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As you can see here, scientists are running out of options. Many drug resistant micro-organisms are no longer responding to the older drugs, and there are less and less new ones being developed. The only solution is to stop the rampant use of these largely unnecessary drugs.


Antibiotics, antivirals and antifungals are among the most abused and overused pharmaceutical agents that contribute to human disease.  Louis Pasteur became famous for his “discoveries”, and his contribution to the idea that germs could or should be killed.  The problem with this paradigm is that while germs do exist and can be killed, it is not the way to create a healthy living environment.  Most people are unaware that Pasteur was a political-celebrity pseudoscientist, who lifted much of his information from Antoine Bechamp, his contemporary and true scholar. Pasteur had a very poor understanding of the gestalt of living systems and in his hijacking of Bechamps information, which he couldn’t have understood enough to even take credit for, he made some incorrect assumptions. Nevertheless, like today, celebrity doctors and scientists, even then, made headlines and were adorned with respect that was wholly undeserved. For more information on Bechamp and Pasteur please read Bechamp or Pasteur. A lost chapter in the history of biology by Ethel D Hulme.  You will be surprised and entertained by the information that was withheld from your history and science books.

Antibiotics contribute to the killing of many commensal organisms that are important for proper bodily homeostasis, immunity, digestion, metabolism and organ health. Our bodies are dependent on a rich mixture of micro-organisms both inside and outside.  Sterilization is neither possible nor necessary. The conventional approach to an imbalance of micro-organisms is to kill the “invader.”  Sometimes this will appear to give temporary success, but most often the trouble will recur if there is no intervention into the whole system.

Sometimes the problem with antibiotics is painfully obvious, e.g. when a fungal infection or intestinal infection with “c-diff” takes hold after a course of antibiotics. But the truth is, every course of antibiotics weakens the constitution and, if the beneficial micro-organisms that died off do not grow back or are not replaced, all sorts of degenerative diseases, including cancer, can evolve. Are you aware that approximately 70% of immunity lies within the bowels?  Now imagine the consequences of wiping out populations of micro-organisms from the intestines, as a “side effect” of antimicrobial use.

Antibiotics can permanently kill off beneficial gut flora, which amongst other things, leads to far worse bacterial infections than the one being “treated” in the first place.  Antibiotics are infamous for creating superbacteria which then turn and potentially bite everyone, including those who don’t use antibiotics. For this reason, Dr Humphries will not prescribe antibiotics and would not recommend them except under dire, truly life-threatening circumstances.  Instead, creating a healthy background where infection cannot take hold is the aim. Disease cannot live in healthy terrain. This is a truth that has been demonstrated time and again in plant and animal life. Most doctors are unaware of this problem because it is denied in the conventional medical system.  Instead, drugs are prescribed to try to rectify the problems that later occur after a seemingly successful course of antibiotics are completed.

There are myriad ways to deal with imbalances that lead to altered bacterial and fungal balance in the body such as urinary tract infections, chronic diarrhea, sinusitis and just about all seeming infections. Often the cure does not happen overnight like the apparent effect of an antibiotic, but with the approach of strengthening the whole body, the infection will retreat on its own. This approach often takes discipline and willingness to give up addictive habits.

Strengthening the bowels in people who have had antibiotics in the past is also possible. If you would like a holistic approach to an issue diagnosed as an infection, please schedule a consult. Chances are, there are many things you can do to bring yourself back to a higher state of health.

About the Author

Dr. Suzanne Humphries is on the board of directors of the International Medical Council on Vaccination. Please visit her website at http://www.drsuzanne.net/

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  • Slvrizgold

    Who needs any antibiotics when I’ve got a supply of Sovereign Silver Hydrosol that can knock out ANY pathogen INCLUDING the so called “resistant” strains?!? The Medical Mafia is the scourge of humanity along with their blood brothers Big Oil and Military Industrial Complex. And don’t forget their father – Big Govt (owned by the Central Bankers)

  • Ken

    Dr. Suzanne Humphries should replace Dr. Oz on TV, it is refreshing to hear the truth and good advice from a professional well-educated with the truth. I have been telling people about Bechamp (this spelling is missing the accent over the ‘e’ also sometimes misspelled Beauchamp)for years, unfortunately in our propagandized world, not one person I have spoken with over the years knows of Bechamp, but they know about Pasteur. Please read the book, “Bechamp or Pasteur. A lost chapter in the history of biology” by Ethel D Hulme. It will do more for your health than modern medicine and 1000 doctors!

  • microbiologist

    Good article.

    Since 70% of the immune system is provided by the flora contained in the intestinal tract, killing it off with antibiotics makes the patient more vulnerable to future infections.

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was an antibacterial that could target only the pathogenic organisms, leaving the good flora alone?

    Well such a treatment has been around for 80 years. Its called “Phage Therapy”. Phage Therapy is the therapeutic use of lytic bacteriophages to treat pathogenic bacterial infections. Bacteriophages are viruses that invade bacterial cells and, in the case of lytic phages, disrupt bacterial metabolism and cause the bacterium to lyse [destruct]. These viruses will only infect a particular species of bacteria and don’t otherwise affect human tissues.

    More information on Phage Therapy can be found here:

  • keldoone

    Brilliant article… thank you! Antibiotics always compromise the system, masking the symptoms and creating havoc that the patient will pay for over the long run… The masked symptoms? Well, they will reappear as another “disease”! There is no one who can tell any patient what the effects of any antibiotic will have on them… from anaphylactic shock to a long list of other possibilities.
    Meanwhile, having a healthy “normal body flora” is the best defense against any disease in the physical realm. This is why Europe and her descendents survived the five times that Bubonic Plague ran through. Those who died were already compromised by total lack of hygiene in their person, their food and their water.
    Those living in the country side with livestock were indeed much healthier… Where does one think the idea for vacinations came from… it is called cow pox, chicken pox and myriad others. The ideal is to live with livestock and be exposed to these “pox’s” so that the immune system is strengthened. Instead, we live in an environment where science knows best… after all look at what science has brought us? We now live in an environment where every soul is compromised… When I was born we were given three or four vacinations, todays infants are given over forty… and this makes us healthier? NO! This makes us more compromised at an earlier age… Hey, lets hear it for autism…Boy oh boy I can’t wait for my baby to get his or her vacinations! Livnig with an autistic child,,, now that’s living. But I digress…
    There are no incurable diseases… there are compromised physiological systems that are inundated with crap food, crap air and crap water and then we wonder why the government isn’t taking care of us? We have an incredible opportunity to wake up to the fact that the only person that can take care of us is the person reading this right now! Most MD’s are bought and paid for by the drug companies. They are psychologically challenged to think of anything but drugs because that is all they are taught. Who do you think funds our medical schools?
    Meanwhile, vist a real non-corporate family farm… spend time with healthy livestock. It could save your life. Eat real food… which implies that you grow your own… clean the water you cook with and drink…wash more than just your clothes with a real, mild soap… not a chemical concoction.
    Know that by the time streptomycin had been created for tuberculosis most tuberculosis had been eliminated by simple hygiene… Streptomycin really only masked the last three percent of what had been a raging problem.
    You have within you all the drugs you need, you simply have not accessed them.

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