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Psychiatry – Practice of Medicine or Practice of Marketing?

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Are we all entitled to be happy? If you are not, is a pill the answer?

Social anxiety disorder, depression, bi-polar disorder. It seems that these diseases now plague the American populous. The statistics behind psychiatric diseases and use of psychotropic drugs are staggering. Adult use of antidepressants almost tripled in the US between the periods 1988-1994 and 1999-2000. Between the term of 1994 and 2010, there was a 4000% increase of the diagnosis of bi-polar disorder in children. By 2007, antidepressants had become the most commonly prescribed drugs in the United States. Psychiatric drugs fuel a $330-billion industry without a single cure.

Unlike diagnoses for medical conditions, psychiatrists do not have blood tests or any other biological tests to ascertain the presence or absence of a mental illness. Psychiatrists rarely conduct thorough physical examinations to rule out medical conditions. – The Citizens Commission on Human Rights

The question arises: how much of this rise in mental diseases is driven by psychiatry and pharmaceutical industries? How many diagnoses are just people experiencing normal human emotions – yes, negative or unpleasant emotions, but distinctly human nevertheless.

This is a fairly lengthy but thorough documentary about psychotropic drugs and the for-profit industry behind psychiatry. It describes the myth of the tag “chemical imbalance” used to diagnose psychiatric diseases without any physical tests. It examines the role that the FDA has taken in speeding up the drug approval process. The video also examines the big business of psychotropic drugs, reporting that top prescription drugs generate revenues between $7 to $11 million per day for each major drug. It reveals how pharmaceutical companies market the same exact drugs under different names, for different psychotropic and physical conditions.

Many of us have taken psychotropic drugs at one point or another, and if you have not, it is likely that you know of at least a couple of people that take psychotropics on a regular basis. Yet, there are other solutions, methods, approaches, that have been proven to help with mental ailments. Eating a healthy diet made up of raw and natural foods. Turning to ancient practices such as meditation or yoga. Individual or group counseling.  Lifestyle changes. Acupuncture. The list goes on. Perhaps a pill is not necessarily the answer.


Artificial Unhappiness: The Dark Side of the New Happy Class, by Ronald William Dworkin
Medication Madness: The Role of Psychiatric Drugs in Cases of Violence, Suicide, and Crime, by Peter Roger Breggin
Your Drug May Be Your Problem, Revised Edition: How and Why to Stop Taking Psychiatric Medications, Peter Roger Breggin


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  • I have always favored the advice from the character Deep Throat during the Watergate scandal: Follow The Money.

    Psychologists and Psychiatrists were rated as the lowest paid in their ‘professions’. This is partially them claiming marketshare. The other part is that these creatures thrive on the torture of others so the dungeons and electroshocks of daysgoneby are replaced with chemical shackles (shekels?) and are moved to a public arena where now you can tell your dungeon master what abuse you want because you saw it on TV. [Yes,I know they brought back electroshock; because it worked so well in the past].

  • Anna

    There is a strong possibility that cumulative toxins/poisons, particularly heavy metals, are a key factor in the rise of illnesses diagnosed as “psychiatric.” Consider mercury amalgams, oil/gas/petrochemicals, arsenic in many pesticides and cleaning products, photocopying/lazer printing emissions (can include lead, cadmium, nickel, … ), not to mention many others that are even worse in combined effect, and in modern sealed “air conditioned” buildings. Think of the number of women making copies while pregnant and think Ritalin. Check out the symptoms of some of these heavy metal poisons on Wikipedia and elsewhere. Prescribing more chemicals will never cure these “illnesses”, but will make a lot of money for pharmabiz.

  • c.t.

    The producers of the video above “the citizens commission on human rights” is scientology. Look it up.

    • H.M.

      So what? They’re right.

      • Gintaras

        Exactly, who cares. Right is right and Scientology is more likely to cure you of numerous ailments than drug peddling big pharma schills. Scientology is violently attacked because they are really the only organization that questions the modern medical industry. I’ll go with Xenu and organic sprouts any day over GMO and pesticide spoiled produce.

  • Ken

    All ‘disease’ is a lack of nutrition, proper exercise and rest. It is interesting in our time of usury that people will ignore rest and exercise yet decry drugs. Most all of modern medicine is junk science. Study the Modern Founder of Naturalopathy, Antoine Beauchamp, a contemporary of Louis Pasteur. Pasteur claimed germs were ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and the bad germs needed to be eliminated through heat (Pasteurization). Beauchamp claimed ‘terrain’ was key to health and that germs ‘morphed’ depending on the bodies health and conditions, in other words good germs would turn bad in conditions where the immune system was weak.
    Want to know the truth? Catch a man on his death bed, when Louis Pasteur was on his, he stated that his theory of ‘Pasteurization’ was wrong and Beauchamp was right!
    Modern medicine is based on Pasteur’s theory. Get good organic nutrition, minerals are very important, keep slightly alkaline, get proper exercise and rest but most important of all, avoid drug peddling doctors!

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