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Homo Divinicus – The Shape of Things to Come

Chris Bourne, Openhand Contributor
Waking Times

These are monumental times we’re blessed to be living in. Humanity is waking up from eons of amnesia. Gaia has centred in the Fifth Density and powerful evolutionary transitions of consciousness will unleash the earth from the restrictive and exploitative karmic energies of our past. To many, in these early hours, the full magnitude of what’s taking place will be challenging to grasp. It’s entirely understandable. The key is to keep walking the path of the soul, allowing our natural Ascension to peel away the crusted veils. I can feel the birth of a new multidimensional humanity beginning to unfold, one which I feel given to call “Homo Divinicus”…

Breaking the Intervention

Humanity was always meant to be fully multidimensional, interconnected with the higher realms of consciousness and centered in the natural flow of the universe: a benevolent guidance that co-creates situations for maximum soulful expression, the bountiful experience of interconnectivity and expansive evolutionary growth.

Although it’s difficult to perceive and accept, until we reclaim that which was taken from us, we can’t fully appreciate how humanity has been controlled and downgraded by an Opposing Consciousness which exists in the field all around us. Some are becoming fully aware of this now, but in actual fact, it doesn’t matter too much whether you perceive it or not. Many would consider this veil as merely a projection of ones own ego or simply society’s matrix of mass subconsciousness. And this too is fine. What matters most, is walking the path of the soul and fully unveiling our beingness.

Gaia has now reclaimed herself from this global intervention, and although it will still take time to fully unwind, the time has come for those ready and willing, to truly begin to shake off the karmic layers that limit and become once more what we were always meant to be. So what is “Homo Divinicus” all about?

The Seven Bodily Vehicles of Expression

We don’t just have one bodily vehicle of expression, but seven. There is one connected through each of the main chakras, and each at a variant vibrational frequency. Because of the Opposing Consciousness intervention, for most people, the soul has been fragmented and thereby contained within the lower physical and mental vehicles. You could consider the distortions of the ego have drawn the soul into eddy currents of lower density. Alternatively, full embodiment has been prevented by the distraction of higher blissful like frequency resonance (false love and light). These are the variant frequencies we must discern through in order to reclaim our full divine gift of multidimensionality.

So how is the full compliment of Homo Divinicus truly meant to function? To me, the soul is meant to flow naturally down through the chakras from the higher dimensions creating and animating expression as it builds downwards through our being. When this happens, we become truly as one with the higher creative flow. In my knowing, based on my own experience and in working with many evolving people, here is a personal indication of how I feel that is supposed to happen. In sharing it, I encourage you to explore your own experience within this framework, which in itself, can help activate that destined beingness…

    • 7. Spirit-Light-Body (merkaba): the spirit-light-body is designed to receive soul consciousness through the crown chakra to align our being with the right dimensional activity inline with our higher purpose.
      Through the spirit-light-body, the soul has the capacity to act through multiple planes of consciousness simultaneously. It interconnects us with all other sentient life and is able to harmonise with the co-creative intent of other souls within our sphere of influence. Our divine purpose could be channeling in the harmonistic light of the Fifth Density to which we are ascending; it could be counteracting Opposing Consciousness in the Fourth Density to prevent distortional interference; alternatively it could be bringing absolute presence into the Third Dimension to fulfill creative activity. Thus the spirit-light-body shines the light of our soul interdimensionally.
    • 6. Celestial Body: the celestial body harnesses and stores reflections of our soul through the countless lifetimes we’ve experienced. It’s purpose is to help us align with our true aspects of beingness.
      The downward shining light of the soul is next received into the third eye chakra, which ‘looks’ into the outer world comparing what it sees to the reflections of the soul in the celestial body. When the soul notices its own brilliance, it helps us align with and unfold those aspects of beingness that are most becoming of us; we settle into our groove so to speak. It is that feeling of complete self-belief, self-confidence, self-acceptance and contentment. When we can notice ourselves manifested in the outer world through our own authentic inner reflection, that is when we are truly living. We are frequently reduced to tears at the seemingly simplest of things because we are fulfilling our divine purpose.
    • 5. Higher Mind: from authentic being arises authentic creation. The purpose of higher mind is to co-create experiences with other sentient beings as ‘sacred contracts’ for higher education and self realisation.
      Through the power of the celestial body, we have noticed how to be within the external world and now is the time to experience this through creative action. At this stage, the creative impulse is quite abstract and undefined; the purpose is more about contemplations of educational higher truth, co-creating with other sentient life, rather than an actual creation itself. The soul now acts through higher mind, gathering together ‘elementals of consciousness’ into a directional flow of creation, like swirling clouds in the heavens.
    • 4. Causal Body: the causal body is where our “karma” is held. It is the cause of our incarnation, it sets the agenda for our learning experience based on the attachments and creative experiences we need to evolve through.
      As the soul shines its beams of creative light down through the higher vehicles, our karma casts shadows of attachment through the lower bodies and into our outer experience. The causal body (also known as the energy body) now attracts and manifests exactly the right conditions to unveil the learning experiences required for our evolution. We are invited to confront and dissolve the obscuring clouds of karma by fulfillment of non-judgmental Right Action. We perceive this directing influence as the “Christ Consciousness”, a pull through the Heart Centre – “this is the way to go now”.
    • 3. Lower Mind: lower mind is designed to receive, interpret and process higher channeled knowing through our clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient (psychic) skills.
      So now we know what to do, the question is how to do it? If our authentic, creative action does not get side-tracked, the gathering energies are next passed into our subconscious or “lower mind”. Lower mind then helps us to ‘connect the dots’ within the co-creative weave. Through the clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient skills of lower mind, we notice rhythms and patterns of synchronicity in our “consciousness landscape” and have clear visions of the ‘garment’ to be created. As Right Action clicks into place moment by moment, it becomes abundantly clear what we are being invited to do and how to do it.
    • 2. Emotional Body: the emotional body builds energy, passion and conviction around our behaviours to bring our creative Right Action into fruition. 
      The creative process has now gathered together the right fabric for our creation, but it now has to be woven into form. The soul now utilises the emotional body to garner more consciousness ‘elementals’ and weaves emotion around the creative act. It provides a multi-coloured palette of experience that brings the garment to life. It makes the illusionary reality feel very real, yielding meaning and sense of purpose to life. However, once the creative action has come to fruition, the weave of the garment is meant to quickly unwind again, so that something else may be created. It is not a part of the divine design that we hang onto emotions and build identities around them as is so often the case.
    • 1. Physical Body: the physical body provides the ultimate vehicle to bring the creative, downward flowing process into full expression; it provides the experience of separation – of one thing relative to another.
      Finally, the soul’s gathering weave of elementals takes form around our ultimate vehicle of creative expression – the physical body. As the master weaver, our brain reads the pattern that has been crafted through our higher bodily vehicles and then orchestrates a magical symphony of activity throughout our billions of material cells. The physical body finally brings life to the creative action experienced in the myriad of human, physical possibility. The physical body is a multifaceted mirror of higher creative intent. It is the jewel in the crown; when functioning as designed, it makes the illusion of reality real.

A Divine New Form

So for me, the onward journey of humanity and first step is all about reclaiming this multidimensional nature, which we’ll look at how to facilitate in a moment. It’s something that a growing number are beginning to fully reclaim here and now. Despite our convoluted DNA heritage, the infusion of light around the planet is helping to ease that path.

In following the ascending path of the soul, core beingness will begin to resonate the tone of one’s soul ray harmonic. It is this that shapes aligned bodily vehicles through which to express.

In my vision of the way higher co-creative flows appear to be shaping, I see humanity beginning to divide into three ‘camps’ for the onward journey and next evolutionary chapter:

  • An appropriate form: Firstly there are those souls who have been contaminated by the polluting nature of the matrix and are clearly not progressing. As the Earth becomes increasingly uninhabitable during what will likely become a long cleansing and rejuvenation process, for these souls I see alternative incarnations in appropriate form elsewhere in the cosmos. I sense a long period of recalibration necessary to gently find realignment over time. There will also be many souls dissolved back into the source, as the bottleneck of denser energy retarding the universal flow is unraveled.
  • Homo Divinicus: There’s a broad spiritual awakening for another group of souls who are following the spiritual path, but taking a medium, longer period of time to fully ascend. I see these souls initially shaking off physical form but then moving into the bridging 4th Density. A period of healing and recalibration will be necessary after eons of convoluted DNA. The causal energy body, which forms the blueprint for physical incarnation, will then shape the newly aligned and much more resonant form of Homo Divinicus. Whatever the name that ultimately settles, I feel this form already beginning to shape in the field, created by a collective higher yearning – the natural aspirational impetus that causes evolution to happen.
  • Divinicus: There’s a relatively small group who are fully confronting, processing and peeling away past life karma of this lower realm. These souls are getting ready to ascend and will fully do so in the next few human generations. When Ascension happens, the old physical form of incarnation will no longer be necessary – the required lessons have been integrated. In my vision, these beings will move into the Middle Realm and settle temporarily in the 8th Density, the next karmic bridge where form can be manifested based on the new agenda of realisations to be made. New bodily vehicles formed of more light based frequency will then take shape in the 5th/6th/7th densities (the Middle Realm) so that a new embodiment can happen. The 8th density will continue to provide the karmic barrier and the bridge into the Higher Realm where the new higher self will also be taking form. The higher evolutionary process will then begin for what I see as “Divinicus”.

Reactivating our Multidimensionality

So what can we do in our day-to-day lives to currently facilitate the maximum inflow of this new evolutionary consciousness? How may we provide the most fertile inner ground for the seeds of Divinicus to germinate and grow? The “Five Gateways” project has been designed with plenty of insight, guidance and tools that evolving souls can benefit from. Here below are seven recommendations from the book…

  • Surrender: be absolutely clear that the ONLY game going on in the universe is self-realisation and that we might as well finally surrender and take an active part in that game rather than trying to conveniently ignore it while it plays with us! So accept that ALL events, happenings and circumstances have but one purpose…to discover our absolute completeness – our “absoluteness” – beyond all circumstances. Realise the aim of the game is to be completely free inside WHATEVER happens.
  • Become the “Observer”: the next step is to become the Observer of ourselves in all activities, events and circumstances. We notice where we lose our temper; where we become tight inside because of other people’s behaviour; where we might blame another for the reality we are creating ourselves; where our addictions to something in particular cause us to act in predictable ways. When we notice this, firstly it is important just to watch it, accept responsibility for it, but not judge ourselves. In this way, we are already beginning to break free. It’s also important to contemplate and utilise techniques for regaining the place of the Observer when we lose it, which inevitably happens in the beginning. It could be a deep breathing exercise for example, a visualisation meditation, or a mantra of some kind. Some people find it of particular benefit to put up strategically placed ‘post-it’ notes around the house; “let go” for instance.
  • Open the heart: next we need to open the heart further by attuning to those experiences that generate the sublime taste of interconnectedness; feelings such as lightness, expansiveness, timelessness and crystal clear clarity – the sense of the Fifth Density. So the key is to follow those experiences of a sense of higher ‘rightness’ as much as possible – “what makes your Heart sing” – until you are tuning in and centering consistently in that vibration. So to keep attuning to the feeling, could mean moments of deep breathing or meditation during day to day life, frequent bodily movement expression, walking in nature as much as possible (or at least noticing nature where you are); following the sense of rightness and what feels good to your higher beingness.
  • Follow the inner pull: as the heart opens, we begin to notice the natural synchronistic order of things and an inner pull to “Right Action”. Sometimes this pull can be felt as an energy through the heart chakra, sometimes it is a simple inner knowing “this is what to do now”. In which case it will benefit to always respond to that pull. Where does the pull lead? It will guide you to events, circumstances and experiences that provide an opportunity to express a “divine gift of beingness”, and to expose the density of trapped eddy currents formed from an attachment to a desired or resisted outcome. These are “distortions” of authentic beingness, often created by the matrix in which we live, causing people to get tight, worried, angry or frustrated.
  • Deal with distortions and addictive behaviour: the key to dealing with distortions is to realise each conceals a divine gift of beingness and to ultimately unveil that instead. So for example someone might smoke because it gives them the feeling of relaxed completeness; you might drink because it makes you feel more sociable and confident; you might comfort eat because it gives you the feeling of contentment. Alternatively you might get worried, stressed or tight around particular issues because you think you need a particular outcome. The key to overcoming such conditioning is to go within, breathe deeply, settle into the pregnant pause before the moment is born, find your sense of inner completeness, unwind the tightness you can feel, thus making space for an authentic act of beingness to arise naturally. This is by no means an easy thing to do, but the more we practice it, the more we’ll realise every moment offers a black and white choice: give in to conditioning or surrender into the soul. In this way, we become the masters of our own destiny.
  • Raise your energetic vibration: this can be achieved by regulating the denseness of vibrations we bring into the body thereby limiting the stimuli that raise our internal metabolic rate. So for example, if we eat dense, processed foods polluted with toxins then the body has to work harder to process them and the extra effort swallows up consciousness. Or if we pollute our minds with too much clutter, or the negativity caused by the judgmentalism frequently expressed through the media, then we tend to tighten inside. Internal tightness is also heightened by too much computer time, over use of electrical gadgets and chemical toxins used in household cleaning materials. The key is to organise your immediate living environment to raise energetic vibration.
  • Conduct regular spiritual practice: we live in a world that de-sensitises us and it is therefore of paramount importance that we redress the balance by conducting regular spiritual practice such as daily meditation. Traditionally meditation is considered as sitting quietly in stillness, but it could also happen during movement or breathing. Practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi, the martial arts, dancing, singing and painting can all be considered meditation. The key to true meditational benefit, is to be watching yourself in the practice whilst doing it. Such practices liberate powerful “endorphins” into the body which counteract the effects of stress and negative energy. They redress the internal balance helping you find greater harmony and peace that you may reactivate the designed, downward creative flow.

Discover more about the book…Five Gateways: Our Journey of Ascension

The Resurrection

So an amazing opportunity awaits all those who choose the higher paradigm. It’s one we can reclaim here and now in physical form: to become fully multidimensional as a way of life, living in two realms simultaneously. Then when the physicality of the old world finally peels away, we’ll open a new chapter in more divinely aligned form, with the convolutions of the past resolved out.

This new sense of Homo Divinicus, is something I feel was very well expressed in the Gateway 5 chapter of the film 5GATEWAYS. It’s all about the “Resurrection” into new multidimensional form. You can watch the film freely here…Gateway 5

Blessings to all in these amazing times of transition!


About the Author

Chris Bourne – At the age of 40, I was involved in a life threatening car crash in which I thought I would certainly die. This precipitated total inner surrender and a rapid reconnection with the conscious life force through all things.

I found myself suddenly able to experience and contemplate through multiple dimensions of reality to see the deeper purpose of life itself. It was then I began to fully realise my true reason for being here.

During the crash, time seemed to slow right down and I was guided back through key moments of my life. I was realising that every moment in our lives has but one underlying purpose – to reveal an aspect of truth about ourselves to ourselves. I was beginning to dissolve every belief and value our society had conditioned within me.

This was my initial awakening to the magical unifying consciousness of the soul. Over the eight years that followed, I was guided through four other inner ‘Gateways’ of consciousness. I have since come to know the process as the five key expansions on our journey of Enlightenment and ultimate Ascension into multi dimensional living – our divine birthright.

My consciousness expansion however did not end there. It continued to blossom and expand. I became acutely aware of a highly evolved, benevolent presence, working through the weave of life since the dawning of time itself. I have come to know this Group of Nine intimately. It guides my life and is the basis of Openhand itself.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  • brian

    No human is Of Divinity if ony because ALL humans are dual natured, Divinity being Of The Singular, oka that which is Of Absoluteness. Afterall, Dust was there before the advent of human vision. Just because one is able to read This & That in order to formulate This, That & The Other, but projected as being realised through privilege, being-special, talented, entitled and hopefuly “royal” too [please G_d] does not mean Reality is at hand, it merely means one is mired into the realm of The Material, collectivised as Fame, Fortune & Immortality – and justifying it via some seemingly miraculous event.

    To put things in absolute perspective, within Reality/Absoluteness/Divinity, Truth precedes Love whereas within Relativity/Duality/Humanity Empowerment precedes Knowledge [and not the other way around]. Afterall, no one normal needs to Read The Manual in order to see, whereas to destroy, one not only needs to RTM, one needs to imbibe that manual too. As such, unbeknownst to those who are merely floating on knowledge, one’s thoughts have to be relinquished in order to realise Reality, and when it come to thoughts, the typical human, who is a partial human in reality/Reality, one could only feel-of The Past or project/think-about The Future, The Present being the-reality/ Reality

    The Spiritual is not only real, but It also lack the thoughts that drive the typically non self-realised/dual-natured human. As such, whenever a human talks about Reality being at the level of Knowledge-Knowledging, it is about Religion & Religiosity, a religion being the knowledge which lacks empowerment/attainment which then becomes the route to Ownership Issues.

    The above is not about a genitalia waggling contest because anonynomity is maintained, but people need to realise and not merely know/believe/disbelieve that there is a purpose to being human and that duty is firstly to become a fuller human from one’s partial stage, the stage where the typical human not only not know the reason for his existence but he is dual-natured too with the quest of most humans being to project the image of being singular in nature, which is impossible when almost all have yet to realise Divinity, oka Evolutionary Spirituality, Divinity not being of Religiona & Religiosity but Of Absoluteness. One reason why when one’s Spirituality is finally “awakened”, one is gifted the power of absolute discernment – that of being able to discriminate from The Present and not from The Minds/Thoughts of The Past or The Future – to sense via the absoluteness of the 6th and higher senses which ALL non-thinkers have, non-thinkers like human infants, real [and not human] animals and real vegetation. People need to realise that when knowledge is driving the vehicle/issue, route is going to take its rider towards the unreal like Knowledge & Knowledging and little else. To going down the sink hole and feeling all hallelujah-ish about nothing real. Those who think that they know it all/knowledge is the lead-off point should answer this simple question, what does Reality say about “The Dalai Lama” for example? He is HOT as is “As Hell”. If true, where are most heading towards?

    Without being Of Absoluteness in essence, one is merely the blind-blinded always on a gamble/relying on “Statistics”/Popularity when they thought that they are heading towards Reality. Without being Of Absoluteness, one is always Of Relativity thinking that through the agencies of Thoughts/The Minds, Absoluteness is at hand. Perish the thought because all enlightened thoughts are of The Realisation/Depth and not Of Thought/Width.

    Those who are unable to see the gist of this comment will see only jealousy, genitalia waggling contest and so forth because this comment is seemingly an affront to Saviourship/Ownership Issue. When you enter a cave littered with furniture hewn out of its rock, the reality is not your ability to resolve logic/truth but the [intrinsic] Intelligence which has nothing to do with another’s logic/intellect [which is not to be confused with intelligence], the Truth of the matter remaining regardless of one’s ability to deduce or not. The likes of Saviourship like “The Dalai Lama” are good at spouting the bloomingly obvious like, “The Sun Shines”, “The Sky is Blue”, and, “We are Brothers & Sisters” but nothing will change thereafter other than those answering saviourship with their worship should the former be successful. Using words like, “Consciousness”, Divinicus and so forth will not awaken Consciousness when the individual has yet to realised his beginning AND ending. This is because Truth is not only that which is applied to all and not merely applicable to some, truths like oxygen and heartbeat, Truth is also that which has A Beginning AND An Ending, whereas the truth that is of The Minds is always Sump’fing in The Middle, something which puffs out of nowhere and started talking nice things like, “The Sun Shines”, whereas the truth is, When will your Sun be Shinning. How will you be empowered such that you may perform your duty which is firstly to be a fuller human and subsequently having gained real vision/choice, is then able/freed to choose between Light and Darkness and not merely to gamble with apparent hindsight, insight and foresight.

    A moment will arrive within perhaps 3 generations when perhaps 10% of humans will have established their spirituality which will then be The Invitation to sort out The Myth that is Devolution. Until then, willy-nilly Desiring Purity, especially others’ purity, when The Purity within Desire is lacking, will not be adequate in meeting the requirements for realising spirituality, the latter having zero association with spookiness or talking niceties, spirituality, when realised, gifting the ability to sense absolutely via being connected to Intelligence and not just imagining that one is intelligent because one is privileged, special, talented, entitled and so forth. Afterall, to attain that which is “Super”, one not only need to reject that which is Supra and Sub, but one needs to realise what those are instead of talking niceties about reality but is unable to realise Reality. To be religious about everything Of Relativity but attaining nothing Of Reality. Just what The Bookie ordered, The Bookie being the ONLY One who profits from Disagreement, oka Frivolous & Nonsensical activities which generate a “Commission”, the latter being the price stamped across the foreheads of those who have yet to realise what or why they were born for, being born to merely die being not the real answer if only because there is no real death, nothing since the creation of The Physical Cosmos having been destroyed other than being “binned” within The Divine’s Subconscious or Supraconscious, only those who are able to truly create [energy] being the ones who are able to truly destroy [energy]. But how will anyone be able to realise/verify this reality other than being religious about it? By just saying those magical words, “Awaken Your Consciousness”? Not when almost all have yet to realise what exctly is Consciousness. Without facing the reality that one is blind-blinded to Evolutionary Spirituality/Divinity/Reality, one will never, ever, be able to realise those aspects other than gambling within a gamble, every Journey Beginning with the first step, the duty of every human being to participate as a consummate actor within The Play of Divinity, oka The Return Journey of Dust to The Source, failing which one will then devolve to becoming a prop within said Play. This comment aims to inform and not to elicit action-reaction because when Relativity is posing as Reality, it should be pointed out for the sake of Balance if nothing else. Above all else, whenever a human acts-reacts, he loses some of his power.

    • I love this and EVERYTHING you say has been in the back of my mind. This is what I got from my life:
      Draw a circle put a dot in the middle. The dot is the source of your spirit and around the circle’s edges are all the lives you ever lived and ever will live. From your spirits point of view all time is now. If you connect to your higher self it is possible to remember the past and the future. If you want to draw in more of your spirit energy into your life just be thankful for everything in your life and your higher self will be more drawn to that life. Everything has a balance and it all has happen and will happen with balance in mind. As above so below and this planet can be interpreted in the same way as your spirit. This specific planet is known as a library of information to the galaxy because it is in perfect balance with light and dark energies of the universe making it a neutral zone. The forces of light and dark work together on this planet and coexist. This planet moves in and out of the light and dark giving the energies perfect time for growth or for rest. All emotion can be traced back to only two and they are fear and love. Both are necessary for survival on this planet. The head produces both but at the center of your being (the heart) only love exists. It is the same with your spirit and it is the same with the center of this galaxy. My father killed himself when I was five years old and I became very dark in my thoughts. I spent the next twenty three years using the dark without knowing unity. I always had great natural abilities in the dark but nature always kept me in balance by making me pay for it. I ignored nature’s warning and the power of others. I have always been extremely sensitive to the energies around me and I didn’t care that I was destroying myself. I did not care to live and I used that to live a very dangerous life. I had nearly died time and time again. My kidneys began to cause me pain when I was 18 and I lived with constant pain for ten years. I had kidney stones and everything inside me was falling apart. I didn’t care.
      I learned so much from that world. Everything serves good because out of the bad good things happen too. I started caring for myself more and more as the good things happened. Eventually I even started caring if I lived or not. At first it was for my kids.
      I started eating better foods using my kidney pain as a guide to what was healthy and what was not. I lost weight and gained muscle without even trying. In early 2012 I was still looking at only the dark side of things but I was beginning to gain interest in things. I studied all the latest conspiracies and other stories only focusing on the fear aspects of everything. The health food I was eating was no joke. I ate spirulina, chlorella, and even royal jelly. I have always been sensitive to the energies and they began speaking to me. I started to sleep for more than 3 hours a night and that is something I could never do. I even began to remember my dreams. As a child my spirit spoke to me in my dreams and was telling me something was wrong because all I ever had was nightmares. I even had dreams about past lives. Now my spirit was really opening me up and in mid 2012 I finally started looking at the good side of things. That allowed me to re-examine all the knowledge I had gained over the years.
      Things started speeding up and after years of studying the dark side of religion I remembered all the good and picked Wicca because it rang with my dreams of being some sort of druid in a past life. I don’t think the religion matters it depends on the individual. I know that ringing with what holds true to yourself matters most and it sped things up even more because it felt so familiar. Now here I am and each day I grow stronger and better. The health food didn’t stop the pain tho. Everything else was improving better than it ever has been before in this life except my kidney was still talking to me. It actually started talking to me more. It became so sensitive that every time I stressed even a little I urinated blood. If I thought about what not to eat or what to eat it didn’t matter. I meditated and gained a lot from that but still it hurt. It wasn’t till I started reaching out to my mother to finally build a friendship with her that I started realizing she was a very special person too. I asked her to pray for my kidney and it instantly felt better. I started calling her every morning to pray it away. Now that it’s 2013 all I have to do is think about my mom and the pain stops.
      Out of everything I learned I would say the most important thing is that appreciation is the key. We must all appreciate everything in this life because it all serves good and that good will flow much more free if it is appreciated.
      Thanks for reading this
      I feel as though I was born an indigo with the purpose of evolving into crystal. I feel as if I have been indigo before and have had many crystal experiences that all stand out from early childhood. Being a lightwarrior has been too easy but the lightworker moments seem more focused and take effort and I always feel more satisfied and fulfilled. I believe I am a hybrid because my blood type is A- and I am extra sensitive to all energy. I think that hybrids have been with humans for a very long time so I can relate to both very well. I have memories of alien and druid. I can see the balance and truth in all things. I see the age of dreams and age of light as being great spiritual learning tools. This place has a very high potential because of constant change which breeds very knowledgeable souls. In the age of dreams the some rest and some thrive and in the age of light some thrive and some rest. Some are born out of each and as the cycle continues we all come back to where we are born.
      Please tell us a little bit about you:
      I have always been different. I only recently moved out of the dark and into the light. I learned a lot from the dark but am so sensitive to the energy that it almost killed me. I love to heal and I have to focus on it but challenges relax me. I get bored when I’m not challenging myself by moving my thoughts outside of comfort zones. It makes me appear impatient because I like to tell it how it is if I’m going to talk and I get nowhere fast. I find I get better results when I us indirect communication like using my higher self to relay messages in dreams or using my energy to calm or heal the atmosphere and moods.
      What made you believe you are a Starseed/Walk-in? (Please answer in depth to be approved)
      I still have to research more as I have only recently drawn my studies out of the dark and into the light. I also believe I sent myself into the most challenging life of imbalance I could to better understand the dark. I know that everything serves good although it may not appear so to some. The dark is necessary for many many reasons but as we move into the light it will sleep and some may even transmute into light. I am back in my element now though and things are picking up speed for me as old memories flow in with complete understandings.
      What are your views of the Starseed Phenomena? (Please answer in depth to be approved)
      I think this mission would be better served with the full appreciation of both sides. We cannot get caught up with which side is right or better because both sides serve good. If something is bad than it will continue to be bad until met by good. Good can come from bad just as good comes from good. If you imagine something as bad it just slows down the evolution of bad to good. You need to understand both and see good in all. Trust in nature. All energy is necessary. Now is the time of light so it is natural to live, think, and be light. Time for our physical bodies to heal and grow back up their full potential. It is safe to do that in the Golden age.
      What is your mission? (Please answer in depth to be approved)
      My mission is to learn,teach,and heal. I want to experience the times of change and help ease them as they go and remember times of light and dark at their peek. I love watching spirits grow in knowledge on all levels and in all ages.
      What are your thoughts on Star People (Off Worlders)? (Please answer in depth to be approved)
      They need to not judge the forces that live in the age of dreams to harsh for what they have done in the past. As this world moves in and out of the age of light and dark the human race picks up on it with great precision. Those that live in the age of dreams know that to insure their survival they must do their job. If humans physical bodies where allowed to be as great as they are in the golden age in the age of dreams then they would have surely destroyed themselves by now.
      What are your thoughts about 2012 and the future?
      It was the end of my dark studies and the return of light understandings. I barely stayed alive and plan on healing for as long as I live in this golden age. Those energies are very intense.
      How did you find this site? If a member referred you please type their username(Please Be Specific)
      I was sending a message to a certain soul by typing sentences into the google search engine and this came up in the results.
      Why do you wish to join? (Please answer in depth to be approved)
      It is time for me to heal this body and so I must come out of isolation and join more like minded individuals. My kidneys started hurting ten years ago and I have been in constant pain until 2013. The pain was necessary to ground me long enough so that I could learn as much as I could from that time.

  • I think you overcomplicate things. We don’t need to do, feel or accomplish anything metaphysical to become aware and be a part of what’s happening globally. 12/21/12 was a tipping point of Human awareness. At that time, enough of Us had awakened to the matrix of lies, that it became inevitable that all would awaken eventually. Once our fake reality becomes common knowledge, the matrix will break down and fade away. We’ll change from the competitive paradigm to a cooperative paradigm automatically, like the 100th monkey. I suspect awareness and ascention are like diarrhea, it’s not something you struggle to do, it just runs in our genes. And, we’re being genetically changed now by the enormous power of the galactic equatorial plane. And for the next 2000 years, we’ll continue to morph and manifest into new life forms beyond our collective imagination. No one need do anything, and none will be left behind.

  • TTSX

    My Dear Sir, You appear to me to be a sincere, truly insightful, gentle and loving individual. I applaud you for that. We desperately need millions more of those such as yourself. However, I cannot get past the whole Chakra/Homo Divinicus thing. I am afraid you lost me from there on. I know you mean well. Best of luck to you. I am certain that we are still headed straight for a Civil War in this country. Perhaps when it is over, a truly New Dawn will be possible. I know there is so much more than the standard accepted paradigm. I possess and at times feel as if afflicted by a high level of accurate precognition. There are times when I wish it would leave me..just go away..I don’t like it because I can’t control it at will, despite every attempt. It has though saved my life on many occasions and for that I am thankful but it is a two edged sword. Try living in this plain of existence without ever enjoying a simple, pleasant surprise. The enjoyment of a sincere deep conversation with another is quite flattened when one knows what another will say or do in advance. So I avoid such. That capability must come from somewhere. I never asked for this.

  • dimitri

    Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises
    Much pain But still time
    Believe There is good out there
    We oppose deception
    Conduit closing

    August 2002, Sparsholt, Hampshire crop circle

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