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Self Mastery – Finale

Rod Morin, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

In the first part to this essay, my point has been to plant the seed of the idea that the worldly reality we play in is not as solid (physically or conceptually) as we believe it to be and that, in fact, it is only due to our senses that we perceive what we do.

So if the world we perceive is illusory, then what’s the freakin’ point?!  Getting too wrapped up in the daily drama would be like living vicariously through a soap opera character, right? Well, not quite.

The image of the TV character blinking into existence at 120,000 pixels per second on the TV screen does not have a direct link to conscious awareness. The actor did, but the screen image does not. So here’s the gist of the situation. Whatever you experience, whether in daily waking life or in the dream state, is all recorded and digested by consciousness. That’s it; that’s the game in a nutshell. Creative experience is the goal of the game, coupled with the added bonus of enlightenment. It really is the journey that is important folks, because there is no end to the game.


Now we have to address the apparent physicality of this reality in order to continue to build a foundational understanding upon which we can pave our path to self mastery. This part will not be easy for me to articulate, so please bear with me. Also note that I will not be attempting to prove anything, as it is up to the reader to seek their own truth, and proving anything in an illusory world is impossible. That’s why science works on theories.

Reality is the light show we play in everyday, period. Reality is perceived via the senses. The senses are interpretations of incoming information. Information is carried via waves. Waves are the only method of information transfer. Waves are electrical in nature. Our universe is powered electrically. Waves have but two ways to travel, away from a source and back to a source. When waves travel away from a source, that is called radiation. When waves travel back to a source, that is gravity. There is no pulling force in the universe. Gravity is electrically powered to return to a source. Waves radiate all information towards manifestation, and, after purpose has been fulfilled, information gravitates back to its source.

The physical world is not based on mass; it is based in motion. Motion is the foundation of physical reality. Without motion (vibration), time and space would not be perceivable to the senses. Today’s science has finally agreed with the ancient knowledge that what we perceive as a solid mass of rock or iron is 99.999999% “empty” space. What we are playing in is not physical, but rather the ultimate light show.

The universe is not what our senses tell us it is. The senses are but tools used to decipher information. “Information”…. in – formation: to put pieces together, to create a form.

Think of the TV screen with one frozen image. The image is created with light radiating out of every pixel programmed to flash in either red, green or blue.  Expand that image so that it becomes the universe. One unchanging image. If the image never changed would the concept of time exist? No, because time is the rate of change. When the light does flash within the pixel, it has done so with purpose. It was programmed to flash red, green or blue in order to be one integral part of the overall image. As the image changes the observer perceives time and motion, and then gets swept away in the story. The unfolding story gravitating back to consciousness is the chronicle forever being played out.

The Bottom Line

It is now necessary to make the determination on whether or not you can swallow the idea that you are the conscious awareness experiencing the show. If the answer is no, then the remainder of this essay will only serve to plant seeds. If the answer is yes, then the path to self mastery will perhaps become a little straighter.

Intellectually understanding the concepts of this essay is step one.

Step two would be to then play with the information, poke it, stretch it, and rip it apart.

The Buddha apparently once said:

Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumoured by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it. – Buddha, Kalama Sutta.

Step three is to live in this new understanding with an acute awareness of what you are experiencing, in order to answer new or remaining questions and get closer to the truth.

Living consciously within your understanding is the challenge. Reality will continuously chip away at any sharp edges of your growing understanding to keep you in the TV version of the game for as long as possible. This chipping will be performed in many ways, not the least of which will be through the people closest to you.

Understanding is all we can strive for while based in reality. True knowledge is held within the realm of Actuality. True knowledge is the information that has played out and returned to the source.

IF your understanding of reality leads you to enlightenment, then you will experience a shift in awareness. This shift in awareness is like a veil or filter being ripped away from the viewing consciousness. When this happens you will know connection, connection to everything. Vivid clarity is the new norm. Patience, integrity, virtue and truth are now your swords with which to slice up reality.

From this place of understanding one becomes the warrior. You become a warrior not because you need to invade and conquer but because reality will CONTINUOUSLY chop away at your understanding, trying to again raise the veil and get you to play the game as all the other observers.

There are many, many traps to be wary of while trying to maintain conscious awareness, but the ego is probably the most worthy opponent to be aware of as the ego cannot be extinguished. Jesus went out into the desert for forty days and nights to battle the ego. The softly smiling Buddha is often depicted riding a large bull, which personifies his taming of the ego. The ego is an imperative part of the operating software of the brain, as without it, the sense of separateness cannot be created or maintained.

Consciousness is witnessing everything. You are consciousness. The path of self mastery leads to this understanding. Mastery is a conscious return to the Source.

Master your words.
Master your thoughts.
Never allow your body to do harm.
Follow these three roads with purity
And you will find yourself upon the one way,
The way of wisdom. – Buddha, Dhammapada



Editor’s Note: To read the first part of Rod’s insightful essay on the process of self mastery, click here.

About the Author

Rod Morin operates Barrie Tai Chi & Qigong studio in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, focusing on Yang-style Tai Chi, Taiji Qigong and Ziran Qigong. Rod has taught hundreds of students basic tai chi and energy work while striving to incorporate the profound teachings of taiji philosophy into his daily life. Please visit his website at

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  • Phyl

    Arcturian Group –
    …Many of you still carry in cellular memory, warrior energy from lifetimes of the past and still feel its resonance. There is an excitement and a comradery in war that still resonates with many but if you wish to ascend, then it is time to release this now, and experience excitement and comradery on higher levels. That period of the evolutionary journey is finished for any choosing the Light of Truth.

    Give permission and intention within yourselves to release all that is old and finished, for much that you are ready to move beyond can seem very true and real as you experience energies still active within cellular memory. Many of you are experiencing aches and pains, rashes, and mysterious physical issues that seem to come from no where. Most of these are temporary; the clearing of old physical, emotional, and mental energy with the accompanying integration of the new, the release of blocked energy streams (blocks can occur through surgeries or injury), and the opening of energy portals within the physical body. Remember this, and simply allow the process, for most of it soon fades and is gone. However, we are not saying that if fear enters in, and you have health concerns you cannot consult your doctor, we do say that it is important to remember that much of what you are experiencing at this time is in and of necessary physical preparation for ascension.

    You are in the process of a giant evolutionary process. Nothing is the same as it has been nor will it be again, so as the unawakened keep promoting the pushing of more cards into the many third dimensional houses of cards, there will be disappointment and frustration because the energy is no longer there to support or manifest that which is finished. It is extremely important that you recognize and accept that truth if you have chosen to move forward.

    This can for the newly awakened be a difficult time because an unawakened society continues to promote all that which is old and finished through your news, TV, magazines, film,etc. Day after day you are bombarded from all sides with beliefs and concepts that have worked in the past. You may begin to question as to whether or not this whole shift business may simply be another giant hoax being once again played upon the world for the benefit of those who would keep you in bondage.

    Not giant hoax dear ones. Gaia, who is a living soul has chosen to ascend and all have been given the choice of going with her or not. Take this within your hearts, those of you who may question, for in your Center you will feel the rightness of it. Always go within for your answers and should you choose ascend with her, you will, but know that you cannot carry suitcases full of the past with you.

    All are all feeling the new and increasingly intense energies. It is bringing up all past and present issues needing to be looked at. Many of you are experiencing a sense of failure as you see parts of your life suddenly fall apart. This is not failure but is a graduation, dear ones. Rejoice in what the unawakened world may see as failure, for you are moving beyond the old and finished concepts and beliefs regarding facets of your lives. Know that if these things are to be a part of your experience, they will reform in higher and better ways because consciousness is the substance of all form. You are moving to the next rung of the ladder and doing it bravely and lovingly.

    Begin to trust your intuition for this is how you are directed by your Higher self and your guides. It is fine to consult others who may have more information about what you are concerned with, however make sure that the bottom line of any decision you make comes from you. This is the taking of your power back from those it has been given to–organized religions, government, experts, family, friends etc.

    The world is experiencing an integration of the Divine feminine (receptive, intuitive) and the Divine masculine (active, be-er, do-er). Divine Consciousness embodies both qualities in perfect balance and harmony and therefore all living things also have both qualities. This is causing problems and resistance with those who benefit from a patriarchal society. There must be the balance for each quality compliments the other, and in this balance is empowerment. A female does not need a male to give her the masculine energy, it is already within. A man does not need a female to give him the feminine energy, he already embodies it. This realization can cause problems in an established relationship if only one partner understands that he is whole and complete with or without the other. The realization of the Divine feminine and the Divine masculine as being two halves of a perfect whole can and will disrupt all facets of life that heretofore have thrived on the imbalance created through the promotion of the masculine as being more perfect than the feminine.

    Be aware that like it or not, change is here dear ones, embrace it and sing with joy the songs of new and higher experience.

    As always, we are with love, the Arcturian Group.

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