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Twenty Terrific Facts About Hemp!

Becca Wolford, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

Hemp has been grown for over 10,000 years as food, medicine, and textiles. I have composed a list of terrific facts about this amazing plant we know as hemp!

1. The original Levi Strauss jeans were made from hemp fibers.

2. The fiber from 1 acre of hemp (which matures in 100 days) is equivalent to 4 acres of trees (which take decades to mature).

3. Most of the bird seed sold in the U.S. has hemp seed in it

4. HEMP IS THE NUMBER ONE biomass producer on the planet. It produces ten tons per acre in about a four month period. It is a woody plant containing 77% cellulose (wood has 60% cellulose).

5. All products manufactured from hemp are biodegradable.

6. A hemp shirt in 1776 cost 50 cents to one dollar; a cotton shirt cost 100-200 dollars.

7. The first Bibles were made from hemp.

8. Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings were done on hemp canvas.

9. Hemp is an amazing medicine, treating disorders and diseases such as Crohn’s, Tourette’s, Parkinson’s, depression, bipolar, diabetes, cancer, asthma, heart disease, and many more.

10. Hemp fuel emits 80% less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, and almost 100% less sulfur dioxide.

11. Hemp is 35% dietary fiber, the highest of all flour grains (and is gluten-free).

12. Hemp is mold-, mildew-, pest-, and insect-repellent.

13. Hemp fabric is UV resistant and will not break down in sunlight.

14. Hemp is the richest source of polyunsaturated fatty acids. With a content of approximately 80%, it is also high in essential amino acids and GLA.

15. A historical note: “Even in England, the much-sought-after prize of full British citizenship was bestowed by a decree of the crown on foreigners who would grow cannabis, and fines were often levied against those who refused.” (The Emperor Wears No Clothes)

16. Alice In Wonderland was originally printed on hemp paper.

17. The hardiness of the hemp plant and the nutritional benefits could eradicate world starvation.

18. Bio-diesel emissions have lower levels of PAH and nitrited PAH compounds (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), which are shown to possibly cause cancer.

19. Hemp is a non-toxic alternative cleaner compared to chemical-based househ0ld cleansers.

20. Of the millions of edible plants on the planet earth, no other can compare nutritionally to the value of hempseeds.

About the Author

Becca Wolford is a writer, entrepreneur, artist, reiki practitioner, and hemp activist. She has experienced first-hand the nutritional and healing benefits of hemp and her passion is learning, writing, and educating others about the benefits of hemp – benefits that encompass nutritional health for humans, a healthy environment, and a healthier economy.

Becca also distributes Versativa, an amazing raw, clean, hemp-based nutritional supplement and Restoration90, a raw, clean, nutritional product with marine phytoplankton, hemp, and essential nutrients for optimum health. Please support her at her excellent blog

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  • seolyk

    as far as im aware, growing hemp is fine so long as the THC levels are low. so I fail to see the point of this article.

  • Barry


    Are you growing hemp in the US? I live in NY state and would love to be a hemp farmer.

  • Interested

    I would like to know if hemp seed oil is the same as cannibis oil.

    Thank you

  • Amerikagulag

    Henry Ford made a car from Hemp in the 40’s. It was half the weight of steel and 10 times stronger. The government banned it because the plastics/oil industry would have collapsed.

    Hemps benefits are nothing new. Look further!!—hemp-clothes—hemp-building.html

    “Make the most of the Indian hemp plant and cultivate it everywhere.” -George Washington

    This wonderful plant has been demonized and lumped together with marijuana because of it’s threat to the oil and plastics industries. It is NOT the same plant as marijuana.

  • Cgb

    As a hemp grower, you may want to re check item 12, “Hemp is mold-, mildew-, pest-, and insect-repellent.”. We regularly lose crops to mold, mildew and insects. I have a hard time believing that most finished products are resistant to these either. I am a big supporter of hemp but have a problem with “facts” that are not true.

  • mile

    and what does this story have to do with moronic neo nazis

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