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The Heart Has Its Own “Brain” and Consciousness

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Many believe that conscious awareness originates in the brain alone. Recent scientific research suggests that consciousness actually emerges from the brain and body acting together. A growing body of evidence suggests that the heart plays a particularly significant role in this process.

Far more than a simple pump, as was once believed, the heart is now recognized by scientists as a highly complex system with its own functional “brain.”

Research in the new discipline of neurocardiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated center for receiving and processing information. The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Moreover, numerous experiments have demonstrated that the signals the heart continuously sends to the brain influence the function of higher brain centers involved in perception, cognition, and emotional processing.

In addition to the extensive neural communication network linking the heart with the brain and body, the heart also communicates information to the brain and throughout the body via electromagnetic field interactions. The heart generates the body’s most powerful and most extensive rhythmic electromagnetic field. Compared to the electromagnetic field produced by the brain, the electrical component of the heart’s field is about 60 times greater in amplitude, and permeates every cell in the body. The magnetic component is approximately 5000 times stronger than the brain’s magnetic field and can be detected several feet away from the body with sensitive magnetometers.

The heart generates a continuous series of electromagnetic pulses in which the time interval between each beat varies in a dynamic and complex manner. The heart’s ever-present rhythmic field has a powerful influence on processes throughout the body. We have demonstrated, for example, that brain rhythms naturally synchronize to the heart’s rhythmic activity, and also that during sustained feelings of love or appreciation, the blood pressure and respiratory rhythms, among other oscillatory systems, entrain to the heart’s rhythm.

We propose that the heart’s field acts as a carrier wave for information that provides a global synchronizing signal for the entire body. Specifically, we suggest that as pulsing waves of energy radiate out from the heart, they interact with organs and other structures. The waves encode or record the features and dynamic activity of these structures in patterns of energy waveforms that are distributed throughout the body. In this way, the encoded information acts to in-form (literally, give shape to) the activity of all bodily functions—to coordinate and synchronize processes in the body as a whole. This perspective requires an energetic concept of information, in which patterns of organization are enfolded into waves of energy of system activity distributed throughout the system as a whole.

Basic research at the Institute of HeartMath shows that information pertaining to a person’s emotional state is also communicated throughout the body via the heart’s electromagnetic field. The rhythmic beating patterns of the heart change significantly as we experience different emotions. Negative emotions, such as anger or frustration, are associated with an erratic, disordered, incoherent pattern in the heart’s rhythms. In contrast, positive emotions, such as love or appreciation, are associated with a smooth, ordered, coherent pattern in the heart’s rhythmic activity. In turn, these changes in the heart’s beating patterns create corresponding changes in the structure of the electromagnetic field radiated by the heart, measurable by a technique called spectral analysis.

More specifically, we have demonstrated that sustained positive emotions appear to give rise to a distinct mode of functioning, which we call psychophysiological coherence. During this mode, heart rhythms exhibit a sine wave-like pattern and the heart’s electromagnetic field becomes correspondingly more organized.

At the physiological level, this mode is characterized by increased efficiency and harmony in the activity and interactions of the body’s systems. [1]

Psychologically, this mode is linked with a notable reduction in internal mental dialogue, reduced perceptions of stress, increased emotional balance, and enhanced mental clarity, intuitive discernment, and cognitive performance.

In sum, our research suggests that psychophysiological coherence is important in enhancing consciousness—both for the body’s sensory awareness of the information required to execute and coordinate physiological function, and also to optimize emotional stability, mental function, and intentional action. Furthermore, as we see next, there is experimental evidence that psychophysiological coherence may increase our awareness of and sensitivity to others around us. The Institute of HeartMath has created practical technologies and tools that all people can use to increase coherence.

Heart Field Interactions Between Individuals

Most people think of social communication solely in terms of overt signals expressed through language, voice qualities, gestures, facial expressions, and body movements. However, there is now evidence that a subtle yet influential electromagnetic or “energetic” communication system operates just below our conscious awareness. Energetic interactions likely contribute to the “magnetic” attractions or repulsions that occur between individuals, and also affect social exchanges and relationships. Moreover, it appears that the heart’s field plays an important role in communicating physiological, psychological, and social information between individuals.

Experiments conducted at the Institute of HeartMath have found remarkable evidence that the heart’s electromagnetic field can transmit information between people. We have been able to measure an exchange of heart energy between individuals up to 5 feet apart. We have also found that one person’s brain waves can actually synchronize to another person’s heart. Furthermore, when an individual is generating a coherent heart rhythm, synchronization between that person’s brain waves and another person’s heartbeat is more likely to occur. These findings have intriguing implications, suggesting that individuals in a psychophysiologically coherent state become more aware of the information encoded in the heart fields of those around them.

The results of these experiments have led us to infer that the nervous system acts as an “antenna,” which is tuned to and responds to the electromagnetic fields produced by the hearts of other individuals. We believe this capacity for exchange of energetic information is an innate ability that heightens awareness and mediates important aspects of true empathy and sensitivity to others Furthermore, we have observed that this energetic communication ability can be intentionally enhanced, producing a much deeper level of nonverbal communication, understanding, and connection between people. There is also intriguing evidence that heart field interactions can occur between people and animals.

In short, energetic communication via the heart field facilitates development of an expanded consciousness in relation to our social world.

The Heart’s Field and Intuition

There are also new data suggesting that the heart’s field is directly involved in intuitive perception, through its coupling to an energetic information field outside the bounds of space and time. Using a rigorous experimental design, we found compelling evidence that both the heart and brain receive and respond to information about a future event before the event actually happens. Even more surprising was our finding that the heart appears to receive this “intuitive” information before the brain. This suggests that the heart’s field may be linked to a more subtle energetic field that contains information on objects and events remote in space or ahead in time. Called by Karl Pribram and others the “spectral domain,” this is a fundamental order of potential energy that enfolds space and time, and is thought to be the basis for our consciousness of “the whole.” (See for further detail.)

Social Fields

In the same way that the heart generates energy in the body, we propose that the social collective is the activator and regulator of the energy in social systems.

A body of groundbreaking work shows how the field of socioemotional interaction between a mother and her infant is essential to brain development, the emergence of consciousness, and the formation of a healthy self-concept. These interactions are organized along two relational dimensions—stimulation of the baby’s emotions, and regulation of shared emotional energy. Together they form a socioemotional field through which enormous quantities of psychobiological and psychosocial information are exchanged. Coherent organization of the mother-child relations that make up this field is critical. This occurs when interactions are charged, most importantly, with positive emotions (love, joy, happiness, excitement, appreciation, etc.), and are patterned as highly synchronized, reciprocal exchanges between these two individuals. These patterns are imprinted in the child’s brain and thus influence psychosocial function throughout life. (See Allan Schore, Affect Regulation and the Origin of the Self.)

Moreover in a longitudinal study of 46 social groups, one of us (RTB) documented how information about the global organization of a group—the group’s collective consciousness—appears to be transmitted to all members by an energetic field of socio-emotional connection. Data on the relationships between each pair of members was found to provide an accurate image of the social structure of the group as a whole. Coherent organization of the group’s social structure is associated with a network of positively charged emotions (love, excitement, and optimism) connecting all members. This network of positive emotions appears to constitute a field of energetic connection into which information about the group’s social structure is encoded and distributed throughout the group. Remarkably, an accurate picture of the group’s overall social structure was obtained from information only about relationships between pairs of individuals. We believe the only way this is possible is if information about the organization of the whole group is distributed to all members of the group via an energetic field. Such correspondence in information between parts and the whole is consistent with the principle of holographic organization. [2]

Synthesis and Implications

Some organizing features of the heart field, identified in numerous studies at HeartMath, may also be shared by those of our hypothesized social field. Each is a field of energy in which the waveforms of energy encode the features of objects and events as energy moves throughout the system. This creates a nonlocal order of energetic information in which each location in the field contains an enfolded image of the organization of the whole system at that moment. The organization and processing of information in these energy fields can best be understood in terms of quantum holographic principles. [3]

Another commonality is the role of positive emotions, such as love and appreciation, in generating coherence both in the heart field and in social fields. When the movement of energy is intentionally regulated to form a coherent, harmonious order, information integrity and flow are optimized. This, in turn, produces stable, effective system function, which enhances health, psychosocial well-being, and intentional action in the individual or social group.

Heart coherence and social coherence may also act to mutually reinforce each other. As individuals within a group increase psychophysiological coherence, psychosocial attunement may be increased, thereby increasing the coherence of social relations. Similarly, the creation of a coherent social field by a group may help support the generation and maintenance of psychophysiological coherence in its individual members. An expanded, deepened awareness and consciousness results—of the body’s internal physiological, emotional, and mental processes, and also of the deeper, latent orders enfolded into the energy fields that surround us. This is the basis of self-awareness, social sensitivity, creativity, intuition, spiritual insight, and understanding of ourselves and all that we are connected to. It is through the intentional generation of coherence in both heart and social fields that a critical shift to the next level of planetary consciousness can occur—one that brings us into harmony with the movement of the whole.

For more information on the Institute of HeartMath’s research and publications, please visit


1.Correlates of physiological coherence include: increased synchronization between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system, a shift in autonomic balance toward increased parasympathetic activity, increased heart-brain synchronization, increased vascular resonance, and entrainment between diverse physiological oscillatory systems.                 2.Holographic organization is based on a field concept of order, in which information about the organization of an object as a whole is encoded as an interference pattern in energy waveforms distributed throughout the field. This makes it possible to retrieve information about the object as a whole from any location within the field.               3.The term “quantum,” as used in quantum holography, does not mean that this kind of energetic information processing is understood in terms of the principles of quantum physics. Rather, quantum holography is a special, nondeterministic form of holographic organization based on a discrete unit of energetic information called a logon or a “quantum” of information.

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  • Johnc987

    A big thank you for your article.Really thank you! Cool. acfbkecckkdd

  • Manu Costa

    Complementary knowledge “Why we don’t get heart cancer”

  • ann for Truth about Yahweh’s Laws and Prophecies

  • stardust

    Oh my that musy be the wisest and most knowledgeable article i have read in a very long time> big love to the author> wow

    what to say ?

    how can one follow that

    it brings into my mind the possible benefits of realigning tuning the assemblage point

    i feel the memory of water (massau emoto) is a connection that would fit beautifully into any future articles

    fantastic work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jörg

      IMHO this explains also the fact of the different shapes of ice crystals – regular and beautiful when formed under the influence of a harmonious heart field and irregular and ugly with a chaotic or hateful heart field.

      • ea

        A “hateful heart field” ? How could the organ of love itself “hate” !? Hate doesn’t come from the heart. Like hell doesn’t spring from paradise.
        When hate is there it just means that the heart is shut down.
        Let’s open our hearts. And have them radiating. And hate will dissolve.

        It is said that Light doesn’t spring from darkness, but that darkness dies from Light …dying with its own little dirty secret : it has never existed. No more than a footprint on wet sand. It was an illusion. That we humans made real. Waiting for the suns that we are to dry the sand and wake up from the nightmare that never was.

    • ea

      I don’t mean to stifle the enthousiasm and spirit given off in your response Stardust… ( …from the movie ?)
      Keep shining !
      But Emoto is just a crook. His “scientific” diplomas are from nowhere. This ugly guy put together 3 different and very real phenomenom that owe nothing to him, just to make money.
      1) the power of thought over matter ; yep if a hypnotist tells you that this coin you carry in your pocket is as hot as boiling water and put it on your skin, you will get an inflammation
      2) the crystalisation of water ; waow how so unique ! No wait, we’ve been having snowflakes since the night of times:(
      3) the ‘memory of water’ ; yep, does exist. Found and dvlopped by a French scientist in the 80s : Jacques Benveniste. Used by Emoto in an awfully degenerated way.

      Crooks as Emoto are very cunning. But desperately stupid.
      Let’s not fall for the trap.
      I attended one of his presentation. After 15mns I stopped writing the flaws and tricks of his presentation : my hand got tired.

      But yes what a great item about the heart that we’ve just read !
      And so inspiring.
      Lennon said it another way before : “love is the answer”
      …And probably Jesus before him

  • Angela

    This is why meditation works. Understanding the nature of reality and the vibrational nature of energy explains how people with good intent are putting out positive energy of peace, love, joy, empathy and compassion which links up with others now and from the past as well. This creates a clearing of the heavy, sticky negative vibrations which have been created over millennia by wars, famines, massacres etc, etc.

    For a better understanding either read David Icke’s books, such as his latest, ‘Remember Who You Are’ or visit for excellent videos. Do not be put off by the media slagging him off – they will never have bothered to read his books or have attended one of his amazing all-day presentations. They are just repeaters.

    Much love

  • This entrainment, or synchronizing, of our electromagnetic heart rythms is the real point in collecting great numbers of people together in big arenas. The masters of the collective are not really interested in the outcome of the ball game, rally, or concert. They want to get thousands of people into a cathartic state releasing the pent-up anxiety energies, defusing them, so to speak. This process drains the people of energy that might be more properly directed in their own interests dealing with the powers that be, powers that want us powerless, ignorant, frustrated, fearful, and enslaved. But, hey! We can still buy beer and watch football at obscene prices for the privilege of screaming and waving our arms for the team.

    • D W

      you know man.

  • ss

    The only brain some men have is in their penis.

    • lol


  • This is additional confirmation of the two fundamental Revelations of the monotheistic religions: 1) the “Tree of Life”, Vision of the “Son of man”, “Night Journey” which is received “at the place of the skull”; and, 2) the Revelation of the Memory of Creation (Genesis 2:7) and the revelation of the memories of previous lives (Isaiah 26:19 & Chapter 27:52-53 of the Gospel of Matthew) which is received in the Fourth Church (the ‘heart chakra’) in the Revelation of John.


  • MWan

    The Noble Qur’an already mentions this:

    “Have they not traveled in the land and have they hearts wherewith to feel and ears wherewith to hear.” (22:46)

    “Having hearts wherewith they understand not, and having eyes wherewith they see not.” (7:179)

    “And their hearts are sealed, so that they apprehend not.” (9:87)

    “These are they into whose hearts He has impressed faith and strengthened them with a spirit from Him.” (58:22)

    “And as for those who believe not in the Hereafter there hearts refuse to know, for they are proud.” (16:22)

    “Such are they whose hearts and ears and eyes God hath sealed. And such are the heedless.” (16:108)

    “The Hypocrites fear lest a surah should be revealed concerning them, proclaiming what is in their hearts.” (9:64)

    “And whosoever believeth in God, He guideth his heart. And God is knower of all things.” (64:11)

    “Most surely there is a reminder in this for him who has a heart or he gives ear and is a witness.” (50:37)

    “And obey not him whose heart we have made heedless of Our Remembrance, who followeth his own lust.” (18:28)

    “Verily in the remembrance of God do hearts find rest.” (13:28)

    “He it is who sent down peace of reassurance into the hearts of the believers that they might add faith unto their faith.” (48:4)

    “They alone ask leave of thee who believe not in God and the Last Day, and whose hearts feel doubt, so in their doubt they waver.” (9:45)

    “And places compassion and mercy in the hearts of those who followed him.” (57:27)

    And plenty more….

    There are over 1000 verses in the Qur’an that addresses scientific matters, from the Embryo to the Planetary motion to creation from water and the Big Bang and the expanding universe. Maybe some westerners should see what the ‘game’ is all about…why Islam is attacked by those who worship an eye, within a triangle, levitating above and unfinished pyramid on the US one Dollar bill. Or don’t bother.

    • In the Quran, the word “heart” is a code-word reference to the Revelation of the “resurrection”; Mohammed having been Elijah and John the Baptist ‘raised from the dead’ in fulfillment of the Prophecies of Malachi and Jesus.


  • Nice as this article is and different from the current approach of “in-vestigative” biology, the heart is no more a pump than the brain is a computer.

    Anyone interested in learning about the true mysteries of the body needs to first understand what it really is.
    What is this body we inhabit? It is NOT a machine.
    It’s an agglomerate that reflects the great cosmos in our minor-self.

    And what is water? And thus blood, bile, tears, sweat and everything that flows with-in us?

    Then you ask well, how does it flow? What is a capillary?

    And perhaps, most importantly, who was Viktor Schauberger?

    Thank-fully, full disculosure approaches.

    But please, do not think of this body like a machine, it’s a cardinal error. And leads us further this mechanistic life.



    • Anonymous

      nice one mate

  • Very interesting information….as I seem to recall the discovery that humans also have a “stomach brain” as well. Atheist detractors of God’s Word are given, yet again, pause to reflect on our Creator’s Wisdom.

    I’ve been reporting on earth changes for years and find that many are still asking questions as to why massive earth changes are taking place. Recent case in point:

    The sobering reasons for this and many other increasing earth changes, are hidden from most, as they refuse to use their God given abilities of observation to realize them. There exists a Huge Media Blackout regarding earth and moon orbital changes. See:

    The evidence is everywhere. Many have been witnessing the sun rising and setting ridiculously further than normal in summer for the last several years. Large quakes have been popping off like clockwork whenever the moon hits it’s new northern limit once a month. God’s Word pronounced these changes to the letter at Luke 21:25-28 and describes the signs in sun, moon and stars, as well as the shaking of the heavenly bodies, and the increasing agitation of the oceans, (Tsunami) at this time. Read Revelation 16:8 which also describes the pouring of the 4th bowl upon the sun, making it hot on earth, in conjunction with the world record shattering heat that the northern hemisphere has endured as of late. Who will argue with the evidence that the sun’s radiation has markedly increased? Of course antarctic sea ice has grown! The sun’s been much further north than was traditional for millenia. A couple years ago, Bolivia endured record shattering cold which killed off millions of fish and other tropical animals which were not equipped to handle temperatures colder than the south pole for much of July!

    You see, God is angry with our country, and the world at large….as we have defaulted to put in power above us, those who are His enemies! The proof that God’s Word is unfolding exactly as foretold, is everywhere.

    Net search – Shriner Lucifer

    Net search – D.C. Jerusalem masonic shrine

    Net search – six pointed star mark beast

    Net search – 666 talents of gold

    Who is in power of the world at this time? The bible describes them and their mark to the letter! No other Book on the planet at any time comes close to the accuracy and Wisdom contained in God’s True Word. Why are so many corporate, social, financial, political and religious leaders, masons? Satan’s sock puppets are enjoying their ‘hour of power’ so to speak….yet most among them know intrinsically, that their time is short.

    Look and see that secret societies have founded their doctrines on the fallen solomon, who fell away from Yahweh, the One True Creator, and took the “Star of chemosh” as his personal seal, hence the “Seal of solomon” or the HEXagram. A geometric representation of 666. That is why the HEXagram is above the eagle on our dollar bill. It symbolizes, that they rule OVER America. Many soldiers have been asking why it is that on EVERY officer sword in the U.S. military, a HEXagram is now etched on every hilt. Why has MalWart changed it’s logo to a six pointed symbol? Note on Youtube that various videos of mobile guard towers are going up in MalWart parking lots at several locations in the south east.

    The HEXagram IS the mark of the beast, as forewarned in God’s Word. Those who take this mark, or worship the beast will be allowed to buy or sell in the days ahead…..but will pay the ultimate price.

    What is happening to heaven and earth itself at this time? Again, God’s Word is True. See the link below, as there is much evidence that Luke 21:25-28 is in fulfillment at this time, as is Revelation 16:8, and Isaiah 24:20 to be fulfilled soon enough!

    Time, as one can see if one has eyes, is short indeed. Whose side are you on, dear reader? Your own? Lucifer’s by intentional action or paralytic inaction?

    If you be of Yahshua, Jesus Christ, then do as He commands and instead of sitting in silence with one’s head hanging low……come OUT from AMONG those partaking of this broken corrupted world and it’s crumbling traditions. ”STAND UP and LIFT UP your heads, for your REDEMPTION draws near!”

    The hour is truly late, and one had best turn or return to God in Christ Yahshua while there is yet time. And may He find you working what is good toward all upon His return!

    Blessings in Christ

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