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Economic Stimulus? Think HEMP!

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Last night’s vice-presidential debate had me thinking quite a bit this morning. Almost all of the topics, in some way or other, had to do with money. Defense – money. Economy – money. Taxes – money. Medicare – money. Health – money. Social Security – money. Employment/unemployment – money.

And by now you are wondering, “Where is she going with this?”

I’ll tell you. The United States’ economy is not at it’s healthiest point right now. People are hurting. Businesses are hurting. Some American farmers are hurting. Unemployment is at an unacceptable level. Fossil fuel energy is HIGH. Now, I must also remind you that everything is energy, money is energy. Energy fluctuates. Everything fluctuates, up and down, never in a steady, static line.

I came across several articles stating that greener businesses are growing at a faster percentage rate than the actual economy growth. Here are a few examples of some ‘green’ business types: bicycles, thrift and re-purposing stores, electric/hybrid cars (some which use hemp panels), wind/solar energy, and green construction (both industrial and residential).

BUT, like I stated above, green businesses are GROWING. What does this growth mean? Jobs. Income. Security. Economic growth. And…environmental conscience.

Below is an excerpt from one of the articles I read: 

  • Greener industries grow faster than the overall economy. For every percentage-point increase in an industry’s green intensity, annual employment growth was 0.034 percentage points higher. Future projections suggest continued job growth from green intensity.
  • States with greater green intensity generally fared better in the economic downturn.
  • Green jobs are accessible to workers without a college degree. For every 1 percentage-point increase in green intensity in a given industry, there was a corresponding 0.28 percentage-point increase in the share of jobs in that industry held by workers without a four-year college degree.
  • Manufacturing plays a strong role in the green economy. The sector accounts for 20.4 percent of all green jobs despite representing only 10.8 percent of total private employment. Furthermore, the green industries within the manufacturing sector are projected to grow 25 percent faster than the overall sector.

Much of the current discussion about green jobs focuses on the renewable-energy industry and thus overlooks how pervasive green jobs are throughout the economy. In truth, the utility sector accounts for just three percent of total private green jobs, and even within that sector, the water and sewage industry accounts for over four times the number of green jobs as renewable energy.  Occupations such as garbage collectors, sewage workers, construction workers, household-appliance manufacturers and bus drivers are as integral to the green economy as solar-panel installers or wind-turbine manufacturers.

“Transitioning to a greener and more sustainable economy is good for the environment, but it also helps promote stronger economic growth and opportunity,” said Pollack.  “And the seeds of this transformation are planted throughout the economy, oftentimes in unexpected places.”  (

“Seeds.”  Did you see that? And you KNOW which direction I am taking that – HEMP!

Hemp is one of the GREENEST products on the planet. It is carbon negative. It’s growing season is approximately 4 months. It can be used to manufacture ANY product that is also made with carbon-based fossil fuels. Hemp can also be used in construction – interior, exterior, foundation to roof. It is biodegradable, cleans the air, heals the soil, uses less water than cotton or other crops, doesn’t need fertilizer or pesticides, and can be grown ABUNDANTLY in many climates. Not only that, it’s nutritional value makes it an important food crop.

Hemp can put our farmers to work. (See also American Farmland Trust.) Hemp, being a GREEN resource, can help our economy grow faster, put manufacturers to work, and start the process to heal our planet from the damage done by pulling fossil fuels out of the ground.

My vote is for HEMP!

About the Author

Becca Wolford is a writer, entrepreneur, artist, reiki practitioner, and hemp activist. She has experienced first-hand the nutritional and healing benefits of hemp and her passion is learning, writing, and educating others about the benefits of hemp – benefits that encompass nutritional health for humans, a healthy environment, and a healthier economy. Becca also distributes Versativa, an amazing raw, clean, hemp-based nutritional supplement and Restoration90, a raw, clean, nutritional product with marine phytoplankton, hemp, and essential nutrients for optimum health. Please support her at her excellent blog

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  • Jabez

    “and start the process to heal our planet from the damage done by pulling fossil fuels out of the ground.

    Don’t you see, if we grew cheap biodegradable hemp fuel, we
    could not be controlled by the Religious, Oily Bankster scum,
    and their would be no reason for the accidental apes, to kill their brothers and sisters around the world anymore, because everyone around the world would have their own natural oil fuel.

    The ones who own us physically, and materially, have taken away our gift, “Every seed bearing herb on the face of the whole earth, I give to Everyone”, taken away through “Reefer Madness science,” and by reducing mankind, to accidental apes, with the theory/religion of evolution, and removing the Creator from the picture, teaching accidentals that Truth, as myth, and myths are true. The satanic genius of the enemy, proves God’s existence.?

    The DNA, with it’s 3,000,000,000,000 letters of information.
    destroys the accidental ape theory, but the THEORY is taught
    (to precious young minds) as FACT. ??

    Just as DNA has set us free from the religion of evolution,
    so too shall we be free from sucking the serpents oily teat,
    (in about 7 years from now) when the plumed serpent will be (plucked), chained, and dropped into the bottomless pit, and he will no longer DECEIVE the nations, for 1,000 years.

    Sanity will be restored, TRUTH will be spoken by all, and the Oily, Religious, War Criminal rulers of this AGE, will exchange their crowns, for crowns of brimstone, cursing the fact that they were ever created, and that they will exist in torment, with Zeus and 1/3rd of the ancient astronauts, that rebelled with him, forever.

    No more Herb War, no more oil war games for profit.

    From the invisible dimension, He reminds us once again, that
    “the very hairs of our head are all numbered” just as he told
    the people over 2,000 years ago. He holds the patent.

    “I have declared it,(ancient prophecies, tell the END from the beginning) and I will do it (fulfill every word of it) Himself.

    They use us, against us, because they know, very few of us THINK.

    Let’s piss’em off and THINK !

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