Mental Telepathy – Thoughts Have Wings

Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., New Dawn
Waking Times 

Telepathy is real. Thoughts have wings. Of this I am certain. It is a shame that telepathy, direct mind-to-mind interaction independent of the known senses (vision, hearing, smell, taste, touch, balance, and so on), is still shunned and mocked by many people. This despite the extensive studies of telepathy, precognition, and similar mental phenomena, carried out for more than a century by some of the best minds, including Ph.D. scientists and Nobel laureates.1

The basic phenomena of telepathy have been demonstrated over and over again, and even put to practical use. A vast scientific literature on parapsychology (which encompasses the study of telepathy) exists, with specialised journals and societies.2

There is strong laboratory evidence for telepathy, from classic card-calling studies to controlled experiments where an agent inserts material telepathically into a subject’s dreams, through more sophisticated tests for telepathic information transfer in the fully conscious state or at the threshold of consciousness between sleep and waking (hypnagogia).

A large and compelling body of evidence from spontaneous cases supports the reality of telepathy, such as crisis events when a person has telepathic awareness, or even “sees” an apparition, of a loved one experiencing emotional turmoil, pain, suffering, or death. Telepathy and related parapsychological phenomena have been successfully applied to intelligence gathering. Jimmy Carter, 39th President of the United States (1977-1981), testified to their efficacy.

The proven results of these exchanges between our intelligence services and parapsychologists raise some of the most intriguing and unanswerable questions of my presidency… They defy logic, but the facts are undeniable.3

Recently Dr. Daryl J. Bem of Cornell University released the results of nine experiments, involving over a thousand participants, documenting consistently significant positive results for precognition and retroactive influences, important components of parapsychology.4 Despite the overwhelming evidence for telepathy and related phenomena, many scientists do not consider parapsychology a science and, knowing nothing about the subject, feel free to make disparaging statements concerning the field and its practitioners.

At this point I believe it is time to move beyond assuaging the debunkers and scoffers, for no amount of evidence will ever convince some that telepathy is genuine. Let us concentrate on studying the phenomena and unravelling the secrets of telepathy. Thoughts may have wings, but how far can they fly?

Telepathy is often considered independent of distance; that is, thoughts are free to fly as far as they desire. But, is this really the case? There are well-attested instances of telepathy occurring over thousands of kilometres, but to conclude that all telepathy is literally independent of distance is premature. It is extremely difficult to measure the strength of a telepathic signal apart from the delivery of the message (in analogy, an audible message may be received across a room whether yelled or whispered).

A few controlled studies indicate that at least sometimes telepathy may attenuate with distance.Attenuation might be expected unless perhaps telepathy is a nonlocal quantum mechanical phenomenon. Possibly there are multiple forms of telepathy: information carried on extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves, information transferred by quantum mechanical means, and information propagated via some other mechanism.

We must also consider the psychological aspects of telepathy. A person may preferentially focus telepathically on the thoughts and emotions of someone who is psychologically “near,” even if far removed in physical space.

There is another, most curious, aspect of telepathy. Telepathic-type phenomena are not limited to the present, but transcend the boundaries of time. Telepathic information can be received from the future and the past, with the proviso that telepathic experiences drop off dramatically as one moves temporally further away from the present.6 Various forms of precognition, such as those confirmed by Dr. Bem, can be explained in terms of telepathic information received from the future, the future agent in some cases being the same person as the receiver (the percipient) in the present. You can receive telepathic information from your future self! Perhaps this sounds strange, but it may just be the way the world is. Indeed, if you think about it, who is closer emotionally and psychologically to you than yourself?

About the Author

Robert M. Schoch, Ph.D., is renowned for his work on re-dating the Great Sphinx. Based on his geological studies, he determined that the Sphinx’s origins date prior to dynastic times. He has also focused his attention on the Great Pyramid and various other temples and tombs in Egypt, as well as studying similar structures around the world. Dr. Schoch is an author and coauthor of both technical and popular books, including the trilogy with R. A. McNally: Voices of the Rocks: A Scientist Looks at Catastrophes and Ancient Civilizations(1999), Voyages of the Pyramid Builders: The True Origins of the Pyramids from Lost Egypt to Ancient America (2003), and Pyramid Quest: Secrets of the Great Pyramid and the Dawn of Civilization (2005). Dr. Schoch’s most recent book is The Parapsychology Revolution: A Concise Anthology of Paranormal and Psychical Research (2008, compilation and commentary by Robert M. Schoch and Logan Yonavjak). Website:


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  • Madlin Bee

    Help! I had a NDE (I believe) in mental hospital last year and now every single thought I have appears to be audible to other people! I’m labelled mad anyway so the mentle health pros in my life think it’s in my head, but I know it’s not. Is there any way I can regain my mental filters? Psychiatric drugs merely mask it but don’t solve it…I have ongoing conversations with the people in my home town every time I am out and about and they LOATHE me, I believe merely because they hear me, but they seem to believe I am some kind of renegade. What fun! Any help would be extremely welcome indeed…

  • Rhoda

    Thank You very much for a most amazing “experience” to say the least.
    If past, present and future exist right NOW then why may we not be able to receive information from OUR Future Selves.
    It makes PERFECT SENSE.

    Brilliant Article.
    Brilliant Mind.

  • Notshitsimply

    Ha.. Ha Sorry, but this your commotion is almost laughable lika a „kommunism‘s propagand“. At this time exist only one way of exacts telepathy – Sy-T way. And no one your mentioned American (unfortunately…) person dad an influence to this 6 y.o way‘s developing.
    About this telepathy‘s method.

    • Rachel

      you can’t even communicate without telepathy, apparently.

  • starlight

    Whatever the argument for or against the evidence of telepathy and the paranormal, once you get the experience of contact with those who have passed on without having made any effort or particularly believing it possible, all theory and so-called scientific evidence becomes comically defunct.
    I have been blessed with contact on two occasions one human and the other to my astonishment animal. Love truly has no bounds.

    • Rachel

      My cat was able to tell me after he died where he had gotten poisoned. I found evidence later that it was true.

  • abinico warez

    Telepathy works across any distance and even between different dimensions.

  • katz

    if you read “The Elephant Whisperer” you will learn that animals can sense where you are, if they care, from 2,000 miles away.

    in my experience, so can plants.

    humans have lost a lot of that ability, mostly due to fluoridated water, and the calcification of their pineal gland. it’s not hocus pocus, it is an element of the limited senses that we have, or should have if our genetic structure had not been altered to 2 less chromosomes(genes in positions 1 and 2 are now bent back and connected to genes 3 and 4, in homo sapiens) than our original species.

  • [ Smiles ] Yes, I always believed in telepathy.

    Thank you for posting another great article!

  • chip

    Telepathy is possible. only if the false mind self ego is silenced. All seeking must dissolve into receptivity. You might conclude [because we commonly seek closure] that a thought is personal, that only you HAVE that thought, but do you know that? If one can still the rushing mind and stop hypothesizing v.v. this message from the ether you might find that you are being contacted from source. This lttle essay is an attempted telepathic contact. Can you deny the palpability of the message of oneness echoing down the annals of history? Are you ready to Know? Questions are good.

  • Anonymous

    Thoughts are non-physical and can be experienced at any distance. Thoughts are not a “car” that runs down with use or driving distance, but the pure form of energy that travels (or even “appears”) to anyone anywhere. The brain and the mind are different, although they may use each other in earthly experience.

    You have to get out of thinking you know it all. Access higher thought and the information will come to you. Science is good, pure truth is better. Sometimes, higher knowledge won’t be proven by science until millennia later. It still is true.

    • I don’t think thoughts travel, they are just part of our collective knowledge/consciousness, which does not deal with linear things like distance. I also wonder if we should call it thought. To me it’s more of a “knowing awareness” which is something not all of us are able to conceive, until we are open to it. All thoughts have been thought before, and are therefore available to those who are able to tap into the collective consciousness. (see akashic records)

    • Mike

      Thoughts definitely are restricted to our brains. The state of health our brains are in at any given time proves this. Certain diseases and drugs expose this by their effects on one’s ability to focus and work out simple tasks mentally and then physically. Most “great” concepts come to us before we reach our 40’s. Another sign that thoughts manifest through biochemistry in our brains. There may be what is called the super-consciousness. The collective thought processes of all us and we have the ability to tap into that living process telepathically. I’ve had too many things happen to me that makes me unable to blow it off as being bunk. This idea that thoughts come from somewhere other than our brains creates an entirely separate issue that only complicates things. The path of least resistance would be that our thoughts manifest in our heads, the seat of consciousness. When we think, it does not happen in our foot or hand. It is always in our heads. That points to being intimately connected to brain function.

  • Rachel

    I think telepathy is possible over any distance and this is why: Consider that all is infinite (because pi is infinite/undeterminable-mathematically and spheres are the basis of reality as light is spherical and light is energy/reality so the area of anything actually cannot be determined–this is a sloppy explanation of what I mean, but I shouldn’t have to explain infinity so oh well.)

    So if everything is infinite, then the tiniest bit of infinity (like you or me or a flea or an atom) is just as infinite as all of reality.

    So, that means all of reality is inside you or me or any other little bit of reality, so when I think one thing, since I am part of you (being that you are infinite, therefore I am part of you) then you have automatic access to what I think. And I have automatic access to what you think. We are infinite. We are one great infinity. We all affect everything…

    • If that were completely true Rachel all of our thoughts would be coexistent and make living as individuals utterly chaotic. But add to your idea, some kind of filter to exclude 99% of other peoples thoughts and you can immediately see us developing a sense of self, which would include a sense of thought privacy. The Filter would be the physical brain which would function for most of us satisfactorily, but if the filtering brain were damaged due to an NDE, childhood trauma, etc then we could explain psychics and mediums who experience additional information perception (ESP) and your idea makes a lot of sense, dear Rachel. That the brain is a necessary Limiting Valve was the Victorian steam engine analogy explaining psychic phenomena.


        We each have our own frequency, just like radio stations. All of the stations are there, but you can tune into one at a time. Everything is connected, but you can filter out excess stimuli in order to tune in to individual frequencies.

        • Anonymous

          no english are you spick in hindi

      • 14west1

        Well, according to some, the unconscious mind is the filter. It is aware of everything and takes it all into account. In most people, the pathway of information from the unconscious to the conscious mind is blocked, mostly due to fear. People with “psychic abilities” are simply able to have some communication with the unconscious mind. Children and old people tend to have more open channels.

    • dimitri

      That infinity is infinite is a wild contemporary assumption – sort of like time and space, it’s a convenience that is comforting to the five sense dominated outlook on life. What if it’s all wet?

      • abinico warez

        Always carry a towel just in case.


        If it wasn’t infinite then it wouldn’t be infinity. What lies beyond a boundary? Even nothing is something.

    • Adam Evenson

      Rachel, you are correct. Everything is everthing and every particle of everything is everything. I have long pondered the problem with any discrete portion of everything not knowing it is everything. However, it has to be true, otherwise no one would dispute that all is everything.

      Science proclaims that the universe is infinite. Since I am in and of that universe, how could I not be infinite, too? If I am not infinite, then I am not in and of the universe. I have also long pondered the problem with discrete portions of the infinite not knowing they are infinite. How could one be infinite and not know? Yet, there was a time when I did not consciously know I am infinite. Ignorance must figure in here somewhere. Some discrete portions of everything are ignorant and just don’t know what they are. Can I yell, “Bingo?”

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