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Poland’s GM Crop Ban – Nothing More Than Classic Political Deception

Alex Pietrowski, Staff Writer
Waking Times

Earlier this week we reported a victory for anti-GMO activists when it was announced that Poland banned GM crops under new legislation.

“The North-Eastern European country, Poland, has become the latest EU nation to ban the production of genetically modified (GM) crops, although, the European Food Safety Authority has approved GM crops as being safe for cultivation. Poland’s Ministry of Agriculture has opted to take advantage of  a special ‘safeguard clause’ which allowed them to reject these GM crops, allowing Poland to protect their agricultural base from contamination.” (Waking Times)

Unfortunately, however, in what appears to be a classic political deception, this recent news is, sadly, just not true. The recent news seemed like cause for celebration, but, it actually legalizes the trading of GM plants and seeds. (Sir) Julian Rose, President of the International  Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (ICPPC), a grassroots organization to liberate the Polish agriculture from GMO farming has alerted us that:

“The New Year dawned with Prime Minister Tusk announcing to the World that Poland is to ban the planting of GM seeds as of 28 January 2013. But he is not banning ‘trading’ of GM plants and seeds.

If trading is allowed what sort of control will be in place to stop planting? Answer: none.

Farmers will soon become aware that they will become responsible for any infringements should their land become contaminated by GM plantings. So all responsibilities and costs will land-up with farmers should their crops become cross contaminated.”

And the reality for Polish farmers and citizens may actually be much more grim than even this, as it appears that the Polish government is colluding with multi-national corporations, like Monsanto, to ‘secure’ farmland for “‘designated GMO areas’ to conform with European Union ‘free trade’ regulations,” states Rose.

“The reality is very different. They are covertly supporting the multinational agribusiness interest in acquiring Polish land for the large scale production of genetically modified food…”
Now the call is out for unification of Polish farmers, citizens and the concerned people of the world to oppose the subversive actions of the Polish government. Julian Rose:
“Our reaction is to unite the GM opposition groups so as to form a united front able and willing to take-on the government and the corporations and to force a total ban of GM trading and planting…

…we are living in a world in which governments do not act in good faith. They dance to the tune of corporate demands. In Poland’s case, only due to sustained pressure and significant regional support for the maintenance of GMO Free status, has government been forced to act. The way in which it has acted is true to form: give ‘the people’ their sop but also the corporations their slice of the cake.”

This action contradicts the demands of a majority of the public and Polish farming community, states Rose:

“Seventy five percent of Poles have said they want Real Food and not ‘genetically modified food’.

All across the World people have rejected GM food – there is no market for it if nobody wants to eat it. The GM corporations cannot accept this rejection. Instead they are consistently lying to farmers and telling them that GM crops out perform conventional crops. Tens of thousands of farmers in the USA have found exactly the opposite and are now going to the courts to file law suits against Monsanto corporation and others. The crops have failed them and now ‘super weeds’ are taking over their farmland.”

Up until now, GMO crops have been forbidden in Poland, as Poland has been under the Seeds Act of 2003, meaning that this recent law is really a step towards conforming Poland’s standars with those of the EU where GM crops have been approved:

The Seed Act of 2003, which is currently in force in Poland, forbids the trading and registration of GMO seeds. This regulation runs counter to the EU rules on GMO and, following the European Court of Justice’s decision in case C-165/08, Poland is obliged to align its legislation with that of the EU. (

Once again, the public has been duped by tricky political rhetoric into believing that the public’s demands are being heeded, when in actuality, this is just another deceptive act which opens the door for the introduction and take over of genetically modified seed, supplied by the world’s most damnable chemical corporations. And if organizations such as Greenpeace, who are supposedly champion environmental issues, is lauding this as a victory, then grassroots action is certainly the last hope for the future of agriculture.

Please spread the word and support the effort for justice in this matter by visiting the ICPPC.

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  • I have a hunch by the way, that MOTHER NATURE, is going to take MONSATAN OUT!! Superweeds are just the beginning!

  • Will the people of the world allow corporations to take over the world?? AND let this world ,go to HELL!! OR STOP SUPPORTING THESE CORPORATIONS! and STOP being a SHAREHOLDER!! Critical Mass would allow the WHISTLE-BLOWER’S to come FORWARD much more safely! I am one of the ten! are you??

  • I must congratulate the editor for carrying this article. It is never easy to come back to a story and present another angle.

    The above comment is indeed true. The only thing I would add is that we should not ‘wait’ for the critical mass of people to materialize to reform this world – we should simply each get on with it regardless of the lack of a critical mass and help to make that critical mass arrive sooner rather than later.


  • dimitri

    Face it! Almost without exception on the face of this whole planet so called governments are nothing more than armed enforcers for multinational corporations and power elites. One can only wait for the necessary critical mass of people opposed to this fascism to materialize and reform the world in a brighter image. They say that this critical mass is one in ten persons. Are you one of the ten?

    • Vincent

      I so wish that you were wrong but unfortunately you are not.Days of governments acting in best interests of its own people are long gone.They are nothing but a bunch of criminals, the lowest form of life on earth.GMOs are not even a tip of an iceberg.The worst gang of them all are pharmaceutical companies.From injecting viruses through vaccination through suppression of alternative treatments that actually work they are committing genocide on an umprecendent scale.But you know what, they have underestimated the power of people.The power is in our wallets as that is where money comes from.I eat exclusively organic products,I have zero loans,my credit card balance is zero.I even own my home so they cannot touch me.As for Polish farmers wait until Monsanto gets hold of you, there will be no place to hide.US countryside is under siege from weed resistant to everything mankind has to throw at it. They are spraying their crops with Agent Orange – biological weapon used in Vietnam war. Google it, it is true. What will happen in 5 years when weed becomes resistanct to that? Your guess is as good a mine. Damage that is done to US countryside is irreversible and irreperable, is that what Polish farmers and Polish people want done to their countryside? Still, I am very hopeful. Wherever you look, whichever continent you look at people are waking up and they are waking up fast. Am I one in ten? You bet I am and I am glad to see you are too.

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