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Discoveries In Nano-Technology Give Biocompatible Dental Fillings Greater Longevity

Dr Lester Sawicki, Guest Writer
Waking Times

Today’s science of nano-technology has advanced dental fillings far beyond bees wax used in Europe over 6000 years ago.

Researchers at the University of Maryland School of Dentistry are currently developing and testing a nano-technology tooth colored resin composite cavity-filling that kills harmful bacteria and regenerates tooth structure destroyed by bacterial decay. The new dental composites will have antibacterial properties which are also being incorporated into the advanced primer and bonding liquids that make the filling stick to the tooth tissues. Coating the inside of the tooth tissue with the new sticking agents and then filling the cavity hole with antibacterial nano-composites will, hopefully, kill tooth decay forming bacteria while maintaining the integrity of the filling for many years more than our prior best long lasting mercury silver fillings.

A key component of the new nano-composite filling and nano-structured liquid adhesive is calcium phosphate nano-particles that remineralize the injured tooth. The antibacterial component has a base of quaternary ammonium andsilver nano-particles along with a high pH which limits acid production by tooth bacteria.

The main reason for failure of modern tooth colored fillings is secondary caries or decay at the filling margins. When a dentist drills out a decayed tooth, iatrogenic damage due to high speed drilling drives residual bacteria deeper into the tooth. It’s not possible for a dentist to remove all the damaged and infected tissue, so it’s important to neutralize the harmful effects of the bacteria with antibacterial chemical scrubs, rinses, and coatings. Antibacterial dental composites would ensure greater longer lasting protection against infective tooth decay.

Intensive research has been directed to finding a durable biocompatible cosmetic dental filling material that lasts longer in a “large” cavity than today’s average of 7 – 10 years. (Small composite fillings, can last as long as small silver ones.) Still today, in a large majority of cases, large mercury silver fillings typically last twice as long as big cosmetic white fillings and that’s one reason some dentists still recommend silver when the cavity size is extensive. Many dentists are returning to the older tried and true silver by resisting social pressures to replace large ugly amalgam with beautiful white because of both the proven longevity and iatrogenic issues, along with cost to patient. (If you’re concerned about mercury you might be interested to know that some studies have shown the mercury in “old” amalgams to be less toxic than thought.)

The new antibacterial dental composites could be available soon. Ask your dentist if your current state of oral health can be controlled with minimally invasive dentistry and remineralizing agents until that day arrives.

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About the Author

Dr. Lester Sawicki, a graduate of Loyola Dental School in Chicago, is an independent general dentist, practicing for more than 37 years. In 1983, he began studying nutrition and alternative health, and since 2004 has been devoted to intensive research into the relationship between whole body detoxification and longevity. He is the author of several books on dentistry written for the general public, all available at Amazon. Visit his blog: White Teeth Black Tongue Dr. Sawicki’s personal interests include martial arts and meditation. For over 30 years he has been a practicing student of Tai Chi, having met many Tai Chi and Qi Gong Masters both in the United States and China. His home is in Austin, Texas.  Contact email:

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  • dimitri

    I plan to refuse nano technology “solutions” until they have a track record of safety and efficacy. Immunization was once presented as a health solution that would make ancient history of many diseases and afflictions. Look where that got us!

  • The truth is out there

    Science has proven there is NO safe level mercury, as for nano particles they tend to be bio-accumulative. Fluoride also prevents teeth and bone from re-mineralising and fluoride also calcifies the pineal gland (also know as the third eye), however the pineal gland can be decalcified through diet/supplements but do not use Ayahuasca or other hard drugs as these open the centres of consciousness up to possession by evil entities. A start can be made by avoiding: alcohol, tobacco, recreational/hard/illegal drugs, avoiding use of pornography and of places where these activities are regular such as casinos, nightclubs, brothels. Further information available online from chiappalone at

    • mothman777

      Dr Chiappalone says he has authority to destroy the entire planet Earth, and the entire universe. And that is your idea of holding out a beacon of light?

      He also says that most of the people living on this planet at this time are soulless robots or ‘non-viables’ whose existence will be forever terminated when the planet is destroyed, and that he has been given authority to decide who is ‘viable’ for continued existence and who is not. He makes Stalin look relatively pleasant by comparison. I think you are under some very dangerous and evil hypnosis to support Dr Chiappalone, who manipulates people using fear of being declared ‘non-viable’ and thus unfit for continued existence, to maintain his power.

      The teachings of Krishna, as translated and commented upon by various Vaishnava teachers, and Sikh teachers, such as Guru Nanak, also a Vaishnava, or devotee of Krishna, teach that all souls are created equal, and that they have freedom to dwell in whatever dimension they wish, and that they are all eternal, it being impossible to destroy a soul, as taught in the Bhagavad Gita.

      There are no such beings as Dr Chiappalone falsely alleges, without souls, or eternally evil.

      Regarding teeth, more relevant to the Article, view the excellent information by Ramiel Nagel, who advises how to not only prevent but also repair tooth caries using diet.

      Since stopping using lots of sugar 30 years ago, I have not had a single filling. Before that I had had 30 done, with about 12 of those being mercury silver amalgam, which I have now had replaced with white composite, and my mind is vastly clearer as a result.

  • Dentists don’t want healthy teeth or they would be out of work.

  • DDearborn


    Like so many other wonderful ideas that really do help the consumer this one will probably never see the light of day. Simply put filling that actually work to fix teeth are bad for business. Dentists make billions of repeat business. Why in the world would they adopt a technology that would stop that business. Never happen.

    It is like the oil companies buying up every patent that increases gas mileage and then bury them. Or the cures for cancer that are “descovered” and then disappear. Or even compund interest. That used to be called usury. If they can make an easy buck off of your hard labor then they will do everything the can to make sure nothing gets in the way of their taking your money.

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