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Linda George, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Einstein said: “The field is the sole governing agency of the particle.”  We know, from the revelations of quantum physics, that this field, or all-pervasive space, is an in-formation field within which everything in the universe exists. There is a non-local connectivity in the field – which must be a type of web, or super-fluid – enabling the instantaneous transfer of information from one body to another, one consciousness to another – and from the field itself, to all of life.  The field not only governs the particles (us) within it – but it responds to the particles too! The energy of thought and emotion alter the field – and thus affect its evolution. We are then participants in the evolution of the field.

The field is a soup of conscious intelligence that permeates the universe, and within which, we are all participants.

As participants in the field of consciousness, we have the freedom to choose more of it. As we grow and mature spiritually and psychologically, we are able to choose to embody greater consciousness, higher intelligence, more of the field. And as we do, we become more integrated – or more whole. That is, more aware of our connectivity, and of the illusion of our separateness.

If, on the other hand, we choose to act unconsciously, to live through our lower, or egoic self, we become more dis-integrated.

Interestingly, dis, as a prefix means reversal, negation, lack, separation from. Dis came from the Latin word for the Roman god of the underworld – Pluto.  If our consciousness is dis-integrated, we can indeed enter the territory of the hell worlds. We do not have to look far in the world today to see where the prevailing state of dis-integration is taking us.

But, we must not lose our faith.  That the cosmos is ordered is revealed in the word itself – cosmos means order. Where we have the opposite of order – chaos – is where the natural law of entropy (the second law of thermodynamics) has been allowed to run its course.  This means consciousness has diminished from the system – and therefore it has become dis-integrated. Yet within the disintegration of chaos, lies its opposite – the potential for integration.  Beyond chaos there is always the seedling of a new state of order.  Just as we have our personal ‘shadow’ –  comprised of that which has been rejected from our consciousness – the Earth has her shadow too.  Earth’s emotional body, the lower astral, contains a vast repository of all the evil thoughts and deeds that have manifested throughout her long history. Just as our personal emotional body brings rejected material back into our conscious awareness through illness and/or psychologically or physically cataclysmic events – the Earth’s  aura periodically spews upheaval and mayhem out into the physical, visible world.  And just as illness ultimately serves us, by bringing us back into balance, helping us to integrate material previously rejected (this usually occurs on an unconscious level), so too do the chaotic events we are witnessing in the world serve the purpose of balancing and integrating the split (duality) that caused them!  Illness makes us honest, and chaos in the world does likewise.  Honesty is the prerequisite of integration.

It is important to acknowledge the shadow as being simply one side of a polarisation that is inherent in this system of duality. It is the side without light. Light is information. And the shadow is without light because it has been rejected from consciousness. As we progress through life we are constantly compelled to choose – one thing or another, one desire over another. Every decision is a choice to realize a certain principle. In choosing a principle, we have chosen to manifest, or to make conscious, one end of a polarity. The pole we have not chosen, stays outside of our consciousness – and goes underground, where it remains unmanifest, or invisible. The world of the invisible has greater power than the visible – for it is the birthplace of everything in the manifest world.  All that is rejected, or not made conscious by us – which is everything that is the opposite of who and what we consider ourselves to be, does not vanish into the ethers……it goes into the shadow, or the invisible. From here it may be gradually integrated, through conscious awareness, new choices, new decisions, different actions.  If not integrated, it can create sickness: mental, emotional, or physical.

Evil – live spelt backwards – is life’s negative, or flip side. (The truth so often lies in a place that is inside out, back to front, or opposite – hidden, so to speak, in plain sight). Evil, being the opposite of life, is that which blocks the flow of spirit and the capacity we all have, as free-willed individuals to choose more consciousness, more of the field. It may be intelligent, but it has no intelligence. It is un-informed; lacking in-formation, or light. Consciousness always seeks balance and harmony. Evil is imbalanced and dis-harmonious and it creates dis-sonance, dis-tress, dis-ease and chaos – because it blocks energy.  It blocks, or negates the free flowing energy that is life.  It is therefore death: to the life force, and with it, the body.  We know illness and disease are the result of blockages in the free-flowing energy of life. Unblocked or unhealed, these lead to death – the ultimate dis-integration.

The good news is, the forces of darkness (and dis-integration) controlling us, and worse (actively trying to extinguish us), are actually losing the battle.  Evil only appears to prevail.  A process is underway to balance the equation and heal the split of duality that has created such pain.  We need to trust the process. This split (the fall) has torn us away from, or at least obscured, our true natures – as participants in the conscious evolution of ourselves and the field.  As Einstein observed, the field is the sole governing agency of the particle. What he didn’t say is, as we particles expand our awareness and wake up to the manipulation of our consciousness – we have the power to collectively change the field. It is a two-way process.  As our consciousness  alters, the field we live in alters. We are governed by the field, but we are participants in it as well – even as mere particles that we are.  As we heal our personal imbalances and become more integrated – the dis-integration we see in the world around us will be healed.  As we learn to relinquish fear, there will be no need to see it projected onto the screen of the external world.

We chose to be here now and we no longer need to learn through pain. We do not have to witness the destruction of our world and everything we hold dear. We can choose to make this transition through love, healing and gentleness, rather than chaos, pain and destruction. To do so, we must take responsibility for our own healing, our own health and wellbeing – on all levels. We must open our hearts and stop listening to our heads and the voices of fear.  The ancient wisdom of the Tao states:  “Only when we are sick of our sickness, shall we cease to be sick. The sage is not sick, but is sick of sickness, this is the secret of health.”   In other words, everything comes down to our awareness and our willingness to choose more consciousness, more of the field; to decide, collectively to stop being sick!  As we heal ourselves, our world will change.  It is an exciting time to be alive – and it is vital we all do our part. Ultimately, the best way to serve others, is to first raise our own consciousness.  Let’s do it!

About the Author

Linda George is a writer, yogi, and evolutionary astrologer living in New Zealand.  She has been deeply involved in astrology, alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for 35 years.  Author of two books on consciousness and astrology – both finalists in the Ashton Wylie Mind/Body/Spirit book awards, she is committed to joining with others in ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times. Please join us.   Her blog is

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  • Anthony Abbott

    It’s all so true – it seems – the first paragraph particularly seductive in how it makes sense and brings us comfort – the talk about good and evil, for me, less satisfactory but few apparently notice that this comfort comes at a cost – with every cozy concept we cut away a small piece from the all embracing reality to make that reality appear less frightening and more manageable – it seems – and this conceptual habit has crept up on us so slowly over the centuries that we do not notice that every time we are cutting ourselves off from the unifying oneness and the more we do the more our troubles escalate causing division and the more they escalate the more we keep on doing it! And the more we do the less comfort we get from our concepts as they start to appear to have no meaning. We become like the puppy chasing his own tail? – will he ever catch it? What will he do with it when he does? Aristotle wisely said, ‘Philosophy can make a person sick.’In the words of David Bohm quantum physicist – ”Thought is constantly creating problems that way and then trying to solve them. But as it tries to solve them it makes it worse because it doesn’t notice that it’s creating them, and the more it thinks, the more problems it creates. That us what I call ‘sustained incoherence’. D.B. Einstein calls it: ‘Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.’ The un-examined motivation behind it all is fear based – a craving for certainty, an inability to trust and celebrate uncertainty – we cut ourselves off every time we open our mouths to express a truth – it seems – we are full of opinions – sententious is the word – we cut ourselves off from the miracle that enfolds us all and which is brimming over with uncertainty, and where everything is uncertain anything is possible, and that is a powerhouse. It appears that certainty should be subservient to uncertainty. For the sake of how we relate on all levels,and to each other, when we express ourselves it might possibly be wiser to keeping adding ‘it seems’ or ‘it appears ‘ or ‘indeed it seems likely’ – to allow for other possibilities so that our concepts take their place – more humbly even – in the bigger picture, and we stop waring, and so often aggravating each other with our divisive opinions. Anthony Abbott

  • Lisa Pruitt

    The differences in people, all caused by different experiences. I have come to kind of see the truth in all of it. Maybe some is less integrated, but it is being expressed, so that we can ponder it and bring it in to know and understand. Really a good article. And the more discussions the more different aspects of things come to light!

  • kcb000

    As it turns out the transfer of information in the “Field” is not instantaneous…

  • Thank you Steve. I appreciate your far more logical response to Mr H than I had the energy to give – and your thoughtful comments on my offering…

    Dimitri – I am a fan of Rumi also, and this poem is particularly beautiful. Thank you for bringing it to us. Oh, and dis – yes from the Latin word for the Roman god of the underworld – which is Pluto. Apparently. I thought it was a fascinating linkage. The origin of words is often very revealing. And you are very kind (re my critic)… thanks again…

  • gosha

    excellent article*

  • EagleEyes

    In my humble opinion, consciousness is the magnetic principle perpendicular to current flow, as every electrical system has its magnetic counterpart, i see it as the information field which surrounds each and everyone of us, connecting us [unlike poles attract] and dis-conecting us from attractive forces.
    Trouble is the unattractive forces are very attracted to us, thank-goodness the the Principle of Polarity gives us the Key to readdress the balance, or simply put Neutrality.
    I keep telling you have all been Polarized [split].
    Time to reintegrate? Order out of Chaos?
    Nice one Linda.

    • dimitri

      Do loving loving kindness meditation over Halderon. He’s usually p.o. about this or that.

      Don’t quite know how to get from Pluto to “dis”. But the rest of the read was nice. It immediately brought to mind one of the all time Rumi faves:

      Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing,
      there is a field (of luminous consciousness).
      I’ll meet you there.

      When the soul lies down in that green grass,
      the world is too full to talk about.
      Ideas, language, even the phrase “each other”
      don’t make sense any more.

  • Mercury retrograde! Sorry about the double up above.

  • Halderon above uses a number of outdated and clearly false bases to criticise the article unjustly.

    “You first have to define consciousness” NO. The article cant explain everything. Its light reading, not a legal contract.

    “Are you seeking to redesign the whole Universe? For there is nothing but chaos. Stars collapsing and turning into super-novas-white dwarfs-black holes-our galaxy speeding to collide with another galaxy-as the universe expands, the earth will soon(in astronomical time) be spinning alone-the possible discovery of the Higgs-Boson ”

    Updates- Universe is not expanding – big Bang never happened expansion is a colossal misread of the redshift. Study the Electric Universe at
    They also demonstrate how Black holes can’t exist. Lovely video on that just came out.

    Higgs Boson particle was originally called the “Goddamned” particle because it was so difficult to find. For publishing it was shortened to “God” particle., Thus it has no spiritual or religious or philosophical meaning whatsoever. LOL.

    Sun is not a thermonuclear reactor running out of fuel. Too many holes in that theory. It has many characteristics of being an electric thermionic valve.

    Very wise to ignore skeptics and study the electric universe attracting a growing number of eminent Phd scientists who discarded the big bang by actually looking at evidence. A new idea in physics, not getting much airplay.

    “but according to you the answer lies in live spelled back words”
    Silly shallow minded attack on the article- once again this is not a legal contract, the writer is free to use metaphor which skeptics don’t pick up on frequently
    The evil-live thing is generative versus DE-generative forces. That might be better contract wording but far less attractive or concise. YOU can choose to be one or the other. What do you wanna be? Its actually a lovely article.

  • halderon

    You first have to define consciousness before you seek more, and you haven’t. And no empirical evidence to back anything you say-none!
    Are you seeking to redesign the whole Universe? For there is nothing but chaos. Stars collapsing and turning into super-novas-white dwarfs-black holes-our galaxy speeding to collide with another galaxy-as the universe expands, the earth will soon(in astronomical time) be spinning alone-the possible discovery of the Higgs-Boson means the destruction of the universe is already mapped in-in 13 trillion years-so keep up the Higgs insurance-our own sun will run out of fuel,and it’s gonna be cold. And this is Intelligent Design,but according to you the answer lies in live spelled back words, and if we have a higher consciousness, these things will turn to rose pedals.

    • Deepak Chopra said: Human consciousness created science, which, ironically is now moving to exclude consciousness – its very creator! I think that sums up our dilemma here. Science has never achieved pure objectivity and it never will. Lord Krishna, in the Bhagavad Gita: “I am the field and the knower of the field.” Those who ‘know’ need no science to tell them.
      Really, I shouldn’t have to define consciousness – I’m not writing a thesis on the subject. You either get it – or you don’t. We live in a pluralistic universe – my perspective is valid. As is yours. But good on you for taking the time to read something that challenges your worldview. We grow and evolve through opening our minds.

      • Anonymous

        What I have realized is how DIFFERENT people are. Look at these two viewpoints, and each one happened because of different experiences. It just goes on and on. Is this what keeps any one person or group from getting too much power. I’ve kind of gotten to a place where I can see the truth in all of them. But, to bring it all together. Wow!

    • Deepak Chopra wrote: ‘human consciousness created science, which ironically, is now moving to exclude consciousness, its very creator!’ This sums up our dilemma here. Lord Krishna said in the Bhagavad Gita “I am the field and the knower of the field.” ….The field that comprises all of creation, visible and invisible is imbued with a mind that knows itself. Such a mind doesn’t need ’empirical evidence.’ It just knows. Really, I shouldn’t have to define consciousness – I wasn’t writing a thesis. We live in a pluralistic universe. My perspective is valid. As is yours. If you don’t get mine – that’s fine. Thank you for reading something that evidently challenged your worldview. This is how we grow and evolve – open minds, open hearts.

    • gregorylent

      haha, such a funny belief structure! 🙂

      empirical schmirical .. if the mystic can’t verify it, the science isn’t true ..

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