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Miracle Baby’s Brain Tumor Shrinks to Nothing with Natural Treatment of Cannabis Oil

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The father of an eight month old baby with a brain tumor is able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation and get approved for treatment with Cannabis oil, which reduced the tumor to effectively zero over a period of just 8 months.

Please watch and share this important story about the powerful natural medicine of Cannabis and how it is indeed a better option for some than chemotherapy and radiation.

This story was featured at Huffington Post.

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  • Michael Ayo Lawson

    Revelation!!! Nature will continue to amaze us all. How can one get hold of cannabis oil extract?

  • mo

    I understand that cannabis oil works, but why don’t the promoters of it address the BIG ISSUE that all detractors bring up? They don’t want kids getting “high” as medicine. Address their concerns, don’t appeal to compassion. They think they’re being compassionate, saving them from being out of their minds on THC.

    To me this is a HUGE opportunity to sway common perception. You have to aggressively get out and educate people about cannabis oil and its NON-PSYCHOACTIVE medicinal uses.

  • At 64, I was recently diagnosed with congestive heart failure and sent home from the hospital with six medications. On the meds, I felt like I was going to die. Thinking it might go ahead and kill me, I stopped taking the meds. In two days, I felt great, all my energy and lucidity returned. I think modern medicine’s intention is to keep people feeling sick, so they spend more money on medical treatments. I’ll have to be unconscious to end up in a hospital again.

    • Anonymous

      You are right Al, they give us these pills to keep us sick so they can then give us more and hence make huge profits in the mean time. They are not going to promote something that cure’s most ailments and is virtually free and so easy to grow your own. There are so many ways to heal our selves naturally and stay away from the fake cure’s that our doctors prescribe. All the information is there for every one, you just have to look.

  • sharpin la

    It’s a miracle the father was allowed to do this now that man’s law has banned nature!

  • Haarp

    Why put miracle in the title? This is no miracle, this is science.

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