Taking 100% Responsibility For the World We Have Created

Christina Sarich, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

“Work in the invisible world at least 
as hard as you do in the visible.” – Rumi

Inaction is not acceptable anymore in a world that poisons our food, pollutes our land, air, and water and commits atrocities against, man, animal and nature that would be too horrid even to put in the most garish and bloodied film. But that’s just it. What we are looking at is the egoic conflagration of a consciousness burning in its own self-created hell. It can be a different world though – but not until we accept our responsibility in making this one ‘real.’

While some see ‘God’ as their savior, a holy man in the sky that will save them from their own egoic acts, others realize that God is within us and can only express through us as we allow. To be more human, we must be more divine – and that means acting in heavenly ways. The movie screen before us only shows us what needs to be set right. Namely, it shows us our overarching ability to shrug off responsibility for our own soul’s growth. This is the world we have created by disowning our responsibility to others and ourselves. For example:

Our governments now figure out how we should live for us, without a true consensus or democratic vote of what best serves society. We have given up our rights through apathy and greed, understandably focusing on making ends meet, but also by allowing a system that does not govern for the people by the people, but for the elite, by the elite. As long as we believe we are slaves of this system, we will continue to support it, in conscious and unconscious ways. Doing nothing, however, also supports the current system. While apathy, sometimes called the democratic disease, is understandable, it doesn’t work. People fought so we could vote.

Perhaps we are given the illusion of choice in our political system, but we can vote with more than a slip of paper at a poll. We can vote with our dollars, time and attention. We can vote with our actions in every day things, like telling our grocery stores we won’t patronize them if they keep stocking GMO foods, or starting a car pooling service in our neighborhoods so that we don’t rely on petroleum. These are just small examples.

We gave away our ability to heal ourselves by making doctors, pharmaceutical and insurance companies Gods. The sheer breadth of knowledge about healing and vitality that is offered by mother nature and its keepers, namely our shaman, medicine men and women, tribal elders and ancient teachings from civilizations we have since swept aside, is staggering. Exactly when we decided to give the power to heal ourselves away to Big Pharma is now irrelevant, but we can start to heal ourselves by educating ourselves. Meditation, for example, may seem like a non-action, but it is more effective at healing pain (when done for 80 minutes as indicated in a recent study) than morphine. Countless foods and herbs can cure every nameable disease and self-inquiry and forgiveness (as practiced through Ho’oponopono) can heal disease before it even manifests physically. Just try saying the magic words:

I love You, Please Forgive Me, I am Sorry, and Thank You

as often as you can throughout the say and see how different you feel.

There are thousands of herbs and natural substances that will cure cancer, alleviate a common cold, and even cure depression. We don’t need pharmaceuticals and a health care system that poisons us to ‘cure’ us. Modalities like yoga, Thai chi, Qi Gong, Rolfing, acupuncture, energy healing, sound nutrition, exercise, etc. should be the new norm. They are more effective at preventing disease before it even starts and much cheaper than using pharmaceuticals and chemicals at healing us once disease has taken over our bodies.

We gave people with PhD’s high rank, not unlike a military official, and allowed them to tell us what was ‘true’ or ‘untrue’ meaning ‘good’ or ‘not good’ for the world at large. While scientific study is key to the advancement of society, it does little to make us a more well-rounded, happier society if not kept in check. The same experts who made Hiroshima and Fukushima happen could have powered the entire planet with a cleaner (non-uranium based) nuclear energy. NASA can send a rocket to the moon, but not solar power the entire globe? We have more than enough expertise, technology and resources to completely change the world we live in. Let’s put our money behind the individuals and organizations who use their science for good, and leave the bomb-makers and nuclear-fallout guys empty handed.

We made banks and the fiat currency ‘real’ when they are totally contrived. When the central banking system rewards debt by bailing out banks and creating inflation, while supporting gambling on a derivatives based market, and can reprint cash with the push of a button while looking at a computer screen, you have to ask yourself – why have we given such a monetary system so much power? It isn’t based on real goods and services anymore – or even a resource like gold or silver. It is based on debt primarily, and lots of smoke and mirrors. Fiat currencies don’t allow accountability and so they don’t work. The Chinese tried, the Romans did to. Greece failed miserably. We can see how miserably the Euro and Dollar are doing.

It’s time to refuse the current fiat system and go back to either a bartering system or a currency based on real goods and services, and not the wild speculation by certain fund managers and banking institutions that leave an entire nation in debt. As Dr. Jude Currivan explains, we need to wake up to the following:

1.    Debt and gambling are all the fractional reserve banking system create.

2.    The current system creates booms and busts – on purpose. They will never go away. The 1920s stock market crash was due to a boom and bust cycle, as was the Internet boom and bust, the real estate boom and bust, etc.

3.    Purely mathematical models of trading and currency valuation don’t account for real people and real circumstances.

4.    The debt we have accumulated can NEVER be paid back as things currently stand.

5.    Most government debt is odious and entered into without our conscious agreement, i.e. loans are taken out for reasons we would not agree to, and that don’t help the people of a country.

6.    The current system keeps inequality going. It rewards the rich with more riches and makes the poor a slave class indebted to the elite. This doesn’t mean that all rich people are evil. It does mean that having money makes getting more money easier, and having little means getting more money much more difficult.

We believed that consumerism would bring us closer to our most innate needs – of warmth, security, food, and love, but what we really want is each other. It is now proven that human beings receive just as much, if not more pleasure from a meaningful experience wherein they connect with another human being in a positive way, than merely by getting some new material thing. There are hundreds of studies that prove, beyond having our basic needs met, money doesn’t provide happiness, and neither does having a $250,000 car or a jet airplane. What does make us happier is supporting each other in meaningful ways, sharing what we have and learning something new. We have enough when we look at people around us and the love we share with friends and family instead of ruminating on our bank accounts.

While it is possible to construct a precarious and quite mechanical unity by political and administrative means, the unity of the human race, even if achieved, can only be secured and can only be made real if the religion of humanity, which is at present the highest active ideal of mankind, spiritualizes itself and becomes the inner law of human life. ~ Sri Aurobindo The Ideal of Human Unity

We lost our connection to our own higher selves by relying on a middleman. We can see endless versions of giving away our own direct-connect to divinity in history.The Catholic Church has one of the most strident examples of this with the invention of indulgences –you could be forgiven your sins and an eternal damnation in a very literal hell if you just told your priest about all your evil ways and gave him some money. While the sacrament of penance is all well and good – let’s not forget that we can forgive ourselves and our brothers and sisters on this planet without a middleman. We can also choose to act differently, and instead of sinning – which really means miss the mark – as in make a mistake – in the same way over and over again (which sounds pretty much like hell to me) we can learn from our mistakes and become ‘enlightened.’

We are made of earth and ashes, as the great poet Rumi suggests, but we are also made of the primordial, infinite substance that made the entire Universe. Literally. We don’t need a middleman to this connection to the Infinite. It is innate within us. While we don’t need to give up our religions, it is interesting to note that over 15% of Americans now claim they ‘have no religion.’ Spirituality and religion don’t go hand in hand, and its time we realized we could be one without the other. Our spirituality can only reach as far as our spiritual maturity – and while we were reckless teenagers, we needed a Father-figure to tell us what to do and how to pray. An intermediary to get to God, you could say. Now, though, we are maturing, and becoming more responsible, so we can see that our actions, do indeed, have very real consequences. We are behooved to act with charity and kindness, not because someone tells us to, but because we understand the laws of karma as immutable forces in the universe that teach us how to function within it. We don’t need clergy/pedophiles to tell us that diddling young boys is wrong nor do we need a church to tell us that stealing isn’t right.  Its time that our religious views stopped causing arrested development, so that our spiritual realization can take root in our actions.

This article is not meant to cause guilt or shame, but as a gentle and friendly reproof – a reminder that we can all do more to affect change. It also aims to enliven the part of you, which still realizes you are powerful beyond measure. Until we take 100% responsibility for what we have created, we can’t crate something new and utterly different, and that is what this self-created hell is calling us to do. It is simply a very acute lesson in being careful what we create. We created all of this, and now we can create something different.

About the Author

Christina Sarich is a musician, yogi, humanitarian and freelance writer who channels many hours of studying Lao TzuParamahansa YoganandaRob Brezny,  Miles Davis, and Tom Robbins into interesting tidbits to help you Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World.









  • But we ‘let’ the psychopaths take over little by little. Ask yourself honestly how much you stood up to them when they were smaller, less powerful? Sometimes the darkness has to reflect really strongly to get us to stand up for light. Its sad, but true. Most of us are apathetic. I see it everyday. We’ll talk about injustice out of one side of our mouths and then plop down in front of the television with a Big Mac. That’s where it starts.

  • Anonymous

    “We created all of this, and now we can create something different.” If it was only so simple. “We” did not create this, the psychopaths who run this world created this. This must be grasped by everyone before any change can manifest.

  • Dimitri – To answer your question its in the April 6, 2011, issue of the Journal of Neuroscience – just 80 minutes of meditation training could cut pain perception nearly in half.

    To everyone else, thanks for responding. Keep it coming – to ‘Red Man – I am sorry, please forgive me, please forgive my ancestors for the evil they have done to this beautiful planet.

  • One annoying ploy of programming is calling medical customers ‘patients’. I only use an ND now and don’t plan on using the medical system again unless a surgery was necessary (keyword necessary). I do not allow doctors to refer to me as a ‘patient’. I pay the bill, I am therefore a customer, not a ‘patient’. The medical field is also being purposely choked out by the AMA and it’s ridiculous practices/requirements. It’s a mess, take natural supplements (make sure they are Non GMO, and do not contain stearates), eat organic and stop paying them.

  • Happy Bird

    Happy Bird speaks:

    “We do not believe in Gods…we fear” – Inuit Grandmother
    “Only when the last tree is cut…money can not be eaten. – Cree Elder
    “I will fight forever, no more” – Chief Seattle
    “We are all connected, the Dream Catcher shows the way” – Ojibway
    “Look to the Medicine Wheel, and see how all people can live in peace” – Sioux

    Many have even tried to tell you how to live good lives…and many more choose to ignore it for the sake of spiritual comforts and material wealth. So i get offended when people write these all inclusive ‘statements’ about who did what to whom, and when. Accept responsibility for your own ‘crap’ and do not burden others with the weight of your own ‘debts’.

    “Perhaps we are given the illusion of choice” – no no…no ‘perhaps’ about it…all made the choice to participate in that illusion (the great lie)…even when faced with the oldest of truths they still chose to blindly ignore the better path. And every choice one makes on that path, or fails to make, carries with it a responsibility to family, community, nation, world.

    “This article is not meant to cause guilt or shame”..i say…why not? For shameful acts, be shamed. For carrying the pride of evil acts of your community…feel guilt. Why do these “new agers” think they are beyond reproach, when responsibility is directed at them, for the state of things on Mother Earth?? cowards, i say…And BTW, who or what is a Gaia???…she is your “Mother” and it is disrespectful, and a denial of more truth, to call her otherwise.

    All the 6 points listed in the article…are creations of the white man. All the ‘new age’ hope and psycho-babble…corrupted older teaching of indigenous peoples. So yes, i agree…the sooner the younger white brother grows up, and takes responsibility for what he/she has done to the Air and Water on Mother Earth…the better off the whole world will be.

    Do not include me/we, ‘The Red Man’, in your “self pity” trip down memory lane…we have had no influence over white people choices; we don’t even have a voice at the UN to this day…so save it. We still get locked in jails for protecting lands and resources for the next generation.

    We are not the ones who wrote down, for posterity, the various methods that can be used to destroy this world…you are…the white man. Maybe go to the pedophile infested churches your people hide their sins behind, and expunge this holier than thou BS there…they will soak that santorim right up.

    In the mean time…if you want to waste your vital energies trying to forgive ‘evil’…go for it; our history has shown that your community will continue to suffer, for all your ‘forgiveness’. Maybe read the story about “How Mosquito Came to be” (our west coast cousins are wise) if you want to learn about how to truly deal with evil…in THIS reality, we NOW live.

    In any case:

    “The days of prayer and talking are now done; the eagles have left those high places, and will not return; all that remains then, is Action. Spider Women weaves a new web now.” Ojibway Elder – 2012

    Meaning, the Heliosphere of the sun is changing, as it often does, and we move through it, to another portion of the great circle (like spokes in a wheel) of life. In this reality (galaxy), all vital energies of the ‘upright human being’ are now and again, brought into a new balance”…”Those caught too deeply in the energies of the old world, will be swept away by the River of Creation, which moves so quickly now” (Just ask the US returning vets about this – that is, if you can catch them between suicide attempts)

    This is not ‘new age’ BS and there is no mysticism here…this is the oldest of survival skills, brought forward through history, in song, symbol and tradition (the sweat lodge – aka the ‘survival’ lodge). I share with you now in one hope that all, will unburden themselves (through Action) of the “Blood Debts” handed to you by your elders, and so, you will not be carried away by the Great River, for the weight of all those ‘lies’.

    And what of my Actions??…well, me and my brothers and my sisters, are going pedophile hunting now, and there is plenty of ‘game’ afoot…be well.

    miigwetch, Happy Bird

  • Piffle.

    I’m far too busy OCDing on how awesomely cute I am to care about anything except… how awesomely ka-yuuute I am. And that takes every single moment I can possibly devote to it.

    I’ve spent oodles and boodles and moodles of time contemplating on how cute I am, and the only conclusion I’ve arrived at is that I’m even much, much, MUCH cuter than I thought I was. And how awesome is THAT?!!

    (End sarcasm mode.)

    My observations are that humanity spends FAR too much time on cuteness. With the individuals involved so obsessed with their personal cuteness level, that nothing else exists for them. “How can I be cuter than I already am? And how can I be even cuter than… you?”

    Everything in moderation. But they have no impulse control. Cuteness uber alles. More cuteness heaped upon more cuteness. Until ka-yuuute reaches a poisonous and lethal level. Yes, cuteness kills. And it does it all the time when there’s too much.

    One of the main reasons that everything is turning to total crap is the “cute” has replaced “quality”. Which just doesn’t work. At all. If something is cute, then that’s all it needs to be because “cuteness is just so-o-o ka-yuuute”. “Cuteness” is instant “validation”.

    The epitaph of the late, great Planet Earth… “Died from an overdose of cuteness.”

    Cuteness is a subjective experience. Obviously, Overly-Perky Suzy Cheerleader will have a different personal way of OCDing on cuteness from Grumpy-Grungy Goth Gal, but they’re both going waaaay off the deep end in doing what they do to OCD.

  • dimitri

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Great article and thanks for it.

    If you could and if the information is handy, would you please post here a link to or source for the study showing that for healing to take place meditation needs to be at least 80 minutes per sitting.

    I lead a meditation class where my regular mantras are that sitting has to be a regular Practice, first of all, and secondly that the longer you can sit during one session the more likely you are to reap benefits.

    I find it astounding that yogis and yoginis will cheerfully spend one and a half hours on asanas and then find five minutes of silent sitting a challenge. Their teachers even seem to support this attitude based on the perception that asanas & a bit of panayama is all that’s needed to get “grounded” and “focused”. Mind you, many of these so-called teachers are acquainted with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

    There’s something quite up side down about the tenor maintained in conventional western yoga studios. Are they learning anything? Or are they merely performing a form of exalted gymnastics?

    Thank you for your article and any supporting documents you may direct me to.

  • dimitri

    Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Great article and thanks for it.

    If you could and if the information is handy, would you please post here a link to or source for the study showing that for healing to take place meditation needs to be at least 80 minutes per sitting.

    I lead a meditation class where my regular mantras are that sitting has to be a regular Practice, first of all, and secondly that the longer you can sit during one session the more likely you are to reap benefits.

    I find it astounding that yogis and yoginis will cheerfully spend one and a half hours on asanas and then find five minutes of silent sitting a challenge. Their teachers even seem to support this attitude based on the
    perception that asanas & a bit of panayama is all that’s needed to get “grounded” and “focused”. Mind you, many of these so-called teachers are acquainted with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras.

    There’s something quite up side down about the tenor maintained in conventional western yoga studios. Are they learning anything? Or are they merely performing a form of exalted gymnastics?

    Thank you for your article and any supporting documents you may direct me to.

  • hp

    “I love You, Please Forgive Me, I am Sorry, and Thank You as often as you can throughout the say and see how different you feel.”

    Yes, but don’t be like those who for the past 2,000 years have done this once or twice a week and then ran out into the street much like Homer Simpson and declared “in your face Lord!”

    If you say you’re sorry, forgive me, then you can’t do the sane things you’re sorry for over and over and then simply atone on schedule.

    That would be cheating God, Jesus, Allah, the Big Tree, the Waterfall, Whomever..

  • keldoone

    I know a very non-traditional doctor who when asked, “Is this New Age?” almost always replies with… “Well, would you prefer Old Age?” The opportunity is always change… especially since it IS the only thing we can count on. Sure, some times the “change” appears to be slow in coming… but rest assured.. it is on the horizon. The question then becomes, what kind of change are you willing to participate in? For it is in participation that things occur.
    Physicist David Baum suggested we live in an observer universe… whereas Wheeler suggested that we live in a participatory universe. Either way… it is how we look at things, places and events… And how we choose to participate that allows those events to manifest. It is interesting that of the wide spectrum of electromagnetic frequencies we are taught that we can only see that very thin segment called… (get ready) … visible light! I call your attention to who…. who decided that? And what about those of us who see things outside of what is construed to be “normal”??
    So, this whole thing about being afraid of change or “new age” vs “old age” is all part of the “program”… we ARE responsible for how we “see” and “participate” in our own world. It is about waking up. Certainly we have been lied to… this is nothing new. The opportunity is… what are we doing about it… other than another tour (again) around that disc called revolution…. Einstein called that insanity.
    It is about participation in your own awakening… by being willing to recognise little things… such as the speed of light is variable, the mass of anythiung is also variable, numbers are all about manipulation of the facts to appease the formula and the doctoral program… we did not learn (nor have we since) anything about gravity from Newton…Hello? Otherwise we would in fact have a variety of anti-gravity devices…Science does not have all the answers, as a matter of fact they do not have very many at all. Becoming aware of little things such as these.. free’s up the opportunity to see and participate in “new ways”… instead of being stuck in the “old ways”… Your world view is entirely up to you… no one else can do this for you…. unless you choose to give up your authority to others(?) Be sovereign unto yourself..question authority.

  • william dacey


    i enjoyed the article and the rumi connection.

    most of the stuff you mention is a, ” DUH.”..we all feel what is happening and on some level do not like it r enjoy living this way but we are victims until and unless we separate our consciouness from this mess by going inside and realizing exactly who we are and being that midst ths mess.

    from there we gain, wisdom, compassion, and understanding..not to mention reverence, piety, fortitude, and knowledge..God, planned it that way..” many are called but few are chosen.” few, because not many want to take responsibility for themselves and stuff and do the necessary work to realize their own spirituality.

    this is way too messed up to really make the changes you suggest..only a mystical experience can do that and we can all do it now ourselves, from within…be in the world but not part of it..

    you e mistaken to thing you can really change things to make a big difference so you must, we all must, look o t soul and embrace it in order to realize who we are and why we are here.

    perhaps from there we can help others do the same and have compassion and love for those, the majority, who never will..

    for them, like is just too good to want to do that.


    just look at how they have morphed this page and this forum for expression..it is here to get you hooked bu most do not even see it or realize it…they thing it is, ” new age,” or something..new age is bunk and is all over…it was just a blip to make some realize the need to go inside and find God..and once they…once they really do, all bets here are off..

  • Thanks, Linda!

  • Great article Christina! I’ve been thinking about exactly the issues you raise. We’re all on the same wave here….. I LOVE the quote from Rumi. He is the greatest.

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