2013 Year of the Snake – New Year Message of Hope

Hua-Ching Ni, Integral Way
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Editor’s Note: This message comes from the revered Taoist master, Hua-Ching Ni, teacher of The Integral Way. His works are numerous and noble and his timely message of hope about the condition of mankind is worth reflecting upon. 

Beloved friends of the Integral Way,

New Year 2013 is the year of the snake. The ancient Chinese used the animal signs to signify changes within the natural cycles, whereby each sign carries a promise from Nature and the possibility of further transformation. In this system the snake symbolizes flexibility and constructive transformation.

First, I will wish you great progress in this progressive world during the coming New Year. I have worked in the West for 36 years and, from my viewpoint, a new stage for the world has arrived and opened the possibility for a New Faith, New Life and New Hope. So, here are some of my New Year wishes and hopes. (Please check the COT or IW websites for the full message.)

Hope for a Universal Agreement in this world despite our many differences.

We all live under the same sky with one sun, one moon, one Northern Star and twenty-eight constellations, which form a unique umbrella that shelters the earth. Such supportive connections with the sky can enable people to recognize we are all related, regardless of various small matters. These ‘small matters’ are different cultures, governmental systems, life emotions, lifestyles, customs, and so forth. People set themselves apart for this reason and build blockages that hinder and prevent them from coming together and understanding one another.

  • We all share this large umbrella in the stream of the Milky Way and its vast celestial background. In this context I hope that all people can now come to a Universal Agreement despite their minor differences.

    Hope that all human cultures can detoxify by removing their conceptual poisons.

    People have become increasingly divided by insisting on their own cultural creations. The reality is that these creations, which were once seen as ‘life saving medicine’, contain hidden poison that people ignore, or might not see. Most people never question these customs or perceived differently that sometimes they separate us, or cause harm. How many people are aware that these practices are slowly poisoning the health of humanity as a whole?

    The Way of a universally sound life is the real ‘medicine’, and is a free gift from Mother Nature. It is the highest medicine, though people do not value it, but for the sake of human survival please try the Way and recognize that all life is precious and comes from the same origin – Mother Nature.

    Hope for the spiritual purification of all people.

    Today, the world has created a heavy poison at all levels of life, and many people have been poisoned by shallow cultural beliefs, or a narrow understanding of life. Yet all people could learn the Way to return to Mother Nature, and embrace the basic truth that we are all one life. My recent work, The Path of Constructive Life, is derived from the Way. Could the Path of Constructive Life be the salvation of the world if each person and all nations behaved constructively, rather than imposing the destructive side of their nature on other people and Mother Nature?

    Hope that future civilization can be led by the Feminine Principle.

    We follow two things in the Ni family teaching. First, put the feminine principle above the masculine principle for the survival of humanity. Second, value the female spiritual image of water over the male spiritual image of fire to form a new culture in the world.

    It is now time for the spiritual awakening of a humanity that knows when to ignore gender differences, but in the masculine dominated world of today there is a real need to be rescued by a Goddess. A feminine divinity would support life, not fighting and bloodshed. The feminine principle should also guide future global relations among all ethnicities and nations, as the world badly needs leadership from the motherly nature of true humanity.

    Hope that we learn to embrace all healthy lives just like Mother Nature.

    The sun, our physical God, has a spiritual nature that includes generosity, openness, and straightforwardness, but this great body of light was created by Mother Nature. This means that the Sun is not only our Heavenly Father, but the agent of Mother Nature in our corner of the galaxy. There is also the moon that reflects the sun and relates to our mind, and has long been a spiritual inspiration to humanity. This feminine image evokes and reflects the true femininity that accomplishes all by offering assistance and attention to detail, while being receptive, motherly, sisterly, helpful, and caring.

    Though people have evolved from the lower to the higher stages of life they continue to retain some of the tendencies of the lower animals. This means we need to subjectively improve ourselves through spiritual cultivation to reach a higher level of development and ensure our own survival.

    Hope that we all learn to appreciate the real meaning of the yin-yang principle.

    The yin-yang principle can be constructively applied to demonstrate the reality of life, and manage the world. This principle illustrates mutual existence, such as competition and cooperation, where neither side can operate without the other. That is why the Way is not presented in a shallow or religious manner, for it is the potency of universal life that operates within the subtle law of no extremes. Blessings and misfortune are our partners in life, and overly extending in either direction invites the other side.

    Hope that we fulfill the Global Mission of the Way.

    Today we need the masculine principle to support our worldly needs, but the feminine principle is more proficient at the level of spiritual and global connections. As a spiritual image of the feminine principle, the Mother Ocean of Eternal Wisdom would help the spiritual condition of the modern world, which needs softening after the longstanding over- expansion of the impulsive male principle.

    The Integral Way embraces all sages as the spiritual pioneers of human progress, and does not want to replace any religion, but encourages people to stay with the constructive side of their faith, while cleansing any narrow corners in their minds. The loss of spiritual unity in the world is the greatest loss to humanity. To mend that shortcoming in the deep heart of humanity we should not create any more separation, but encourage people to embrace universal spiritual harmony.

    Hope that the Integral Way is able to continue the Ageless Way of the early leaders.

    The Integral Way continues the Ageless Way from the early sages that always offers a service and never seeks personal gain. It has taken me 36 years to produce this new medicine for my fellow earthlings after witnessing that many problems with the human spirit, and in the world, can be cured by the Ageless Way.

    Love from your spiritual friend,

    Om Ni

    About the Author

    Master Hua-Ching Ni is the respected Taoist master of the Integral Way. Please visit his website, The Integral Way.

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