What Does a Truly Transcendental Mind Look Like?

FLKR-Mind-h.koppdelaneyChristina Sarich, Staff Writer
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Dr. Ramesh Manocha, a medical doctor and researcher of the meditative sciences has recently pointed out in a skin-temperature test, that there is a physiological difference between ‘thoughtless awareness’ and just simple relaxation. While calming the mind and body are essential to reducing stress and the ailments that can accompany them, such as cardiac disease, weight gain, etc., changing the brain wave patterns, as is indicated in hundreds of fMRI tests, PET scans, SPECT scans, and brain imaging studies, is the secret to a true physiological and emotional breakthrough.

Thoughtless awareness can be described as holding a feather in the hand without grasping it. If the slightest wind came, the feather would be blown from the hand, but with gentle, relaxed focus, the feather stays put. This is the special state of mind that must be cultivated with a meditation practice. Advanced meditators have been able to create this soft focus with much practice, but binaural beats and other audio tools, like mantra, or Tibetan singing bowls can help a novice mimic the brain wave states that advanced Yogis and Lamas have been able to maintain for centuries. Then, due to brain flexibility, or neuroplasticity, the mind becomes conditioned to do this with greater and greater ease. Even in novice meditators, noted changes in oxygen intake, breathing rate, heart-rate and the skin’s electrical resistance is observable.

This ‘thoughtless awareness’ is characterized by certain brainwave patterns as outlined below:

  • A steady pattern of alpha waves. A small number of meditators may show a drop in wave frequency to the lower part of the alpha spectrum (8 to 9 Hz), followed by the brief emergence of a theta wave pattern. Theta waves occur all the time in meditators and non-meditators, but theta waves become more pronounced in advanced meditators. They are indicative of deep, mindful relaxation. There is usually more activity in the frontal lobes of meditators, indicating that they are still focused, while being at peace. Theta waves are considered the key to theopening of the third eye, or ajna chakra in yogic texts.
  • Alpha waves are also associated with mindful relaxation. During this form of wakeful rest, the posterior parts of the brain are active. The brain starts to relax, and let go of object-oriented tasks and begins relaxing deeply, but it doesn’t go into a complete void. When there is lots of alpha activity, the mind can observe a train of thought, without becoming attached to it, and integrate emotional patterns that need attention.
  • Delta waves are the slowest wave pattern, with deep and long peaks and troughs. These waves are responsible for restful sleep. In experienced practitioners, it is thought that deep delta waves help a meditator uncover the unconscious mind.
  • Finally, Gamma waves are what allow a meditator to be ‘alert’ and not fall asleep completely. Gamma waves increase in an experienced meditator, enabling them to sit for longer and longer periods of time, relaxing to more profound levels, without losing their overt awareness.

Obviously, all four brain wave types are essential to a truly transcendental mind. Utilizing practices like TM (transcendental meditation), Vipassana, Zen-inspired Dzogchen, or other meditation techniques can help you to cultivate these brain wave states, but you can also take a short cut and utilize binaural beat recordings, sound meditations, chakra healing music, and other ancient tools for creating the ideal brain-wave patterns in your mind.

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Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

This article was originally featured at Chakra Healing Sounds

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  1. mothman777 says:

    But why should an enlightened mind be thoughtless?

    Think about the mind of God and consider that surely it takes a lot of mental activity, with some mental faculty or other in some substance or other to maintain all the dimensions in order, to maintain all the universes and all the galaxies in them, to hold all the planets in orbit, to hold all the sub-atomic particles in orbit in every atom, or at least the pattern of them, accepting the non-particulate model of matter of quantum physics, and develop all the species in all the planets, and their chakra systems opening doorways to all the different material dimensions, before we even start to consider the complexity of the spiritual reality.

    It is just that I do not think that having no mental activity, in terms of having no thoughts, is necessarily ‘enlightened’.

    Now, if someone says instead to me that they experience vastly increased mental activity during meditation, but only in their spiritual substance, even whilst their physical brain goes into an apparent sleep state, then that is a far more reasonable and acceptable proposition to me.

    Any harmony throughout creation would not occur if God were to become without mind or thought, as everything would just go to pieces, to complete chaos, if God adopted that idea of being thoughtless as being enlightened.

    Now, if we are to merge in God, according to the advaitist model of belief, then we would then presumably merge our mindless state into the mindless field of being of the rest of the Supreme, whatever that Supreme might be conjectured to be by the spiritual aspirants who believe in renouncing all thought.

    One of the Kriya yoga masters, Paramahamsa Hariharinanda, could do ALL the following things ALL at once, for TWENTY minutes continuously, and could then get up and walk away! He could stop his heart beating, he could stop all blood flowing in his body, he could stop all breath entering or leaving his body, and he could stop ALL types of brainwave activity, all these things at once, leaving his body exactly like a corpse, for 20 minutes at a time in front of many witnesses, tested on medical instruments in a hospital laboratory setting, including fellow yogis and hospital staff. Doctors present were so freaked out that they wanted to start to resuscitate his body, thinking he had literally died ! And that is really something.

    He was an advaitist by the way. But anyway I still don’t believe in the ultimate conclusion of his Kriya philosophy either, but he was (and still is) a very nice person, manifest in spirit to me as I write, even though his physical bodily vehicle dissolved some few years ago. And as always, as during the period of his earthly existence, whenever he manifests to me, he shares very complex thoughts with me, and he does not need any physical brainwaves to do that from within the Brahman light. He taught that there were 5 different levels of consciousness within the Brahman light, in accordance with the teachings of Mahavatar Babaji Maharaja. The breathless state of Samadhi was a state that he entered into only occasionally, and it was not a feature of his usual everyday mediations.

    Beings dwelling in the impersonal Brahman of course no longer possess any gross or subtle physical brain any longer as they would have in the physical or astral realm, so naturally one would not expect to get any reading on any physical laboratory equipment. But when someone like Paramahamsa Hariharananda could exhibit apparent complete and irreversible physical death, and still get up and walk away, wow! He could experience Brahman consciousness even whilst on this planet, and still maintain an apparently ordinary human body, which plainly was not an ordinary human body.

    I remember back in my TM days, whilst looking at my clock when coming out of meditation, that I could see that my consciousness and body were in another dimension, slightly out of synchronization with the normal physical dimension, a special reality constructed for each meditator perhaps, as sometimes the second hand would be sweeping backwards very rapidly, or forwards very rapidly, and sometimes standing completely still, and the strangest thing was, that sometimes my body would be moving when the second hand was standing still. And no, there was nothing odd about how my clock worked at any time when I was not meditating. Weird things indeed.

    But I accept the general gist of this article, that changes in consciousness are usually accompanied by changes in brainwave activity, Just though I’d contribute a bit extra there.

    All physical matter is only projected consciousness anyway, just like a big cinema film put out through our senses to be picked up by them again, as stated by the Bhagavad gita. In meditation we will regularly experience all kinds of changes to the laws of matter.

    Lord Krishna is the ultimate projector of the percept of all physical matter, it ultimately being the substance of His own soul, which we dwell within, in this world as trespassers in some sense, hence our being here rather than in the spiritual world, until we adjust our attitude towards Krishna and the rest of the souls, all of whom are connected to Krishna eternally.

  2. Barry Carter says:

    You can find several reports of alpha, theta, delta and gamma brain coherence measurements subsequent to ingestion of ormus minerals from various sources at:


    The last report on this page was a small double blind study.

  3. Already I truly transcended mind knows what it looks like to see the world from that state than transcendence has in the minds of those who do not understand,
    Transcendence does have enoticeable changes at certain points. But the points om a map are purely imaginary.

    moments or events or measurement points are not separate frames like on a roll of film. Reality is s dimensionless thing

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