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Research Now Showing Natural Products As Effective As Man-Made Drugs

Dr. Marianna Pochelli, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

Many combinations of natural products are as effective as man-made drugs, but without the side effects when acting against specific diseases. For empirical evidence, look no further than the indigenous tribes and cultures which still use many formulations pre-dating the historical record and with great success. A comprehensive study and first of its kind published in PLoS One assessed 124 natural product combinations and found that in the right combinations, they can match drug level potency.

Plants are better than drugs on many levels. Specific herbs, fruits and vegetables have been found on many instances to work better than medication for specific diseases. For example, Soursop Fruit has been found to kill cancer up to 10,000 times more effectively than strong chemotherapy. Consuming apples daily has been found in some studies to be more effective than statin medications at reducing heart disease.Cranberry juicegarlic and turmeric are just three of dozens of other foods which beat drugs in treating and preventing disease.

The researcher’s report that certain combinations of natural products such as those used in traditional Chinese medicine are as potent as made-made drugs designed specifically to battle conditions. The research was led by Professor Chen Yu Zong from the National University of Singapore.

Chen and his colleagues said, for example, that their findings show how the active ingredients in combinations of natural products can achieve the same level of potency as synthetic anticancer and antibacterial drugs, however these products must be taken in larger quantities or for a longer period of time.

“Organic medicinal ingredients align extremely well with the body at all molecular levels through all systems, so naturally concentrations would be lower than pharmaceutical drugs designed for acute responses which are very foreign to the body,” said Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine Kate Robinson commenting on the study. “Consuming organic medicinal ingredients would be equal if not superior in the long-term since the alignment would allow the body to heal naturally without the risk of damage to other body systems and organs unlike pharmaceuticals.”

Professor Chen stated “there have been claims that natural products simply have a placebo effect…in our study, we looked at more than 100 types of natural product combinations that are perceived to be the best and found that it is possible for natural products to achieve the same effectiveness as man-made drugs.”

“However…the natural products have to be of sufficient potency and taken in the right combination.”

Study Details

“The important questions are whether synergistic effects can sufficiently elevate therapeutic potencies to drug levels, and by what mechanisms and at what odds such combinations can be assembled,” said the researchers.

Chen and his team analysed data from 1,601 previous research papers. This literature reported on the cell-based potencies of 190 approved anticancer and antimicrobial drugs, 1378 anticancer and antimicrobial natural products, 99 natural product extracts, 124 synergistic natural product combinations, and 122 molecular interaction profiles of the 19 natural product combinations with collective potency enhanced to drug level or by more than 10-fold.

They found natural products are generally weaker than man-made drugs, but noted that many lower potency natural products can be assembled into combinations of drug level potency.

However, the right combinations of achieving the same therapeutic effect as a drug are needed when issues such as bioavailability and the ability to target the right set of regulators or effectors within cellular systems are considered.

Chen and his team said their findings now provide a foundation for further studies on the clinical effectiveness of herbal medicine, and may lead to research in to how to best achieve combinations of natural products can be taken to fight diseases.

The team said they will continue to conduct more research in this area, in particular, to determine how to achieve the same level of effectiveness for natural products as synthetic drugs — with a focus on popular herbal products and frequently prescribed traditional medicine.

PLoS One

About the Author

Dr. Marianna Pochelli is a Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in the treatment of disease through superfoods and herbal strategies. She actively promotes detoxification, colon cleansing, and a vegetarian lifestyle using living foods as a platform to health.

  • Jann McPherson

    Agree with Kevin….have you noticed people on chemical medications are never really well? It’s all preventative.
    Good site.

  • What would the world be like if everyone had a
    food bearing tree in their yard ?

  • The title is propaganda! Nature has been shown, in many examples, to be THOUSANDS of times more effective than ANY of arrogant mans feeble attempts at “improving” upon it with bio- “technology.” Please don’t pander or promote this myth that “doctorers” are needed to HEAL people; They write prescriptions to mask the symptoms and bill you via your insurance card.

    “Let food be thy medicine…”

    For evidence and further research, start here:

  • Please provide links or citations for the specific research on the soursop or graviola plant. I have heard this claim several times but have yet to find any research actually supporting the claim. Since my daughter is battling HER2+ breast cancer, I would be grateful for any direction to the supporting research materials.

    Thank you.

    • Jam

      Have you heard about broccali sprouts? If you google the term you should find plenty of articles and posts linking studies that have taken place. Wiki has a lot of references too. A single broccoli sprout can contain up to 50 times more sulforaphane (the powerful antioxidant that broccoli is so famous for) than a mature piece of fully grown broccoli. John Hopkins’ research team concluded that broccoli sprouts promoted much more cancer fighting protection and antioxidant activity via sulforaphane than broccoli alone. Studies have also shown that applying sulforaphane extract, extracted from the sprouts protected the skin cells and decreased DNA mutations from general burns, including UV radiation, and even carcinogenic compound exposure.
      I hope your daughter gets well soon.

    • Bill

      For Cancer I would look at the Budwig Protocol by Dr. Budwig of Germany
      who was nominated for the nobel prize 6 times. I have read testimonials from people all over the world that give it exceedingly high ratings as their cancer was no longer found after a 30 day minimum of use. I would also look into taking selenium as studies have shown that people that live where the soil is high in selenium (also in the well water) are almost unheard of to get cancer. A diet of alkaline foods is best for the body too. It is also good to eat spicey foods that will raise your core temperature for a few minutes as you eat. If you can take cayenne pepper with a small pinch of black pepper it will do the most good. You can get cayenne pepper in capsule form at Wallmart if you can not eat it. Eating is best and you should be able to add more to your food after you try it daily as you will become use to it. I started with just enough that I could taste the (heat) and now since I have become accustomed to it I really dump it on..I love it! Also, I would look into trying to get rid of all toxins in the body such as heavy metals and chemicals. Look at aloe vera juice. Lily of the Desert is the brand name and states that it raises the white blood cells (t-cells) in the body which is what chemo/radiation destroys. How can a person get healthy without t-cells? It is best to drink 4 glasses of water
      in the morning 45 minutes before breakfast (as soon as you wake)too.
      I do not have links to websites for you but this one you can do research as I had my laptop stolen with over 5.5 yrs. of research on it. Also, look into intravenous baking
      soda and vitamin C as well as Hydrogen Peroxide and cancer.

      WARNING: I am not a Dr. so be sure to talk to one first before beginning any protocol especially if you take prescription medicine. Cayenne Pepper enhances any medicine you take so be careful.
      Best wishes

    • dartanian


      If you get a chance, you might be interested in checking out this short talk from mycologist Paul Stamets:

      Paul Stamets – TEDMED 2011

      Towards the end, he goes into detail about how his 80+ year-old mother called him one day and told him she had breast cancer. She had waited so long to do anything or tell anybody, that she had a very advanced stage. The doctor was sure that she wouldn’t survive (since it was one of the most severe cases she had seen), so she asked Paul if they should try a treatment that was just in its experimental stages. It involved Turkey Tail mushrooms, which Paul (being a mycologist) had plenty of access to. I’ll let you watch the clip to see how it turned out.

      Paul also discusses it in this much longer speech:

      Paul Stamets at Bioneers (2011)

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