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Is Your Cosmetic White Dental Filling A Toxic Fluoride Bombshell?

Lester Sawicki, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Urgent News For Supporters Of Anti-Fluoridation: Your Dentist Could Be Hiding A Fluoride Releasing “Dirty Bomb” Under Your Filling! What Now?

What you are about to read might be the most important article that could bust wide open hidden truths about fluoride under your tooth colored resin bonded composite fillings. This report will give you the information you need to finally let you take control of the fluoride war taking place between you and your dentist.

If there’s one thing that makes my teeth rattle, it’s the overblown claims about biocompatible tooth colored fillings. And if you have a holistic dentist, I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of hype for the resin bonded composite restoration.

These “miracle fillings” are supposed to solve all the problems associated with toxic mercury silver amalgam fillings — you know, those ugly dark corroded metal plugs created over 150 years ago that many dentists still use today to fix cavities.

Even if you have the best dentist in the world, you still might not be getting the complete story about your biocompatible tooth colored filling unless you know how to ask the right questions about the fluoride chemicals that could be hidden under it.

Maybe you’re one of the many who paid a small fortune to replace your old amalgams with beautiful white fillings, hoping to banish your mercury fears. Your dentist beams while he/she shows you an x-ray of the completed filling, but you notice a slight grey line under it and ask “what’s that?” When you’re told it’s a medicated fluoride coating placed over the infected dentin to stimulate remineralization, you turn hot beet red and ready to rip out the filling with its toxic fluoride under lining.

Biocompatibility is not as black and white as the mainstream media wants you to believe  and controversial fluoride liners have been routinely used to extend the life of your tooth because until recently, with the growing use of composite filling material, there’s hasn’t been any other way to safely and effectively remineralize decayed and infected dentin sitting right over your plump pulp nerve.

In the “drill and fill” age of amalgam, biocompatible calcium hydroxide paste was the golden salve for sorrily infected dentin. Unfortunately, the conventional pastes weren’t stable enough under the newer acid etched composites so dentists retooled their strategy and started using fluoride releasing glass ionomer cements (GIC) instead. The most popular brand of GIC is Vitrebond, more correctly, a resin-modified glass ionomer (RMGI).

For years dentists believed that by using GIC the were “Promoting the GOOD and Banishing the BAD.” Undercover and away from the public eye in research labs, scientists knew that fluoride was toxic and there’s been a mad dash to discover a safer medicated liner to protect the tooth pulp. One of the first non-fluoride products created in the early 1980’s was mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). The the most recent one, still undergoing clinical tests for longevity, is Theracal, a non-fluoride resin-modified calcium silicate filled liner. There’s a lot of excitement being built around Theracal and you should mention it to your dentist, as another choice, before having another white filling placed.

What, however, should you do about any GIC’s under your current fillings? Don’t panic! Very little, if any, fluoride from a GIC liner is likely to be released into your tooth pulp’s blood vessels, travel all the way to your brain, and bind with the hydroxylapatite crystals in your pineal gland. Even though the calcified parts of the pineal gland attract the greatest fluoride concentration in the body, including bones and teeth,  the limited tiny amount of fluoride in the GIC is usually depleted within 2 years time. Push your concerns OUT OF YOUR MIND because fear can trick you into losing your smarts about judging the next “WOW” biocompatible tooth product.

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Dr. Lester Sawicki has been a practicing dentist for over 36 years and since 2004 has been interested in “Longevity” Dentistry. He is the author of The Teeth Whitening Cure and other books on dentistry written for the general public, all available at Amazon.

Visit his blog: White Teeth Black Tongue

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About the Author

Dr. Lester Sawicki, a graduate of Loyola Dental School in Chicago, is an independent general dentist, practicing for more than 37 years. In 1983, he began studying nutrition and alternative health, and since 2004 has been devoted to intensive research into the relationship between whole body detoxification and longevity. He is the author of several books on dentistry written for the general public, all available at Amazon. Visit his blog: White Teeth Black Tongue Dr. Sawicki’s personal interests include martial arts and meditation. For over 30 years he has been a practicing student of Tai Chi, having met many Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters both in the United States and China. His home is in Austin, Texas.  Contact email:

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10 Comments on "Is Your Cosmetic White Dental Filling A Toxic Fluoride Bombshell?"

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  1. ThomasT says:

    And the glues used are also fluoride laced unles you specifically demand a non-fluoridated glue. My dentist said, oh yes the glues will leak fluoride all time for your ‘cavity prevention’. I said.. go take a jump and give me the zince based non-fluoridated glue. Ok, he said..

  2. thinker says:

    Gold is an ideal filling substance at least for side and back teeth. Actually the way to go is not to lose tooth structure in the first place by practicing good brushing, flossing and diet habit (and choosing a very conservative dentist), but if you have a problem gold is best. Gold excavation is often environmentally damaging, but gold for use in dental fillings is one of the few justified uses.

  3. molecule says:

    from a meetup posting from a Weston Price Foundation group:–

    I believe Dr. Price would never advise us rely on a modern ADA approved dentist. Even the biological ones earn their living by doing heroic, urgent, unnecessary, irreversible medical violence.

    Dr. Price reminds us of two simple facts, that ALL dentists hate. With proper diet, every species of animal, including humans, have the ability to heal a dental wound. With proper diet, every animal on this planet can cure a dental infection, except the north american human and animals in zoos. They are forced to submit to the care of dentists. Their methods are always heroic, expensive and non-healing. There are simple proven non-violent solutions that work and that cost pennies. Even biological dentists fail to inform their patients of this fact. The seccond fact, is that when we loose a tooth, we have the ability to grow a second one back. In some reported cases in Japan, even a third one.

    I did not learn what I know about modern dentistry for free. Use the following to interview your dentists, and mount your learning curve about self sufficiency in dental health. It is hugely important.

    1. Never let a dentist “polish” or “whiten” your teeth. They use a high torque drill with a rubber cup that is filled with carborundum paste. The paste grinds off the protective living tissue that the tooth needs. Enamel is living growing evolving tissue. All teeth are weakened when their protective coating is removed. DOH! Can you guess who profits? The sugars that are added (high fructose syrups, aspartame, ?) get pressed into the pores and gums, where they feed bacteria. Again, who profits? Carborundum is harder than diamonds. It is what diamond “cutters” use to grind their diamonds. There is no reason to remove the enamel of a healthy tooth!

    2. Never let a dentist insert a pointd metal implement into your mouth. Your teeth cannot compete against pointed metal implements. The so-called “Shepherd’s Hook” (probe) is not innocent technology. It is a pressure amplification device (PAD). It has a pointed titanium tip, such that 1 oz. of pressure (the weight of a letter) at the middle of the PAD gets amplified into 20,000 to 30,000 psi at the point of the weapon, depending on how sharp it is. Teeth cannot compete against titanium tipped weaponry. The dentist, pretending to be your hero, goes “probing.” 1 oz = 20,000 psi! He is probing your wallet, and poking holes in your teeth. SORRY! It took me too long to see what was plainly before my eyes. The dentist proclaims himself a hero … Ahah! I found a soft spot in your back tooth. Sure enough, in 6 months time, a cavity appears, exactly where his PAD had poked a small hole, or amplified an existing one, that was trying its best to heal. The MOST important thing that you can do as a mother is NEVER let someone insert a pointed metal implement into your child’s mouth. It can only start new infections, or push existing ones deeper into a tooth.

    3. Never NEVER let the dentist remove your child’s wisdom teeth. This is extreme dental violence, for which there is NO possible justification. The root buds of the wisdom teeth contain the stem cells which are essential for the health of the entire dental structure. Human beings and animals (not subject to the protocols of the dental mafia) have the ability to grew up to three sets of teeth, as long as the stem cells in the root buds of the wisdom teeth are still present. This was common knowledge in cultures of the Pacific islands (including Japan) in the early 1900s.

    If a dentist tells you that he needs to remove your baby’s wisdom teeth, get away FAST. Maybe the child isn’t getting a healthy diet, because the parents are spending all their money on doctors and dentists. The operation uses saws to cut deep into bone tissue in the jaw and skull. It reduces forever future blood flow to the remaining teeth. The usual argument is … because an infant girl might develop breast cancer, we should cut down deep into her chest while she is still young, and remove her breast buds before she develops breast cancer. Then we’ll be her heros! There is NEVER reason to do horrific irreversible violence, like of removing the wisdom teeth. They are the bookends. They anchor all the teeth. Dentists say we cannot grow our teeth back. But then they turn around and say they have to dig out the stem cells (root buds) of the wisdom teeth because otherwise the wisdom tooth will continue to grow back! These are the stem cells that repair all the teeth. Their removal just happens to generates future revenues for the profession. They are pipelining future revenue for their brotherhood.

    4. Never let your dentist use “novocaine.” His ADA supplier may say it’s just novocaine, it’s not. If you add a little poison to a glass of water, it’s not water anymore. Yes, silver fillings had silver in them, but Mercury was a primary ingredient. The ingredient added to novocaine is epinephrin (sp?), an extremely toxic poison that causes the capillary mat (huge subject) to collapse. The dentist knows that he is using a poison to collapse the blood supply to ALL the teeth in that quadrant. Like a collapsed lung or kidney, the bloodflow never fully recovers. Health of remaining teeth suffers. This also pipelines future revenues for the profession.

    It’s endless – I have to stop. Summary — (A.) if your child has plaque then your child has a SERIOUS medical condition. There’s plaque in the heart, kidneys, eyes, brain – the entire body. Fix the hoistic condition first!! Get the child to a competent nutritionist and/or naturopath. WAP foundation is a good place to start. Spend the money on diet, and not on biological dentists. Obedience means biannual removals of protective tooth enamal with carborundum paste. It means aggravation of infections by shepherd’s hooks. It means chemical poisoning by epinephrin. Obedience means unnecessary heroic mechanical and chemical and medical violence.

    to remove dental plaque, google sanguinaria mint, and herbal dental powder. Cut food grade peroxide to 2%, and make a powser of bicarb of soda, activated carbon, white oak bark, endless options really. Never use a toothpaste or mouthwash that has fluorides, sugars, or gums. Gums! clog up the pores. Dental enamel has microscopic pores that need to breathe! Gums, like xanthum gum, clog them. The ADA knows the technology of its profession. (B.) kill bacteria in a dental wound but don’t use violence and don’t use a pointed metal tool to poke the infection deeper into the tooth or gums. There are 100s of ways to help a tooth heal itself, as per Dr PRICE, none of which are violent or expensive. Google lugols iodine (surgeons use it to disinfect an area), or colloidal silver (get your own generator), or oil of oregano, or MMS, or … (C.) if a tooth becomes loose, or impacted or infected, with pain and swelling, roll a paste in a thin layer of gauze, like a cigarette and place it under the cheek … for the paste, google bentonite clay, white oak bark (an astringent that will pull puss and pressure away from of an infection), activated carbon powder (used in emergency rooms to remove toxins), … Aurevedic make a paste of seasalt with olive oil! The tooth just might cure in the 3 days it takes to get an emergency dental appointment. There are so many natural solutions.

    hurriedly, take care, good luck, good bye

    • Thinker says:

      Thank you for that rundown. Two items to add, one, Ozone. Ozone can kill all caries down to the dentin. A tiny few dentists, literally a couple in each state are using it. Why so few? Because it simply stops the decay and lets the tooth have a chance to heal. Most dentists do not want this. Second, your mention of baking soda. Makes an excellent inexpensive mouthwash which virtually halts bacteria from growing. Keep a small glass bottle of baking soda water on hand to rinse with after lunch or use for brushing. Use a good grade of soda like Bob’s. You won’t believe how it works.

    • Anonymous says:

      you know shit

  4. Bri says:

    I just went vegan. No sugars, bread or processed foods. My cavity, rather large, after a month began to heal. Screw dentists and doctors, er mainstream docs, dentists. Even alternative dentists. Heal yourself.

    • Rebecca says:

      Bri — I don’t imagine you will see this message, but I do wonder: How is a person able to determine how their cavity is doing? I would have supposed a dentist would be required for this, but from your message, I guess you were able to determine the cavity was healing in some other way? I would be interested in doing the same thing.

  5. justin says:

    So how much fluoride is in these fillings. I had my “silver” fillings replaced, but it seems my efforts were in vain. Replace one poison with another. I do not want my pineal gland calcified. I am almost ready to just have all my teeth pulled and wear dentures.

  6. etsy style says:

    I believe this website contains some very good info for everyone :D. “I like work it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours.” by Jerome K. Jerome.

  7. Ari V says:

    It’s great to see more and more people interested in Holistic Dentistry practices. Here’s hoping this is a sign of things to come.

    – Ari V

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