December 2012 – Just the Beginning

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Linda George, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

We made it!  We got through 2012. Well – almost. THE month of THE year that has been talked about for decades is finally here. The date we’ve all  had thrust into our consciousness – December 21is the date of the ‘Galactic Alignment.’ The what – you may ask? The Galactic Alignment is the alignment of the December solstice Sun with the Galactic equator.

This December 2012 solstice Sun has converged, as a result of the precession of the equinoxes, with the exact centre-line of the Milky Way (the Galactic equator). Such an alignment occurs only once every 26,000 years. The precise alignment of the solstice point (that is, the centre-point of the body of the Sun as viewed from earth) with the Galactic equator was calculated to occur in 1998. In fact the Galactic Alignment ‘zone’ is from 1998 plus or minus 18 years, which is the period from 1980 to 2016. We are in the Galactic Alignment era.

The date of December 21 (Northern winter solstice) 2012, was the date the Mayan Calendar long count ended – the end of the calendar in other words. That the calendar ended squarely at the time of the Galactic Alignment seems to be highly significant. Mayan calendar expert, Jose Arguelles, said the end of this 26,000 year cycle actually encompasses five great cycles. “We’re on the fifth and last of a set of Great Cycles that began in 24,000 BC. It’s on this basis that we’re looking at 2012 as being a very, very critical juncture. It’s what I refer to as ‘galactic synchronization,’ and it is also is a major evolutionary shift.”

All up then – something of a significant year; with the pinnacle being in December 2012.

In all likelihood, external life will continue – in the wild and chaotic way it has been this past year or five. That is, we may not notice anything too much out of the usual. Of course, the usual is highly unusual these days. We have become almost desensitized, in many instances – rolling along with it, often barely registering the atrocities going on in the world.

Internally, or on a soul level, the evolutionary shift we are participating in however, is registering. We are perceiving the shift in vibratory frequency, and if we are conscious, we are noticing everything changing: our daily habits, our jobs, our perceptions, our reactions and responses. For those of us awake to the incoming ‘truth vibrations,’ as David Icke calls them – that are beaming in at us from the black hole deep in the universe – this time is a very exciting one. Our DNA is being activated by these higher vibratory frequencies and this is altering our physical, as well as our emotional and spiritual realities.

The Galactic Alignment era, is the era of our awakening. And perhaps, the demise of what we believe to be reality. Whatever occurs, we know that we are infinite consciousness. We cannot not survive. As things look now, we are doing a good job of destroying our host – planet Earth and ourselves along with her. We’re assailed with environmental toxins and poison in our food and water; life destroying chemicals and drugs are promoted and administered by stealth, corporate greed eats away our means of support and survival in the material world…..It’s a dog eat dog world out there.

And yet, there are clearly major and heart-opening indicators of things changing for the good. More and more people are waking up to the role their individual consciousness and actions, play in all of this. And they most profoundly do. The time has passed where we can sit on the side-lines as witnesses. Every action, every thought, everything we imagine into being – is poured into the whole. It all registers, and it all has an effect. Everything begins at the waveform (thought) level. This is the place of real power and it is the place where we can, and will change the outer world.

So then – what is our task at this time, the sunset of 2012? I think it is to integrate this knowledge – and act on it. Know that we are all cells in the one body of humanity – a body that is faltering. It is sick, because evolutionary change this profound is hard on physical, temporal forms. And we live in a world, illusory as it is, that appears to be physical. Everything in the physical world is finite by nature, and we are moving into the next era – where life will be lived within an awareness of the infinite. We are each being touched by the infinite now, in this era of transformation.

Given all of that, it seems slightly irrelevant to talk about the astrology for the month. Yes, we have a  New Moon in the 13th, in Sagittarius: time to start the adventure! Mercury is going direct again – phew – so the delays and mis-communications are done with for a while. Uranus goes direct on the 14th intensifying the push for change and sweeping us all along with it. The Sun goes into Capricorn on the Solstice – the 22nd (here in the Southern Hemisphere) and the Moon squares Neptune on Christmas Day – bringing a dreamy magic; luring us to drink yet another glass of wine, as we indulge our urge to  escape from the mundane world for a time. The Full Moon in Cancer on the 28th is squared to Uranus – emotionally we might just be in the mood to cut out for a time. Don’t hold great hopes for deep, intimate sharing under such an influence.

That’s it from me then. I am sending blessings, blessings, cosmic and earthly – to surround you through the last days of 2012. May your heart be light, your body open, energy flowing – remember you are not solid, you are mostly empty space. The radiant, powerful energy of your soul, that universal wanderer, vacationing here for a time, is who you really are. Infinite consciousness is the real you – let’s raise a glass on Christmas Day and celebrate the freedom of that awareness. Our real journey is just beginning…….

About the Author

Linda George is an author and astrologer living in New Zealand.  She has been passionately involved in astrology alternative health, spirituality and metaphysics for many years – and with a background in journalism she is now committed to ‘spreading the word’ in these waking times.  She works as an evolutionary astrologer, writer and yoga teacher. Her book ‘Sun Signs and Soul Mates’ is available on Amazon.

This article is offered under Creative Commons license. It’s okay to republish it anywhere as long as attribution bio is included and all links remain intact.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Hi Linda

    thanks for a awesome uplifting article. I love astrology too I would like to talk with you sometime when you are available.



    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Sherry,
      You honour me – and you have the honour of being the first to respond to my first article for Waking Times….!! so thank you!
      You can contact me re astrology, at

      Thanks again and look forward to chatting with you.

  2. farhan masood says:

    Hello, Linda,

    Congratulation of your first article. I am not an astrologer but my instincts tell me your assessment is correct.

    hope to see more.


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