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Who Will Save The Honey Bee? EU Mulls Pesticide Ban While US Set to Approve More

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

There are a number of grave ecological crises nagging at the status quo of modern life. Though the mainstream media prefers not to cover the enduring impact of events like Fukushima, the Deepwater Horizon or Honeybee Colony Collapse Disorder, the truth remains that these issues are vastly more important than most of the things we concern ourselves with.

The honey bee is unique in the animal kingdom for its critical importance to both the environment and the economy. Without the bee the variety and amount of food for human consumption would drop dramatically, and the many industries built around bee products would collapse.

The global decline in honey bee populations is attributed a varying combination of 6 primary factors:

  1. Viruses and infections
  2. Attacks by parasites and invasive species
  3. Genetically modified plants
  4. Poor nutrition
  5. Environmental change and habitat fragmentation and loss
  6. Intensive use of agricultural pesticides

Right now worldwide bee colony collapse is accelerating at alarming rates, and beekeepers are expecting one of the worst years ever. Many researchers have made the case that a handful of industrial pesticides are the most likely culprits and the best first target in the race to save the honeybee; to save life on earth.

Developed in the early ’90’s by Shell and Bayer, neonicotinoid insecticides are proving to be some of the most harmful to bees, and the European Union has recently proposed a ban on them. Just this week in the United Kingdom, a public campaign to banish these pesticides resulted in a huge win for honeybees as several major home and garden retailers began pulling products containing neonicotinoid pesticides from their shelves.

But here in the United States the silence from both government and consumers is deafening. In fact ,the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), who should be thoroughly engaged in addressing colony collapse disorder is poised to approve another harmful pesticide, Sulfoxaflor, already known to be harmful to bees:

Sulfoxaflor is the first molecule to be commercialized from the new sulfoximine class of insecticides developed by Dow AgroSciences.  The effects of sulfoxaflor on the exposed aphid nervous system in situ are analogous to those of imidacloprid and nitenpyram, and finally the high-affinity sulfoxaflor binding site is absent in a Myzus persicae strain (clone FRC) possessing a single amino acid point mutation (R81T) in the β-nAChR, a region critical for neonicotinoid interaction. [Agro News]

GMO Free Food Storage

Why would the EPA allow another bee killing pesticide onto the market at a time when bees are collapsing at such an alarming rate?

United States beekeepers are extremely disappointed with this turn of events and are hoping that the EPA takes the lead from the EU on putting a plan in place to first stop the collapse of honey bee colonies, then to revive them. Beekeeper Steve Ellis speaking to Civileats states:

Europe’s decision should be a wake up call for EPA. The agency has a responsibility to protect bees and the livelihood of beekeepers. Unless the agency takes steps to protect pollinators, they are putting agricultural economies and the food system at risk. [Civil Eats]

This is definitely a step in the wrong direction, but sadly, there is little control that the individual has in approving or banning which chemicals get openly dumped into our environment. In yet another way, the modern, conscious person who loves the earth and would like to leave a habitable planet for future generations is left a the mercy of petrified institutions that don’t seem to find urgency in environmental issues.

About the Author

Alex Pietrowski is an artist and writer concerned with preserving good health and the basic freedom to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. He is a staff writer for and an avid student of Yoga and life.


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  • abinico warez

    Monsanto is the evil incarnate that will destroy humanity.

  • mothman777

    We need bees to survive.

    Bees do not suffer colony collapse disorder when they land on organic crops.

    If bees die, there will be famines.

    Monsanto are breeding their own insecticide-resistant bees to replace the natural ones that are susceptible, that they are purposely exterminating. I bet Monsanto bees will be crap.

    Monsanto is mad.

    The people are mad for allowing Monsanto to exist, as Monsanto executives should have been physically ripped to pieces years ago.

    Most people could not care less, which is a result of the suicidal ideation being inculcated into their minds by the population reductionist agenda, and the depression resulting from grey skies and dying nature all around them being a necessary element within that, that is quite definitely being deliberately made to happen.

    Vicious circle.

    Politicians are insane inbred halfwits who think we should all be exterminated.

    We are on the wrong planet, or they are, as they should be kept in top security prison mental hospitals, to stop their grandiose genocidal plans, like those of Bill Gates, who casually mentions he intends to reduce the world population by 1 billion, with ‘vaccines’ and family planning, (and sterilization).

    Why do these nutcases have to be so nasty all the time? It really boils down to an acute case of jealousy, where they literally cannot stand the sight of others being happy, so they feel they have to destroy even their world to stop them being happy. I really believe that, as that is the type of people they are; they actually think real happiness is too good for the rest of us, as we are ‘minim’, not really truly living souls, and thus they think that only people of their quality should be allowed to experience happiness. For them, it is a real spiritual battle in their mental home minds, to fight the rest of us down by enforcing misery on all around them.

    Who would spray crap in the sky that shuts out 20% of the blue sky compared with the amount of blue sky we all had 10 years ago, condemning us all to depressing grey skies and air that is so polluted by the crap they are spraying out of planes into it, that now they are even telling us not to go out and breath outside some days, because whatever is polluting the air from the planes is so bad; they really have a cheek there.

    And they do admit in the newspapers that it is what is coming from the planes (no mention of chemtrails though) that is what is making the air too bad to breath.

    Well what the hell are they spraying it in the air out of planes for then? ! ! !

    That is what I mean; it is so exasperating for all of us isn’t it?

    I mean, we now have 20% less blue sky compared with 10 years ago due to chemtrails etc., and we are losing 125-200 species every 24 hours.

    A few normal people of average intelligence could and would put that right very soon and stop all the mindless destruction and harm to the environment, but for some reason, the perverse lunatics currently in positions of power and authority seem desperately intent only on severely exacerbating the darkness and terror and destruction that is currently engulfing this entire planet.

    Is this what we hired them for?

    Do we have any way of telling them that they have to stop what they are doing?

    Or are they just scared that if they tell us what to do, we will not vote for them any more, and they will be poor and unpopular, and that hurts, and we will just go right on doing exactly what we were doing before anyway, hiring more insane politicians to tell us that our consumerist habits that are destroying the planet are fine by them?

    But it isn’t us is it?

    I mean, we don’t tell them that we want to go to war; they ALWAYS tell us, and ‘all that other stuff’.

    Do they think we signed them up to take the entire planet out on a huge suicide trip with them or something? Most of them are in power by dint of their own nepotistic racist machinations and not by election or selection by the people anyway.

    Aaaaargh ! !

    I really like bees. They are cute, furry, and friendly. Monsanto executives should all go and take some insecticide themselves.

  • Kathleen

    You left out cell phone technology as a major contributor to the deaths of bees:
    ‘Resonance – Beings of Frequency’ documentary by James Russell

  • I am reminded of the Albert Einstein quote; “If the bee disappeared off the face of the earth, man would only have four years left to live.”

  • windy

    Perhaps the best thing we can do for the Earth is to engineer our own mass extinction.
    We seem to be heading in that direction.

  • Karl

    Step 1) find an old microwave oven and cut the power cord off it.
    2) drill an entry hole for the bees… 3) make those screens to fit inside the microwave oven. There you have it… the bees will harmonize in the oven without that RF headache.

  • Canuck

    I’m trying. Last summer I talked to beekeepers near me and offered my pasture for their honeybees. They brought their 6 poorest hives (of course, I’d never imganine they’d bring their best to a new area) and the supers did amazingly well. By the end of the summer their weakest hives were as heavy as their better hives. It’s an amazing experience to have honeybees, I wish everyone such luck. It’s a totally wild and uncultivated valley (Indian reserve) no pesticides, no nothing. All I got for the use of my land was a small bucket of honey and tremendous benefit to my valley. I’m really looking forward to more than 6 supers this spring. There are people doing what they can for the bees.

  • dimitri

    Looks like sociopathic scientists have concluded that Silent Spring should be given a whirl under the microscope and then “see what happens”. This really qualifies as congenital idiocy.

  • Julie

    So frustrating. I would like to help.

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