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Intense speculation on the ‘ruling elite’ many believe is running the world from behind the scenes can lead to the presumption that it is all-powerful and infallible. But is it? Identifying the human foibles and underlying desires of those who may be planning centralised domination could lead to a greater chance to offset their agendas.

In my book The Truth Agenda, I explore a widely-held hypothesis in certain quarters: that the world might be controlled by a powerful ruling elite, which puts its own narrow interests and convictions above ours through manipulation and engineered global crises to help bring about an Orwellian-style ‘One World Government’.

The book also considers the possibility that our planet is about to undergo a huge change, social, spiritual or cosmological, something seemingly anticipated by several ancient cultures around the world in the now renowned 2012 prophecies. The exploration of these ideas throws up disturbing possibilities and more pieces of evidence to support them than is entirely comfortable.

However, if all that the most extreme speculation achieves is to help prevent such a grim picture from reaching full fruition, then it will have served a useful purpose. It is also crucial that a note of optimism is struck.

An often valid criticism of conspiracy theorists, or ‘truthseekers’, is that their fevered investigations into humankind’s worst nightmares can leave some listeners feeling more fearful, and risks driving them into a state of disempowered paralysis, putting up the shutters when what is needed is engagement. Yet the unavoidable truth is that looking a potentially tough situation in the eye does mean facing up to disturbing realities that may have been swept under the carpet, for they might require urgent action.

Lifting the blindfold even just a little means that we might not run into the approaching wall at such a great velocity. If the idea of a secretive but all-pervading cabal running the world leaves some feeling shocked, the act of simply contemplating such an idea may in itself spark a new awakening of consciousness.

What psychologically motivates this elite, however? What kind of minds are we really dealing with? How can we attempt to understand them, so that solutions and strategies for dealing with their actions may become clearer?

The Elite and its Motivations

Something too often missed in all the conspiracy speculation is the realisation that if we are being governed by a powerful cabal trying to twist the world to its own ends, then we are still essentially dealing with fellow human beings (putting ET/reptilian bloodline theories aside for a moment).

Like every other person on the planet, they must have physical, social and emotional needs, even if the latter faculty may be too easily set aside in the kind of mind that would plan 9/11-type scenarios (an event widely suspected to have been deliberately staged by Western sources as part of a march towards the ‘New World Order’). The personalities involved must have loved ones of their own, and experience thoughts, feelings and cares in at least some directions. They also, like most of us in our lives, probably think they are doing the right thing, however much we may see their schemes as misguided.

This is an important point. We all have reasons for doing what we do, and can often justify actions to ourselves in the face of serious challenges from the outside. Hard though it may be to comprehend, the motivation of those who might think that wiping out their own people would be a positive move, or who believe that planning wars and economic breakdowns to effect the creation of a unifying world government is an acceptable strategy, the fact is that many seemingly well-intentioned visionaries throughout history have voiced the need for such approaches. This does not make them right, of course, but there is plainly a significant, if small, seam of humanity that believes a bigger picture should be put before the needs of the masses. Those who have expressed support for eugenics and depopulation strategies, for instance, often have deep-seated environmental concerns or feel strongly that we have lost our balance with nature and must put the planet’s future ahead of the requirements of the common people.

One of the most prominent promoters of the term ‘New World Order’ was the famous and much revered writer H G Wells, who believed passionately that the only answer to global strife would be the creation of the eponymous hierarchy, actively proposing it in his 1940 book The New World Order. This is clearly not a modern concept, and has roots going back even further than Wells’ idealistic vision of it. Some believe both World Wars were deliberately coordinated, or at least used, to help bring about a mandate for world government. As early as 1913, writing in his book The New Freedom, President Woodrow Wilson made clear that some formidable force already underpinned the commercial, and probably political, infrastructure of the USA:

Some of the biggest men in the US, in the field of commerce and manufacturing, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organised, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

What is striking in H G Wells’ writings, however, is his sense of excitement and enthusiasm for the idea of a dominating collective that would put all to rights and avert “the disastrous extinction of Mankind.” There is no sense of negative intention nor a Malthusian dislike for humanity. Yet at the same time Wells was an advocate of eugenics. Many find this concept entirely repugnant, but here is the paradox – the very kinds of people truth-seekers tend to single out as the enemies of humanity very likely see themselves as its saviours. It is all a matter of perspective and of where one chooses to draw the moral line.

The philosopher Bertrand Russell openly accepted the inevitability of a controlling One World Government, founded on the basis of hard scientific values, and was disturbingly frank about the culture that would result. Writing in his 1953 book The Impact of Science on Society, he states:

Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…

…Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organised insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.

On the surface, Russell’s thoughts appear to encourage such a world, rather than condemn it, and such thinking seems outrageous, even if it does come close to identifying the very philosophy that may now be actively shaping our society. However, although it seems difficult, almost distasteful, for some to contemplate, there is a thought to be considered here: What if such thinking were definitively shown to be right? What if humankind’s very survival did rest on the notion of more control, not less? What if the choice were demonstrated to be between total destruction through over-population, pollution and over-stretched resources, or a selectively-bred, closely-monitored world that regulated itself and continued on? What if an anarchy-ridden post-2012 apocalypse society could be shown to stand no real chance of survival, whereas a tightly-controlled disciplinarian civilisation would?

Uncomfortably, in the light of the world’s current challenging issues, it can be seen, at least to a small extent, how arguments could be made in these directions when looked at from a certain viewpoint. The problem comes, as ever, with the massive issue of who gets to decide. Those in comfortable circumstances looking down from on high must inevitably see things rather differently to those scraping an existence lower down the rungs, at their mercy.

We already hold the power of genetic manipulation in our hands, and it will not be too long before required characteristics of children will be able to be routinely selected and engineered. Also, with life spans ever increasing, and our understanding of tissue and brain cell regeneration growing by the year, how long will it be before life can be sustained indefinitely? When that occurs, the population problem will clearly explode if unlimited access to such power is allowed (that is, if the majority of humankind is permitted to survive in the first place – depopulation conspiracy theories are rife). A world of immortals would risk stagnation, but also domination from those who attained the status of immortality first. They would effectively decide who would be offered the gift from thereon. In the end, the gene pool would almost certainly be controlled by such authorities, the new eugenics having arrived through the back door.

These issues are already reality, not dystopian fiction. The power of genetic engineering, which is currently changing our food, both animal and vegetable – and thus our entire ecosystem, as spliced and altered genes make their way into nature through pollination and cross-breeding – means that humankind has already taken the entire planet’s evolutionary destiny into its own hands, and there is no going back. Do those calling the shots have the moral compass to carry such a huge responsibility? Can they serve as the gods they are setting themselves up to be?

In a society of angels, perhaps a charter of rigid regulation, surveillance and genetic population control could be applied with compassion and the wide agreement of a common consensus – but we are nowhere near such a state of being. With the motivation of those governing our world today clearly in question, it seems impossible that the kinds of agendas many feel the ruling elite is implementing could work in any way other than being a simple attack on the larger percentage of humankind. Without common consensus, whatever the supposedly good intentions that might exist somewhere behind the plans, any attempt to regulate the world by coercion and draconian measures remains an immoral one.

Inherent Deception

The problem with global cover-ups is that they arrive and build up – as deception does so often for all of us – through a lack of honesty largely sparked by the fear of what people might think or do if they were to perceive the true vulnerability within. The elite appears to fear us and our reactions as much as we may fear it – otherwise it would not need to manipulate and control. Many disingenuous actions are borne of inner psychosis; a lack of trust that other people will understand. Our leaders appear to have got so used to playing deceptive games that they cannot now operate any other strategy. Everything from the banking system to Parliamentary administration appears to be based on subterfuge. Right now we are clearly not trusted by those affecting our lives so strongly and as a result we do not trust them.

Not that some of the elite would be remotely bothered about what any of us thinks of their actions. For those who may feel that caveats to explain such motivation is too generous to people who maim, kill and deceive to get their way, for whatever reason, it should be noted that there do also appear to be those pulling the strings who simply seek power for power’s sake. The lessons of history tell us that selfishness, greed and excited bloodlust cannot be ruled out as prime movers in some cases, at least. And, to acknowledge the not-insubstantial suspicion of a ‘reptilian agenda’, if it were to turn out that this highly exclusive club was indeed the result of a dominating extra-terrestrial gene seeded aeons ago (as some believe, based on ancient myths) and being exploited and/or activated by celestial visitors today, then it admittedly might explain why concern for the needs of humanity appears to be as low down the list of its priorities as our general concern for the welfare of livestock is today.

As for what kind of people may comprise the global elite, the well-intentioned and the not-so well-intentioned, most likely we are largely dealing with high-ranking politicians, academics, intellectuals (as with Wells and Russell), monarchies, and very rich and influential families – with a mixture of political, religious and occult undercurrents. In other words, all the obvious candidates. Numerous books and websites go into the detail, so there is little need to explore it here. How much of the grand plan all of them know, however, and whether there are pyramids-within-pyramids amongst even the power structures near the top, is another matter.

Factions Within Factions

The presumption is often made that the very existence of a ruling elite means that those involved must be all-powerful and of one mind, accurately manipulating domino events that hit the required spot every time, all to a predetermined agenda. But this may apportion them an unwarranted infallibility.

There is evidence to show that there are factions and disputes within the echelons of those with great influence over our lives. After all, the world is a big and complex place. Even with a general agreement on how it should move forward, the pressures of regional needs and personal biases are almost certain to blur the clarity of purpose from time to time. Going on the word that does sneak out from Bilderberg meetings and the suchlike, it seems that as many disagreements, compromises and negotiations arise there as within any supposedly democratic Parliament. If this weren’t the case, the meetings would not presumably need to take place, so pre-orchestrated would the scheming be.

As with Masonic and other secret society structures, there is also a pecking order to consider. It is doubtful that all those ‘in’ on a global conspiracy seeking centralised control would be party to every machination, and certain players may themselves be manipulated from within without realising it. From the outside, for example, it appears that British ex-prime minister Gordon Brown, for all his many references to creating a ‘New World Order,’ seemed destined to be a fall-guy from the start, set up to come to power just as the world economy took a tumble. The question is, did Brown know the full plan? Was he someone faithfully playing a game with a known outcome of outward failure, while secretly ensuring success in an agenda of weakening the UK on the world stage to quicken a move towards One World Government? Or did he cling on in the genuine belief that all would come right and that he would one day be hailed as a political hero?

Likewise, when Bill Clinton found himself under threat of impeachment following the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal, was this all part of a contrived drama, or a sign of factions within factions very genuinely trying to remove him after an unplanned gaffe? And did Richard Nixon go rogue or was he just playing a pre-auditioned role? On a smaller level, when a man in the crowd died after being pushed to the ground by a policeman during the 2009 G20 protests in London, it took all the seemingly contrived focus away from images of a few people smashing a bank window, and suddenly all the headlines became howls about police brutality. Was this an ongoing twist to deliberately stir civil unrest or was it (as many suspect) something going unexpectedly wrong and changing the script? Does every war and false-flag terror attack really go to plan, or is there as much ‘cock-up’ involved as conspiracy?

How organised, then, is this global elite, and is it really as united as some truth seekers give credit for? The evidence suggests that there are chinks in the armour and disagreements within, and weaknesses and unpredictable elements always arise in any grand plan. This offers hope. The foibles of human nature and the sheer universality of chaos theory may ensure that unexpected events and peculiar side tracks undermine the apparent solidity of the control agenda just when they are least expected. We could therefore be dealing with something far less coordinated than feared – indeed, the wide truth seeker presumption of the elite’s potency may make it seem more of a problem than it really is. But can we take the chance of becoming complacent?

It is clear that certain events and trends do seem to be part of an unfolding pattern that suggests an attempt to engineer a mandate for centralised power. Whilst we must not become petrified into inaction by this, nor, however, should we take the opposite risk of assuming there is no real threat, even if the conspirators are found to be less competent than some believe. Either way, it is important at the very least to call attention to the appalling deeds committed by those at least trying to be an all-powerful force.

Consent by Apathy

If plans for world domination are being laid on any level, a simple fact needs to be recognised – that it only goes on because we collectively allow it. Even with obvious governmental deceptions such as the weapons of mass destruction debacle in Iraq, such things only continue to occur as widely as they do because too few people stand solidly against them or fully call their leaders to account. We have allowed apathy and the distractions of (apparent) comfort, trivia and entertainment to hold us in our armchairs in the hope that anything dark ‘out there’ will remedy itself in due course, without our input, energetically or even electorally (voter turnouts for Western elections, whatever they are worth, are generally perilously low).

By having become so disconnected with what goes on around us in our names, we have not stood up in our collective power – and are therefore as responsible as any global elite for having created the world we live in today. With the consent granted by our passivity, we have watched obvious lies and manipulations take away our strength, resolve and liberty, and have done little or nothing about it. As such, we have given away our personal responsibility. The energy spent complaining loudly but emptily in the pub or bus queue about the shortcomings of today’s society, if applied in more proactive and positive directions, could be used to offset the very things being complained about. The problem is that we have been trained to think that we cannot make a difference – when, in truth, we can, especially when we match the tangible power of the collective mind with the practical rewards of direct action, as I explore more in The Truth Agenda.

Speaking out

Much of the awakening process that HAS begun has come from the kind of people drawn to be part of the truth seeking community. Unfortunately, their often unseen efforts are generally rewarded by undeserved ridicule and sidelining by a culture that has shut its eyes and ears to anything but the skewed vision it is fed by those who prefer to keep us dumb. People who question the status quo are easily neutered in the mainstream by being branded with false ‘wacko’ stereotypes created by a media that is all too often either itself controlled, fearful or just lazily stupid. Truth seeker enthusiasm does allow things to spill over into fanaticism and lack of discernment sometimes, no doubt, but the fact is that there are also absolutely vital questions and observations being raised by very reasonable, normal people, which could make a real and positive difference to people’s lives – if ever given a chance.

It doesn’t take long for the average person to see through manipulation once obvious anomalies are pointed out. Assuming the masses will always be dumb may be an arrogant and huge mistake on the part of our masters. When discussed in an accessible and objective way, the concept of a ruling global elite, which believes that some kind of catastrophic cosmological or climatic change may be imminent and has thus been implementing a regime of draconian restrictions by nefarious means to ensure it retains control during and after the chaos, is nowhere near as far-fetched as it may at first seem. It can all be made to sound credible when expressed in balanced tones, and when sensible evidence is presented.

Tones are important. Extreme conspiracy dogma, passionately but indiscriminately shouted, can repel potential support and plays into the hands of the mainstream’s characterisation of all alternative thinkers as uneducated fanatics. Those with the power of insight who can rise above this have a responsibility to convey a user-friendly overview of the control agenda. Successful outreach requires initial moderation – and compassion. Newcomers can be confused by all the many complex sources of information out there, and may shrink from the at-first disturbing idea of a manipulative ruling elite if not properly approached. The uncertain era we live in now, with glimpses of the truth shining in through the cracks, provides a unique opportunity for those with the insights to offer another view of the world – while they can.

There may be more than one reason why a world of centralised control would be desired by a ruling elite, and we cannot fully presume to understand from the outside. But no strategy that imposes an undeclared agenda without transparency or choice can be right, and any regime of underhand manipulation must be resisted. To resist successfully, however, those with awareness must hold on to optimism and strike an appropriate tone if they are to be listened to and people awakened so that a self-elected and questionable minority’s vision for the world is not allowed to ride roughshod over the needs of everyday people.

No elite, of any kind, can be infallible, and this offers true hope for the future – if enough people can rise above their fears and speak out, loudly and clearly.

Adapted from The Truth Agenda by Andy Thomas (Vital Signs Publishing 2009, revised 2011)

About the Author

ANDY THOMAS is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda (Vital Signs Publishing, 2009, revised 2011). His many other books include Vital Signs, described widely as the definitive guide to crop circles. Andy also edited Geoff Stray’s seminal Beyond 2012. Andy extensively writes and lectures, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances around the world. For further information, visitwww.truthagenda.org.

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  • Egregore

    The elite have demonstrated over the centuries that they are incapable of ruling anything in a healthy way. They are a bunch of inbred pedophiles and it has been proven that inbreeding can cause a host of psychological problems that should prohibit them from being in positions of power. A god complex is a terrible thing. No one can possibly know what is best for everyone. A psychopath will always choose what is best for themselves and then try to convince us it is good for the masses.

  • 0jr

    more spam for a book

  • Scott Brown

    You allude, Mr. Thomas, to an issue you don’t provide an answer for: world overpopulation. When I was born their were three billion souls on the planet, now there are over six. At one point I was expecting a reference to the Georgia Guidestones (thanks for not going there).

    Even if we did collectively root out the “Elite” (which will never happen, however fallible they may be), we still have to answer the question you brought up and left hanging. What to do about US, the hoi polloi, the Great Unwashed, the “useless eaters” as Kissinger dubbed us. (He might as well have said “useless breeders.”) Because sure as hell six billion people aren’t going to rationally solve the problem of six billion people. We might, as some optimists have pointed out, be able to all fit into the State of Texas (plenty of room on old Terra, folks!) but I wouldn’t want to be there when lunch time rolls around, and don’t even want to think the sanitation issues.

    And this whole notion of people acting “collectively.” Hmm. Sure, Gandhi united India to free his people from British rule. Then what happened, class? Anyone?

    I’m an American born-and-bred, yet even I know better than to believe that crap about a bunch of informed, incensed patriots rising up to overthrow the yoke of tyranny (as was once taught in middle schools on this side of the pond–nowadays even that lie is barely mentioned). What happened was that a small coterie of mostly self-educated, self-styled political philosophers (Franklin, Hancock, Jefferson, Paine, the Adamses and so forth) got together and conspired to foment a revolution, then sold it relentlessly to the American public. There was nothing “collective” about it. I cannot think of a time in all of History when people “collectively” rose up and did anything on their own behalf except agree with forces greater or cleverer than they, then numbly or exuberantly, as the case may be, follow orders.

    So what motivates the Elites? To paraphrase F. Scott Fitzgerald, They are different from Us–even if they lose it all, they are still different from us. Maybe they are reptilian space seed, or maybe they simply know their forebears created the money system so we rabble would go scrambling after tossed coins instead of doing the collectively rational thing: which would be to go scrambling after the Elites and wring their f-ing necks.

    There will, there must, be a collapse (there would be one whether the Elite wanted it or not, are stage-managing it or not, rest assured the self-styled Chosen Ones know this and are prepared for it; it’s not necessarily a question of lacking humanity or suffering from psycho- or sociopathy, it’s that They were raised differently from the Rest of Us, they are Elite, and when the SHTF they simply can’t afford pity).

    If not a socio-economic collapse, then something even bigger than humanity–abrupt climate change, a pandemic, a meteor, a pole shift, a solar storm wiping out all our electronics (let us hope not, 700+ nuclear power plants going Chernobyl all around the planet simultaneously would kill all life, forget your stockpiles of food, water, and ammo).

    To the billions of us left out in the cold when the bunker doors slam shut, it really doesn’t matter if They received advance warning from the Space People, or from Their own number-crunching prognosticators (who, incidentally, probably don’t realize which side of the bunker doors they’ll be on when there are no numbers of Us left to crunch).

    Very thought-provoking piece, Mr. Thomas, thank you. Unfortunately it evokes no optimism on my part.

  • ed

    Wow! The first apologist for the elite! Do we really want a world that no one would want to live merely to save the species? I would submit that a world without justice,freedom or compassion is not a world worth living in. Our author makes the same mistake that the elite make, namely they think that the end justifies the means. The right answer is that it doesn’t and never will. Now,lets have an article about how to “understand” (accept) the Nazi’s–they thought they were saving the world too. The fact that evil people are self-deceived does not make them any less evil. This includes the “revered” Mr. Wells and Mr.Russell.

  • Bawse

    I’d like to see an article titled:
    “Overstanding the Ruling Elite (So Called)”
    These scumbags are not elite and are not to be stood under.
    I’ll have to come up with an article of my own I guess.

  • The problem of the destructive and greedy rich ruling elite has been the same through-out history, and the solution is still We the People becoming united and getting organized! Gandhi’s movement overcame the British Empire and now we must overcome the Wall Street Empire! We need to bring together the 1,000 issue groups to cooperate and develop a strategy that informs, empowers, and mobilizes the 99%! I have a few ideas, let me know if you’re interested!

    • julie

      Just saw your post and wanted to let you know how much I appreciated it. Organizing is the only way and has been the only way, as you point out. Unfortunately a lot of people still believe that they are “comfortable”, at least enough so that they don’t want to rock the boat. Time will tell.

  • I believe Brown was ignorant of the plan. Until yesterday I would not have been so sure but then Tony Blair’s former right hand man and political enforcer Peter Mandelson made an astonishing speech in which he admitted that the Labour government between 1997 and 2010 engaged in a deliberate policy of encouraging immigration to Britain by low skilled poorly educated people from Eastern Europe and the Indian sub continent for the purpose of shifting the balance of British society.

    Mandelson never does anything without a hidden agenda so it would seem this is a move to split the Labour Party, undermine current leader Ed Miliband and pave the way for former leader and Bilderberg front man Tony Blair to lead the party into the next election.

    The only thing wrong with that plan is it underestimates the loathing British voters have for Blair. I think the comeback was planned before Blair stood down and Brown took over.


  • The “elite”, essentially, are satanists/lucifer worshipers, meaning, firstly, they understand implicitly the energetic nature of the Mind and this our Physical Reality, more importantly, negative energy, which if you ain’t already known this, is the energetic state of satan/luficer…secondly, through global mass murder/suffering/poverty/depopulation/pandemics/chaos, etc, which are all physical manifestations of negatively generated (through the Mind/Body), for the sake/purpose of their god, satan/lucifer, to manifest within this Physical dimension, and of-course, where, energetically, they (the elite) are empowered with more control over mankind…

    • Larry

      If you believe in capitalism,then you are Satanist. Capitalism survives of the work of others to make you rich.Ayatolah Khomenia was right in calling America the great Satan

  • Jerry Jackson

    Calling other men “elite” is probably a bad start. What if they are just people and the idea of super wealth is no more a belief than Santa clause? Where is the wealth in money if only one party believes in it? Why do people accept ideas and belief systems such as money, government, authorities, state, countries, ownership, rights as their own?

    Who among us has had any input whatsoever to their creation and maintenance? Could it be that one man cannot tell another what to do, but what he can do is give him something, convince him he has a “right” to it and then control the thing he created – effectively controlling the man by proxy as he refuses to let go of what he believes to be his. Why do people fight for that which was never theirs?

    Why do people tacitly agree to authority by protesting? When did going to war ever achieve peace, could it be we’re all at war even in our own dealings with one another? Perhaps the problem is a lot closer to home than we dare to look.

  • Hello Andy:

    It is important that we understand the motivations of those who choose to advance their own agendas at the expense of many. Most of us have no idea how we would choose to behave if we were in their position. Most of us have never been there and never will. I venture to say, however, that given near unlimited wealth and power, most humans would seek ways to ensure the safety and sustainability of themselves and their families.

    Would we take a similar approach of disregard for the well-being of the masses? That is perhaps impossible to know. It is an important idea to contemplate in helping us know how best to remain alive and free.

    I continue in my personal quest because I am convinced that the people in question are highly fallible and somewhat blind to reality. Given that this is so, they may well achieve many of their plans but, I think, humans will wake up and will ultimately secure their freedom once again. It is likely that this cycle of freedom – oppression – freedom will continue, however. It seems that human beings at this stage of development cannot help themselves.


  • Kim Murphy

    I would have to agree with all that you have said, except for this….”If plans for world domination are being laid on any level, a simple fact needs to be recognised – that it only goes on because we collectively allow it. Even with obvious governmental deceptions such as the weapons of mass destruction debacle in Iraq, such things only continue to occur as widely as they do because too few people stand solidly against them or fully call their leaders to account. We have allowed apathy and the distractions of (apparent) comfort, trivia and entertainment to hold us in our armchairs in the hope that anything dark ‘out there’ will remedy itself in due course, without our input, energetically or even electorally (voter turnouts for Western elections, whatever they are worth, are generally perilously low)”. No one is allowing this, people have been drugged, chemtrailed, poisoned and who knows what else to such a degree that they are too sick and tired to care. You are too soft on the evil, vile “elite” who are doing this.

  • Dear Andy,

    The cabal has made it impossible for Us to unite against them. Democracy ~ Our unity ~ is their worst nightmare. I’ve been trying to find a way to facilitate real democracy to Humanity since 1972 when I first read JFK’s ‘Secret Society’ speech. In 2000 I created Earth’s first system of real democracy at http://www.MajorityVoice.org and dot com. The banksters almost immediately cyber-destroyed it with all sorts of covert disruptions that defy description. I keep it online as an example of what democracy should look like for some future, smarter generation who realizes their need to unite against these few psychopaths. It’s still fully functional, but more or less archived. It needs to be redesigned, rewritten, re-branded (OurWill.org?) and reintroduced to the mind of Mankind. Would you like to be the father of democracy? I’m getting too old and have run out of resources.

  • AP

    Looks no further that the Saturnalian Bloodlines!! If you can get any higher than that let me know!!

    God Bless


  • Frankford Franklin

    Long dull boring article1 Very strong coffee is in order!

  • keldoone

    Dr Charles Tart in 1986 coined the appropriate term… Consensus Trance. He suggests that the only difference between a hypnotist and your parents is that the hypnotist cannot overtly threaten you. We are and have been asleep for a long time. And indeed, the awakening is happening and it is certainly time.
    Coffee anyone?

  • dimitri

    What was that Fabian symbol again? A wolf in sheep’s clothing?

  • chris

    You should be more careful about plagarism–

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