When the Odds Seem Overwhelming: De-constructing the Great Normal

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The awakening process has it’s deeply cathartic moments. That is inevitable. It’s a bumpy road. As we gain insight into the grand deceptions of the matrix, so the direction of our own lives is thrown into greater relief. The choices become more stark. There’s no longer any compromising middle ground left to stand on.

The harder we’re hit, the deeper we have to go to find an answer to the seemingly overpowering state of affairs that manifests itself all around us.

On some days, it seems there’s nowhere left to turn. No light can be found to relieve the pain. No thought succeeds in lifting the weight of darkness.  These are times of trial for those human beings who pit themselves against the torpor of mass serfdom to demand the manifestation of something so much better. Something called Life.

I have felt the force of this madness – more than once. Many have. Our sun seems trapped in the underworld of a long parched night. Our soul transfixed to the dark side of the moon. Nothing appears to be moving to free us from this cavernous eclipse.

‘Crisis’ must eventually stand at the door of all those driven by the desire to manifest a greater destiny, yet are still caught in the web of the deceiving matrix. One foot in truth and one in illusion. If neither is lifted the soul is rent in two. Yet, in many ways, this destruction can be our salvation; our last chance saloon.

During human crisis the dice is rolled according to another hand; our old familiar control mechanisms are paralyzed and gone  – barring the ancient survival instincts. Yet even then – this crisis remains our greatest hope. Perhaps the only tool left to wrench us out of ‘the great normal’ and put us on a track that leads to the other side of the abyss – to our real selves – the real world – the extraordinary.

So it is with society today, where the rules of the game are tightly fixed on the criminal code of a deadly status quo and the players thoroughly infected with sterile normality syndrome. Only a crisis can break the chains. Yet, oh how the confrontation is resisted! Oh how the voice and fire of cleansing love is so readily repressed and hidden behind a barrage of petty  indulgences.

The forces of darkness behind the matrix master plan have laid their plans well. There is always Prozac to help resist when the unsettling demands of truth get too insistent. It’s a Prozac World today. The ‘great normal’ is easy to maintain with the help of Big Pharma .. and the bottle. So while they remain the greatest sellers the crisis can’t even get a look-in. It’s beta-blocked out of existence.

The matrix masters know this only too well. It’s their work. They act against the cleansing fire of crisis. They work against allowing even a chink of light to manifest itself. It’s for this reason that forces are marshalled against Countries like Greece, Cyprus, Ireland and Portugal dumping the Euro and quitting the Eurozone. The paymasters don’t want to lose control over the payers. Insiders are put in place to douse any impending fire. Mind control is employed to slip the dumbing down message into the unwary neocortex.

Then, as we know, the big banks ‘aren’t allowed to fail’ – at least not as long as we the taxpayers remain so willing to bail them out and keep the bosses’ bonuses in permanent uplift.

Wars are not allowed to end. Their perpetuity is in the interests of keeping the fear button pressed firmly down and thereby ‘the great normal’ held in place. You see, we are supposed to accept all these dark debased acts as ‘normal’. Most do. That is the great secret weapon of the control system.

Certain ‘deviations’ are allowed of course. We can get our kicks from from a thousand tricks – and our energy sapped by a thousand acts. But that, as Orwell and Huxley knew so well, is all part of the medicine prescribed to ensure that rebellion remains tethered to the spot and ends up devouring its own tail.

We need to break this mould – now. That is the job of light workers. We are the one’s whose task is to pierce the veil – and announce beauty and abundance beyond. It is we who are to beat the path to that place. Not just ‘our’ path – but a path that opens the way for other travelers to journey with us. And we need not cower at the road blocks set to halt our march. Each one is a test of our courage and determination. Each one overcome adds a greater depth of strength to our quest. That strength is needed now – more than ever. For it is our lot to stand in defence of the innocent who are caught up in the chaos, not just in defence of our own needs. Spiritual maturity dictates that we participate in  this service to humanity.

And if it takes a crisis in our lives to get started – then so be it – there is no avoiding a rite of passage if one is fully determined to tread the road of truth. I have good reason to believe that dark nights of the soul bring forth shining knights of the heart!

So jump to it! Now is the time to mount our steeds! Let our horses galloping hooves scatter the criminal cowards of the great normal! Don’t delay for fear of your life. The only death we truly should fear is the sterilization of the God in the Human – for that is the goal of the purveyors of darkness. Let us pass through the darkness and emerge out on the other side – transformed and ready to take-on whatever the death purveyors can throw at us.

About the Author

Julian Rose is an organic farmer, international activist and writer. He is the author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” www.changingcourseforlife.info. His next work: “In Defence of Life – Essays for a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” is to be published later this summer.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • Very erudite Meter – and containing much that I recognize as what one might term ‘valid’. Joy is indeed the vehicle of our souls – and its pursuit is a good part of what it means to be ‘alive’. So joy-on – and may the example that you live play it’s part in drawing others to your candle.

    I’ll go my way. My joy is exercised by friction. Clash and cohesion. The balance that comes from attempting to walk the tightrope of life – down the curving line that joins Yin to Yang. It’s the artist’s route – Blake’s “crooked road of genius”. Balance as a dynamic – not as a resting place. I am less interested in myself that in the bottomless pit of creativity to which we are all privy. I like to dredge on that as a means to tackle the dismantling of that which needs to be dismantled because we humans (maybe not humans?) put it up – found it was not good – and now must therefore take it apart again and replace it with something better: the joy.

    • Meter


      This is what I was referring to above when I spoke of you enjoying the friction, the drama, of separation consciousness. It’s not unusual. That domain does have a seductiveness. Yet it tends to backfire, or grow out of control. Dramas that originally are fun and enjoyed can turn dark, morbid, and fearful, even terrible. Re-read your original article to hear some of that fear. That is the flip side of the joy you’re describing here.

      When that fear takes over, that is the time to step out of separation consciousness and remind yourself that you are all of it, and that it’s all unfolding ‘okay’.

      Also see my comments above re “if you would control Monsanto’s behavior”. That’s important if your actions and efforts are to be productive. Attempting to control others and make choices for others is another often unintended progression of
      separation consciousness.

      While I don’t enjoy friction much, I’m glad you’re an advocate of caring and making this world all it can be. We truly settle for horror when we could be creating heaven.

  • Meter

    While I know he is well-meaning, Julian is painting me as a GMO-loving, careless person who disregards Earth because I see it as an illusion. So to put my comments above in perspective, I would like to share a few snapshots of life as I live it, in the illusion.

    I have been a vegan for most of my adult life, having been directed there by my spiritual process. This serves my vehicle (my human body), as well as its vehicle (Earth – a vegan diet has environmental benefits). In terms of compassion and respect for all life, the vegan lifestyle also serves to outpicture my true spirit in this world, and serves all life. Simply, it is what works.

    I buy almost all organic food, despite a limited budget which then provides for little else but shelter. Organic food serves my vehicle (I have not had need of a doctor in decades), and organic farming serves its vehicle, Earth, which serves all life. I consider the high cost very low (though I do wish organic food was more available financially).

    I seek to filter all that reaches my body, to reduce exposure to toxins. This includes using organic body care products, natural cleaners (vinegar and baking soda), filtering water, living close to nature away from cities. Can I reduce all toxins? No. Are toxins the only source of disease? No – even thoughts can be toxic. My intention is to eliminate toxins as much as possible, as an extended part of my body’s internal filtration process, while keeping the effort in balance (it can drive you crazy because we’re surrounded by toxins).

    Mostly I seek to live by “Live simply, that others may simply live.” I use relatively low resources, including energy, water and fossil fuels – I have a tiny footprint, yet live a very high quality life. (I do live in a modern culture which is inherently wasteful, so there are imperfections – you work from where you are.)

    Among others, I seek to bring valuable reminders, to be a source of light, however possible. My greatest impact is simply my life lived – what I demonstrate for others with my own choices. (They often ask me about my choices, such as being vegan, as part of their own process, without my ‘preaching’.)

    Those are just a few snapshots. You’ll notice that I speak in positives – about what I am choosing, and what I am supporting, rather than about all that I might oppose or fight against. I really fight against nothing – my greatest challenge is myself. Yet if everyone lived in a way similar to me, Monsanto would starve to death and this world would be a hugely different place. (That’s not to say that informing people about Monsanto’s practices isn’t helpful – it’s part of eliminating toxins. Yet many people willingly consume toxins even after they’re told. I won’t try to stop them if that is their choice.)

    Why do I bother making such efforts if it’s all just an illusion? Our body system survives death and lives forever. The patterns we create and change live from one life to the next, in some form. Every choice has a consequence, and every energy or vibration we source comes back to us, and to all of life. The moment is forever. It is in the small ‘daily’ choices that a life is created, patterned, and evolves. Why do I bother? Because life is delicious, and I love to enjoy experiences (illusions) based in love and joy! I love to see how high I can reach (how joyful life experienced can be). I support my vehicle (my body), and its vehicle (Earth) because they support me, my process.

    Join me.

  • Meter

    Julian replied above:

    > But what if – after your departure from third density existance – some higher energy decides you need to come back – yet again? Then you will be faced by a reality that – as a child – you will not find easy to call an ‘illusion’.

    Even though I am moving/have moved on, I am still here. It’s an ‘and’, not an ‘or’. Indeed, all ‘third density’ is illusion, a collective dream if you will. So as you say, make it a grand illusion, a wonderful one! I still play at that, but I also know it doesn’t matter. It’s a dream with a valuable purpose, but that purpose is not for it to be all pretty and ‘good’, not at this time. That would not serve humanity, would not reveal truth.

    This is a very subtle thing we’re discussing. I applaud your work as an organic farmer – thank you! I applaud those who work to move the world (the illusion) toward balance and harmony, toward it’s truth, which is joy. Isn’t the natural world amazingly beautiful? Every aspect of our lives may be an out-picturing of who we are. This is true ‘activism’. In that sense, I am an activist – I lend my energies to what I believe serves us, and withdraw my energies from that which doesn’t.

    Yet constantly fighting a war against the ‘bad guys’, believing we are their innocent victims, holds one in separation consciousness, which is what creates the imbalance in the first place. The universe is full of opposing forces which overall create a contextual field that allows us to experience life, and to evolve. Claiming you want only the good without the bad, and that the bad shouldn’t be there, is missing the point of what good+bad are triggering in humanity. Life is a process. It’s always showing you a truth, and it uses these opposing forces to create these awakenings. If there was no Monsanto, would people understand the challenges they now face? Would they awaken? Sometimes problems must expand before they contract and die.

    As a farmer, you know that it’s the rotten, nutritionally unhealthy fruit that insects are most drawn to. They are there to break it down. Monsanto and all the other dark parasites in this world are similar – they are drawn to humanity because of what humanity has become – rotten. They feed on humanity, like a parasite or a predator. Merely spraying pesticide on the fruit to make it appear fresh and healthy, killing the bugs, will not change its truth. It will kill you the same. You merely rob yourself of awareness – you fool yourself.

    The dream is there as part of our process, and it’s perfectly bringing up what we most can use in our evolution, in every moment. Use the dream, but don’t seek to defeat it, for it has a valuable purpose. By all means, lend your energies to what you know to be your highest purposes in this world, yet beware of getting so caught up in separation consciousness that you imagine life is broken. Then you will believe the illusion is real, that it ultimately matters. This is what generates the deep fear you describe – you have forgotten who and what you really are. You have gotten caught up in the nightmare.

    Monsanto and other dark forces will be around on Earth so long as humanity is rotting, so long as people lack the awareness to choose what serves them. As we evolve, we must deal with the fact that not everyone else is ready to join us – they are still in another level of the illusion. We can look at it and say “that’s terrible!” and want it to end NOW. Yet life has a higher purpose, the purpose of awakening, and that part of the illusion will not end until its purpose is served. To move out of fear and into bliss on a personal level, one must learn to use the illusion as an illusion, to let it go.

    We created all of this. To change it, we must own it. This is where separation consciousness fails and disempowers us.

    I consider it unlikely that humanity will be on this planet much longer. It is facing species extinction – humans aren’t smart enough to adapt to what is challenging them. Earth will move on. The process of extinction itself will propel members of humanity to new spiritual understandings, and this includes seeing the true horrors it has created, unforgettably. The souls in human vehicles will be given another chance, and another, and another – that’s what life does. No one is forever lost – life cannot abandon life. Every soul moves to full awareness. It is merely a question of what road we take. Some are more gentle, some more arduous. Choose.

    Love Earth (including humans), yet don’t cling to it, to the human form, for all such things turn to dust. Allow your experiences here, even the ‘bad’ ones, to feed and propel your spirit. If you believe the illusion to be real, you’ll become so fearful, angry, and frustrated that it will paralyze your growth. You’ll spend all your time trying to change the illusion, trying to resolve forces which were never meant to be resolved, rather than using their manifestations, absorbing the truth their interaction is conveying. We are all much larger than one species on one planet. We are life. All of us – even Monsanto employees and executives. We can’t defeat life. Yet we can embrace and transform it.

  • Well said Espion!

  • Prickly eh? Ha!

    • Espion

      Don’t let them get you down Julian, obviously Meter has had his awakening and dissolved his/her ego, which makes one for a time ineffectual until it is replaced with one which is Divine.
      I’m sure the PTB love those who refuse to take a stance and remain neutral(neutered).
      Where would Monsanto be now if people hadn’t Acted here on the world stage, and where is this abomination going?

      • Meter

        > Meter has had his awakening and dissolved his/her ego, which makes one for a time ineffectual until it is replaced with one which is Divine.

        lol Is that where I am? Thanks for the map!

        > Where would Monsanto be now if people hadn’t Acted here on the world stage, and where is this abomination going?

        No one here has said don’t Act on your conscience and according to your highest purposes.

        Yet if you would control Monsanto’s behavior, you must control the behavior of others, including your neighbors who are supporting them. To control the behavior of others is nearly impossible. To choose one’s own behavior is natural.

        If you would protect the Earth from your neighbors behaviors, then do so. But doing so by attempting to control their behavior is fruitless. It is not for you to choose what another would be or do.

      • Meter

        > and where is this abomination going?

        Problems like Monsanto go deep, which is why actions must be pondered deeply if they are to be fruitful.

        Your real problem is that even after you’ve done a great job getting the word out about Monsanto and the dangers of GMOs, etc., many people are still choosing what they know is not good for them. They are choosing to die. Just as people continue to smoke cigarettes despite knowing they are toxic.

        Why do people have so little will to live? Why are they controlled by appetites for toxins? Why are they committing suicide, including slow-motion suicides like GMOs?

        Like most human problems, it is not really political or technological, it is spiritual.

        This is why trying to solve it on the political or technological level isn’t very effective. The approach isn’t based on the real issue. It’s a drop in the ocean of sadness that humanity has become.

        Yet still people cling to their values, their beliefs, the teachings they’ve received. “Surely,” they think, “these must be working for me.” Change comes slowly.

        Raising consciousness requires great, great patience. One witnesses many painful stumbles. These are the crises Julian spoke of. Yet none are inevitable or required. Awareness pays.

  • grandnagus

    Go in peace little porcupine

  • grandnagus,

    Fine – go your inner way – and live on genetically modified foods (it doesn’t matter). Drink polluted water (it doesn’t matter). Watch your neighbours die of cancer (it doesn’t matter). Let the bankers use your money to fund the next war (it doesn’t matter). Let the law makers remove your last civil liberties (it doesn’t matter).. so long as you can drift off into your personal Nervana – nothing matters. I am not awakening – I am awake – at least awake enough to recognize that it is you who sleepeth my friend. Tired of trying to be tireless you have decided to go with the flow of pacifistic surrender. It feels very pleasant for a little while – so gently does it massage the ego that one actually believes one has arrived at a state of finally ‘knowing’ and ‘being’ – in one’s peaceful inner world of spirtual escapism: at least Meter admits it!

  • grandnagus

    Do you know truth when you see it? I think I do, on an instinctive level. Meter, I feel the truth behind your words. With so many distractions in the world, it has never been more difficult for us primates to understand that our journey lies within. Yet I can still feel an awakening taking place around me and within. Julian, I can relate to your passion for change. You’re awakening and you want to pick up the world and take it with you. Your ego tethers you to earthly concerns but this is not the path to real change. It is an illusion. I’m no expert on the subject, far from it. This is just what my heart tells me after reading your posts.

  • Certainly fighting is ultimately futile as the sole means to get a result. But resistence is not. Even Ghandi supported the notion that if a nation is attacked the populous should take up arms in resistence.

    There are many who like to believe that one can achieve all that is necessary by taking the ‘inward view’ – letting the heart lead. However,
    most fail to gasp that the nature of the struggle we are up against today is both an inner AND an outer one. For example, the struggle to prevent GMO from entering the food chain demands taking ‘outward’ action. In certain cases , literally scything the crops. But the awareness that makes one recognize the destructive nature of this product comes from an inner conviction concerning the sacredness of nature. It is always both.

    That is why I can’t really agree with those who appear so adamant about the overriding veracity of internal empowerment; such empowerment amounts to nothing unless it is then applied to physical actions that demonstrate service to greater humanity and a willingness to play one’s part in staunching the neglected wounds of this bleeding planet.

    • Meter

      > That is why I can’t really agree with those who appear so adamant about the overriding veracity of internal empowerment; such empowerment amounts to nothing unless it is then applied to physical actions

      You are mistaken about that. But it appears you’re young and full of fire. That’s great – the world can use fire too. Yet as you mature I believe you will find that all your actions amount to dust – their only real effect is the effect they have on who you are – internal empowerment. And that can be accomplished in more efficient ways than highly expensive, ineffective token actions which rob you of energy.

      As for the planet, I like George Carlin’s take on it, which is obviously over-the-top for humor’s sake, but conveys a truth. “The planet isn’t going anywhere. WE are!”

      As with individual human lives, human nations and complete civilizations rise and fall, as they have many times on this planet. They die. Species also go extinct every day, sometimes due to their lack of ability to adapt, or their lack of intelligence. Likewise, planets too eventually die, as do suns and galaxies. You’re going to change all this for us – bravo. But I think you’ll get tired at some point, and start looking for deeper truths.

      As a person grows inside, their outer actions always reflect their new understandings of life. It’s automatic. It’s nothing you need to jump up and down about and make happen. So work on the inner quality, and from that will flow outer quality.

      I know it’s hard to witness what humans have done and are doing to each other, to other beings, and to their home. Humans overall aren’t very bright, in fact, and are easily controlled by those who would misuse them. Yet token actions that release anger and help you feel less impotent are still just that – tokens. Taking your GMO example, all the actions are amounting to nothing, because the forces which are orchestrating those developments are doing so for their own purposes, and they have far, far more resources than you do. Simply put, you’re wasting your time and energy, like sweeping back the ocean with a broom. They just throw you a bone now and then, let you have a little victory, to keep you interested. Yet they define your causes, and how far they’re allowed to go. You’re being played. This is the problem with action which is not deeply pondered. That energy and effort could be put to better, if less obvious use within. Instead, it all leaks out, is stolen in fact, through useless striving against the inevitable.

      What it comes down to is you can’t move on to higher consciousness while your consciousness is held in duality and contention, fighting those who share that consciousness. This is one way lower consciousness spreads – it wants you to stay with it, keep it company, feed it. (Even you are behaving in this manner, attempting to lower your readers to your fear level, which you call “activism”.) Yet by joining in that fight, you are unable to experience yourself in higher consciousness. And higher consciousness is what this planet needs most. It’s a trap, you see. A trap called “fear”.

      As I said before, you communicate the feeling of deep fear well, but you’re not moving beyond it much with the approach you’re taking.

      Sometimes changes ARE overwhelming, and there’s nothing you can DO to change that. But you can change your inner experience of it, from hellish to sublime, and even use that which is killing you to propel you into greater being.

      • Meter – thanks for the advice.. but I’m probably older than you – and have enough experience behind me to be aware of what I am saying. Contrary to your view that by facing up to that which is unjust (fighting it) one is unable to experience one’s self in higher consciousness – I find exactly the opposite – it is precisely by taking on that which oppresses that one gains higher consciousness. What you refer to is best described as spiritual escapism – and its very fashionable just now!

        Maybe your particular brand of cynicism is born out of the need to try to cover your tracks. The state called ‘courage’ can quite easily be subverted via a sophisticated exercise in intellectual self agrandisment. That is surely one of the more classic traps set on the path to higher consciousness..

        • Meter


          I’m surprised to learn that you’re not in your twenties. 😉 But it was no insult in any case (just some healthy goading), and it’s to your credit that you still have such fire.

          Any activity – even struggling in the world – can be used to raise consciousness. Yet only to a degree. I’ll stand by my statement that by engaging in struggle, you’re investing in separation consciousness.

          Frankly, I think you enjoy the drama, the fight, and the feeling of struggle and winning. Power over others, and seeing your own power changing the world (even for the best of purposes). Nothing ‘wrong’ with that. I don’t think you’d give it up yet because you enjoy it too much. This is the allure and seductiveness of the physical realm – the allure of separation consciousness.

          Enjoy it as long as you like – I don’t particularly enjoy it anymore. The drama has become stale and repetitive to me after many lifetimes, and now I only want to leave.

          Escaping is about moving out of confinement and into freedom. In that sense, spiritual escapism is all of what I’m about. This is simply evolving – leaving one form for another. All experience is illusion, and I deliberately don’t take it too seriously, don’t get too wrapped up in it, as forgetting is dangerous to my purpose.

          You, doing your best to activate people, also tend to make the illusion, the fear, seem real. It has to be real, or it would spoil your drama to know none of it really matters. Thus in a sense you work against my purpose in moving beyond one reality to another, confusing illusion with what I now know to be reality.

          Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, my whole purpose now is escape.

          I don’t like most of what humanity is, or what it does, and I want to move on. I am moving on. I have moved on. These words are just my wake you’re feeling (as in the wake of a boat).

          Moving on takes great courage too.

          • Well Meter – you’re an honest soul. But what if – after your departure from third density existance – some higher energy decides you need to come back – yet again? Then you will be faced by a reality that – as a child – you will not find easy to call an ‘illusion’.

            What I enjoy is sharing the company of fellow beings of passion and integrity – that transcends any ephemeral flirtation with ‘power’. I like challenge – yes. Because I am fortunate enough to be blessed with an abundance of creative energy – and it needs to go somewhere useful – in the service of others – not just ‘myself’. I find this planet a most remarkable place and in much need of some tender loving care.

            “Escaping is about moving out of confinement and into freedom” you state. I’m not so sure about that – I suggest that ‘escaping’ is about moving out of freedom and into confinement. Confinement is much easier to deal with than freedom. Erich Fromm wrote lucidly about this in his seminal work “Escape from Freedom”. You would do well to dip back into that sage investigation. It might save you a rude awakening, later on, concerning the true nature of the world of illusion in which you currently reside.

          • Meter


            Normally I don’t think of myself as “escaping”, but since you painted me that way, I thought I would find the truth in it, rather than denying it.

            What I see of Fromm’s work appears to be saying that you can’t escape your challenges – that by embracing them you find the strength to handle freedom. I agree that merely trying to escape Earth or 3rd density challenges isn’t a solution – we are here for a purpose. Ironically, the true escape is acceptance. And that returns to my point about unity consciousness. In that sense, you are the one trying to escape. 😉 To some extent, you are railing against, rather than embracing. Activism and separation consciousness is your attempt at escape – you want to change the dream, rather than accept its message. Denial.

            Freedom is indeed a great responsibility. Yet we always move toward freedom, and in this sense, escape is always our purpose. The spirit knows itself to be unlimited and free, and seeks to experience this in human life, in all of life.

            There is no confinement – such a thing is not possible in reality, as it would violate our very nature. Yet we may experience confinement – this is called illusion. So the true escape is from illusion to reality. This is the raising of consciousness. Awareness.

  • keldoone

    Fighting is the same as screwing for virginity… it does not nor will it ever create anything but short time change and then we’re right back where we were before…. read a little history…. it is known as a revolution… round and round in circles. We keep doing the same two step war/fight game and its as if we learned nothing. The highest opportunity is to turn inward… this is the battle ground…. not out there. The only person anyone can change is themselves. IF you want to make a change in the world take a look at the person in the mirror. It is all about light and information… energy. The radar of the “elite” is fixed on drama, excitement, fighting and conspiracy… hence the word terrorist. When a person changes their personal energy… the homeland security radar no longer “sees” you. One becomes terribly boring and not interesting. The police, etc. are not interested in boring people… they want drama! And yes, drama includes “poor me” and “self pity”…etc.
    There is an incredible power and a extremely subtle composure in internal self-empowerment. And no, one does not need multiple black belts in martial arts. One merely has to let go of the belief that we are victim… and move all the subconscious tapes/programs of “I’m not enough”, I’m too much”, “no choice” and the list goes on…
    Real empowerment comes from within… not from without… and this comes… not from the mind but from the heart.
    “For me there is only the traveling on paths that have heart, on any path that may have heart. There I travel, and the only worthwhile challenge is to traverse its full length. And there I travel, looking, looking breathlessly”. – don Juan Mateus, From: The Teachings of Don Juan, A Yaqui Way of Knowledge, Carlos Castenada, 1968.
    The heart has more neurons than muscle and 5,000 times the electromagnetics than the brain… imagine that! The space of the heart is infinitely more intelligent than the mind… Isn’t it interesting… point to yourself… go ahead, do it. Do you point to your head or your heart? m-m-m-m maybe there’s something to this? Another more contemporary and good read is The Hearts Code by Paul Pearsall… enjoy and enlighten.

  • Susanna.

    Action is absolutely necessary . But, what to do?
    We need scientists, people who can work out how to disrupt HAARP.
    I have a feeling that organon is not such a silly idea and that researching the pyramids as resonators may have something to do with it.
    The planet is dying and we are being rendered stupid by our ‘masters’ .
    There are so many of us now, because there will need to be in the coming years .
    There are other ways to fight. This battle can be through our wits, our intelligence, our resourcefulness and our love .

  • Meter,

    Very interesting observation. I am familiar with it’s philosophy – yet cannot quite settle for it.. Seems fine until the man with the chain saw arrives, uninvited, to cut down the tree in your garden.. which is (sybmolically) what is happening to our bigger garden ‘Planet Earth’.
    In my view, ‘actual’ resistence is essential – but perhaps because I believe in turning my inner passion towards an outward manifestation..
    while many are content to remain passive – even when their tree is being removed from right infront of their eyes.

    • Meter


      Cultivating lightness of being and staying in the perfection doesn’t preclude action, even powerful action. From that place one may indeed seek to bring change or simply express one’s truth through one’s life lived, but one doesn’t do so because one believes life is broken. One does so as an expression of one’s truth, regardless of the impact or outcome.

      Attempting to reconcile and control the many forces that make up the world is often frustrating and ineffective. Often patience is the greatest ingredient – allowing the processes of life to unfold without reacting, and having faith in natural consequences.

      In other words, you don’t need to defeat all the ‘evil’ in the world, or match their centralized control schemes with your own. Their (our) schemes are ultimately self-defeating if not based in oneness. Have faith in that and be patient.

      If you’re worried that evil will ‘win’, you don’t believe in life or understand the purpose of what is unfolding here. Worry and fear are wastes of energy, and tell a lie about life.

      Choosing a more tranquil path does not mean one doesn’t walk at all, or take any steps. One does indeed make efforts and move forward, including impacting others. Yet there is more peace and less desperation from such a perspective, with fewer crises and more moments of deep awareness and bliss, even in the midst of chaos. It’s similar to “work smarter not harder”.

      The world and our lives aren’t broken. The process of life is unfolding perfectly, and the seemingly horrific forces at work are bringing the perfect experiences for humanity’s evolution at this time (however ugly that may appear). Life is showing us its truth, always. Be a part of that unfolding and awakening, yet if you choose the mindset of battling others for domination, even ‘good’ domination, you’re recreating the same world.

      When faced with the darkness of the world, one can see it’s not changing rapidly. It is we who must change our approach if we are to move into greater joy and awareness now. Change the inner experience first. That requires no time at all (only a change of perspective) and ultimately engenders the more peaceful outer experiences we seek.

      So what you do or don’t do may not even change, but your reasons for doing, and your sense of peace and balance are different. You understand no one and nothing is separate from you, so you seek to defeat no one.

      Thanks for your thoughts. Some excerpts below from the Tao Te Ching (worth a full read in this discussion’s context – http://academic.brooklyn.cuny.edu/core9/phalsall/texts/taote-v3.html)

      “Do you want to improve the world?
      I don’t think it can be done.

      The world is sacred.
      It can’t be improved.
      If you tamper with it, you’ll ruin it.
      If you treat it like an object, you’ll lose it.

      There is a time for being ahead,
      a time for being behind;
      a time for being in motion,
      a time for being at rest;
      a time for being vigorous,
      a time for being exhausted;
      a time for being safe,
      a time for being in danger.

      The Master sees things as they are,
      without trying to control them.
      She lets them go their own way,
      and resides at the center of the circle.”

      “The gentlest thing in the world
      overcomes the hardest thing in the world.
      That which has no substance
      enters where there is no space.
      This shows the value of non-action.”

      “The Master observes the world
      but trusts his inner vision.
      He allows things to come and go.
      His heart is open as the sky.”

      • I like this (missed it before) – and recognize it’s wisdom. Very sage expression of Zen. But I do not attempt to ‘defeat evil’ or ‘introduce centralised control systems of my own’ – I only wish to encourage the true creativity in humanity to shine forth and to be conjoined in building the arks of the future. Oh, and in the meantime I beieve in trying to stop the worst of the top down destruction from happening.

  • Annika Nordlander

    Thank you so much Julian and Meter! You are a big help for me waking up! Lots of love from Sweden, Annika Nordlander 🙂

  • Meter

    > Only a crisis can break the chains.

    You convey the feeling of darkness very well, but don’t emerge from it much here. As Einstein said, a problem cannot be solved from the same level of mind that created it.

    In my view, crisis is not required – there are many ways up the mountain. While a crisis in one person’s life may serve a great purpose, another may choose a more tranquil road to that same place. It is up to each of us to create our path.

    Confrontation is not the only path out of darkness. The dark feelings you describe are often what one feels when one is very glued to physical reality, stuck in it exclusively, and blind to the soul. The body feels heavy, emotions feel overwhelmingly oppressive and debilitating, and the world seems like a dark prison from which the only escape is inevitable death. It can seem very real and complete. This believing the illusion is real, and is all there is, can drive people to kill themselves.

    Yet as almost everyone has experienced at one time or another, a change of perspective can change all of that in an instant. Or, simply being lovingly patient can eventually move one beyond the cloud. This is one reason people (including shamans) use mind-altering substances – to change perspective to one which is not so glued to the physical-only. Meditation or the practice of stillness is another tool, in some ways more effective, as one can retain command in the physical realm more. Yet one way or another, it is this change of perspective that changes one’s experience of the world. Even if the pain and calamity is still there, it is seen in a different light, and with dispassion.

    This is the cultivation of lightness of being, which changes everything. Opening oneself beyond the physical, to the realms of the soul (awareness, love, joy), engenders of new view of all that happens in outer experience, which in fact is perfect as it is. Yes, the world is perfect, right now, just as it is, being what it is. This is called staying in the perfection – seeing the perfection in all of life and its unfolding.

    Your belief that people must “scatter the criminal cowards” shows you to be still locked in combat, contention, resistance. You believe that by fighting some battle in the world, you will free yourself and create peace. Yet perhaps it is because we are dwelling in darkness that the world is as it is, and as we move to lightness of being – soul – the world will follow. Then no battles must be fought, no criminals destroyed, no crises endured.

    Heaven is one step away.

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