Another Breakthrough in Hydrogen Energy Challenges Fossil Fuel Dominance

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Researchers at Virginia Tech have developed a new process that extracts large quantities of hydrogen gas from plants in a renewable and eco-friendly way, offering us another potential alternative to ending our dependence on fossil fuels.

After 7 years of research, Y.H. Percival Zhang, an associate professor at the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences and the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech, and his team have developed a new method of using customized enzymes to produce high quantities of hydrogen out of xylose, a simple sugar present in plants.

Zhang and his team have succeeded in using xylose, the most abundant simple plant sugar, to produce a large quantity of hydrogen that previously was attainable only in theory. Zhang’s method can be performed using any source of biomass.

This new environmentally friendly method of producing hydrogen utilizes renewable natural resources, releases almost no zero greenhouse gasses, and does not require costly or heavy metals. Previous methods to produce hydrogen are expensive and create greenhouse gases. [Science Daily]

Hydrogen fuel has the potential to dramatically revolutionize the automobile market and reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Vehicle manufacturers are already developing cars that run on hydrogen fuel cells, which do not produce as many pollutants as regular gasoline cars. Currently in the US, the transportation sector produces 82% of total CO2 emissions in the country.

EIA estimates that U.S. gasoline and diesel fuel consumption for transportation in 2011 resulted in the emission of about 1,089 and 430 million metric tons of CO2 respectively, for a total of 1,519 million metric tons of CO2. This total was equivalent to 82% of total CO2 emissions by the U.S. transportation sector and 28% of total U.S. energy-related CO2 emissions.

Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration, March 28, 2012

Zhang’s method of hydrogen production will need to find its way into commercial markets, which could happen in about 3 years, before any significant impact on the alternative energy market is possible. Even though Zhang’s process addresses the previous obstacles to hydrogen gas production, including high process costs, greenhouse gas emissions, and low quality of the end product, large investment in technology development and infrastructure would still be necessary to transition to hydrogen fuel cars.

“The potential for profit and environmental benefits are why so many automobile, oil, and energy companies are working on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles as the transportation of the future,” Zhang said. “Many people believe we will enter the hydrogen economy soon, with a market capacity of at least $1 trillion in the United States alone.”

“It really doesn’t make sense to use non-renewable natural resources to produce hydrogen,” Zhang said. “We think this discovery is a game-changer in the world of alternative energy.” [Science Daily]

A future where renewable energy replaces energy production using fossil fuels is inevitable. Some have gone as far as to illustrate that we have the potential to make this shift in less than 20 years, for example, Mark Z. Jacobson of Stanford University and Mark A. Delucchi of the University of California, published a study that shows it is possible to power New York State using only renewable sources by 2030.

Nevertheless, governments’ support of traditional energy production via fossil fuel subsidies, which amount to $1.9 trillion per year, as reported by the International Monetary Fund, is one of the main obstacles to the growth of alternative energy sources. The IMF estimates that $480 billion of the total is comprised of direct subsidies, which have the goal of making petroleum products more affordable.

A fossil fuel subsidy is any government action that lowers the cost of fossil fuel energy production, raises the price received by energy producers or lowers the price paid by energy consumers. There are a lot of activities under this simple definition—tax breaks and giveaways, but also loans at favorable rates, price controls, purchase requirements and a whole lot of other things. [Oil Change International]

The remaining $1.4 trillion are comprised of “externalities”: “the effects of energy consumption on global warming; on public health through the adverse effects on local pollution; on traffic congestion and accidents; and on road damage.” (IMF) Current energy policies are established in such a way that fossil fuel companies do not pay for any of these “externalities”, and thus leaving these industry costs to be indirectly subsidized by governments.

Here are some more statistics about the energy subsidies in the US:

“…between 1994 and 2009 the U.S. oil and gas industries received a cumulative $446.96 billion in subsidies, compared to just $5.93 billion given to renewables in those years. (The nuclear industry, by the way.  received $185 billion in federal subsidies between 1947 and 1999.)”

Source: Forbes

With such policies in place, heavily influenced by large multi-billion dollar companies with strong government ties, is a rapid change towards renewable energy even possible? Are we ready to challenge our policies to shift financial support from harmful and damaging energy production to renewable technologies, and change our own behaviors to create a cohesive movement towards a cleaner and safer planet?

If breakthroughs in technology can offer salient alternatives to the economic stranglehood fossil fuels has on our economy, then we may realize a future of clean energy. One thing is certain, however, without practical alternatives there is no chance of changing the momentum behind extraction based energy toward clean energy.

About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and an avid student of Yoga and life.


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  • John Cook

    I’m amazed and pleased with how many people are starting to realise the danger of the Chosen Ones to us ordinary people. Some get carried away with hatred of this incredibly sleazy sneaky threat to all that is good but we all need to settle down to hard core facts we can Proove – like Mossad and 9/11…
    Wake other people up, the holo fake never happened, just google it, we have to find out the danger or we will soon be too late.

  • SS

    even if the production would be cheap, owning those patents and dictating the price for fuel/material provided by others is a potential for dependency as fossil fuel was for the past 150 years. what a hero the person(s) who will freely provide the mechanics & materials for absolute free energy, they would be heralded as saviors of man-kind for many generation to come!

  • leo

    Water is the only right choice for the creation of Hydrogen, it is free and does not polute the enviroment , its waste from burning is water, Stan Meyers had a working prototype in a vehicle but was killed and his system disapeared, big oil ??,, Leonard.

    • JustMe

      He wasn’t killed, he now pretends to be his twin brother. He was working for the Bush crime syndicate who work for Rockafeller. They were stealing the invention of Dr. Puharich. Puharich discovered that by using a cold electricity standing wave biased by DC, you could split water OU. Most free energy devices work this way. See gray tube, Kapanadzi device and about 100 others I could think of.

  • abinico warez

    The two words “customized enzymes” have me more than a bit worried.

  • John Z

    Al Smith is closer to the truth than you think.

  • photonX

    Considering the problems associated with the failed ethanol revolution, I wonder how much “biomass” would required to supply such an enterprise, should it actually become feasible. Will this lead to another hard choice between food and fuel production, and the continued expansion of large-scale industrial agriculture with all its attendant difficulties and negative consequences?

    • S. Farago

      One word, Hemp.

      • JustMe

        The original Model T was made from hemp panels 10 times stronger than steel and ran on hemp oil. It was Rockafeller that made it illegal. Back then, gasoline was a waste product of kerosine production. Our economy is designed around using every part of a barral of oil. In reality, we need very little oil. Water fuel is the answer, aqua-farming is the food supply solution and none of that is going to happen when corporations and organized crime syndicates control the whores we call leaders.

  • Why do academics chase expensive ways to do things? They have not solved hydrogen distribution issues. Advanced electrolysis used water, even more abundant than weeds, and would have made it on demand, not create, store and ship. But investment capital rejected it. The electric motor now stands major improvement, but only if capital flows to people with answers. This group has the missing component to make it work.

  • Llwyd Morris


  • The fake-Jewish Zionists who unlawfully own the earth suppress any cleaner more efficient forms of energy, because they want to pollute the planet to kill off as many Humans as possible. They believe themselves to be the descendants of the Annunaki and think their ancient alien relatives will come back to save them from the Hell they’ve made of Earth. They hate humans and see Us as the invading horde of rats, hence their poisoning our drinking water with sodium fluoride which IS rat poison. In their eternal, secret War On All Humanity, they use every imaginable covert weapon to sicken, dumb-down, alienate, fraudulent indebt and foreclose, dispossess, impoverish, divide, conquer and exterminate Us. These few psychopaths are Humanity’s only real threat and Mankind’s only true enemy. Without them, life on Earth will be like a paradise. And, they’ll be under Our control as soon as We publicly define the true will of the mind of Mankind.

    • David S.

      Your tin-foil hat on a bit too tight, Al?

      • Anonymous

        Al’s sense of reality is most probably far closer to reality than yours is, David. Those that rely on Conventional Wisdom are the real nuts. Tin-foil hats put down is a conspiracy statement but at least you did not use the antisemite charge.

      • Anonymous

        You are a moron David.

      • No JoJo

        Daid–Sept 11 2001 attacks were planned and emplamented by Israel firsters.Over 3000 Americans died on lies.
        I came across this article last week,which was written days after evil Americans attacked Iraq.
        Article must be read and is: Monsters In Our Midst -The US, Britain, & Israel
        Commentary By John Kaminski
        911 attacks were put in motion 1996 long before Jr. Bush’it came into power. Mr. Clean Bill Clinton was king pin :^(

    • JustMe

      Al Smith tells it like it is. Stanly Meyer worked for Battel Memorial and stole the work of Dr. Puharich who patented and demonstrated a water car for years. Meyer faked his death and now claims to be his twin brother.

      Battle Memorial is owned by the Carslyl Group which is owned by Bush crime family which is owned by Rockafeller.

      We could be healing the O2 level of the Earth right now but instead are depleting what is left.

      On top of that, diseases are being created in the Lab at Rockafeller university that do not affect the Ashkenazi Jews such as Hep B and HIV since the Ashkenazi are protected by their Delta-32 gene mutation. This is of course Genocide based on ethnicity and a crime against humanity.

      Their primary means to kill off gentiles is through the medical system. Here is a great quote I found online:

      I wonder how many people know that in the early 1900s John D. Rockefeller bought the Encyclopedia Britannia and immediately removed all derogatory references to vaccination. Shortly thereafter (1906) Rockefeller commissioned Abraham Flexner
      (of the infamous “Flexner Report”-look it up) to visit every medical school in the U.S. to determine which ones were “worthy” to keep their doors opened. “Worthy” meant willing to teach and push drug therapy to the exclusion of all
      else. All were told point blank, “Push drug therapy and you will continue to receive funding–do not push drug therapy and funding will be cut off”. Those schools that offered courses in Bioelectric Medicine, Hydrotherapy, Homeopathy, Chiropractic, or Eastern Medicine were shut down. The total number of medical schools in the United States went from 160 in 1906 (before the Flexner Report) to 85 in 1920 and further down to 69 schools in 1944. John D. Rockefeller–one of the most nefarious monsters this country ever spawned.

      It is hardly has anything to do with a tinfoil hat. That is called the wax off and one of the 14 ways the Jews destroy truth.

    • JustMe

      Add to that, Dr. Royal Rife found the cause and cure for most disease by 1930. By 1938 they had a vaccine for cancer. It was Rockafeller using the AMA and Dr. Fishbaine to file lawsuits against people like Hoxey and Rife that suppressed and that and more.

      Fake money is backed by oil. 13 Jew families control the central banks of the Earth and Rockafeller controls them to a large degree.

  • Thanks Alex, for bringing this to our attention. I feel a tipping point coming!

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