4 Examples of Alternative Cancer Therapies

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Cancer is one of the scariest health concerns of our times, with numbers climbing over the years and once rare or new aggressive forms of cancer appearing every day.

Over the past century, many people have discovered and attempted alternative (natural) ways to manage, treat and even cure cancer. Some of these treatments do not fall under conventional medical treatments and have no scientific or medical evidence to support their claims. However, new evidence shows that holistic lifestyle changes are successful in the prevention and, at times, treatment of many cancers. Alternative treatments are not widely publicized and in some cases, those who have claimed single products as cures have ended up in jail, or in the case of some physicians (for example Dr. Tullio Simoncini – who claims a link between Candida and cancer and cured his patients with Sodium Bicarbonate), threatened and stripped of their medical licenses. However, more and more people are considering other options.

Rick Simpson

When Rick Simpson attributed that the oil (with its high concentration of THC) cured cancers and other illnesses, he tried to share it with as many people as he could free of charge – curing and controlling literally hundreds of people’s illnesses.

When the story went public, the long arm of the law snatched the medicine – leaving potentially thousands of people without their cancer treatments – and leaving Rick with unconstitutional charges of possessing and trafficking marijuana. For more information about Rick Simpson or hemp oil and what it can do, watch Run From The Cure – The Rick Simpson Story or visit his website: phoenixtears.ca

Allan Taylor

Very few natural cancer cure success stories are mentioned in mainstream media, however, last year (2012), a 78 year old man’s remarkable story appeared in the British newspaper The Daily Mail: Allan Taylor, beat cancer by changing his diet and taking herbal remedies, he replaced red meat and dairy products with 10 portions of raw fruit and vegetables each day. Doctors told Allan Taylor in April that his cancer couldn’t be treated and had spread from his colon to his small intestine. He subsequently set out to find alternative therapies and cures on the internet. In August the retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough received another letter – stating he was cancer-free.

Jessica Ainscough

A young Australian woman was told five years ago that she had a rare, aggressive form of cancer and would need to amputate her arm to survive.  Jessica Ainscough, was in her early twenties when she received this dismal diagnosis.  Jessica, decided not take the advice of her well-meaning physicians, and chose to trust her intuition and instinct.  She dramatically changed her lifestyle and diet and vanquished her cancer naturally. Today, Jessica is known as The Wellness Warrior and author of the book Make Peace with Your Plate (Hay House) “I’m living proof that doctors aren’t always right, that wellness starts in your mind, and that YOU are the most important authority on your own health & body”  for more about Jessica, check out her inspirational blog www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au

The Gerson Therapy

The Gerson Therapy (one of the many therapies mentioned in the documentary  “Cancer – the forbidden Cures” by Massimo_Mazzucco, is a non-specific treatment that effectively treats many different conditions by healing the body as a whole, rather than selectively targeting a specific condition or symptom. Over the past 60 years, thousands of people have used the Gerson Therapy to recover from so-called “incurable” diseases, including Cancer (melanoma, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer, lymphoma, pancreatic cancer and many others).

These are just a handful of examples of alternative therapies and treatments that have successfully saved many people from cancer and undergoing gruelling conventional treatment.

While these methods may not be equally successful for everyone, neither are conventional methods.  These natural remedies and many others not mentioned here are certainly worth investigating.

For more information on alternative cancer treatments and research, visit Gregg Prescott’s website: Holistic Cancer Research: http://holisticcancerresearch.com/

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of WakingTimes or its staff.

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  • xAnonymous

    Find The.Luciferian.Doctrine.pdf

  • Celia

    Jess Ainscough vanquished her cancer completely? You could not be further from the truth.

    In the last 12 months, as well as bearing witness to her own body’s betrayal, she has seen and made mention on her blog/FB page of two similar Nutrition-Cures-Cancer inspirations as they’ve gone down the same path. In July Belle Gibson – “Healing Belle” admitted her cancer has vastly metastasised, though after that one brief mention it ‘s been back to rose-coloured inspirational Instagrams ever since ( probably due to hercurrent promotional tour) Like Anj mentioned above – another young vibrant pretty young thing – you could almost mistake her pic for Ainscough in the news article. Polly Noble’s death from cervical cancer in May affected her similarly – perhaps she had been as in the dark about the true deterioration of Noble’s condition as anyone else following her website (To this day not a mention of the fact that she is dead on the “Polly’s Path” site.)

  • I was well past stage 4 with many different cancers over three years ago. I found Salicylic acid in compound w and lotions kills cancer fast. Black salve and Essiac out of Canada kills cancer dead.

  • Bill

    Check out Dr. Budwig protocol for cancer. Many have survived and been cured after only 1 or 2 days from death. Check out Selenium as a cancer cure. Also, do not eat sugar of any kind as cancer feeds off of sugar and some artificial sweetners. IF you need the taste of sugar look in to xylitol…your body makes about 14 grams per day naturaly. It taste like sugar but it is not a sugar and has many benefiting properties. Get your body pH on the alkaline side as cancer thrives in a acidic body. Search on how to eliminate microbes (parasites)from the body. Microbes are a bacteria which even at the quantum level of existence cause cancer. There also maybe a link between microbes and fungus in the body as well, just released research has stated. Heavy metals,chemicals that are ingested or touch the skin such as many soaps and shampoo can cause cancer. Microbes of course and having a pH below 7.3 can cause cancer. Do the research as there is not room here for me to write all about it. Look into natural cures and natural antibiotics that will kill microbes without turning them into a super bacteria. Check out the benefits of cayenne pepper for killing microbes/virus. By raising body temp. a degree or 2 will destroy many
    viruses and bacteria. Just need to keep the temp. raised 5-10 minutes.
    Think cayenne or hot salsa. If you cant handle the heat in your mouth
    try cayenne capsules. One is good enough every day. Be careful if you have low blood pressure as it will lower blood pressure dramatically.
    Research from Japan states that it may be possible to cure most if not all disease by drinking 4 glasses of water 45 min. before eating breakfast. I am not a doctor just a researcher. Always talk to your doctor before trying any protocol.

  • cougar

    Comeon. Why not talk about the REAL cancer news. His name is Tulio Simoncini, an Oncologist M.D. from Rome Italy. he wrote book three years ago “Cancer Is A Fungus”. He’s on YouTube and for almost 30 years he says he’s been curing virtually all cancers. He claims a 98% cure rate with an alkalyzing technique using Sodium Bicarbonate. Yes, “Baking Soda”! There’s a British MD I’ve seen on YouTube (I think his name is Coleman)who says the 98% figure is inaccurate, it’s actually closer to 99%.

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