North Carolina Law Would Make It Illegal to Expose Monsanto

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Two million people in 52 countriesmarched against Monsanto last week in protest of genetically-modified food and in support of consumer choice. There’s international pressure on this GMO giant like never before.

But proposed legislation in North Carolina would make it illegal for whistleblowers to expose how Monsanto and other corporations are threatening public health and the environment.

North Carolina’s SB 648 is appropriately named the “Commerce Protection Act.” The bill makes it illegal to obtain employment in order to “create or produce a record that reproduces an image or sound occurring within the employer’s facility, including a photographic, video, or audio” or “to capture or remove data, paper, records, or any other documents…”

It goes on to say that “any recording made or information obtained… shall be turned over to local law enforcement within 24 hours.”

The proposal is one of a dozen “ag-gag” bills that have been introduced across the country this year. Tennessee’s Governor Bill Haslam recently vetoed a similar proposalafter a national outcry from groups like the Humane Society, ACLU, labor unions, the Sierra Club, and others.

Most recently Amnesty International called the bills an affront to human rights:

“What at first might appear to be exclusively an animal abuse issue is, on closer inspection, clearly also a freedom of expression issue, a workers’ rights issue, an environmental issue and a public health issue,” said Vienna Colucci, Director of Policy at Amnesty International USA. “And this is why such a diverse coalition has come together to oppose ‘ag-gag’ bills.”

And on top of that, the first ag-gag prosecution in the nation was a complete failure after it became a public relations disaster.

Not surprisingly, supporters of SB 648 in North Carolina are trying to run away from this failing trend, and say that the bill is not “ag-gag.” As I’ve discussed at length previously, that’s a complete lie. This bill has all the toxic provisions as other ag-gag proposals, and it was introduced on the same day Butterball workers pleaded guilty to animal cruelty after being exposed by undercover investigators.

The Chamber of Commerce issued a press release yesterday that said the bill is not  ”ag-gag” because “an ag-gag bill focuses solely on the agriculture industry.”

On that point, the Chamber is absolutely correct. This bill is not limited to factory farms and slaughterhouses. It’s much worse than that. Just as Indiana’s ag-gag bill criminalized anyone who exposed fracking, this North Carolina bill is so broad that it includes allindustries.

This is the evolution of “ag-gag.” These bills are not just about protecting Big Ag, they are about shielding all corporations from public accountability and oversight. And that’s a proposal that Monsanto and countless other corporations would love to see become law.

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  1. Morgan says:

    Ask not why people make fun of Dixie. See it yourself by posts like this. Why not just make committing suicide mandatory?

    Oh yeah. There’s no money in that. Another consumer bites the dust. Can’t have that.

    I think it’s time that monsanto is destroyed, and everyone involved in this destruction of the planet JAILED!

  2. Andrea says:

    I believe Furher Obozo signed the Monsanto Protection Act before you peeps start slamming Southerners.

    • J. Flint says:

      Why is it the standard reaction of conservatives: “Oh don’t blame me, the other guys did it. Oh yeah, and they need to be called by a dictator’s name, too?” Open your eyes, you ARE to blame! As is every American who sticks their head in the sand.

      I am from North Carolina and our legislature has been trying to enact some pretty invasive laws from making breast exposing in public a felony to establishing a state religion. Last time I checked NC is in the South. Don’t get all “dixie-defensive” when I speak against this,

  3. Bob Marshall says:

    Monsanto was responsible for Agent orange.

  4. Roy says:

    This so called bill, and the ones making them are not and can’t be law. Any and all laws in conflict with the Constitution and Bill of rights is no law at all, is null and void, and anyone that enforces them are criminals. These illegal bills are nothing more than rules and demands put out by gangsters without authority over anyone. No one has authority to protect criminals.

  5. And the penalty for exposing Monsanto? Stuff you with a mixture of Agent Orange and Aspartame!

    Now that’s tangy!

  6. justthinking says:

    we should jail them ALL! then feed them their own modified crap so they know just how we feel. did you know that monsanto won’t even let gmo products be sold in their work places and warn their employees not to buy them at home?! LET THEM EAT THEIR OWN GMO CAKE!

  7. thedoctor says:

    To Quote: The bill makes it illegal to obtain employment in order to “create or produce a record that reproduces an image or sound occurring within the employer’s facility, including a photographic, video, or audio” or “to capture or remove data, paper, records, or any other documents…”

    Assuming the text is correct, the word OBTAIN is the optimal word. Contracts are only valid if the person(s) contracting do so in good faith, to “get a job” to bust a corporation voids the employment contract as doing so is FRAUD, regardless of the motivation – this counts equally for government agents and the slaves who serve it alike.

    The article seeks to connect Monsanto, who is NOT named in the bill and whistle-blower rights, which this is not about either. What the bill says is that it is morally wrong and illegal to lie and deceive to get a job simply to bring down a company. Think about it, would you like someone, say the FBI, coming to your business via fraudulent employment to get dirt on you to close you down? Better, would you like a competitor to hire a guy to get a job at your place, to get dirt on you, to bring you down so he can put you out of business?

    Is information obtained with a full blown agenda even worth anything? Can’t all video, docs, and personal stories be shaded to tell any story at all?

    While I think the stand taken against TRUE whistle-blowers is beyond outrageous, the world of “get a job to prove an agenda” is equally as bad. But not nearly as bad as connecting things that have no connection as in this article.

  8. sundown says:

    Monsanto goes way back, even further back than Agent Orange. They started out as slave traders three hundred years ago..

  9. common sense says:

    To get back at the jerks at monsanto, start “grafting” your own hybrids using their roots.

    Get a full monsanto root system started, then just use masking tape, and get a non-gmo, non monsanto corn, to grow ontop of these gmo roots. By law the corn that is birthed will no longer be monsanto property, nor monsanto brand. Only the root system will contain the genes, and people will be taking advantage of nature, not monsanto. Problem solved.

  10. jon reid says:

    Our lawmakers are the FINEST money can buy. Concern for the people they represent is dead.

  11. mr_bellows says:

    To these lawmakers i would say:

    “Too late lawmakers…they are in fact ‘exposed’, and now, have been charged with various ‘allegations’ of “crop and food’ poisoning, and in some cases are receiving punishment…by the common law of the populace, on a global scale no less…You are TOO LATE!!!!!you freaking sell out politicians and douche bag lawyers picked the wrong side and are a buncha dirty no good low down free loading good fer nothin…pardon me, i digress :)…You are too late!!!!”

    I Love Busting Monsanto Balls
    I Love Southeners!
    I Love This Home and Native Land

    Be well

  12. Anonymous says:

    are people f ing retarded, its already against the law to do this lol

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