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I Won’t Donate to a Cure for Cancer

Tracy Kolenchuk, Guest Writer
Waking Times

I often see people asking for money to ‘cure cancer’.

Well meaning people, working hard to save lives. In many cases they have lost family members or friends to cancers that appear out of nowhere  – ‘she was perfectly healthy until last week she was diagnosed with cancer‘. Sometimes, they are supported by people who have ‘survived’ cancer, sometimes more than once.  I have lost friends and family members to cancer.I don’t believe in a cure for cancer. We all live with cancerous cells.  There are many different types of cancerous cells, but most of them are not dangerous to a healthy person. Our bodies, our immune and healing systems normally encounter cancerous cells – and dispose of them, automatically healing our cancers.  If your health level drops so low that we cannot heal our occasional cancer cells – they multiply slowly.  It can take ten years or more for a cancer cell to develop into a tumor that can be detected.By the time a tumor, or a cancerous mass is finally detected, and the medical system steps into action, the unhealthiness has continued for many years.  It may be too late to cure the cancer with health. Serious medical actions are required, and often, time is of the essence. At this point the ‘cure’ is not healing, it is more likely ‘cutting’ important body organs, killing many healthy cells with chemicals and radiation, in an attempt to stop the cancer.  Treatments for cancer typically halt the normal healing processes and lower the health of the patient.

But that’s not all. Much of the medical system’s cancer research is flawed, or bogus, or dependent on prior research that is also flawed or bogus as Dr. Mercola reports in a “New Discovery shakes the Foundation of Cancer Research“. Mercola advises against giving to cancer research and has complained in the past that there is little or no reporting of where the funds go – other than to pay people like the executives of the America Cancer Society.

Mercola then offers 12 tips for cancer prevention.  These tips are basically tips to improve your health.  If you maintain your health – you are much less likely to develop cancer.

Why don’t we know this?  Because we don’t know health. We live under the mistaken impression that we are healthy if we exercise, and eat a reasonably healthy diet – most of the time.  We think that we are healthy if we are ‘not sick’.  We live in a society where ‘healthy people’  are suddenly diagnosed with cancers – but never diagnosed as unhealthy.  We have no scientific measurements of the many dimensions of health – so we cannot accurately measure health, nor unhealthiness. The hierarchy of health is hardly known, much less understood.

Health is not measured. Health has many dimensions.  It is possible, common, to be healthy in many dimensions – and unhealthy in a few. How can you tell?

I don’t know how healthy I am.  Do you?

Mercola’s tips are useful – but they make no attempt to measure how healthy you are.

We need research into health and healthiness.  People who have developed serious cancers need to be treated.  But we will prevent more cancers, and save more lives when we can detect and prevent the unhealthiness that causes cancer.  I believe we cannot ‘prevent cancer’ – but we can work to prevent unhealthiness, and most common cancers will not gain a foothold in a healthy body.

To prevent unhealthiness, we need to fight for our health freedoms. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of healthiness.

Yours in health,

This article was originally featured at Personal Health Freedom, the excellent blog of Tracy Kolenchuk.  Please also follow Tracy on Facebook. 

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  • Paul Faulkner

    Having just received confirmation that I too have cancer (Prostate) I am researching how to manage my problem. My sincere thanks for all the info shown and of course to all contributors.
    Happy to hear from anyone on the subject.

  • Louise Brown

    The Cancer Council in Australia is totally a fraud. In my particular town of 75000 residents, the Cancer Council is a very grand building in a wealthy real estate area. They own the building. Guess where the $$$ go? Not on cures, but on peak hour advertising on TV. Get a bit cheesed off with the Pink Ribbon effort, I get asked to donate – I say ‘Dont believe in Cancer’ so get hostile reactions. Why so much fear and hostility ?

  • abinico warez

    I worked for oncologist. They know a lot about cancer – from cause to cure. Problem for them is the ‘cure’ has no patent potential. Anyways, all I have to say is that these researchers have been begging for money for over 50 years – and still no answers? They are either incompetent or a fraud – think about it.

  • dimitri

    Donating to the cancer research ripoff outfits satisfies many an lemmings herd instinct. How I wish this self-defeating behavior would die off like some recessive gene. But it just seems to thrive and rise like yeasted bullshit.

    • Anonymous

      What to Do About Cancer?

      Awhile ago I got cancer and did research and learned a lot. I learned that nutrition is a big part of the problem and the solution is illegal.

         It is illegal to sell uncooked milk even though the uncooked raw protein in that milk makes it easy for the pancreas to make pancreatin which helps digest more protein and thus helps the immune system to make the antibodies to fight cancer cells. When the pancreas has a very hard time making pancreatin, like when it does not have much raw protein and the amino acids it needs, then it gets fatigued. Cancer is often the result.

        I learned a lot awhile back when I had skin cancer and took care of it by myself. I then read Forbidden Medicine by Ellen Brown and read sites on the internet and learned about cancer. All the cancer research is bogus. They already know the source of cancer. The research money is more money for the rich. That is all. 
        It turns out and many sites say so that cancer is a cell that broke down and multiplies constantly. And it turns out that the DNA that achieves that rate of multiplication is the same DNA that causes the placenta to grow.
      An individual cell uses constant reproduction to complete with other individual cells all trying to get the available food supply. But the cells in a multi-cellular organism add more DNA to keep most of that unchecked competitive reproduction in check. The only time a multi-cellular organism needs non-stop cellular reproduction is right after the fertilization of the egg that begins a new human life.
      Fast multiplication of cells was once a good thing when cells were individual life forms. But once in a body cells need to control intensely fast multiplication so that a much more sensitive cooperation of cells happens and those cells are able to make a sentient body of many cells working as one. The only use for rapid reproduction of cells related to multi-cellular organisms is the process of making a placenta. When an egg is fertilized the next thing to happen is for the DNA to kick in that quickly embeds that cell in the uterine wall. That is achieved by the fertilized egg quickly growing a placenta that aggressively latches onto the uterine wall and begins to get blood from it. That breakneck reproduction feeds the newly fertilized egg which then becomes a baby. 
        Most cells when they lose the DNA that keeps them from uncontrolled reproduction will commit suicide so as not to harm the body. This is called apoptosis. Anyway some damaged cells do not choose suicide and then the DNA to make a placenta kicks in at the wrong time and place. 
        Knowing that information what is the sense in cancer research? The way to keep from getting cancer is largely by good diet. And uncooked protein is most of the answer. Cells are going to go cancerous in the body all the time and normally the immune system cleans it up. The trick is to have a healthy immune system.

  • I agree Tracey – I haven’t given to the cancer society collectors for years, for the exact reasons you state here. It is a huge, $$making industry – invested in NOT finding a cure. We need to take responsiblity for our own health. It’s not easy – but we are better spending the $$ now, on organic food and supplements and whatever else we need to ‘keep healthy’ – than pay the ‘butchers called doctors’ later….

  • Karen Barrow

    The thing is, they are only looking for patentable, and therefore highly profitable cures. The American Cancer Society has a whole section on “patents” and how they want a piece of it if their money helps fund one. There’s already enough info on the web to cure cancer if you do your homework and dig deep enough. I wouldn’t donate money for cancer research, the drug companies are already doing the research.

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