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Over 40 Percent of Fukushima Children Have Thyroid Disorders, Officials Not Helping

Lisa Garber, Natural Society
Waking Times

Not much news on Fukushima crosses the ocean to our side of the globe anymore, but for thousands of Japanese children and evacuees, the suffering is hardly winding down. About 41 percent of 57,000 children have tested positive for early signs of possible thyroid cancer, and four out of five evacuees are experiencing thyroid abnormalities. Even doctors in Tokyo are noticing a sharply increased rate of strange symptoms among residents. Government officials, however, are doing their best to keep it quiet.

In fact, they’re blaming it on excessive seafood intake.

Radiation Spread

While it’s true that fish captured near the now inoperative nuclear plant do show 258 times what the government deems the “safe” level of radiation, radiation levels exceeded evacuations zones beyond Tokyo late last year. If aquatic life throughout the Pacific has suffered and radioactive isotopes have been found in California topsoil, it’s a safe bet that the people complaining of incurable diarrhea, flu-like symptoms, and more in Tokyo aren’t just eating too much seafood. In fact, cesium-37 isotopes have longer half-lives than iodide isotopes, both of which affect thyroid glands. (You can read here for more about radioactive half-life.)

Government Officials Not Helping

This barrage of evidence is obviously making the government squeamish, since, despite the thousands of children needing treatment, an official decree is to stop testing before it’s implemented in other areas by concerned citizens. One Japanese pediatrician has asked on YouTube for outside help since the government has apparently prioritized outward appearances over their own citizens’ health, and many parents are calling for the truth.

The Dangers of Nuclear Power

Anyone who’s read any of our updates on mining-induced sinkholes or government-backed Big Pharma knows that certain Japanese government officials are hardly alone in worshipping the almighty market. Many regions have moved away from oil and gone on to more “sustainable” energy sources like nuclear energy, but the latter is hardly the clean solution it’s touted as being.

Onkalo, Finland’s underground radioactive waste bunker, will not be the last to entomb power plants’ used fuel rods, which remain radioactive for centuries. The American military even uses such depleted uranium (DU) in ammunition to penetrate armor, but these projectiles leave a radioactive mist wherever they are fired. In a manner of speaking, the American government has been waging nuclear war in the Middle East for quite some time, and will leave the region’s soil and water contaminated for millennia.

Radiation is safe at no dose, but you can protect yourself from it in many ways.

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  • Uncle B

    U Tube videos of China’s cleaner safer plutonium free mass produce-able Thorium based reactors have not been widely seen or reported on? Please! Articles on the true safety of these? Also India has new radiation proofing shielding? Effective?

  • Dianne Foster

    I am a “down-winder”. As a small child, I was brought to Southern Nevada during the heyday of atomic testing by my parents, because my father found work in the booming economy of the area, in construction. His work took him into mines in the area of the testing. We lived in the town of Caliente, in Lincoln County. Today there are maps which show what levels of radiation the public were exposed to there and in nearby St. George, Utah. The predominantly Mormon natives of St. George had a lot of family history, but stated getting cancer in alarming numbers.

    Recently, I had suspicious thyroid lumps which had to be removed. My thyroid still does not function normally and I may need supplements for life. My brother died at a full term birth and is buried with many other infants who suspiciously died at the same time, in Caliente. His problem was around his immature breathing system. He was autopsied at the time, but I do not know where the records are for that. If others also were perhaps there was information.

    But to me the greatest cover-up was that we children (I have surviving siblings) were not tested then or ever for thyroid and other problems. It would have been scary perhaps, but would have established a record of the effect of atomic testing on us. It would have made the argument for nuclear power plants a little harder to make. Instead, there are those like Ann Coulter who proclaim that atomic exposure makes you healthier. Of course she’s lying, because she doesn’t care to examine any evidence. But it is this attitude which makes us complacent about our own risks in “taming the atom” while “beating swords into plowshares”. It cannot be done safely. We have no safe nuclear power plants, over the long run of generations.

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