Scientists Seek to Legitimize Geo-Engineering While Acknowledging It’s Catastrophic Effects

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R. Teichmann, Contributor
Waking Times

There are still many people who believe that anyone pointing out “chemtrails in the sky” and asking questions is somehow out of tune with reality. But this is slowly changing as geoengineering and its effects cannot be kept under wraps any longer. So it is not surprising that the first to come out on mainstream media are so called experts. Playing on the current “scientific consensus” that the earth is warming and a climate catastrophe is imminent, they call on geoengineering to be regulated on a global scale.

In an article published in the Guardian titled “Earth-cooling schemes need global sign-off, researchers say” it reads:

Controversial geoengineering projects that may be used to cool the planet must be approved by world governments to reduce the danger of catastrophic accidents, British scientists said.

Met Office researchers have called for global oversight of the radical schemes after studies showed they could have huge and unintended impacts on some of the world’s most vulnerable people.

Packed nicely into the language of preventing catastrophic incidents and protecting “some of the world’s most vulnerable people” they argue for a global “sign – off” by governments.

“The massive complexities associated with geoengineering, and the potential for winners and losers, means that some form of global governance is essential,” said Jim Haywoodat the Met Office’s Hadley Centre in Exeter.

It is interesting to note that this comes from the Hadley Centre, the same institution that was at the centre of the “climate-gate scandal”. Some of the most prominent advocates of manmade global warming are working there.

As people are slowly waking up to the facts of global geoengineering and start questioning the practice, which has been going on for decades under the radar of  the public and without debates in national parliaments or the UN, this awakening leads to the need to legalize this practice. This is exactly what these scientists and experts are now calling for. It is however interesting that they admit that through geoengineering catastrophic events already took place (emphasis added):

The dangers arose in projects that cooled the planet unevenly. In some cases thesecaused devastating droughts across Africa; in others they increased rainfall in the region but left huge areas of Brazil parched.

While the unaware public is wondering why there are droughts in one region and deluges in others, why there are unprecedented wildfires in one region and out of season hurricanes in others, the messing around with the atmosphere has been going on at an accelerated rate. Now it seems that even the advocates of the global warming theory get a little scared (emphasis added):

The warning builds on work by scientists and engineers to agree a regulatory framework that would ban full-scale geoengineering projects, at least temporarily, but allow smaller research projects to go ahead.

All in all it is a half hearted attempt to justify the massive stratospheric geoengineering that is going on and by asking for an international regulatory framework they hope they can legalize their past catastrophic actions.

They acknowledge that there are “massive complexities associated with geoengineering”  (and by extension massive complexities with climate science in general). If these scientists and experts were serious they would simply admit to the fact that climate science is far from an agreement on the scale of global warming or even if it takes place at all. Instead of calling for an immediate end to stratospheric geoengineering and pleading guilty to having messed up the natural cycles of the weather patterns they now want the absolution by international regulation making geoengineering legitimate retrospectively.  And of course there is no mention in this mainstream article about the military use of weather modification and the HAARP facilities. Neither is there any information about the ingredients found in the toxic mixture that is sprayed and its effects on all living things.

The  seemingly benign article morphes into a nice piece of disinformation by omission. Having said this in these times it is an act of courage by the Guardian to touch this issue at all and to include one thoughtful voice, that of Matthew Watson, who leads the Spice project at Bristol University. He commented:

“This paper tells us there are consequences for our actions whatever we do. There is no get-out-of-jail-free card,”…

“That opens massive ethical questions: who gets to decide how we even determine what is a good outcome for different people?”……….

About the Author

R. Teichmann is an activist within the Awaken Ireland movement and lives in West Cork / Ireland. He is a frequent contributor to this News Beacon Ireland, where this article was originally published.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  1. Emmett G. says:

    Thank you for drawing attention to this. I would point out, however, that there IS a consensus among scientists, which is that virtually all of them agree that there is man-made global warming occurring. The only scientists who disagree are ones who are bought and paid for by big oil, etc. who have an interest in denying global warming. These are the same scientists who, decades ago, also told us that cigarette smoking was healthy for us. Fred S. Singer is one such scientist. See this:

    • Thinker says:

      There is not just warming, it is climate change overall being caused by the mass geoengineering/chemtrails being sprayed and the use of haarp.
      Oil consumption doesn’t compare by Any measure to the now years-long spraying of millions of tons of metals, plasmas etc into our skies and manipulating it with haarp so let’s not pretend this is about you or I driving our cars. Then there is all the correlated mass health damage taking place because of this, depression, alzheimers skyrocketing, ADHD, respiratory.

    • Iain Lewis says:

      It’s absolute nonsense to claim that the only scientists who disagree with the man-made global warming scam are paid for by big oil. There are many independent scientists such as Piers Corbyn, for example, who vehemently disagree with the so-called consensus. Very few of the “consensus” scientists will publicly admit the truth that volcanic eruptions produce far more greenhouse gases every year than the entire human race. There are many other natural causes of the rising CO2 levels, which the “consensus” are too dishonest to admit.

      • Al Smith says:

        Termites and cattle also contribute more co2 than all Humanity’s efforts. And, CO2 is great for plant growth, though chemtrail poisoning is taking it’s toll on agriculture.

        All the planets in the solar system are warming up. SUV’s and smoke stacks certainly didn’t warm up Youranus!

        The day that Humanity’s true will is defined for all to know will be the day Our paradise begins to manifest. Nothing will change for the better until then.

  2. chip says:

    My background, growing up the fifties, the bait was out to my generation that a career in Science was the way to go. The mystique was well hidden by captive media in Hollywood propaganda that America is gods’ annointed country egos fed with a noble past and a triumphant future because we were so scientific. Trust science. I was so well conditioned I went beyond high school and considered social “Science” for a “career”, not realizing at first what lies it all was and is. It gradually dawned on me that there was a deliberately blacked out side to education and that white lies were the foundation of the political system designed by an elite of godlike men who were doing it all for the “good” of the glorious future science was going to bring for theoretical mankind. Emmett g. Your global warming is not happening. In the face of it you are a stooge for the people “talking up” the limited hang out of climate “science”. excusing the reckless use of destructive trick knowledges/technologies and now backtracking and running for cover as the world burns, freezes, floods and dries up. Good work you little man.

  3. dimitri says:

    Conventional scientists are narrow minded and buyable. They should probably fall into the category of idiot savants. Who needs “proofs” for predetermined conclusions? Better to learn how to tie your shoelaces.

  4. Steve says:

    30% of the world’s forests are dead or dying because geoengineering has made the soils alkaline with all that aluminum. Millions of people have died or are dying of alzheimer’s my mother and other family members included. Millions more will die both from alzheimer’s and other upper respiratory diseases. No-one knows how many species of plants and animals are already extinct and many more soon will be because of this human folly. All those behind this crime should be shot or hung for this planetcide.

    • Rachel says:

      I agree completely. I have almost died from geoengineering too. Thousands of dollars in air cleaners keep me alive. And the hangman exists for a real good reason, sadly, shitty as the job may be, and when the hangman takes his place, in this situation, his job will be just because this is EVIL we are up against.

  5. Of course! We all know how well having nations “sign off” on a matter has resolved our problems. Big pay, perks and politics never sway the men in white lab coats, do they? Why do these eggheads not acknowledge that Nature is self-correcting and humanity is best advised to adjust accordingly rather than trying to micro-manage the climate?

  6. Sue says:

    Today April 4, 2013 the sky was filled with Chemtrails over Phoenix, Arizona which seems to be a continuous event that has been going on for over 10 years now. When the sky over Phoenix is overcast which is rare they bombard the sky with Chemtrails or in other words they are hiding out. The sun, if it comes out is sizzling hot or very abnormal.

    If this was a program ran by our Government we would have known it by now. I believe Beings or the ones who have abducted millions of people are the ones spraying the Chemtrails. The big question is ……….is our government working with these Beings……you would think so because they will not address the Chemtrail issue that has over 30 millions mentions on Google.

    • Rachel says:

      The government is doing it because these “beings” control them and they don’t even know it–but ultimately it is humans who do it, and humans who allow evil beings to possess them, so it is them who are at fault, and them who we should blame. It is humans who carry out all of this crap and all humans have a CHOICE.

  7. The reason why contrails are hanging around longer in the sky, sometimes leading to increased cloud cover, is because the atmosphere itself is changing. The whole ‘global-government-is-spraying-us-with-chemicals’ thing is a distraction from the reality that the planet is undergoing tremendous changes – mass animal deaths, strange ‘sky noises’, erratic magnetic field, lower and cooler upper atmosphere, noctilucent clouds caused by ‘meteor smoke’ and appearing ever further south, a massive increase in the number of fireballs since mid-2000s or so, record comet discoveries and asteroid fly-bys, weird electrical phenomena, wildfires breaking out in boggy, snowy, wet places along the west of the UK and Ireland, record flooding, record heat, record cold, record tornadoes happening all year round in places they never happened before, etc, etc. These things CANNOT be explained by man-made activity, as much as global warmists and chemtrailers would like us to believe it were so. There is something strange happening to this planet… and it is also happening to all the other planets in our solar system… Get over it people: man is not the center of the universe and the Gubmint is not that all-powerful!

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