Are You Creating You or Being You?

Trinity Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times

When we embark on the spiritual journey we have two main choices:

We can either:
1. create who we want to be
2. be who we truly are

There are many ways to the top of the metaphorical mountain. There are also many ways to ensure that we keep walking around and around in circles. In this article we’ll look at the difference between the two…

The difference between creating me and being me

When we are busy ‘creating who we want to be’ rather than ‘being who we truly are’ we don’t actually go up the mountain at all; instead, we create an illusionary mountain upon which we seem to be able to do whatever we want. Until we see beyond the veil, it certainly has ‘allurement factor’ written all over it.

Conversely, when we are ‘being who we truly are’, we attune to the inevitable choice that has already been made – the divine flow of the universe. In this sense, the choice is about remembering who we truly are; and when we remember, the only thing we have to ‘do’ is be. Once we’ve seen beyond the veil, this will increasingly have a sense of ‘rightness’ to it.

Allowing the prison walls to crumble

This is not about creating a perfect world, but rather shedding everything that we are not – peeling away that which has kept us from realising out true authentic beingness. It is our destiny. It’s allowing everything to fall away to reveal the omnipresent essence of beingness that is, and always was, there.

The choice is momentary. The choice is whether or we whether we accept or reject the divine, authentic being that we are.

To be or not to be

There isn’t necessarily anything ‘wrong’ in choosing to create a world for ourselves – although, it can be helpful to realise that it is illusionary; like entertainment; or a game to be played, until we tire of illusions; until we wake up to something deeper; until we awaken to the part of us that is at one with the Source of Creation itself; until we realise that when we are at one with the Source of Creation itself, that the real authentic us, paradoxically, doesn’t create anything. Instead, we experience ourselves AS the source whilst creation happens THROUGH us – as a soul.

The main purpose that ‘creating your own reality’ serves on the road to ascension is to show us what we are not. We may experience temporary freedom and happiness by creating amazing things. Yet by nature, anything inspired from our minds can never last. Eventually it generates the sense of our our imprisonment, so intensely, that our soul yearns to break free. This sense, so many of us recognise. Something burning inside. Something we can’t always explain. A tension; a tightness that torments us. An irrational anger or rage. Realising how imprisoned we have been, creates an incredible impetus to fully wake up and liberate the soul.

It’s not always easy, especially once we realise how imprisoned we have been and what exactly imprisons us. The prison we’ve created for ourselves can be everywhere, in everything we do. Waking up is the first step. Once we’ve awoken, we are invited to continue awaking to deeper and deeper layers of authentic soul.

Fear of losing control

Being ‘who we truly are’ means that we are surrendered to the divine flow of the universe.

The biggest obstacle to this is fear that we have no control, or fear that we’ll lose grasp of reality. The irony is, that until we align with the divine flow, we are already lost. We have little grounding in reality. The false self cowers in fear, insisting on control, as it senses its own demise. And so it continues to make cunningly cosy or witful choices to avoid losing it’s grip. The false self basically controls the world that imprisons us and until we fully wake up, we believe that it is real.


Conversely, in being ‘who we truly are’, we are taken on a journey that will help us unlock all of the doors. It is a journey of authentic liberation – a stark contrast to the world of illusionary freedom. It generates a phenomenal sense of inner peace that all beings yearn for at a soul level.

Who we are, has already been chosen. Our job is to simply realise that. We are divine beings, far more incredible that anything we could dream up. The secret is trust, surrender and accepting that we are enough, right now, in this moment. Only then can the flood gates of authenticity start to open. Only then can we unleash the full light of our being.

The light of the soul breaks through

My awakening and impulse to unveil absolute truth, has been so strong that I’ve always honoured the impulse to allow my world to unfold before me. I have watched as the walls built around the light of my soul collapsed, brick by brick.

I am just being me… not the me I want to be, but rather the me I Am.

Our true self is unveiled by shedding EVERYTHING that is superimposed upon it. What is revealed is something so earth-shatteringly-brilliant, so extraordinarily-ordinary, that it is impossible to find unless we are being profoundly honest with ourselves. Surrender, let go and trust. Unveil your divine authentic beingness!

So how about you? Are you ‘creating’ you or ‘being’ you?

In Love and Light

This article originally appeared at, a project to elevate the consciousness of man and provide healing to those in need.

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  • Rachel

    This is a wonderful article.

  • Victor Gagnon

    I believe that “To be truly who we are” we must create that, because we all think we are human.If one thinks he or she is Devine then stand in front of a bus and see what happens. If you think you are human then your thoughts will be human no matter how profound. One cannot be someone that we want to be unless we create it. One maybe a natural athlete but one still has to practice as I would suggest that Trinity is doing. So the suggestion would be to Create who you want to be which might mean to re invent the human self and many might say the EGO and then get in touch with who you really are in the process. I believe the EGO always wants to learn but the Altered EGO the PERSONALITY does NOT. The personality always wants to be RIGHT. Now I know this is the reverse of what you have in your article but also these are words used to communicate and so my words are not anyone else’s words but most times we think we know what one means my reading words and I believe that we simply have our interpretation of the words used, hence we should all have our own opinions without judgement. So when we talk about the Devine or the Soul, do we really know what that means or is it a learned terminology from other teachers. Stories passed down. I would suggest then if that is so then “The Devine or the Soul, God or Spirit, is a philosophy and not a knowing yet most think we do know, including myself because I am the one creating The Devine, Soul, God or Spirit in my own reality. We throw these names around like we really know what they are or what they mean, including myself but I don’t believe we know because we are human and to believe that I am not my body is a tough journey for me. I won’t stand in front of a bus! One moment you are just great and then a human hidden emotion comes up out of nowhere. I believe if I become complete with all of my human emotions I may then remember who I really am. Its a great journey when we only see the bright side of our life.
    Just ones opinion and thank you for allowing me to have my opinion.

  • dimitri

    Right on (again) Trinity!

    I have only to quibble with the words “authentic” and “authenticity”. Not that I don’t grasp how they are used in the context of this article. However, you will probably agree that these words seem to have recently acquired buzzword status. How often I have heard them used by yoga instructors and holistic practitioners of all stripes!

    The word “authentic” to me implies authorship, or the sense of the self and the ego as being the primary movers in the creation of one’s private reality. Thus a sense of walking about at the base of the mountain and never finding a path to the top. It is to the advantage of capitalistic spiritual “guides” to keep their audiences in this holding pattern, surrounding them with a brick wall. Not a desirable outcome.

    Words, words. Always words. As someone said: where there is discussion there is no learning. Enough said.

    Thanks again for your inspiration and clearsightedness.

    • Thank you for sharing dimitri. It’s helpful to hear how another views words such as ‘authenticity’. I can completely understand that this is the type of word that may well be banded around and misused by many who’ve snatched it as a ‘cool’ buzz word.

      The sense that I mean ‘authentic’, is that which arises when attachment to outcome, attachment to ego, fall away. I mean authenticity as ‘a genuine expression of the soul’, rather than a mind led construct of what it is presumed to be. I have never followed other teachers, so I find it useful to know how people relate to certain terms like authenticity – it helps me adapt, perhaps even invent new vocabulary :0)
      Thank you.

  • Steve

    This piece was right on time! I think I have recently realized the prison I built for myself and now the walls are falling down slowly but surely. Thank you so much for writing this confirmation.

  • Jay

    Wow, what a wonderful piece. Thanks.

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