We Want To Live In A World That Is…

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Marco Torres & Michael Forrester, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

Free from the limitations that currently exist on Earth. A world of endless possibilities filled with nations of cooperative families and communities who have one goal–to function as a unit. One that can only survive through the purest, positive intent to benefit humanity. This is our world and we are all building it together.

In Our World…

- People embrace natural living foods. Dead, processed foods filled with artificial sweeteners, flavors, chemicals and preservatives do not exist. People recognize that genetically modified organisms (GMO) and companies that create or endorse foods containing GMO have no place in our world. Bye bye Monsanto.

- People believe in the concept of natural immunity and refute any attempts to create an artificial equivalent in vaccines. They understand that immunization is not vaccination and that most diseases must run their course to guarantee natural immunity for life. They can filter through all propaganda relating to vaccine effectiveness and simply accept that in a natural world, you don’t inject children with neurotoxins, carcinogens, immunotoxins, excitotoxins, allergens and sterility agents under ANY circumstances regardless of ANY claims to prevent disease.

- People drink clean water, free from chemicals and can taste the difference between each–to the extent that they are repulsed by any water containing artificially injected chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine.

- People see pristine blue skies everywhere, free from geoengineering initiatives that create chemtrails with vast levels of pollutants. They create suspension vehicles that can travel at least ten times faster than any commercial aircraft with technology that does not expel even one particle of pollutants (and that tech exists right now).

- People develop thousands of uses for free energy including free energy vehicles, machinery and other technology that will never be patented or limited by anyone or anything. The oil industry which currently controls all the world’s energy falls apart.

- People develop anti-pollution technology that cleans every lake, river and ocean on the planet. They restore the integrity, mineral content and pH of all soil as well as clean and rid all pollutants from Earth’s atmosphere. The Environmental Protection Agency (and similar agencies in all other countries) is completely revamped and becomes one with the people.

- People become one with the animal kingdom and can no longer relate to the industry of raising animals for the primary purpose of their slaughter and consumption of their carcasses. The factory farm and meat industry implodes.

- People promote the use of natural eco-friendly materials such as hemp, flax, kenaf, sisal and the use of herbs and plant-based extracts to replace every man-made chemical that pollutes our planet. The chemical industry falls apart as they can no longer compete with the overwhelming desire for a clean planet by its inhabitants.

- People embrace natural health and super foods rather than pharmaceuticals to treat or prevent disease. Food and herbs are their medicine. Conventional medicine relying of drugs, vaccines, psychiatry, chemotherapy, radiation, and all other toxic methods of diagnosis and treatment do not exist.

- People appreciate the perfection that is the human body in its natural state and end routine male and female circumcision. Moyels come to a sudden “ah ha moment” and realize that foreskin may actually be a functional part of a man’s anatomy.

- People accept their physical shape regardless of their weight or appearance. They don’t make comparisons to any other human being. They appreciate that they are unique and the manifestation of their physique is of service to themselves and not necessarily to others. More than half of celebrities and most of hollywood disappears due to this revelation.

- People have an elevated sense of humor and laugh at the suggestion of flu pandemicsglobal warming and all other fear-based hoaxes currently promoted by government and the mainstream media. Such tactics which lack any coherent or intelligible meaning in a benevolent world become foreign and can only be interpreted as humor. They essentially become fairy tales incorporated in children’s books for the amusement of 6-year olds.

People govern themselves. There is no need for government, laws or policing. ALL people live in a morally responsible manner. They help and love each other unconditionally because they fully grasp concepts relating to community and service to others rather than service to self.

- People don’t need guns but they are still available. Not a single bullet ever penetrates another human body again due to advanced technology which prevents bullets from penetrating the skin of benevolent beings. Since our world is built on a society of free will and free choice, guns are available for enthusiasts, but they become very primitive technology.

- People don’t need money or monetary systems. Banks do not exist. Our world is an advanced society with no need for such outdated systems of exchange. Communities, cities, regions, states and entire nations create abundance simply through the intent and will to continue to advance technology, health care, resources, networks and society in general because they know that an empowered world working together experiences a positive growth and development, which accelerates at an exponential rate compared to one that is limited by exchanging paper or numbers on a computer.

- Most of all, people don’t feel victimized. They do not feel they are controlled, manipulated, coerced, deceived or forced into any situation that is not within the greater good of the collective or their own benefit.

There is no need for greed, rage, gluttony, envy, jealousy or other human emotions which have segregated humanity for thousands of years. They are fully empowered beings capable of creation at the speed of thought. Since they don’t persist with negative emotions and see every human being as an empowered member of this collective, there are no other powers that be, secret societies, or influential decision makers that act as puppeteers to command others to their will. The only beings that exist on the planet are those who commit to the greater good of the collective. It is impossible for any being who is not benevolent or loving towards the collective to survive in this world.

This is our world.

If you think this is possible, then it is. If you don’t agree with all of the above, that’s ok too. Make your own list and let it consist of all of those things you want to include in your world to advance human societies.

We are ALL building our worlds together.

Marco Torres is a research specialist, writer and consumer advocate for healthy lifestyles. He holds degrees in Public Health and Environmental Science and is a professional speaker on topics such as disease prevention, environmental toxins and health policy. 

Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.

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  1. Peter Thomson says:

    Not asking Santa for much then ?????

    Merry Xmas, look forward to this new world you dream on.

  2. Ionela says:

    OMG, you just pulled this from my mind or what???
    Three days ago, as an alternative to what a small number (compared to the world population) of people predicted than is going to happen today,I empowered myself and visualized what I want to happen, what CHANGE I wanted for me and our world, cos as you said the shift is upon us.

    So everytime my mind remind me of the end of the world I was continuing with a new world, just as you describe above, people accepting their differences, looking for alternative health remedies in plants, acting as one nation from the roots up, ene of chemical industry and no vaccines. However, I would point out that to get the world vegetarian is only an option of two that many cultures would find hard to accept. As your recent article encouraged Why dont we look for a third option, an authentic choice. So authentic that many cultures had it before the manufacturing and mass production industry starter the disease era. That is, creating or recreating a close connection with the animals that we eat by seeing, touching and actually participating in the life of that animal and in the end of life ceremony though which will give itself to you. The actual process will change people making then to eat less meat or none…

    So thinking human connection with food and awareness of its life and processes it passes though will unite us and by eating the whole animal rather than hundreds of wings/legs/breasts will accept the oneness of the animal, of this world.

    The idea of eating every part of the animal sound weird? No worries, you do eat it, the food industry makes sure to hide it in the mass food u see advertised everywhere, hamburgers, hot dogs etc

    So lets accept our food sources be it animals or plants, both are alive and energies.

    I am forever grateful for discovering this site,

  3. Al Smith says:

    Real democracy will help Us get there in no time. Democracy is a theoretical, publicly owned system of governance designed to define and fulfill the true will of the People regarding anything that affects Us. Once Our true will is publicly defined it will automatically start to manifest.

    For anything to ever change for Humanity’s benefit, We must start regularly participating in a system of real democracy like the one at http://www.MajorityVoice.org or a system like it. Otherwise, We leave Our rule in the hands of the very banksters and traitorous legislators who’ve created and maintain this matrix of lies, ultimately leading Our overt enslavement.

  4. Osmio Water says:

    Very inspirational article, thanks!

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