Comparing Vitamin, Mineral and Energy Content of GMO vs. Non-GMO

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Consumers select organic foods over genetically modified organisms (GMO) for a variety of reasons, however besides the long list of potential health implications from consuming GMO, the one thing that impacts decision making more than anything else is nutrition. There are convincing differences between organic and GMO foods in nutrient content and health benefits.

Higher antioxidant levels, lower pesticide loads, better farming practices all lead to a more nutritious end product when choosing organic over GMO foods.

For example, tomatoes grown by organic methods contain more phenolic compounds than those grown using commercial standards. That study — published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry — analysed the phenolic profiles of Daniela tomatoes grown either using ‘conventional’ or organic methods, finding that those grown under organic conditions contained significantly higher levels of phenolic compounds than those grown conventionally.

Other findings published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry showed that organically produced apples have a 15 percent higher antioxidant capacity than conventionally produced apples.

A stunning report on GMO vs. organic corn posted on Moms Across America clearly showing the nutritional value difference between GMO corn and NON GMO corn.

“The important thing to note in these deficiencies is that these are exactly the deficiencies in a human being that lead to susceptibility to sickness, disorders and cancer. People who have osteoporosis are low in calcium and magnesium, people who have cancer are low in maganese. The list goes on and on.”

  • Non-GMO corn has 6130 ppm of calcium while GMO corn has 14 — non-GMO corn has 437 times more calcium.
  • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of magnesium while GMO corn has 2 — non-GMO corn has about 56 times more magnesium.
  • Non-GMO corn has 113 ppm of potassium while GMO corn has 7 — non-GMO corn has 16 times more potassium.
  • Non-GMO corn has 14 ppm of manganese while GMO corn has 2 — non-GMO corn has 7 times more manganese.

Overall, the paper found that non-GMO corn is 20 times richer in nutrition, energy and protein compared to GMO corn.


“Agritech companies have given themselves veto power over the work of independent researchers.” Scientists must literally ‘ASK’ these corporations for PERMISSION BEFORE publishing independent research on GMO crops.” (Scientific Amerian, August 13, 2009.)

This article written by the Editors in Scientific American goes on to mention how Elson J. Shields an entomologist at Cornell University and spokesperson for a group of 24 corn insect scientists who protested against the ‘blocking’ of ‘unfavourable’ GMO research (ie. research that may not promote GMOs), actually wrote to the EPA. These protests were about the “…selective denials and permissions based on industry perceptions of how ‘friendly’ or ‘hostile’ a particular scientist may be toward (seed enhancement) technology.”

Most nations in the world have no GMO-Free platform to protect their citizens and although this is slowly changing, most nations are far behind places like Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Egypt, Russia and others who have GMO-Free or national bans on GMOs. Nations such as The United States, Canada, China, UK, Australia, Mexico, and most of South America, Asia and Africa who have no formal GMO-free platforms so that they continue their unrestricted and widespread use in all foods.

About the Author

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy.

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  • Tin Foil Hat

    Apparently the best way to get “mineral dense” food is to eat dirt. Folks, these really are just soil test results. If you don’t believe it, contact your local County Co-op or feed & seed store and they’ll help you arrange to have the dirt in your yard tested. By the way, any corn that is only 60 ppm carbon can only be some kind of alien life form.

  • The “leaked study” is really actually a falsified soil comparison used by ProtitPro to advertise their fertilizer.

    Selling cow shit with bullshit.

    Look at the data! No corn could have less than 3% organic matter only 60 ppm Carbon, but dirt can. Not to mention Cation Exchange Capacity, ERGS, Brix, pH, Base Saturation, and ratio of aerobic to anaerobic organisms are all tests performed on soil.

    The data imply NOTHING about the nutrition or toxicity of GMO corn.

  • Sorry folks, this chart that has shown up all over the internet is fake. It appears to be a plant tissue test (corn kernels) compared with a soil test.

    Food is not tested for conductivity, and dry corn is not tested for brix. Food is definitely not tested for CEC, cation exchange capacity, that is a soil test measurement.. Most telling of all, no corn ever gron had 6130 ppm Calcium. 100 ppm would be very high for corn. Soil may have 6130 ppm Ca, corn never.

    Really a shame to see people fall for obvious fakery when there is so much real anti-gmo info out there.

  • Choo Hader

    Talmudic devils.

  • Dave

    Seeing how they are complicit in the 911 coverup, and how they berry their heads in the sand when confronted about chemtrail aerosols, It’s no surprise they’re also complicit in the agenda 21 depopulation program to allow Monsanto poison the food supply with GMO’s. They don’t call them ‘CON’gress for nothing.

    “Since this is known information for all to see, how then is it that those in Congress still allow for this kind of corporation mischief to continue?”

  • jamesat17

    Since this is known information for all to see, how then is it that those in Congress still allow for this kind of corporation mischief to continue. Are they getting the same foods as the rest of us or are they getting something under the table that does not affect their health or that of their families? I can guess the answer is that they willingly have sold their souls for a fist full of fiat dollars and by doing that have zero concern for the rest of the public.

    • S Barringer

      Please note that Mrs Obama grows an organic vegetable garden. You can bet that the congress critters may have sold out to the money people, but be sure that the food they put in their mouths is not GMO stuff.

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