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Do The Many Really Have to Obey the Few? Asking Permission From the Government

Jan Fox, Wakeup World
Waking Times 

I remember in grade school that some of the boys in class were being disruptive by talking and the nun told us all to stand and put out our hands so she could smack our hand with a ruler. About half the class stood up and put out their hand but when they saw that the rest of us were still sitting at our desks they slowly sat back down. The bewildered nun didn’t know what to do and finally told us to open our books.

That’s what happens when a person in authority threatens you and you all stand up to them. They expect you to obey and when you don’t they back down.  In other words, they are nothing more than the school yard bully.

The government is so out of control and making laws that are insane. People are now being fined for the simplest things. Remember the slogan, “Buckle Up – It’s the Law”.  You can be fined for not wearing a seatbelt in your own car.  You can be fined for using a rain barrel to save water to irrigate your small garden in the back yard; you can be arrested for selling raw milk which has been a staple for thousands of years. You can be fined or arrested for photographing the police abusing someone and your camera confiscated. The government mandates you get vaccines for your babies and children when legitimate research tells you it is harmful. A woman was fined $81 for parking her car with the windows rolled down. The police classified it as an unsecured vehicle that could easily be broken into.  Another woman was recently fined for growing a small garden in her front yard. What would happen if we all planted a small garden in our front yard? Actually, that might not be a bad idea.  We would have some GM free veggies.  Are you really going to obey these ridiculous rules or laws? If you do they will keep adding more.

The elite think they can rule you by starting out slowly. I’m sure you’ve heard the story of putting a frog in a pan of lukewarm water and then slowly heating it up and the frog doesn’t realize that he is being boiled alive until it’s too late to get out of the pot.  Mostly that’s what the government does to us. First one license or fine which they got away with, then another, then another, and now we have well over a hundred different licenses we are required to obtain and fines we are expected to pay. Another manner in which the government controls you is by fear.

The government tells us the laws are for our safety. They won’t label GM food because they know it will harm your health; even the wild animals won’t eat it; rats fed Monsanto GM corn developed shockingly large cancer tumors. They add sodium fluoride to our water and to our toothpaste which is a rat poison; they fill our skies with chemicals, they fill the atmosphere with all sorts of radiation including cell phone towers.  If they are for our safety, why do they hide many of those health-threatening cell phone towers in trees, and church steeples and crosses, water towers, and schools? I’ve even seen them in palm trees. Churches and schools love these because they generate big bucks.  Dr. Mercola states on his website:

As school budgets shrink, some are getting money from an unlikely and controversial source: cell phone tower installations. Local schools can make hundreds of thousands of dollars from leases on towers.

Why did you get a marriage license? Most people get one because everyone else does; it’s the norm; it’s the law. My research showed the first marriage license was issued in 1856 in Shawnee, Kansas. So since the beginning of recorded time it was the norm to marry without a license until 1856.

Were Adam & Eve married? Did Adam & Eve need a license, the authorization of some man or government? It is plain to see that God recognizes a couple as married when they “cleave unto” each other.  Genesis 2:23-24 (not when a government gives them a license/permission).

Did you know there are Pastors who will marry without a marriage license and they are more common than you think? All you have to do is go online or open up your local phone book and call the numbers in the churches section.  Sooner or later you will find a man of God who hasn’t sold his soul applying for a 501(c) corporate status with the IRS and who believes that there ought to be a separation between church and state and marriage and state.

Pastor Trewhella of the Mercy Seat Christian Church in Wisconsin stated;

“You should not have to obtain a license from the State to marry someone anymore than you should have to obtain a license from the State to be a parent, which some in academic and legislative circles are currently pushing to be made law”. ~

When Pastor Trewhella marries a couple, he always buys them a Family Bible which contains birth and death records, and a marriage certificate. Record the marriage in the Family Bible. What’s recorded in a Family Bible will stand up as a legally binding document in any court of law in America. Both George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were married without a marriage license. They simply recorded their marriage in their Family Bibles. So should we.  What happens if no one acquires a marriage license from the government? Well, outside of the obvious, we wouldn’t have to ask permission from the government to get a divorce.

If every American refused to obey these insane laws what will the elite do?  The same thing as the nun or the school yard bully when not obeyed – brute force and if that doesn’t work, they will back down.  Just like the schoolyard bully who takes your lunch money every day.  A day comes when you tell him “no” and he beats you up. You don’t give him your lunch money the next day and he beats you up again.  Then he looks for someone else who will ‘obey’ him. Where would that school yard bully be if no one gave him their lunch money? Where would the government be if no one asked for permission and never got another license or paid another fee or fine?

Let me clarify what a license or permit is. It is simply asking permission from the government and paying the government a fee for what we have every God-given right to do in the first place – for free, without asking anyone for permission. Burn that statement into your mind. Memorize it, use it as a chant. If that’s not bad enough, we must renew many licenses’ periodically and pay again and again.  What if we all decided we would no longer get or renew our driver’s license and pay them for the right to drive our own car? What if we all stopped getting a license of any kind? They could fine us.  But what if we didn’t pay the fine? We might go to jail.  Where do a few get off telling the many we can’t get married, defend ourselves, or drive a car or go fishing or hunting or any of our other God-given rights without their permission? I don’t need the government to give me permission to purchase a gun to defend myself. Why aren’t you outraged? Just because you grew up under these insane rules and you accepted them as normal you don’t have to obey them anymore.  They aren’t normal; they’re insane; you are obeying insane laws. You don’t have to stand up and put your hand out so the nun can whack it with a piece of wood or give your lunch money to the school yard bully anymore. Like the frog, you’re slowly being boiled.

Every permit, every license, and every birth certificate has a number on it. You even have a social security number. Have you ever asked why you and everything you do has a number on it? It’s to keep track of you, what you do, where you do it and when you do it.  If you move you have to notify various government agencies of your new address. Why is that? Why isn’t just notifying the post office of a change of address enough?

Why can the government get away with these insane laws and fines? For several reasons. You do what you’re told because you believe it to be the norm; it’s what everyone else does.  That doesn’t make it right.  Another reason people follow these ridiculous laws is because of fear. If I don’t get my children all the vaccines the government mandates my children won’t be able to get into school and I fear the law will come down on me, maybe arrest me and put my children in Children’s Services. I must get this flu shot because if I don’t I fear I will get the flu.  Besides, my doctor told me to get a flu shot, television told me to get the flu shot, the local drugstore advertises the flu shot. I believe the reason my classmates sat back down when they saw the rest of us still sitting is because they feared us more than they feared the nun with her little ruler.

If a slave owner can tell his slaves what to do, what does it mean when the government tells you what you can do? It means you’re a slave to the government. Yes, it’s the same government that tells you that you are a free man living in a free country.

There is a story about two frogs hopping down a country road and they happen to hop into a bucket of fresh milk. They begin thrashing about and swimming in the milk and the older one got really tired and gave up and died.  The younger one kept on swimming until he felt something solid under his feet and hopped out. (No, it wasn’t the body of the dead frog!) He thrashed so much and so long he turned the milk into butter.

The moral of the story is “there are butter days ahead”…if we all decide NOT to OBEY.

If we all stop obeying these insane rules the government places upon us, there will be better days ahead with true freedom, but you gotta fight for it by being passive – by not obeying – by not applying for anymore licenses and paying them a fee and obeying them. Freedom is not going to come softly in the night while you sleep. Don’t leave it for the “other” guy. Remember, you are the “other” guy to everyone else.

You Don’t Have To Get or Renew Anymore Licenses!

You Don’t Have To Pay Anymore Fees or Fines!

You Don’t Have To Obey Anymore!

About the Author

Jan Fox is a life time astrologer and was introduced to astrology in middle school and began a serious study of astrology in 1972 – getting her license in 1974. She has performed thousands of in-depth personal readings, as well as teaching astrology, and is proficient in most branches of western astrology. She previously had a website named “Astro-Sports” in which she successfully analyzed sporting events utilizing astrology. After retiring in 2007 and moving from Las Vegas to the heartland, her attention turned to writing articles on astrology as it relates to the world we live in now. She is also well versed in the outside subjects of Herbology, Ancient History, Metaphysics, Astro-theology, and is also a Yoga instructor.

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  • Meow

    I enjoyed the article until I got to the bottom where it says:

    About the Author

    Jan Fox is a life time astrologer and was introduced to astrology in middle school and began a serious study of astrology in 1972 – getting her license in 1974.

    So, you don’t agree with licenses to drive potentially dangerous Motor Vehicles, but you do agree with licenses to be an astrologer?

    Erm OK then……

  • Julio Branco

    So we also need permission to comment in here ??
    You’re pathetic !!!

  • Julio Branco

    Your article is fine tuned music to the ears of any freedom lover.
    My own input for all that’s worth : In my country, Portugal, not that long ago people used to need a permit to walk on asphalted roads !! those that got caught without one got of course fined !! We also needed a permit to own a bycicle and a driver’s license to ride it !! and NO i’m not making it up !
    We do have rough times ahead but as more and more people wake up and join in every second there’s no doubt that soon the tide will turn.
    May God bless you all.

  • Miguel Grande

    Not only do they want to license your dogs and cats, they force you to inject them with poison and disease.

  • jim

    Excellent article.

  • annie

    Music to my ears. I have been saying this for years.

  • Whatever!

    Why does the government wield power of the People??
    Because the People sit on their fat asses and do nothing. This current trip to hell started many, many years ago when our ancestors asked permission to do something. The first time the government servants suggested we obtain license to have a dog, add a bathroom, travel, etc. those particular servants should have been spanked by their masters.
    Now we are in a world of deep doodoo because of all this.
    The worst offender?
    The State Church!
    Those so-called servants of God have duped the sheeple into obeying every little edict their god, Caesar tells you to do. Always they cite Romans 13 but fail to know its true meaning.
    That passage in Romans tells every soul to be submissive to their authority. That is certainly true but those clowns in robes with seminary degrees conveniently leave out who the REAL AUTHORITY is…The People.
    The servants, to whom the Church hirelings command us to obey are to submit to US- The People. WE are their masters, not the heretical nonsense your favourit “pastor” professes.
    Why, they will tell you to get a license to get married. How ludicrous is that? Permission from the godless to do what God has ordained?
    For starters, all of us need to STOP going to those whorehouses of religion. Study His Word with fellow believers. You do not need to “fellowship” at a place where the truth is not taught.
    Oh, and stop putting money in their “begging baskets.” You are NOT giving to God when you donate to the Sunday Morning Religious Entertainment Centres.

    • Anonymous

      Amen and amen

  • dean clifford

    Everything you need to deal with the government.

    • The Dean Clifford?

      Folks, I would listen to this man. He is walking the walk while attempting to wake the rest of us up. Just like the article states! Why do we need their permission? is full of remedy as well.

  • Iain Lewis

    The problem is that most people are either too afraid or too apathetic to stand up for their own rights, and those of other people. They seem to forget that elected officials are their SERVANTS, not their masters. The people hire politicians, via the electoral process, and pay their salaries via taxation. Why then, should people tolerate being dictated to by the very people they pay to serve them? It’s ridiculous. The only workable solution to all the tyranny imposed upon us all is civil disobedience. If enough people stood up to the fascist dictators who control us all, the latter would have no option but to back down.

  • Simon.Pester

    1.) The boiling frog thing is a myth. Try it yourself. The frog jumps out.

    2.) Licensing parents? OK by me! The vast majority of people simply aren’t equipped in this culture to raise children decently. People need a lot more knowledge to raise a child than to drive a car.

    No more tax breaks for kids after the first, either. In fact every child after the second should be heavily taxed.

    Nowhere in the Constitution does it say you have the right to pop out kid after kid and stick us with the bills.

    • Laurel

      And you expect the government to determine who is and isn’t capable of raising children? Sounds like eugenics to me. Not cool!

      By the way, did you know that the Supreme Court ruled that the 16th amendment doesn’t grant any new powers of taxation? In other words, the income tax is, in the vast majority of cases, unconstitutional. Watch Aaron Russo’s “America: Freedom to Fascism”.

    • Whatever!

      Licensing parents?
      Since you cite the Constitution about the sticking us with the bills [which is true], show us where in the Constitution the licensing of parents is listed, OK?
      As for the boiling frog analogy, not sure if it is true or not. Perhaps the one that jumped out saw a beautiful babe. Anyway, the average American is much dumber than the average frog. The average American will boil himself to death, even if a knockout babe struts by.
      Taxing kids? I do not know why anyone needs to set a tax on baby goats.

  • CZA

    What drives me crazy is all the housing codes, which made a lot of sense when they first came into existence in the 1800’s, when the cities were basically open sewers. Now, they make it difficult — and sometimes impossible — for a person to build a sensible, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective home on their OWN property. Many, many countries still do not have building codes and many of the buildings last hundreds of years, way longer than our code-enforced stick houses. And, yes, the rain-water catchment thing really irks me too. I am definitely ignoring that one.

    • S Barringer

      If you go to the trouble of building an inside-the-house (basement) cistern like my grandmother had, they will never know about your water collection.
      If they start to bring those crazy rules here, that’s what I intend to do.

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