Awakening to Divine Human Consciousness

Peter Borys Jr., Guest Writer
Waking Times

In our journey to become a higher expression of our true consciousness in Divine Being, we often use language that includes words such as “healing,” “transformation,” and “evolution” to describe a process of change. Because we are moving from one frequency of consciousness to another, we perceive this pathway as becoming something new—transforming into something that is different than what we are expressing at present.

We see the journey to a higher consciousness this way because a false awareness of limitation, separation, conflict, and external control has been conditioned into our consciousness. It is this error in our vision, feeling, and memory that has been described as the fall of humanity. The conditioning in consciousness then emanates throughout the mind, emotions, and physical body.

True Humanity is God Consciousness

The false belief structure of limiting thoughts and dense frequency emotional encoding is at once a veiling, an overlay, and an infiltration of our true essence as a soul in spirit expressing through a physical body. Thus, our true being and nature is pure God consciousness. We are infinite beings of unconditional love and creativity experiencing and expressing through a body in the matter frequencies of consciousness. The key is that we have no separation from the pure goodness and intelligence of Infinite Being.

Our understanding of the word “God” is interchangeable with Divine Source, Divine Being, Infinite Being, Infinite Intelligence, Divine Light, and Divine Energy. The Source emanates through the spiritual realms and multidimensional existence in an infinite range of frequencies. Quantum physics terms such as zero-point field move us toward a unitary consciousness level, but we do not here equate this level with the Godhead of Divine Being that as yet surpasses the understanding of the human mind when in incarnate form. We are awakening to the reality that we emanate from Divine Being, and are one with the Divine as love, peace, harmony, and creative intelligence. We are Divine Light.

The Core Error of Misperceived Separation and the False Search for Transmutation of Being

A conditioned and perceptual sense of separation from the pure love of the Divine has been the human predicament on Earth for thousands of years. The misperception in our vision, feeling, and memory of not experiencing our absolute unity with the Divine has been described using the concept of a “fall.” This can be understood as acting in a way that is “less than” or does not reflect our Being. Closely allied with this understanding of “fall” is the human idea that we must compensate by becoming or controlling something that we are not. The core error of perceived separation enables this misguided search to become something more as a way to fix the erroneous thought of separation.

Humanity has always been one with God. This means that we have always been love, wholeness, harmony, and creativity. Even in incarnate form, we have always been everything of God because of our oneness. We are unique conscious souls of one Divine unity of love and creativity. Jesus conveys this understanding in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32). Both the son that seeks to compensate for his perceived separation by squandering his inheritance, and the son that stays at home must learn that everything that God has is theirs. In our intentional creativity, we have all the blueprint capabilities of the Divine Source. Jesus emphasizes this in saying, “Have faith in God. Truly I tell you, if you say to this mountain, ‘Be taken up and thrown into the sea’ and if you do not doubt in your heart, but believe that what you say will come to pass, it will be done for you.” (Mark 11:22-23).

However, the whole misperception of separation and its relation to becoming what we are not, begins with humanity not accepting and understanding that we do not have the full understanding of Divine manufacture. In the Divine plan of humanity in Divine unity, the development into Divine manufacture would organically ensue throughout a soul evolution and ascension to higher frequencies of love and unity. The temptation and fall of humanity was to not accept this understanding of Divine manufacture. In our current human incarnate consciousness, our unity in God gives us full Divine blueprint creative capability, but we must leave the full Divine manufacture ability to the Divine Source.

In the Genesis story of the serpent tempting humanity, the serpent says that you can have the full Divine manufacturing capabilities of God now. By humanity believing and taking action on this misrepresentation, humanity has reinforced a false sense of separation. This is the feeling that something is lacking, that we are less than our true nature in God.

These errors have been conditioning our consciousness for thousands of years. Because of this deep conditioning that has affected the mind, emotions, DNA, and the cellular frequencies of the body, we view our process of awakening as a healing, transforming, and evolving journey. But this transforming is not becoming something new or different. We are just transforming the conditioning to awaken to our true self in God that always is. This misrepresentation of transforming our Being has crept into all esoteric, metaphysical, alchemical, religious, scientific, and spiritual traditions. It is part of the initial error of wanting to be something else in order to have full Divine manufacturing knowledge right now. This is the universal falsity of feeling separate or thinking that humanity is lacking because it does not have immediate infinite knowing of God Source. We are not separate. We have always had the full creative ability of God, but we conditioned the misperception that we needed full knowledge of the Infinite Mind in how it manufactures the creativity. For incarnate beings, this knowledge comes in Divine timing. Not accepting this has established an erroneous mind frequency of separation when in fact we have always been Divine.

We can understand the process of awakening from our false conditioning as a transformation or evolution, but we must not interpret the awakening to our God consciousness and shift to our true multidimensional capabilities of the higher mind in the heart as an alchemical or transformative movement. We are awakening to our pure transparency and pure reflecting of the Divine love and creativity of God. Jesus says, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said you are gods?’” We must return to our knowledge of our oneness with the Divine within the heart. Jesus says, “the kingdom of heaven is ‘within’ or ‘among’ us” (Luke 17:21), and he prays that we will come to know that we are one in God as Jesus is. (John 17:). He says to be perfect in love as God is (Matthew 5:48).

Jesus sums up the whole illusion of separation from God and the human misunderstanding of intention and Divine manufacture in saying, “to be perfect in love as God is and that all our creative intentions will be given to us as well.” Therefore, we can awaken to the God consciousness that we have always been–our full infinite capabilities of love and intentional creation beyond the illusion of limitation. As we continue to awaken to our true humanity of God consciousness, we will express our true multidimensional capabilities of the higher mind within the heart through the body. Jesus points to our full Divine human abilities in saying that “those who choose to awaken will do the works that he does and, in fact, will do greater works than these…” (John 15:12).

Infinite Human Creativity

Humanity can create anything from within our being in God. We must only recognize that when we are expressing as spirit and soul through incarnate form, we must exercise our infinite knowledge through participation in the Divine mind of God. This is the whole challenge of incarnate existence. By nature we are one in God. We are God. By nature we have the full creative capabilities of the Divine, but we do not always have the full knowledge of organization and manufacture.

The Divine simplicity organizes an infinite complexity of expression as the universe. For example, science understands that a human cell has over 100,000 chemical reactions per second among billions of cells in the body. This is a superconscious intelligence of a harmonic timing sequence of communication and recognition that the Divine Mind arranges. The unitary harmonic coordination of the universe is beyond human understanding in the full details of its coordinated expression. Not being able to see this manufacturing aspect has opened humanity to the error of separation and the false human project of creating an artificial nature that is not the expression of the true nature and Being of God.

Therefore, in our journey of awakening to a higher dimensional frequency of consciousness, we reach a point when we must decide that we are our true nature—one in God. It is the only way that we will not live by the falsity of separation. As we awaken, we are healing and transforming all traumas and conditioning in the mind and body from the system of fear, conflict, control, and separation. We are clearing any resonance patterns with dense frequencies conditioned in the lower chakras, and opening to the full capacities of the heart to radiate the powerful frequencies of the infinite higher mind in the Divine. As we decide to awaken to our true nature, we will allow our God consciousness to inform our DNA and enable the harmonic flow of love and creativity as consciousness and energy through all cells and systems of the body. When we emanate our Divine consciousness in Being and expression, our incarnate form vibrates at frequencies of a less dense physicality without the conflict of separation. Our spirit and soul then expresses through a consciousness frequency that is a higher dimension of matter.

When we awaken to our truth in God consciousness, we express our true nature of pure love and creativity. Anything less is not our true being. By essence of our spirit, soul, and incarnate body, we have all Divine capabilities within our interior. This includes harmonic cellular regeneration, telepathy, teleportation, living on light, and full creative intention. These qualities are our infinite and eternal Being of spirit/souls within God. We no longer need to ascribe to the error that we must transmute humanity to falsely become what we fail to see that we already are.

In this process of awakening and ascension, we are elevating our consciousness to the highest and pure frequency of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as Divine Beings. May we continue to awaken to our authentic humanity in the integrity of love, peace, harmony, and creativity. This is who we are as a Divine consciousness of unique souls within the oneness of unitary Being.

About the Author

Peter Borys Jr. is an author, visionary, multidimensional transformation guide, dimensional evolutionist, and consciousness and energy researcher.  Peter’s work communicates a new vision of transformation, evolution, and ascension to a multidimensional cosmic humanity of the true self in Divine unity.

The mission of Peter Borys Jr is to guide and support human awakening, transformation, evolution, and ascension to a fifth dimensional unity consciousness on Earth.  He is the author of “Transforming Heart and Mind: Learning From the Mystics” (Paulist Press, 2006), “Unity of the Heart: Transforming Consciousness to an Enlightened Humanity” (Mill City Press, 2008), and ”Dimensional Evolution: Uniting Cosmic Earth Consciousness with a New Divine Humanity” (forthcoming). Please visit his websites at, and

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  • Erik

    This sounds something similar to the gnostic view of the resurrection. That the time for the resurrection of the dead (spiritually asleep) is now, not in the future…

  • Beautiful.

  • halderon

    Where to start-an article or sermon? You have not even defined consciousness, yet you want more? God’s love is not unconditional-it is conditioned on the fact that you better love him back or burn in Hell for Eternity,and that is not even like, let alone love.Our “separation from God is said to be the fall of humanity” Well, who said that and-see-now you have to prove that God exists, and that is really hard-and the same goes for Jesus-did he really exist? There is no historical proof; no secular proof;but the one thing that really bothers most scholars,is that he isn’t mentioned in the other religions. You’d think that others would be flocking to see him, but they don’t. Then you use quotations from the Bible,and now-you have to prove it is factual. Why are there two versions of Genesis? And the fact that Eve was combing her hair while conversing with a snake-doesn’t sound unusual? I have a tale about three bears that you should read.

  • brian

    It seems nice, relaxing, lovey-dovey and “spiritually uplifting” to read submissions like these but the reality is that if you are not empowered or when the knowledge being disseminated is unattainable, you are merely “talking out of your head-mind/s”. This is because when Knowledge is not realisable, It merely becomes a religion, sustained by its religiosity/belief-system.

    Without referring even to animals, when a human wishes to see, he merely expresses his empowerment of vision. He merely needs to open his eyes. To drive the point further home, should the sighted then wishes to be blind, he cannot merely express what he has, which is to see, he needs to mentally/intellectually access and imbibe some information on how to be blinded. This, then, is becoming immoral/mesmerised/religious but that is another point for another time.

    Like it, agree with it, realise it, or not, Truth is about Truth and NOTHING else. Afterall, Truth waits for no one, real or unreal/relative. In the same manner, The Divine is about The Divine and NOTHING else. More shockingly, Divinity is not about Humanity, regardless of the worship and other religiosities and attempts at booking one’s place at The Final Photoshoot via posturing and other facets within the dual-natured human. Afterall, regardless of how Humanity will finally be positioned within The Play of Divinity, which is called The Return Journey of Dust to The Source, The Divine will implement His Final Decision/Judgement with His Pure Desire, Empowerment/Flow/Tao/Kundalini of Divinity or Love, trying Her best to lead Her Children, Humanity, to Its best outcome, or the donning of one’s best garment for The Final Photoshoot as it were. Above all else, Divinity is not about being chosen but about choosing once real vision/choice is finally realised. Afterall, when it comes to a matter as real/important as Divinity, gambling cannot be an item on Divinity’s menu, a perfect gamble being the one where there is neither a loss nor a gain – to be at rest with nary a progress – should the gamble be conducted under perfect conditions, that is, and not within the confines of the duality that of Humanity.

    Regardless of the mumbo-jumbo commented above, what is the meaning of Humanity and Divinity? One thing is certain and that is the unrealised of self, which leads to Self, have yet to uncover Humanity’s duty regardless of the myriad of alternative explanations, belief systems and God forbid, conspiracies about This, That and The Other. No human breathes for another because reality/Reality is of self/Self and NOTHING else – the selfless self and not the selfish self, that is, Self being of selflessness/unconditionality whereas Others is merely one’s selfishness/conditionality.

    As such, the duty of every human is to firstly be[come] one, all being partial humans because all have 2 brain lobes which offer 2-viewpoints/Relativity for every-view/Reality, given time/opportunity, and secondly to be Of Divinity. This is because EVERY human, without one single exception regardless of what Religion & Religion spouts about “pope-ing” and other gallivants, has Divinity refracted within his spiritual personna/dimensionality as “The Tree of Life” in The Bible [not that any “Christian” realises what that truly is] or what Ancient Sanskrit calls “The Virat”, patiently awaiting Its Moment of Reflection.

    Realise too, because mere knowledge is inadequate, that in order to realise The Divine, oka He, via Him-Her who is Singular in Nature, a human must develop and then maintain Conscience such that Conscience then becomes innate, Conscience being firstly the consciousness and secondly the awareness that one is human and is therefore neither animal nor vegetation. Through Conscience, Divinity is then realisable. Unless and until a human relinquishes his duality, he lack the means to being singular in nature. This mission [seemingly] impossible, is then what humans were evolved/born/Evolvede for. Left to Humanity’s Devices, oka In humanity, however, being Of Divinity is impossible to attain. Afterall, even Siddharta Gautama had to rest under a banyan tree before Divinity gifted Him the realisation of The Divine. For those shackled by their Religion & Religiosity, however, the above mutterings has little or NOTHING to do with any religion, be it “Buddhism”, “Taoism”, “Christianity”, “Islam”, “Judaism”, “Hinduism”, or even “Modernism” & “Materialism” whilst not forgetting to mention “Technology-ism”. Aftrall, all know that Divinity cannot be contained/controlled/owned by a book/knowledge – although many have tried, are trying and will try.

    It is benevolent to realise that when Knowledge is impossible to attain, the owning of the Knowledge then takes precedence and this is how fanatics are created, the religious fanatic being the one who owns his “god” in all the fanatic’s expressions and manifestations. Afterall, should one be Money, say, the desire for Money will end and not continue onto Over-Under, one’s duality. Should the individual be able to truly create, how could there be the desire for anything other than being pure, whilst remembering only those who are able to truly create are able to truly destroy. To be pure means unconditonality, accumulation being for Sharing & Unity and not for Exclusivity & Divison, something which “Zillionaires”, oka those who have yet to master counting beying their toes other than throwing zeroes at their affliction, find alien, being mesmerised by Fame, Fortune & Immortality since infancy.

    In summary, Divinity exists but not as Knowledge, oka Religion & Religiosity, but as Empowerment. This is because Reality/Divinity empowers through Sharing & Unity whereas Relativity/Humanity empowers through Exclusivity & Division. As such, the first gift along the individual’s journey towards singularity of nature is having the ability to discern/discriminate absolutely for without having the ability to see a spade as a spade, having the dual-natured’s ability to see a spade as a heart is then the usual outcome. Absoluteness of discrimination, Discrimination, therefore is merely the relating of facts, oka The Present, whereas the mere discrimination through duality is what gives discrimination a bad name because then, to discriminate means relating from The Past or The Future. A Simplicity which Eludes as the thumb argues with the small finger about who is to be worshipped for lifting something. This absolute discernment is the 6th sense which all non-thinkers have and is required to mitigate mesmerism of the 5 [fundamental] senses, the mesmeric Tentacle of The Bookie being Religion & Religiosity, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement. Afterall, in order that a puppet may become a human, the puppet must first realise that it is a puppet. Not when the puppet was groomed since infancy to blindly believe [becuz eet zounds so gut, ja?] that he not only is human, but that he was a specially chosen human. And this is how the pet Tentacle of The Bookie, The Chosen Few, explains the impossible to Its Blind-Blinded about malevolence being justified but do the puppets have to so enthusiastic about expressing and/or supporting their Cruelty & Cunning?To lacking Conscience and then justifying it as some G_d given right, especially when The Divine is Of Unconditionality otherwise no dual-natured human would have ever lived.

    From being absolutely empowered of discernment, one is then guided at every turn, Evolutionary or Devolutionary. Then, by consistently opting for that which is Evolutionary, when all the excuses have been reliquished for duty/absolute-responsibility, the human will change and with him, Humanity will also change. As the ancient saying of, “When there is no Other”, translated by Gandhi to the modern as, “We must be the change we seek”, observe, there is NO OTHER way for Humanity to change for the better. Regardless of those talking about being suddenly struck by some “Consciousness” or “Awakening” and the myriad of Frivolity & Nonsense touted as sense by the Blind-Blinded because they were magically imbued with some mysterious force which mysteriously always happens to be on behalf of Fame, Fortune & Immortality, the advertising departments of Devolution. It is also benevolent to realise [perhaps one fine day] that The Bookie is one’s thoughts of The Past and The Future which is symbolised as The 2 Horns of The Devil. Without having absolute vision, one’s relative vision will not only religiously see Illusions & Delusions as Reality, one is also magically, just like that, since birth[right], of Hindsight, Insight and Foresight too. Truly a miracle, the human imagination as it replaces Reality with Relativity and calling that, I, Me, Mine.

    In ending, should the above be true, how will agreeing-disagreeing, or through Religion & Religiosity, unravel its veracity? Without being thusly empowered, R&R will remain the Relativity posing as Reality. One reason why every human is merely the tenant to his body and not the owner. Afterall, which house owner treats his house like it is rented? Yet another Simplicity which Eludes.

    • John

      Truth is about Truth and NOTHING else?

      The Truth is also about uncovering lies, its Purpose.
      We shall See.
      I do not like to criticize, but this article is a little Verbose, i don’t need telling but prefer the Art that speaks to me.
      Don’t take offense, but i am still confused as to your Statement of the Truth?
      Still, we can all learn from our Mistakes.

  • Victor Gagnon

    Yah I agree with John. Found the article to be a little confusing. Lots of filler.

  • dimitri

    Theological hubris.

  • John

    but we must not interpret the awakening to our God consciousness and shift to our true multidimensional capabilities of the higher mind in the heart as an alchemical or trans-formative movement.
    Why not?

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