazy.  Fortunately, more and more people are talking about shadow people as this has become a widely talked about phenomenon.  Ultimately, one might want to use discernment with who he or she talks to regarding shadow people, but one can always go to metaphysical websites, such as In5D, and find forums or live chats to talk to like-minded people about a wide range of topics, including shadow people.  As you realize that you’re not alone, you will find comfort knowing that many other people around the world are experiencing the same experience.

Another difficult issue is understanding why these people are appearing.  One also has to ask why shadow people appear at night and not in the day?

A possible explanation could be found somewhere between metaphysics and quantum physics.  It is possible that as our 3rd dimensional veil lifts, we are becoming more perceptive to beings on different dimensions or who have different vibrations.  As dimensions merge and overlap, it is quite possible that many more strange, unexplainable phenomena will appear.

Animals may be more perceptive to shadow people than humans.  According to Thunder, cats seem to be the most perceptive to shadow people which is understandable as they have superior night vision. You might also see your dog appearing to be looking at something that may not be visible to you.

Another theory about shadow people is that they are deceased humans who either do not ant to return back to Source or are unaware that “home” is no longer here.

Some people also believe that shadow people are time travelers.

If you feel you have been visited by shadow people, there are ways to protect yourself.  Ultimately, you will need to overcome your fear because until you do, then they will continue to feed off of it.  In the meanwhile, you can do what is recommended to people who meditate:

The first thing you will want to do is to relax by breathing in deeply through your nose, holding it briefly in your solar plexus stomach area, then slowly release your breath through your mouth.  While doing this, you can also begin to do a relaxation exercise.  Bring your chin down to your chest, and then slowly lift your head all the way back.  Then return your head to the upright position and slowly move your head from side to side one time.  Return your head to the upright position.  Bring your chin down to your chest and begin to rotate your head clockwise one rotation, then reverse this process one time.  Repeat this procedure several times while breathing deeply.

You are almost ready to begin your meditation.  At this point, close your eyes and ask your spirit guides and guardian angels for protection while you are meditating.  They are eagerly awaiting to help you at all times and are more than happy to assist you.

Envision a beautiful white light emanating from the center of your body and slowly extending outwards to cover yourself from head to toe.  Try to feel this light entering all of your extremities. This is your divine spark that will help to keep you protected.

You can extend this light as far as you wish.  I often extend it to cover my room, then my house, my city, state, country, planet, galaxy and universe.

You may also consider smudging your home with some sage if you feel as though you are being visited by shadow people.  When smudging, be sure to smudge your windows, doorways and halls along with each room in your home.  You may also want to speak aloud, telling the shadow people that they are not welcome in your home anymore.

According to paranormal researcher Heidi Hollis, shadow people are malevolent supernatural entities.  While it is remotely possible that shadow people could physically hurt you perhaps through the moving of objects, they are more likely to attack you emotionally as fear is what gives them energy.

Skeptics will say that shadow people are the result of an overactive imagination but the history of shadow people and the number of occurrences seems to dictate otherwise.

Until the day comes when a shadow person can be interviewed, we may never fully know why they are appearing but if you are one of the people who is seeing them, be sure to protect yourself through meditative techniques and smudge your home as described above.

Have you seen any shadow people? If so, comment below!

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  • tyler

    The most likely reality of these shadow people is that they are the Jinn.

  • Psyche

    It’s sad that people are being brainwashed to live in fear.

  • Bernadette

    I think this is a CIA mind control technique and it works to scare people.

  • hggjggg

    The only time I’ve ever seen shadow people, I was awake for days on amphetamines…used to talk to my tweaker Buddy’s about it…they called them Shadow people, so when I saw this I couldn’t help but laugh….. glad that part of my life is gone…..fucking tweakers

  • Alexander

    I never believed in anything supernatural until I visited a supposedly very haunted building, I didn’t believe any of it, ghosts, aliens, any of that and it’s true what they say the hairs on your neck do stand on end, I had lots of weird electrical sensations on my body and I felt extremely uncomfortable. I really just wanted to get the hell out as soon as possible but I kept telling myself there’s nothing to fear, nothing supernatural exists yet I saw and heard some extremely strange things while I was there.

    When I got back home in the days and weeks afterwards I would see strange shadows dart across the room in broad daylight even, they seemed to be in the shape of people, as soon as I noticed them they would flee.
    It was like they didn’t want to be discovered, I also started having bad dreams around the same time and had dreams about a woman in Victorian dress, felt like I was being watched. I also felt very sick and spaced out.

    I began to think that I was either A. Mentally ill or B. under some sort of supernatural influence. In the end I sought out a trained psychoanalyst who also purported to be trained in “Spirit release” in the end she confirmed I had picked up a “hitchhiker” when I visited this haunted place who apparently was feeding of my biological energy “chi” or “prana” whatever you want to call it… anyway this bad spirit had opened portals in my apartment which allowed all kinds of spiritual wildlife to roam around as they pleased. After they were closed and sealed and the ghost gone, I felt much better.

    Apparently these shadow beings feed off of negative emotions etc which is why they were drawn to me with all the freaky stuff going on I was quite fearful and afraid at the time. To anyone currently having issues like this – please check out a book by Robert Bruce – Practical Psychic Self defence book. It really helped with real science based counter measures to ground electromagnetic energy – which is what spirit beings are. God bless.

    • HippychicklovesShiva

      Thank you for sharing your experience and thank you for the book reference, I have had many experiences with the shadow people and I have heard of someone picking up a hitch-hiker from a haunted building.
      I am currently working on developing a series of workshops to help enlighten people with the added knowledge of the dark entities that can exist, not enough is done to this regard in the New age or spiritualist traditions and it can leave people vulnerable. thanks again for your post. peace and lovexxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Todd

    After drinking Ayahuasca last summer I have had several experiences with “Shadow People”.

    It was far from comfortable and usually happened when I was somewhere in between asleep and awake.

    • Interesting. Have they moved on now, and have you taken Ayahuasca since?

  • Burly

    Stay awake for a few days straight and I guarantee you’ll see some shadow people.

  • Sidra

    Years ago I was doing some simple candle meditation and I saw an evil looking very tiny all black shadow being climb up around the flame on the candle…..serious as a heart attack! Witnessed this several times around the same timeframe. Never thought about it possibly being a ‘shadow being’ that I heard on Art Bell’s show for years, but maybe. Whatever it was, I felt fear and am glad I have never seen it again all these years!

  • Person

    I have experienced these shadows myself (people and spiders). I do not drink alcohol or caffeine, I do not do any drugs or take any pharmaceuticals, I get plenty of sleep and I live a very health conscious life. Interestingly these shadows really started creeping up on me around December 2012 and then they seemed to go away in 2013. It’s unfortunate that so many people are commenting with such criticism and judgement. Just because you can’t see or feel something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Some people are more sensitive then others… and interestingly the more sensitive a person is the less critical and judgmental they typically are. I suppose not everyone is ready or meant to be conscious or enlightened (until it is time ofcourse).

  • Christopher John Shave

    I’ve had many interactions with the shadow people in the last 6 months and there defiantly real being’s. We restrict ourself seeing their physical presence by looking through them or around them and not having the patience to train our focus to their figures. Not teaching yourself to focus is the reason people never see past their shadow and which limits potential for future interaction.

    I can see them now and they’re not what most people think. There’s lots of them, more than you would think and they are mainly extra terrestrial in nature. They have logical reason for choosing to be invisible but and it’s all to do with th reason they’re here.

    I’ve learn that they’re all loving beings not to be afraid of, and they’re been sent here to guide the human race with our next evolutionary phrase. Some of them to wear cloaks to assist in there transparency as well as to hide there true appearance. They look rather scary to a small minded human who can’t look pass the barriers that imprison their mind.

    You can see them during the day, the same way as if you where at the night. Once again it comes down to focus and training your vision. Seeing their form during day light hours is the ultimate wake up call since they’re presence is imposable to deny.

    They’re here to teach you and help you grow and they’re around, waiting for you to start focusing on the truth that you’ve been blind too for so long.

    If you want more information on the “Constant Companions” email me @

  • Defiant

    ROFLMAO! I had trouble getting passed this gem: “Thunder stated the shadow people, who he calls, “inorganic beings” live in a parallel dimension and feed off of our emotional discharge of energy along with chaos. In essence, shadow people are energy vampires.” I mean…DUH! It isn’t Putin, the Taliban, or even Democrats we need to worry about. While the country crumbles to dust around us, let’s keep vigilant and protect ourselves from the machinations of The Shadow People!

    • sunny

      I have come to believe you’re a troll…what are you doing on this site…is this your idea of fun, little brain?

  • Glen

    Yes, I have seen them many times, I sold my restaurant, because of too many being there, and now I work at a senior home as a chef, and I see them there; the night staff see the shadow people every night, it is very creepy, the shadow people are like invisible aliens.

    • Defiant

      Seriously…you SOLD your livelihood because of SHADOW PEOPLE!? I intended to mock you…but in actuality, I find I have sympathy for you. To uproot your whole life because of this drivel. You’ve been duped, my friend. I say this with all sincerity: there are no shadow people. Seek counseling.

      • sunny

        @Defiant: You are a small-minded and cruel human being. You mock someone for seeing something that many others have seen. The wind cannot be seen, yet we know it’s there by feeling it, and from the movement of trees, plants, etc. How dare you say it does not exist, because you can’t feel/see the wind (this is an allegory in case you don’t know), you’re narrow-mindness is hindering you from so many wonderful experiences.

        Peace to you, because I really hope you find it. Tolerance is a beautiful emotion…..I hope you find that, too. Do you feel better about yourself to mock?

  • John Doe

    Hackers steals list of 1400 emails of Council on Foreign Relations members list and other top Illuminati leaders. I uploaded the text file with the 1400 emails here. Please write to them all and let them know how you feel about their fascism and their satanic plans for the new world order.


  • so why do “Jews” have to adhere to the Talmud & “HATE” Jesus to be a “good” Jew…?

    where exactly does BAD FAITH oooooze from ?

    if bad faith doesn’t ooze from the Talmud….where else could it be ?


  • Marcus

    Can you please explain what you mean by this…”As this is occurring, shadow people are becoming visible as frequencies raise.” How exactly do “frequencies” raise, and what does that even mean? I feel like I’ve seen what you may be referring to as shadow people, but for the life of me can’t understand or explain what it means for frequencies to rise, let alone what frequencies even are… The vibratory rate of matter? I don’t know, and I have a feeling you don’t either. I would advise using more clear and precise language instead of vague, new agey, pseudo scientific language if you want to come through more clearly and spread your ideas further among the more critical thinkers. Thanks for the interesting read! But yeah, if you could explain the what/how of that particular point then maybe we could move on to the other issues with this article.

  • Biscuiteyes44

    The Veil is thinning. Has been for some time but is quickening.

    No need to fear unless you FEEL uneasy, dark energy.

    Enjoy what is being given to you.

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