Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment

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It is well recognized that a person who has suffered abuse will tend in life to either become a perpetrator of further abuse or become self-destructive.

Why? Why would a person who has suffered the emotional horrors of abuse ever afflict another human with such degradation, shock and horror? The diagnosis provided by psychological examination leaves the question unanswered, admitting that there is no hope of understanding, let alone of cure. The mental health paradigm holds that the best that can be done for the victims, and perpetrators, of abuse is to help them to contain and maintain their trauma.

The archaic spiritual form of Shamanism, however, provides clear insight into the underlying cause of abuse, and its effective treatment. The forte’ of the Shaman is within the domain of spiritual reality. Inclusive within the realm of the Shaman is the awareness of ‘Spirits’, the non-physical beings which co-habitate this earthly domain with us.

Of these non-corporeal beings, there are those with which we have a mutually beneficial interaction, such as Spirit Helpers, Guides and Allies. Then there are those which are so ‘other’ that we can have no concourse with them whatsoever. Still are there those which are purely instinctual in nature, having no conscious volitional will of their own, possessing only the drive to survive and propagate their own kind. It is within this classification of Spirits, the instinctual, that we find one type which is parasitic to us humans. ‘Spiritual Parasites’ propagate themselves through the agency of directed, violent, emotional transference, in a word: abuse.

An individual becomes infected with a Spiritual Parasite through transference from a host (perpetrator) during the victimization of abuse, whether this abuse be sexual, physical or the complex of emotional/mental/verbal abuse. A spawn of this Parasite passes from the host to the victim. It latches into the solar plexus, and can be felt by the victim as if one had received a blow, akin to that of having one’s breath knocked out of them. After hooking itself into the center of one’s Power base, the Parasite draws upon the victim’s life force, feeding on the new host’s vitality. The victim, meanwhile, becomes weaker and more debilitated as time goes on, having lost vast amounts of energy to the Spiritual Parasite.

As the Spiritual Parasite feeds, it grows, containing the life force stolen from the new host in a ‘sack’ (All these processes, though described in physical terms, are non-physical, the Spiritual Parasite itself being of a non-physical nature.). This sack grows to full extension, during which time the spawn is maturing to its propagation cycle. As it reaches maturity the Spiritual Parasite extends two tendrils, tentacles, as it were, one into the victim’s Will, usurping it, the other deadening the person’s moral integrity. Once the sack has reached fullness, and the Parasite maturity, the False Will of the Parasite takes over, directing the individual to commit an act of abuse. This occurs as an instinctual mechanism which the individual perceives as the presence of something foreign within the body. Just as if someone had eaten contaminated food, this instinct seeks to expel the intrusive substance. The Spiritual Parasite uses this biological mechanism to time its own propagation. During the commission of the act of abuse, the perpetrator has no discernment of right or wrong, their moral integrity having been deadened, nor are they aware of what they are doing, their Will having been usurped by the Spiritual Parasite. During the act of abuse, the perpetrator feels a great sense of release as the sack deflates, rushing, as it does, into the new victim, carrying with it the spawn into a new host. The perpetrator, having had this immense release, then realizes what s/he has just done, and swears up and down that they would never do this to anyone, that it is ‘not me’ who committed this act of horror. Having their moral conscience back on line now, as well, the perpetrator is filled with shock, self-loathing and remorse, promising that they will never do such a thing again. The Spiritual Parasite itself, however, has not been expelled, only its spawn. The originating Parasite now feeds, grows, and cycles through again and again, causing the person to become a repeat offender.

Thus are we able to see, from a Shamanic perspective, the answer to why a person who has been abused may tend to become an abuser themselves. Should the person so infected be able to resist this compunction to abuse, through their own innate strength, or through personal involvement in methods to strengthen one’s moral integrity in support of their Will, such as meditation, spiritual practices, therapy or religion, a new situation arises. Now the Spiritual Parasite has no release. The sack continues to fill beyond its trigger point. This bundle of stolen power, like a balloon overfilled, becomes taut and resonant with the emotional content of the originating traumatic abuse. This tautness is experienced by the body as an internal agitation, a pressure from within. In response to this irritation, a deeper biological mechanism is triggered. The same instinct is witnessed in a pair of wild animals captured from freedom and put into a cage— they will refuse to eat or propagate, they will choose death rather than live in captivity and enslavement, or bear young into such circumstances. How this instinct looks within us humans, when activated, is that we move into social and/or sexual withdrawal and isolation from the world and the ones we love. We begin to sabotage our intimate relationships and exhibit a variety of self destructive behaviors: alcohol or substance abuse, depression, immunological disorders, suicidal thoughts and tendencies. A whole panalopy of dysfunctional and destructive behaviors may result from the triggering of this one deep seated instinct. That instinct: the preservation of the species.

This instinct for the survival of the species is engaged when a threat to the sanctity and preservation of those we hold in honor is detected by our perceptions. Instincts, however, are purely bio-physical. They have no mentative capacity. They are unable, therefore, to make a discernment between the actual threat— the presence of the Spiritual Parasite— and the infected person’s physical body. As far as the instincts can perceive, the threat to the sanctity of Life is the very person who is inflicted. In response, the natural forces of the body and mind are marshaled together to isolate and/or eliminate the danger to our loved ones around us. Again, that instinctually perceived danger is sensed to be none other than our own Self, body and mind. Now our autonomic systems, which regulate our immune system, brain chemistry and emotional states, must contend with the liability which we, the invaded, appear to represent. The process of self-destruction sets in. We find ourselves acting out behaviors for which we can find no rational underpinning. Our health, physically, mentally and emotionally, begins to deteriorate. Suicidal thoughts, unbidden, may well up from within us. Candida and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (Epstein-Barre) and rampant physical parasitic infections are significant features of Spiritual Parasite contamination as well.

All these conditions are but symptoms. They are not ‘issues’, for they have no basis in our own history. Remove the source of that which is triggering the instincts to go into preservation-of-others mode, remove the Spiritual Parasites that are the true cause of the disturbances, and the secondary phenomena of disintegration and debilitation cease. By removing the Parasites, and allowing the autonomic system to once again take up its normal task of maintaining the integrity of our own health and welfare, we rapidly move towards a condition of renewal and stability. We experience freedom!

The preeminent Shamanic method of removal is that which is referred to as ‘extraction sucking’. Practiced globally throughout time and in all indigenous cultures, ‘sucking Doctoring’ is utilized to remove any number of dysfunctional energies of spiritual origin. The Shaman prepares the infected site and suctions through a tube placed upon the skin of the patient. Employing prayers and the help of Spirits, the Shaman is then able to remove the irritating spirit.

With the removal of the Spiritual Parasite and the reinstitution of health within the client, immediate and dramatic alterations are experienced by the patient. No longer does one feel compelled to abuse others or self. Things that previously would have caused the person to become agitated or depressed are now seen as within resolve. The individual enthusiastically experiences an exhilaration and enthusiasm for life!

About the Author

Jade Wah’oo Grigori is a caretaker of ‘the Ways’, an authentic Shamanic lineage. Raised in a Shamanic family of Mongolian heritage, his paternal grandparents being from the Seven Villages of the Csango People, descendants of the Mongol Golden Horde, in the Carpathian Mountains.

Following the death of his Grampa Pena in 1982, he became the Caretaker of ‘the Ways’, a compendium of Songs, Ceremonies, Dances, Methods and Techniques, Approaches to Spirit and the Ways of Power. Jade Wah’oo currently lives in Sedona, Arizona caring for his children and being actively engaged in service to his community.

For further information or to contact Jade please visit his website at www.shamanic.net.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • Aloas

    Very well said, Meter.

  • Meter

    > The diagnosis provided by psychological examination leaves the question unanswered, admitting that there is no hope of understanding, let alone of cure. The mental health paradigm holds that the best that can be done for the victims, and perpetrators, of abuse is to help them to contain and maintain their trauma.

    The above statement is incorrect, and reflects the ultra-modern pill-popping version of psychology only. Psychoanalytical approaches, such as those developed by Freud and furthered by others, do provide a mechanism for releasing and healing such trauma – the cure. This is a well-developed theraputic science which is mostly ignored now because it causes fundamental, positive personality changes and growth – the emergence of a new person. Established medicine doesn’t want people’s minds opening and being set free, so they prescribe mind-deadening pills instead.

    Even a person honestly and persistently delving into their own deep memories, using techniques such as free association, stream-of-consciousness writing and dream journaling, can release repressed memories. All beings know how to heal themselves. Most prevent the healing due to cultural taboos and other limits on free expression.

    When a person is traumatized, feeling severely trapped by a situation, the mind may split. This is especially true at a young age when the person does not have tools for dealing with emotional energies. This mind split causes a part of the mind to become forgotten – blind and caught in a loop, repeating thoughts automatically. These hidden or subconscious thoughts (aka repressions), like all thoughts, are creative – they create experiences.

    The trapped part of the mind is often in a destructive state – destructive toward the self and others. It seeks to recreate patterns of abuse in order to establish a context where it can release its trapped emotional energy – it’s attempting to heal itself. This is why abuse sometimes reproduces itself – the abused becoming the abuser. The trapped mind is not complete – it is often a child’s mind. This mind fears the repressed memories emerging because it believes it is still unable to cope with the emotions and pain, even though its host mind may now be mature. Hence there is great resistance to repressed memories emerging. This is why techniques are used to facilitate expression.

    Self-expression is the key to all of this – express your feelings and emotions! Spiritual parasites, often centuries old and moving along family lines, do attach themselves to such sites – mainly because the emotional content of the trapped mind fragment matches the parasite’s (eg hate, harm, etc). There is a tacit agreement between the being and the parasite, a relationship.

    Yet the key is not merely to remove the parasite, but to heal the wound – the point of attachment. This can only be done by retrieving the memories and allowing the mind fragment to reintegrate – heal and become whole. This is part of personal evolution and is unique – getting to know oneself for real. It cannot be replaced by a pill or a shaman’s tube. I find it much more effective to get to know oneself deeply, to explore ones past and pain, than to believe one is merely a victim, which is disempowering.

    In a sense you are like the psychologists telling people to pop a pill, except in your case the pill is a shamanic procedure. In both cases, the ‘victim’ has no power and is not really part of the process. As such, no true healing results.

    A person finds himself or herself abused not by random chance, but through the many-lives process of their creative will. Going to the heart of the will, healing the original misunderstanding which caused the being to create abuse, is not just fixing something that was broken, but is part of a person’s evolution. It is a process of growth. By truly healing it, you won’t merely be who you were before – you’ll become a newer, more aware version of yourself. No pill can replace that deeply personal process, which can take many years and even multiple lifetimes.

    Don’t let anyone steal your pain, with pills or procedures! That pain is a gift waiting to be completed.

    • Anonymous

      Brilliantly explained!

  • Prashanti

    Thanks for offering us the knowledge that these things are possible to heal. This world is better for it. Namaste, Prashanti

  • dimitri ledkovsky

    Yes. Nice clarification. This leeching of energy from others takes place in subtle ways between all people and all relationships. It’s when it consumes your life, often without your being aware of this, that this parasitism quietly rises up to the abuse level. Let that one take you over and it morphs into the annihilation phase. Been there and know well that gut wrenching telling you “Whoa! Gotta get outta here!”

  • John Cook

    I Thank You Jade.


    You describe reality so clearly that even a novice like me can see it…

    John Cook

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